9 Best Generator in India for Home Use [Updated 2022]

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Diesel generators also known as genset which are used to generate electrical energy from the diesel engine. They are the packaged combination of control systems, heaters, cooling and circuit breaker known as generating set or genset. It is quite apparent these days that nobody wants to stay with the proper electrical connection, and especially during the hard summer times. Check out the best Generator for a home in India as one of the significant alternates during power cuts. 

 As the issue for electricity is increasing day by day, people are looking for a reliable alternative and want to install a good quality generator at their home. In today’s market, there are many options available, as many brands offer good quality generators. It is also not easy to choose the right one by not knowing their complete details and features.  In this article, we will provide you with the complete information related to it. 


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8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.


Best Generator in India for Home Use (2022)

Check out the best generators in Indian here for a home with their price and buy link here. 

Best Generator for Home in India



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Elemax PEG3200B C2 3300VA (3.3 Kva) Petrol Generator with Electric+Recoil Start



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Sarrvad Camping Solar Powered Generator (100W AC Output, Red Color)



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HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000



Check Here

Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator



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XLNT-6500E 5,000-Watt Gasoline (Petrol) Powered Generator with Electric Start



Check Here

Greaves power Generator Set



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Harison Generators 10 KVA (HG10K) Single Phase



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City Light Power XLNT-9500E 7,000-Watt Gasoline (Petrol) Powered Generator.



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Kirloskar Electric Make Silent Diesel Generator 15 Kva,Model No. KEC-E15-II, Blue Colour, Weight 900 KG



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Review of Best Generator for Home in India

Get a detailed review on Generator buying guide in India with a complete information pack and with their features. 

1. Elemax PEG3200B C2 3300VA (3.3 Kva) Petrol Generator with Electric+Recoil Start

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

This Elemax PEG3200B petrol generator is one of the best available options that you can check out for yourself here.  It is one of the best generators in India for home use at this price.  It comes with a recoil start oil system that is quite good and beneficial for the smooth operation of the generator without any complaints. 

 It has a fuel capacity of 18 litre, which is quite decent as compared to others. One of the best things about this brand's generator is that it remains silent while operating. This edition generator has four strokes single-cylinder with a forced-air cooling power factor. It functions very smoothly, without any worry and issues. 

Buy these top quality generators at low price online in India. For better offers you can buy them from online also as their official website is available and they are also available on Amazon. 


  • It has a massive fuel capacity. 

  • It comes with four strokes single cylinder.

  • It works silently in comparison to others. 

  • It is one of the light weight, efficient, and comes with the portable wheels. 


  • Not found yet. 

Customer Review on Amazon 

I have purchased this product from Amazon. The Sales and Service team of this Genset is very supportive. On site service is prompt. Although have used for 2hr runtime but product seems to be nice



2. Savard Camping Solar Powered Generator (100W AC Output, Red Color) 

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

Sarrvad is one of the growing solar power brands in India and known for its extraordinary solar energy work. Sarrvad ultra-portable solar generators are only 1.58 kg in weight but come with a full power punch.  This solar generator for a home in India comes in a compact design that makes it easy to carry during the travel. 

They are the ideal source for the power to cars kit, fans, lamps, etc. as their generators have tripe DC output up to 180W. As the usage of smartphones is increasing, they have given the 3 USB slots in the generator to charge the multiple smart devices at one time  and they are Top diesel generator companies in India


  • It comes with the additional feature of ultra-light bright LED flashlight and blinking at the time of travelling, camping. 

  • It comes with portable power stations, and that makes it unique from others. 

  • It can fully charge an iphone 8 for about 20 times and is an ideal emergency power backup for home use. 


  • Make sure that the AC device does not exceed the 100W. 

Customer Review on Amazon 

Nice performance. Gives 100% output during operation. Using it for Lighting and charging purpose also very easy to carry



3. HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

It is one of the most affordable generators for the home in India. This Honda Siel power product is one of the best options to choose from. The best thing about this generator is how portable it is. It has a sturdy, durable, but sleek design when it comes to appearance. They are one of the Top diesel generator manufacturers in India 

It comes with a very heavy motor that ensures to last you quite long as compared to others. It has low emission, contributing further to the green technology that many do look out for. It also doesn’t generate much noise.  


  • This honda home generator price is affordable in comparison to others. 

  • For better performance, you need to change the engine oil in 15-20 hours. 

  • The maximum output of this petrol Genset with cylinder generator is 850 VA.  

  •  Has not much noise and powerful performer oils not included in packing. 


  • Not found yet. 

Customer Review on Amazon 

I have been using this generator since last year. Good generator. So far no issues. Every 24hrs of runtime, we need to replace engine oil. Maintenance is also a lot cheaper compared to home ups. 


4. Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

It is one of the premium and lavishly inverted generators. Honda EU is a metal HDPE multicolour inverter generator is a perfect choice for all your generator needs. This Honda stands out because of the fantastic quality of the products and how amazing it is in terms of portability and design. Honda is also bringing the Silent diesel generators with less noise as compared to others. 

This generator is ultra silent which other stacks on the List of benefits. This inverter is perfect for those who have a large home and a lot of appliances with electronics around you. It is the perfect option to get all sorted out for when it comes to light. 


