Jio Access Point Settings To Enable VoLTE (Jio 4G APN)

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If you cannot access high-speed internet on your smartphone, you must check the APN setting. With Jio APN Volte settings, use the internet at high speeds. The app settings will also help you make voice and video calls smoothly.

It is easy to change the APN setting on your smartphone. You can add or edit the Jio APN Name from the settings. I have mentioned the steps that you need to follow. You can go through the steps and change the settings and start using high-speed internet on your device. 

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What is APN?

APN is used to access the internet. Every telecom operator uses APN settings. The unique APN or access point provides internet connectivity to users.

The internet settings are updated when you insert a new SIM into your smartphone. But sometimes you need to make APN setting manually. It is easy to correct APN setting on Android, windows, and iOS smartphones. 

APN Setting for Jio VoLTE

Jio APN Settings

Connection Name


APN (Access Point)



Authentication Type


APN Type


APN Protocol


APN Roaming Protocol




Jio VoLTE APN Setting for Android

  • Go to Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>

  • Select Menu and Press Add New APN, 

  • Enter Jio APN Settings provided above

  • Save the settings, 

  • Exit back to the main menu

  • Restart the phone and Test the connection


Jio APN Settings for Windows Phone   

  • From the main menu select settings

  • Press mobile network

  • Select add APN

  • Now enter the following details

  • APN Jionet

  • Username Leave it Blank

  • Password Leave it Blank

  • Proxy Server/URL Leave it Blank

  • Proxy Port 80



How to set Jio APN settings for iPhone

  • Go to Cellular Data in settings

  • Type Jionet in the APN field

  • Save the settings

  • Go to LTE Setup

  • Leave all the fields blank

  • Press the Home button to save the APN

  • Now, restart your mobile

An alternative method for Jio APN settings for iPhone 

  • Open safari browser

  • Enter this URL :

  • Scroll down & select create apn

  • Select Reliance from the list

  • Click on create apn

  • Press Install button & click on done


In case, you are not able to change the APN of your Jio SIM. Then you can try replacing your Jio SIM with any other number for 5-10 minutes. Now, re-insert Jio SIM to get APN settings via SMS. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jio APN?

If you are a Jio user, set jionet as the APN to set up connection with Jio's network and use internet services.

What are APN settings?

APN or AccessPint Name is the settings your phone reads to set up a connection with the carrier's Cellular network.

How to increase Jio Speed?

There are various VPN apps available that promise to increase internet speed.

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