10 Best Door Locks In India - Features, Prices, Types, And Much More

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Safety is essential. You have to keep yourself and your homes and offices safe from any kinds of threats and harm. To be safe on your premises, you need the best door locks in India that have the best security features and are the best in quality.

When you have security in your mind, you have to be ready for contingencies and unprecedented events. You are unaware of what may happen the next moment, so preparing yourself for the worst is the least you can think to do to keep yourself and your family and belongings safe.

Having good-quality main door locks in India is necessary due to the vast population living in less space. We need to be sure about the features and types of locks, and what would suit our requirements in the best possible way. Also, there are certain things to consider for choosing the best door locks for your homes, discussed below.

Please read the article below to get answers to all the questions you have in your mind regarding the door locks in India, their security features, and types.

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Best door locks in India

What Are The Main Door Locks In India?

Main door locks are a highly essential safety feature required to safeguard your homes and other properties. Without any locking system, the doors and other accessible entrances to your homes and offices get at risk of getting robbed and damaged. So it is essential to have a solid central door lock for your doors so that no one can breach the security of your premises.

The primary features of the main door locks are simple, but their construction and levels of security should be hard enough to make them safe and secure. Having multiple levels of locks and the best locking mechanism is a must while choosing the central door lock for our doors. 

Also, it is essential to see that if the lock has a key feature, you must have access to more than one or two keys. Locking yourself out from your own chosen locking system is a situation you would always want to avoid.

So it is imperative not to have a good lock for your doors, as living in an unsafe environment indeed disrupts your peace of mind.

We need to search for the best quality door locks in India. Let us look at some of the best door lock brands in India to have a clearer picture.

Top 10 Lock Brands In India

Door Lock Brand



Godrej Locks Classic Cylindrical Lock



Met Craft Door Lock



Atom Mortise Door Lock 



Valencia Door Lock



Tiny Deal Door Lock



Godrej Locks Duralock



YALE Rim Door Lock



LAPO Door Lock



Ramson Door Lock



LAVNA RFID Fingerprint Glass Door Lock




Note- All prices are mentioned at MRP. Actual may vary according to the prevailing offers and discounts.

1.Godrej Locks Classic Cylindrical Lock

This lock from Godrej is made of stainless steel and is suitable for the main doors of residential and commercial entrances. Godrej is a name in locks, and this one stands for its name. 

It is suitable for single panel doors having a thickness of 32mm to 45mm. It has a key-operated lock system. With the brand name of Godrej, It is one of the best main door locks in India.

This classic door lock has a knob-style operation and cylindrical pins to lock the doors.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-180 x 70 x 70 Cm

  • Locking Mechanism- Key Lock

  • Weight- 0.6kg

  • Automatic Locking

  • Easy Installation

  • Waterproof- free from corrosion.

  • Ease of Use- very simple.


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2.Met Craft Door Lock


The Met craft door lock is a stainless steel lock with a 60mm dimensional side latch. It is very suitable for single panel doors with a thickness of 32m to 45 mm. The lock backset is of 70mm. It has the key lock-in feature and has three keys for access. 

It comes in handy as the best bathroom door lock India.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-17 x 8 x 8 cm

  • Locking Mechanism- Key Lock

  • Weight- 650 Gms

  • Automatic Locking

  • Easy Installation

  • Waterproof- free from corrosion.


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3. Atom Mortise Door Lock 


The Atom 7 inches Mortise Door Handle Set is made of iron and brass. It is available in 6 different coloured polished finishes. The lock is corrosion-free, dust-free, and oil resistant. 

It is suitable for all the doors- home, offices, etc. and has a dual lock-in system and has to be installed from the front and back of the door.

It comes with three keys and is one of the best door locks company in India, in its category and price range.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-24 x 18 x 6 Cm

  • Locking Mechanism- Key Lock

  • Lock Style-Inside and outside both

  • Weight- 0.980 Kg

  • Simple handle

  • Easy Grip

  • Brass lock and latches


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4. Valencia Door Lock

This lock from Valencia is one of the best smart door locks in India. It is a digital lock that requires an intelligent access option and one standard key-lock feature available with it. It is made of alloy. It requires batteries that need to be replaced with time.

This lock is a 5V power source with a USB port. It has alarm indicators for safety. Also, if one enters the password wrongly three consecutive times, the alarm indicates the intrusion. It also comes with 2 RFID cards and user access keys. You can also use it with fingerprint access or put a pin code of your choice. There is a Voice Guidance feature in the lock. These intelligent features make it one of the best digital door locks in India.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-3.2 x 7.3 x 37.3 cm

  • Locking Mechanism- Digital

  • Batteries required-4 AA

  • Weight- ; 3.6 Kg

  • Access types-4 choices

  • Fingerprint access

  • RFID Access

  • Pin code or mechanical keys access.