  • This generator comes with output for the Air conditioner and several other appliances. 

  • It comes with a wheel on the bottom.

  • One of the ultra-silent inverters. 


  • It is a bit expensive as compared to others. 

Customer Review on Amazon 

You can take it from one place to another in a Maruti 800. Noise of this genset depends upon the load. You barely hear noise at a distance of 10 feet on 700 VA load.



5. XLNT-6500E 5,000-Watt Gasoline (Petrol) Powered Generator with Electric Start

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

This XLNT is one of the powerful petrol generators when you need it. It can provide 5500 Watts of running power, and it is ideal for the home. It is one of the best home generators at this price. It is a perfect one of construction sites or backs up for your home during emergencies. It is equipped with key-operated electric start that allows effortless startup of the generator.  These Petrol based are the Ideal generators for home use in urban cities as the use of them are minimum. 

It is an air-cooled long-life single-phase 230V with 3000 rpm and specially made with MS body which is better than aluminium one. 


  • The engines start from an electric push-button with recoil pull-start option. 

  • It is made with 100% copper single phase alternator with no voltage dropping. 

  • Comfortable for the homeland, agriculture work and for construction work. 


  • Do not connect any sensitive electronic device. 

Customer Review on Amazon

 We bought a 3kv generator in the month of April Initially we were apprehensive But it turned out to be a good buy Works perfectly well We paid 40k It's pretty reasonableHonda charges 1 lakh for a 3kv generator It's been 3 months now and we have faced no problems Geysers, water pump (1 hp) is supported Go for it!


6. Greaves Power Generator Set

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

This greaves power generator set is the nest on our list, and it is one of the best diesel generator brands in India. One of the main reasons is not just the appearance of the device; it is also excellent overall functions that it makes with the while. This generator from Greaves is relatively compact and can fit in the right spot in your home. 

This generator comes with better loading capacity and is also very easily portable. It comes with an amazing five-year warranty which again is a pretty amazing deal you can grab. It is one of the Generator at best price in India


  • This diesel generator for home is ultra silent. 

  • It is one of the fuel-efficient products on our list.  

  • This generator comes with a sleek design that attracts.


  • Not found yet. 


7. Harison Generators 10 KVA (HG10K) Single Phase

8 Best Generator in India for Home Use.

Harrison is one of the grown brands in the generator field. They are known in Oil and gas industries for many years. Harrison products are designed using the top quality name brands components, and the testing procedure allows them for the highest quality output.  This Harrison generator 10 KVA single phase comes with a 1-year warranty with all safety units. 

This mini generator for home has an auto start and auto stop option. Their products are designed to provide specific requirements. 


  • One of the only Genset that comes with auto-start and auto-stop. 

  • This generator is available in three phase and single-phase as per the requirement. 

  • The company does not charge extra for installation. 


  • This generator is a bit expensive as compared to others.


8. City Light Power XLNT-9500E 7,000-Watt Gasoline (Petrol) Powered Generator.

This city light power generator delivers Power when you need it.  It provides 7500 watts of starting power and 7000 watts of running power. It is an ideal product for the home that gives that much power in this size. It is a perfect petrol generator for a construction site or nacks up power. 

This XLNT is one of the growing names in the field of generators. The weight of this petrol generator is  89 kg. It allows the effortless startup to the generator as equipped with key-operated electric start  and the Best Generators for home use in India 2022.


  • It is made with MS body which is ten times better than the aluminium body.  

  • It has 25 litres fuel tank for continuous running.

  • It has a single-cylinder four-stroke air cooling power factor. 


  • Not found yet. 



9. Kirloskar Electric Makes Silent Diesel Generator 15 Kva, Model No. KEC-E15-II, Blue Colour, Weight 900 KG

The XLNT-6500E petrol generator is one of the best generators in India for home use. It has a unique design in comparison to other generators on this list. The XLNT portrays an open body design in which one can see major parts of the generator. This approach gives the generator a good look.

This home generator has two wheels with good grip located at the back and stoppers in the front so that you can easily move the generator and when the time comes to place it you can do so without it budging. This generator is rated at 5.5 kVA, 230V and 3000 RPM.

It has a single cylinder engine type with 4 stroke, OVH, efficient air cooling so that the generator doesn’t get too hot and has a power factor of 1. The fuel tank is located on the top of this generator which can hold up to 25litres of petrol.

The continuous running time which the XLNT-6500E can support is up to 9 hours. After which it will require a break to cool down. This generator has an electric start which gets activated by the push of a button. It also has a recoil pull start option as an alternative to the electric start.It has an oil alert system which will tell you when the tank is about to get empty. The dimensions of this generator is 95 x 57 x 78cm. This generator provides 5500 watts of starting power and about 5000 watts of running power.


  • It comes with a unique design with a strong metal frame. 

  • The fuel tank can hold upto 25 litres of petrol. 

  • Comes with wheels and electric start. 


  • Cannot power an AC

  • Can only run up to 9 hours continuously. 

Why Should You Buy Generators Online? 

