16 Best Blankets Brands In India 2023 - Brand Reviews

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Are you looking for the best blanket to buy but are confused which one to buy?  Well, your wait is finally over. We have reviewed the top Best Blanket Brands in India for you!

As we all know, a cozy & comfortable blanket is an essential item in every house. Blankets keep us warm on those cold winter nights. Perfect for wrapping yourself in warm and cozy comforters and enjoying a blissful; sleeping experience.

Blankets and comforters should be purchased by looking at the features. They should be season-appropriate, the material should be good and skin friendly, and you should get your desired colors and design. These blanket brands are ideal for comfort and warmth.

Our Best  Blanket Brands In India review guide will provide you with all the necessary information you need to buy a blanket that suits you the most.

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Top 16 Best Blanket Brands in India

Here, I have curated some of the top trusted blanket brands in India along with their price range. We have arranged the brands as per their popularity. 

Blanket Brands


Divine Casa

Starting from  Rs. 600


Starting from Rs. 1000

Bombay Dyeing

Starting from  Rs. 600

Amazon Basics

Starting from Rs. 500


Starting from Rs. 800

HUESLAND by Ahmedabad Cotton Comforter 

Starting from Rs. 600


Starting from Rs. 1000


Starting from Rs. 1000

Homecrust Blankets

Starting from Rs. 600

Selective Soft

Starting from Rs. 600

Cloud Mart

Starting from Rs. 1000


Starting from Rs. 500

Snoopy Home

Starting from Rs. 400

Global Home

Starting from Rs. 800

Sleepy Head

Starting from Rs. 1000

Amazon Solimo

Starting from Rs. 700

Divine Casa is growing very rapidly in India. It is the children branch of CTM Textiles Mills, it was started by Shri Mohanlal Agarwal in 1970. The brand offers a wide range of Bed Linens, Quilt & Comforters, Curtains, Cushion & Pillow Covers Etc. The brand aims at making the life of their customers comfortable and relaxing. 

Key Highlights

  • Skin Friendly Polyester Dohar

  • Soft, Cozy and Lightweight

  • Wide range of colors and Designs

  •  Expertly tailored ac blanket

  • Reversible

2. Signature 

Signature Blankets is one of India's known and trusted brands. Kochar Group is the parent brand of Signature blankets, the brand was formed in 1997 with a vision to provide its customers with the best quality, affordable and durable products. The brand also deals with bedsheets, comforters, bed covers, mattress protectors, towels, etc., Signature blankets assure the best cozy, warm blankets to relax yourself after a long tiring day. 

Key Highlights

  • Light weight

  • Super soft

  • Comes in a zipper bag which makes this an ideal gift

  • Amazing variety of designs

  • 100% Microfiber

  • Made with Polyester

3. Bombay Dyeing 

Over the period of time, Bombay Dyeing has grown to be the most trusted and respectful brands in India. The brand was established by Wadai group in 1879. The brand is known for producing high quality durable products, which provides their customers with proper comfort. The products come with hallmarks, and are made with a variety of designs and latest trends. 

Key Highlights

  • Fidelis Printed

  • Made by Polyester

  • Durable and comfortable

  • Trendy products

  • Variety of designs

4. Amazon Basics 

The Chenille Blanket from AmazonBasics is one of the luxury blanket brands available in India. It is quite significant in size and is made of soft and delicate material which makes it comfortable to use during cold winter nights. 

The super delicate chenille polyester and the weave surface gives warmth during winter seasons. The blanket is available in a variety of colours. It is of good quality and has a knit texture.

Key Features

  • It has a 1-year warranty.

  • It comes in a variety of colours.

  • The design of the blanket is outstanding.

  • It is very soft and comfortable to use.

  • It can be used in all seasons

  • It is a queen size blanket

5. Warmland 

These are very soft & luxurious mink blankets with contemporary floral designs which are cosy & Warm, ideal for all seasons. It is among the best mink blanket brands in India. 