  • Alarm indicator


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5. Tiny Deal Door Lock

The Tiny Deal door lock is light in weight and suitable for less solid doors because of its size and weight. It is a combination lock and requires a combination of n users to be used as its opening code.

One needs to fix a combination in it to make it come to use. It is made of steel and is anti-corrosion. It is one of the most used padlocks. 

It requires a four-digit padlock and doesn't require any key to access. This lock is very reasonably priced, and with this door locks price in India, basic door security can be very cheap and affordable.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-16 x 5 x 4 Cm

  • Locking Mechanism- combination lock

  • Weight-450 Gm

  • Good quality In Cheap price

  • Portable- can be carried anywhere

  • Waterproof- free from corrosion.

  • Ease of Use- effortless.


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6. Godrej Locks Duralock

This other one from Godrej is one of its class door locks. The padlocks door locks in India are still popular, and many prefer these over the smart and more complicated ones. These locks are rust-proof as are made of stainless steel. It has 14 pins and a drill-resistant plate on its pin cylinders.

It is made of hardened shackle material to make it impossible to be broken or cut. In short, it cannot be opened by an external force and can be accessed only with the help of keys. Its keyholes have a weather cover that prevents any greasing or corrosion.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-70mm

  • Locking Mechanism- Key Lock

  • Weight- 0.322 Kg

  • Portable- easily Carried anywhere

  • Waterproof- free from corrosion.

  • Ease of Use- effortless.

  • Hardened shackle to resist an external force.

  • Highly durable


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7. YALE Rim Door Lock

The Yale rim door lock has two deadbolts for better safety and sturdy grip. It is best suitable for 25mm to 80mm door thicknesses. It is one of the branded door locks in India when we consider its dual deadbolt feature.

This lock is made of satin steel and has a smooth finish look. Its sturdiness keeps in mind your safety and care. It is suitable for wooden doors and is one of the best main door locks in India.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-13 x 4 x 10 cm

  • Locking Mechanism- Keylock

  • Weight- 0.877 Grm

  • Bigger Knob- Better grip

  • Safety lock feature

  • Rim Lock with deadbolts


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8. LAPO Door Lock

LAPO mortise Door Lock Handle Set is a locking system made of zinc alloy and brass. It is one of the best door handle lock in India, and the company offers a variety of locks under its brand name. It comes under the mortise lock type; it assures high security; a hardened handle ensures better grip and sturdiness.

It is suitable for the door with a thickness of 28mm to 40mm. It is a dual-operated door lock.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-14 x 5 x 5 cm

  • Locking Mechanism- Key Lock

  • Weight- 03.2 Kg

  • Smooth Pull and Push

  • Weather Proof

  • Anti-corrosion


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9. Ramson Door Lock  

Ramsons locks are famous in India. This lock by the brand is made of iron and is golden in colour. It is a lightweight levered lock with high safety in mind and the best locking system for main doors. It can be locked from both sides of the door.

There are two keys included with the lock. It is a powerful six-levered lock mechanism that ensures complete safety and protection.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-10 x 7.5 x 5 

  • Locking Mechanism- Key Lock

  • Weight- 1.49 pounds

  • Smooth Pull and Push

  • Weather Proof

  • Anti-corrosion

  • 6 Levers Mechanism


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10.LAVNA RFID Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

Digital locks are highly in demand these days, and this one from Lavna is an RFID fingerprint door lock that is highly tech-savvy and highly safe and protective.

The unlocking mechanism works on a 04-sec speed, and the fingerprint sensor can register upto 100 fingerprints. It is highly suitable for glass doors. It comes with a remote locking feature that uses an RFID card for lock access. It can have up to 100rfid cards and pins.

There is an inbuilt doorbell, and it also has a recording feature in it. It is one of the best Electronic door locks in India. You can also set the lock-in public mode to disable the auto-lock system and change the access accordingly.

Key Features

  • Dimensions-27 x 19 x 14.6

  • Weight- 1 Kg

  • Locking Mechanism- Digital/Electronic/Auto

  • Unlocking speed-  0.4 sec.

  • Access types-Up to 100 RFID card can be registered

  • Record History

  • RFID Access

  • Public Mode 


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Home and other property security is of prime importance and should be given due consideration and proper execution. Always choose the best door locks in India to safeguard your family from all kinds of illegal intrusions.