  • As we all know that the price of generators are quite high and being online from Amazon can get you the same generator with much lesser price as online sellers give more discounts than the local vendors. 

  • It's Very important to buy from a trustworthy brand like Honda as they are known for the best products and services in all major cities and towns. 

  • Also, you don’t have to worry about getting your purchased generator home, or again to the seller as in case of returns. Here online sellers take care of everything.

  • About discounts, I would give you one example. Suppose MRP of one generator is 1,00,000 rupees in India. Local shop sellers will sell you that product with some discount at around 90,000 rupees. He will make around 30,000-40,000 in this deal, which he needs as he has invested in running a shop.

  • But an online seller from Amazon has no investment in running a shop so he will give you a discounted price of around 60,000-70,000 rupees in India, plus Door Step service. Here you save your own 20,000-30,000.

  • Shop sellers might provide you free service and repairs for a few months, but you can spend for these amounts from the money you saved in the best deal online.

Best Diesel Generator in India

Check out the best diesel generator brands in India here in the given table. 


Silent Diesel Generator Brands


Honda generators


Mitsubishi generators


Yamaha generators


Bajaj generators


Kirloskar generators


Birla power generators


Ashok Leyland generators


Mahindra generators


Gillette Generators


Sterling generators


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Main Parts of Generator 

Here are the main parts of the generator that play an important role. 

  • Fuel System

  • Alternator 

  • Voltage regulator 

  • Lubrication system

  • Cooling system

  • Exhaust system

Generator Maintenance and Servicing 

Proper maintenance and servicing of the generator are very important to ensure that you get the best performance for your investment. While you may have taken an AMC and your purchase could have a warranty, it is always good to maintain the generator in tip-top condition by following the tips given below.

  • Follow all guidelines as per the instruction manual and warranty conditions

  • Ensure adequate cover for the generator to avoid direct contact from sunlight and rain

  • Keep the area housing the generator well ventilated

  • Use recommended fuel only

  • Ensure that the fuel tank is not empty before switching on the generator

  • Perform periodic checks on oil and ensure oil level always

  • Clean filters periodically and change as recommended

  • Check wiring and cords periodically and change if found damaged



Types of Generator Based on Power Output 

Here is another classification of the Inverters on the basis of power output. 

Inverter Generator-  Some applications such as recreational vehicles, automobiles, and air conditioners require power that can vary as per the need of the time. Inverter generators facilitate such requirements by converting the AC output of the generator to DC and then inverting it to AC to ensure that steady current is supplied to the device, gadget, or appliance. These come in various sizes and can produce 2000 to 5000 watts of power at 220 volts.

Industrial Inverters- Applications in industrial settings need power that can vary in a wide range. Industrial generators serve these power needs of industrial applications with their unique features. Industrial generators have characteristics that include ruggedness, robustness, ability to perform under adverse conditions, amenability to customization, ability to operate for long hours, and ability to generate single or three-phase power. These types of generators are available in the widest range of power output as compared to others. 

Induction-based generators-  They are basically induction motors that turn into an induction generator when the prime mover drives the motor higher at the synchronous speed. They are basically two types of induction generators, the self-excited and externally excited generators. 

Portable Generators-  During disasters, there is the breakdown of the grid supply of power.  These kinds of situations need the power to accelerate rescue operations. These types of generators are very useful for any kind of outdoor function or activity. 


Generators as Per Fuel Type 

  • Diesel Generators-  These generators run on diesel and they are good in long term use. Since the diesel is cheaper, it is one of the economical generators. Buy diesel generators online in India at the best price. 

  • Gas Generators-  these generators run on gas which is cheaper than any fuel available in the market. They have higher shelf life. 

  • Petrol Generators-  these are very uch effective in delivering a large amount of power. However, due to the expensive cost of petrol they can be ideal for small operations only. 

  • Kerosene Generators-  these are the oldest type of generator available in the market. But nowadays it is difficult to find kerosene. They are the cheapest available and they should be properly cooled and ventilated to avoid damage due to overheating. 

So here is the complete detailed review of the Top best generator brands in India for home use with all utility needs. This list includes the best products based on the quality and overall what to like in them. 

Select from the Ideal generator for home use in urban areas

We hope the review or information we mentioned above will help you to choose the right one for your home. We request you to read it properly and choose the one as a good investment and process along in that direction. 

Here you can also check the best battery for invert in India by clicking the link given below. 




Question You May Have

Q.  Which generator is best for a home?

All of the above-mentioned generators are the best for home, but Honda and Elemax are the top above all as per the quality parameters. 

Q. How much kVA generator do I need for a home?

As per the normal energy use, the power supplied by a meer is 9.2kVa on an average rate. It supplies devices with a maximum power of 9.2 kW.

Q.  How long do generators last?

The life of the generator totally depends on the quality of it and the maintenance of it.  The portable generators can last 1000-2000 hours, that means a life of 10-20 years. 

Q. What size of generator do I need to run my whole house?

You can run the most critical household equipment with a generator at 5000 to 7500 watts. That includes a refrigerator, pump or other appliances.

Q. Which diesel generator is the best in India

Greaves, Honda, and Harrison are the best diesel generators in India. 

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