Top 10 Atta Chakki in India With Price & Features [2022]

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An increase in the rates of ration like pulses, atta etc and adulteration in food products has led to the rise in the demand for more natural and organic products. Atta(flour) is consumed in every Indian household and the primary concern of every household is to check for flour adulteration or what quality of flour is being grinded. 

Moreover milling done by the big machines destroys the nutrients present in the flour and wheat kernel by 25%-30%, hence you are not able to get proper nutrients. 

If you have an option of getting healthy atta that is worth every penny you are spending on it, Buying an Atta Chakki is the perfect choice for you. 

For your doubts relating to whether the grains are getting cleaned up properly or thinking how long has it been since it was milled; Atta Chakki is the one-stop solution. The following article includes a few electric atta chakki price lists along with the description and features of the product.

Along with giving you an overview of the Top 10 Atta Chakki in India, this article will also show you why you should purchase one for yourself.

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Best Atta Chakki in India For Home Price List


Product Name




Natraj Tall Atta Chakki Ghar Ghanti




Natraj Florence Atta Chakki with Vaccum Cleaner




Prestige PGG Grain Grinder




Navsukh Atta Chakki




Sonar Stone Atta Chakki




ShreeJiFine Atta Chakki




Jaisinghani Atta Chakki




Microactive Classic Atta Chakki




STC Phoenix Atta Chakki




King Smart Green Flower Automatic Flour Mill




1. Natraj Tall Atta Chakki Ghar Ghanti

Natraj Tall Atta Chakki is made with German technology and is a fully automatic domestic flour mill. It is made up of silicone stamping and copper material that results in less noise. This atta chakki is excellent in grinding the hardest materials in a large/bulk quantity. You can grind Besan, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Jowar, Haldi, Dhaniya, Moong, salt, kali mirch etc. 

This Atta Chakki is extremely easy to operate and maintain and it has an inbuilt powerful vacuum device which makes the atta chakki easy to clean.


  • Powerful functioning: Natraj Tall Attab Chakki has the best powerful and rugged electric motor that is made from German technology. 

  • Moveable: It provides hassle-free movement from one place to another as it has castor wheels at the bottom so you can move the machine effortlessly.

  • Providing Healthy Flour: It grinds the grains into the finest particles in the most perfect way. It can grind wheat, rice, moong, daliya, kali mirch and various other products.

  • Large Capacity: It has a 4.5 kg capacity of 4.5 kg and can grind large quantities at once. If you want it in bulk quantity then you can grind it in separate batches.

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2. Natraj Florence Atta Chakki with Vaccum Cleaner

This flour machine is based on new technology and is specifically designed for quick and efficient grinding. It also has a low heat grinding feature which helps in retaining the nutrients available in the food. It is a portable atta chakki for home. 

It can even turn the hardest of materials into the finest form like rice, bajra, wheat, besan, udad, coffee etc. It is made with noise technology, has an electric motor and consumes less electricity consumption. This is one of the best atta chakki for home use.


  • Inbuilt Vaccum Cleaner: The cleaning process is very easy as it has a vacuum cleaner which is inbuilt along with a separate brush to remove the dust particles and flour that has been stuck inside. You can easily remove all the particles from the previous grinding by cleaning off the machine with a brush. It helps in the long-term maintenance and proper functioning of the machine.

  • Easy movement: The machine contains castor nylon wheels which are a hassle-free process in movement and very convenient to carry from one room to another. You can plug it in anywhere and does not require continuous monitoring.

  • Powerful Grinding: This machine has 7 perforated jalis which are at different consistencies and provide your desired form of atta flour quickly. The grinding chamber is made from cold-forged steel.


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3. Prestige PGG Grain Grinder 

This Traditional Prestige PGG Grain Grinder is very beneficial in case of tough grinding such as masala, turmeric, idli batter and many more such items and also for grinding oats, wheat, ragi, jowar, corn, bajra etc. It also has adjustable grinding settings from fine to coarse giving you premium quality. It is small in size than other mil machines. Hence it is considered a small flour mill for home use or a mini flour mill for home price.

It also preserves all the vital nutrients and grinds according to the right level needed in any household. 

You can get this machine at a very nominal home at a chakki price. 


  • Powerful Grinder: This machine follows the traditional way of grinding with granite grinding stones instead of blades. It can grind chickpeas, oats, wheat, bajra, and ragi, you can prepare anything in the finest form. It gives you an opportunity for variable settings with which you can have complete control. It can process 3kg-5kg in an hour. 

  • Perfect Finish: This machine provides a classic wooden finish with food-grade material. It is considered a very beneficial product in the kitchen.