This Mink blanket brand is detailed with floral & provides enough warmth to keep you cosy during cold nights.

Key features

  • It is a warm Mink Blanket with maximum warmth and minimum weight

  • It is soft & cosy as well as very comfortable & soft fabric. 

  • The blanket offers colour fastness. 

  • Ideal for mild winters and in chilly rooms. 

  • These are lightweight comforters 

  • Comes in purple colour

6. HUESLAND by Ahmedabad Cotton Comforter 

Now you can sleep like a king or queen with these amazing Ahmedabad Cotton Ultra Microfiber Comforters. It is filled with 200 GSM Microfibre and 115 GSM microfabric to provide you with a luxurious sleeping experience. 

You can use these comforters with duvet covers. They are lightweight comforters perfect for everyday use. These comforters are made using pure microfiber exterior shell. The comforter's diamond stitching keeps the filling in place. So you can snuggle with this soft, fluffy, comfortable comforter for a relaxing sleep.

Key features

  • It is lightweight and soft

  • It protects against allergens

  • Get a cosy and blissful sleep

  • It is reversible and can be coupled with duvets

  • Has a soft fabric

  • Dimensions: 90-inch x 100-inch or 229 cm x 254 cm

  • The thick inner filling provides maximum comfort

  • It has a tightly woven material

  • It is completely breathable

  • It comes in many colours.

7. Acmura Microfibre 400TC Comforter

Acmura Premium Microfiber Comforter is an all-season comforter which comes with ultra-soft filling. This box-stitched comforter is hypoallergenic and made from soft, breathable fabric and anti-allergen microfiber material that does not clump. This is a king-size blanket which comes with recron-microfiber filling for excellent comfort. 

It is one of the best blanket brands in India. The fibre used is one of its kind that helps maintain the thickness of a comforter. It is suitable to be used in cold weather, winters, Ac rooms. This comforter guarantees colour-fastness and does not allow bubbles to pop on the fabric.

Key features

  • It is lightweight and protects against allergies

  • It's cosy and reversible

  • Fabric is soft as well as super breathable and comfortable

  • It is a white microfiber blanket with 400 GSM filling 

  • It comes with 400 GSM Recron filling inside & a Microfiber shell on the outer side.

  • It has a box stitching design that prevents the filling from shifting.

8. Clasiko 

Clasiko is a new brand that deals in home furnishings products. This blanks brands in India offers contemporary, modern and traditional fabrics, prints and combinations. This comforter is a three-layered comforter along with micro-cotton on both sides.

 It is stitched with synchronized fibre.This double-bed comforter comes in vibrant colour, prints & designs, a huge variety to choose from. It comes with a hypoallergenic filling that protects against allergens. 

Key features

  • It is lightweight and protects against allergies

  • It is cosy as well as reversible

  • Soft and comfortable fabric

  • Comes with colour-fastness Guarantee and no bubbling Guarantee

  • Comes in various colours

9. Homecrust Blankets 

Homecrust Blankets are double bed blankets which are budget-friendly & come with a rich feel to it. It is made with 100% microfiber polyester with a soft & plush finish making it ideal for worst winters as well as other seasons.

It is soft and warmer as compared to other blankets in this category. The material used is shrink resistant. This elegant looking blanket has two sides, one side is smoother, and the other is a premium touch. Overall the design is excellent & it keeps you warm in all seasons and AC rooms.

Key Features

  • It has a vibrant embossed style

  • It consists of thermal-insulation

  • Soft and very comfortable

  • Made from 100% premium microfiber

  • It is made of high-quality microfibre material, making it softer and warmer than other blankets. 

  • The material doesn't fade and shrink.

  • Comes in various solid colours

10. Selective Soft Winter Blanket

Selective Soft is one of the best winter blanket brands in India. The blanket is super warm and very easy to maintain. It is 5 inches thick, which provides comfort in the coldest of temperatures. It comes in a lot of designs and colours and is pretty huge in size. This is among our top 10 blankets for winter in india 2021

The blanket has a microfibre filling which makes it the most comfortable blanket for winters. It gives a warm and cosy feeling all season long. It is a king-size blanket and is available in metallic colours as well.

