Janmashtami Offers

Arrival Of Krishna Janmashtami Offers

India is a pious land where we worship many gods and goddesses. India comes from a very rich historical background, hence every festival here bears a mythological and historical significance. Many festivals of various religions are celebrated with a dedication to their gods. One such festival is Janmashtami, which is celebrated in India with full fervour. It brings an atmosphere of grandeur and pomp, plus people from different cultural groundings.

It is prominent in cities like Mathura, Agra, Delhi, Dwarka, Mumbai, Vrindavan, Ahmedabad and also other parts of India. This festival is celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the 8th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadra according to the Hindu calendar.. People from varied states from multiple backgrounds enjoy this festival and give a unique dimension to this occasion. Hence, dive in this festive experience through our unique Krishna Janmashtami Offers.

Importance Of Janmashtami Festival

It is also popular as ‘Krishna Jayanti’ or ‘Gokulashtami’. Lord Krishna is regarded as one of the most idolized Gods of Hindus, hence this festival holds a unique importance. Shri Krishna came in this world to demolish the demon Kansha, the king of Mathura. This birth occasion of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami where numerous offerings are carried out during entire night. The myths and legends that are associated with this glorified occasion strengthen the beliefs of the worshippers.

People from all over India treat this event by celebrating in temples, within the localities and also in their personal house. Small children dress up as little Krishnas and perform the entire Janmashtami play in school and society programmes. On such mass occasion different variety of dishes and sweets are also been prepared.

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This festival is not just celebrated religiously but many schools and colleges organize special merriment on this day. Many dance performances and group plays are performed to uplift this festive spirit. For such events you definitely require costumes & jewelleries, all these items at discounted rates are available on our site. By providing you all the important things like ‘puja samagri’, decoration material, small krishna idols etc; we try to make these bargains as accessible as possible for the users.

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