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4. Navsukh Atta Chakki 

Navsukh Atta Chakki is a unique user-friendly automatic machine with various features. It has a modular door and a strong wooden board atta chakki. You will get 8 perforated jaalis(sieve) with the machine to get your desired form. It can produce approximately about 10kg-12 kg in an hour.

It is designed beautifully with beautiful exteriors and has a strong and powerful motor and turns the atta into the finest form that is considered to be the most perfect form of atta.

It also has advanced Indian technology that gives moisture-free atta.You can grind jowar, moong dal, kali mirch, coffee, rava, dhaniya, haldi etc.


  • Easy Cleaning: It is very convenient to clean the flour mill with wet or dry clothes and its inside base is also covered with steel sheet. It also contains a cleaning brush that helps in the proper removal of dirt and flour that is stuck in-depth and makes the mill hygienic to use again and again.

  • Strong and powerful grinding: Get the atta grinded according to your desire. The grinding chamber is made from antibacterial food-grade material to ensure iron particle-free grinding. 

  • Advance Grinding Technology: This automatic machine has heating grinding technology which helps in preserving the nutritional value of flour from the ingredients and along with being healthy it also contributes to making your food delicious.


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5. Sonar Stone Atta Chakki 

Sonar Stone Atta Chakki is made up of stainless steel body and is compatible with all kinds of atta and provides an easy operating system which produces premium quality atta. It can grind upto 8kg-10kg in an hour. It has a very convenient operating system which makes it very easy to use.


  • Fresh and Healthy Production: It turns the atta nutritious and into freshly ground fine form. The atta is full of fibre which helps in digestion and less generation of fat which promotes heart and overall health. This machine ensures adulteration-free and preservative-free atta. 


  • Easy Digestion: It reforms the atta into the fine form which is full of fibres and is easy to digest resulting in a fit body. You can grind any kind of atta in this machine.


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6. ShreeJi Fine Atta Chakki

Shree Ji Fine Atta Chakki is one of the best atta chakki you can find in the market. This flour mill machine is designed with the best modern technology and has various unique benefits.

It contains 6 super design blades grinding chamber for the perfect and fine grinding and provides 8 pieces of SS Jali so that can grind the flour upto 8kg-12kg in the best manner. It grinds in the most perfect form. Along with the flour mill machine, it also includes a flour mill cover, cleaning brush and castor wheels. It also has several unique features which have been built keeping in mind the benefits it is providing to the consumer. This machine is considered one of the best atta ki chakki.

It has an appealing look as it has a modular cabinet, partially hidden castor wheel design and a special glossy design printed door which gives your kitchen a decent and beautiful look. 


  • Automatic Grain Sensing Technology- This flour mill machine automatically detects if there is an overloading of grains in the machine or if the electricity fluctuates. It has a huge grinding capacity. This feature is very important as it helps you to protect your mill machine from getting destroyed and also helps in maintaining the machine with proper care.

  • Child Safety Features: ShreeJi has introduced child safety measures to protect your child against any kind of accident.

How does it work?

The mill machine automatically stops when the door opens during the machine is running. It automatically senses and stops.

  • Automatic Glow LED Light: The machine comes with the feature of auto glow LED when the door of the machine opens. The auto glow LED Light is designed inside the flour collection chamber to make it look appealing. It is also very much helpful during nighttime.

  • Less Noise and Electricity Consumption: This machine ensures low noise and it is much quieter in its operation. It makes less noise than a mixer grinder. It also consumes lesser electricity.   

  • Minimum Flour Leakage: Slider Ring cloth ensures minimum flour leakage and It also helps in minimizing the wastage while grinding as it is made from premium quality plastic material. It is very easy to remove and ensures convenience in cleaning.


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7. Jaisinghani Atta Chakki 

Jaisinghani Atta Chakki is a double-ply atta chakki machine with digital volt and ampere metre working at 210 metre- 240 metre. It also has a high gloss shutter, food-grade abs material and many more features. It is an automatic machine with advanced features. 


  • Advanced Features: Jaisinghani offers its best products which focus on convenience, easy mobility, and attractiveness to meet your daily needs.

  • Affordability: They assure in offering the best flour mill machines which lie within the budget of the consumers and are considered to be one of the best affordable flour mill machines available in the market.


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8. Micro active Classic Atta Chakki

This special new machine has been launched specifically for fine grinding with fast speed. It grinds everything right and can grind wheat, besan, Maize, coffee, jowar, urad, daliya, salt, moong dal etc in the most appropriate manner. Along with grinding the flour in the most appropriate manner, it also aims at providing flour that is healthy and full of nutrients like fibres, vitamins, proteins etc.  