How to Choose The Best Main Door Lock

Some specific things should be kept in mind while choosing the central door lock for your doors. The locks should be highly efficient to protect you from any contingency or any security threats. So, it is imperative to choose only the nets for your homes and other premises.

Things To Consider:

  • Type Of Door

Which lock to buy depends on the type of door it is purchased for. If the door is the central one, the lock needs to be multi-layer and robust. If the locks are for secondary-level doors, the safety can be simple.

Also, the central door lock should be good-looking to maintain the interior decor of your house.

  • Need And Requirement

The need for the lock is of great importance while choosing it for your main door. The requirements of higher security levels determine the type of lock you also want, whether you wish for several keys or wish to give access to multiple persons or not.

  • Protection Layer

These days the locks are multi-layer. You can choose a multi-layer locking system or a simple mechanism one, according to your requirement.

A multi-layer locking system ensures a higher security level than single-layer locks. Generally, people choose multi-layer locks for their main doors.

  • Lock Features And Specifications

Always check the lock features and specifications so that you do not regret them later. Door locks are not often changed, so choosing the correct one in the starting is highly important. Consider all the features and specifications of your door and the lock to make a better choice and wise decision.

  • Lock Prices And Budget

Locks require an excellent budget these days as they often demand maintenance too. Like electric door locks need AMC and proper time to time updation and care to let it be efficient for a longer time. The best door locks in India are priced high, and you should consider your budget specifications before choosing one.

  • Smart Lock Or Mechanical

Also, the main difference between locks these days- electrical or manual- is essential to keep in mind while buying a new one. People who wish their security levels to be in their hands and all the time coverage of their house security prefer smart locks over mechanical ones. Some are conventional and like the key lock-in features over the complicated smart ones. So, consider all this while choosing your door locks.

Also, one interesting point of consideration that we can't overlook is the types of door locks. Let us find some popular kinds of door locks.

Types Of Door Locks- Most Used Door Lock Types

We know that securing our homes and workplace is of prime importance. If we and our belongings are not safe, then how can we live peacefully? So to ensure complete peace of mind and total security, we require good quality door locks and the best quality security system. 

In the above article, we saw some of the best door locks in India. But what we need to know are the types of locks used in the doors to provide security according to the needs and requirements.

Let's see the popular types of locks available for your door.

Best And Popular Types Of Door Locks

  • Padlocks

Padlocks types of locks are the oldest forms of locking systems found in the world. It has a simple key mechanism in which to access it, and one needs a key. They are easy to use and are portable- they can be carried anywhere. They have two varieties: Keyed or Combination padlocks. The difference between them is that one needs a combination of pins that need to be decided and fixed. The only problem with this kind of lock is that it can be cut or broken with external force if its quality is compromised.

  • Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are among the most popular locking systems for entrance doors, main doors, and doors that require high security. These are very sturdy and secure. They have two locking mechanisms: one with a single cylinder deadbolt and another with a double cylinder. These locks don't have a spring mechanism, and that's why it is known as a deadbolt. The drill, to access them, needs to be exercised every time of use.

  • Knob Locks

Door knobs are one of the most common door locks and are best used for internal security purposes. They have an easy locking mechanism and are not very secure when locking entrance doors or main doors. These have ease of use and a simple key locking mechanism. They can be easily tampered with and are not very secure.

  • Cylindrical Lever Locks

The cylinder lever locks are considered one of the most secure door locks. They are also trendy and are mainly used for external purposes. There are various types of cylinder locks that include the rim, mortise cylinders, and European cylinders.

All these different types have slight differences in their cylinder lock mechanisms. Among these, mortise is widely used and one of the most secure cylinder lock systems.

  • Electronic locks

Electronic door locks in India are gaining most popularity of late as they have innovative use and are trendy. They have intelligent access options and are more secure. They give an option of alarm indication and alerts when someone forcefully tries to intrude on the premises. They provide many access options like keys, Pin codes, fingerprints, and RFID cards, along with standard key lock features. 

So, from this article, we understood the significance of door locks, their features, types, and which are the best door locks in India. Now make sure you have a top-notch security system for you and your family’s protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which are the best door locks in India?

A.There are many options available in door locks in India. Among these, the ones from Godrej, Valencia, and Lapo are the best.

Q.Which type of door lock is the best?

A.It all depends on your use case. For main doors, the best ones are the deadbolt door locks, as they are sturdy and hard to break.

Q.Is a keypad door lock safe?

A.Yes. They are made so that the security feature is well kept in mind while manufacturing them.

Q.Which company locks is best?

A.Godrej Door locks and handles are best lock types and commonly used in India

Q.What is the most secure form of door lock?

A.Deadbolt Are treated as one of  the most secure forms of lock.

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