The machine’s functions are user-friendly and have a modular cabinet. It can grind upto 7kg-10kg in an hour.

You can get this atta chakki machine for home price.


  • 6 High-Quality-Grinding Chamber: This unique feature machine comes with 6 High-Quality-Grinding Chamber and is equipped with a powerful grinding chamber door. It is a very different feature compared to the other brands’ flour mill machines.

  • Child Safety Lock: The machine comes with a child safety lock to ensure the safety of the consumer and his/her family members. This machine has a pre-installed child safety lock feature so if any person opens the door of the machine that is still working, the machine automatically stops working.

  • Caster Wheels: This flour mill machine comes with powerful and good quality castor wheels which come in a box. It is a tally consumer’s choice whether you want to use the machine with the caster wheels or without the caster wheels

  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Container: The machine has a premium quality stainless steel container where all the flour is collected after being grinded. You can easily wash it. It also ensures minimum flour wasting while grinding as it is equipped with a newly designed cloth filter ring.

  • Long-Lasting: The machine comes with 100% copper winding and high energy savings ratings hence the motor becomes more powerful.


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9. STC Phoenix Atta Chakki

This machine is a fully automatic domestic flour mill machine and atta maker. The maintenance, operation and cleaning of the machine are very easy. Based on advanced technology this machine produces fresh flour which is full of proteins, fibres and many more beneficial nutrients. 

It also gives a lifelong warranty on the cutter chamber, 10 years on the motor and 2 year warranty period for all manufacturing defects except rubber and plastic parts.


  • Advanced Technology Features: It is built with Intelligent Sensor Technology with Buzzer indication, automatic clean and automatic shutdown feature. It has an aluminium profile with a glass door and its top shutter and the front shutter have a soft and smooth closing. 

  • German Technology-based motor: Its new technology electric motor is based on german technology and has one of the best, most powerful, efficient, effective and with 100% heavy-duty copper winding. 

  • Other Useful Features: It has 6 types of long-lasting stainless steel jaalis for grinding the floor in its finest and dry form. It also has overload protection and child safety features.


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10. King Smart Green Flower Automatic Flour Mill

King Smart Green Flower Automatic Flour Mill Machine is a fully automatic machine with advanced features. It comes with 8 varieties of the net for different forms of atta and has a microprocessor controller which helps in the proper functioning of the flour mill for a very long time period which means for a lifetime. 


  • Attractive Design: The flour mill machine has an appealing design with the feature of LED lights inside of the machine. It has a body of plywood and the inside body is made of steel which makes it very attractive to look at and use. 

  • Value for Money: This flour mill machine comes with lots of accessories like stainless steel container, a holding ring with the atta collector bag, a caster wheelset, a full-size cover to protect the flour mill machine from dust, a cleaning brush and 8 types of the net for different types of flour.


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Why Should We Use the Atta Chakki?

Those days are long gone when our mothers and grandmothers used to go to the flour mill shop to grind our day-to-day pulses, dals and many more things. The reason behind this is that people are becoming much more aware of their health and also want to save their time, and money and want to choose convenience. 

Home flour mills have proven extremely useful for people in terms of providing healthy grain and durability. 

The above article gave you an idea about atta chakki machine for a home price list or you can call it gharelu atta chakki price list and also about mini atta chakki machine for home price.


Benefits of Atta Chakki

  • Home Flour Mill preserves all the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fibres, proteins and many more nutrients and provides a healthy flour which is easy to digest.

  • You can even grind spices, besan, oats, jowar, turmeric, maize and many more tough ingredients to a fine form.

  • To buy a home flour machine is considered to be worth every penny as there is no adulteration when you are grinding the atta or other flour at your own house.

  • The taste of the atta that is ground at home using a home flour mill is wonderful and it gives a very soft and smooth texture to your roti or chapati.

  • It saves time as now you do not need to go to the flour mill shop and get your atta ground and also saves money.


People Do Ask 

Q. Which Atta Chakki is best in India?

Ans. Following are some of the best brands of the best flour mill for home use in India:-

  • Classic Atta Chakki 

  • Micro active Classic Atta Chakki

  • ShreeJi Fine Atta Chakki

  • Natraj Florence Atta Chakki with Vaccum Cleaner


Q. Which Atta Machine is best?

Ans. Shree Ji Fine Atta Chakki is the best atta machine as it has all the modern technology devices built in it and provides you with the finest form of flour and also has an appealing look as it has a modular cabinet, partially hidden castor wheel design and a special glossy design printed door. 

Q. Which Natraj Chakki is best?

Ans. Natraj Viva Domestic Chakki is the best chakki if you are looking for variety in Natraj.

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