Key Features

  • It comes in a variety of colours.

  • It is easily washable.

  • It is super soft and is specially made for low-temperature areas.

  • It has a thickness of 5 inches.

  • It is very easy to maintain and clean.

  • The blanket has a microfibre filling and a soft feather touch. 

11. Cloud Mart Cotton Quilt

The Cloud Mart Jaipur Quilt is the most preferred quilt for all Indians. It is used in winters as well as an AC comforter in winters. It is one of the best warm blankets in India. They are handmade quilts with traditional Jaipur patterns in vibrant colours and pattern

They are extremely lightweight and can be used all year long. They are made from the finest quality of cotton. 

Key Features 

  • It has a cotton exterior and a cotton filling

  • They come in a variety of colours and patterns. 

  • They are hand wash and dry clean only.

  • It has a 200 thread count. 

 12. Goyal Superior Quality Blanket

These Goyal blankets are one of the best mink blanket brands in India. The blankets are super soft and warm. It is made of acrylic and polyester fabric.

The blanket is embossed and light in weight. It only comes in one size, single bed but is extremely warm and comfortable. It is effortless to travel with and provides warmth at the lowest of temperatures. 

Key Features

  • It is easily washable. 

  • It is light in weight and thus easy to travel with. 

  • It has the perfect soft texture. 

  • It is the best suited for Indian weather. 

  • It has a floral pattern

  • It is a mink blanket made of polyester.

13. Snoopy Home Ultra Soft Comforter

The Snoopy Home Comforter is a reversible lightweight blanket which is suitable for all temperatures. It is among the best blanket brands in India. It provides adequate warmth and has a cosy and soft texture with a diamond stitching pattern which provides long-lasting usage.

It is a king-size blanket with a polyester filling. The blanket has one more unique feature, which is that it is wrinkle-free and has a lasting strength. It is super comfortable and soft.

Key Features

  • Dimensions- 228.6 cm x 254 cm

  • It is available in blue colour only. 

  • The material of the blanket is microfiber. 

  • The polyester filling inside does not shift. 

  • It can be machine washed. 

  • The fabric of the blanket is hypoallergenic. 

14. Global Home Microfibre Blanket

Global Home Microfibre Blanket is among the best mink brand blankets in India. It comes in vibrant colours and provides the much-needed warmth in the cold winters. It is a reversible blanket with a polyester filling. It has fur on one side, which is very soft to touch and comfortable and cosy to sleep in. The blanket has a thread count of 400 and is extremely warm and comfortable. 

Key Features 

  • It comes in a variety of colours and sizes. 

  • It is handed washable and machine washable both. 

  • It is a cruelty-free blanket, and no animals were harmed for the production of this blanket. 

  • It has 100% polyester filling.

  • It weighs almost 1 kg.

15. Sleepy Head Microfibre Reversible Comforter

The Sleepy Head comforter is a reversible comforter that has two vibrant colours on either side. It is super comfortable and cosy. The cover of the comforter has a micro-poly finish along with tassels on all 4 sides to keep the cover in place. 

It is also machine stitched so that the filling stays in place. It is suitable for all temperatures and is very fluffy. It is the ideal queen size comforter. 

Key Features 

  • It has a hypoallergenic filling. 

  • Dimensions- 230 cm x 254 cm x 5.08 cm

  • It comes in a variety of colour combinations. 

  • It is machine wash, and hand wash both. 

  • It has a hollow siliconised microfibre filling which makes it very comfortable.

  • It is 220 GSM

16. Amazon Solimo Comforter

These comforters are durable and have an appealing machine-sewed pattern that keeps the filling in place. They stand among the best blanket brands in India according to us. Loaded up with 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester, Solimo sofa-beds are intended to keep you warm and comfortable. 

Perfect for mild winters and cooled rooms, making it ideal for everyday use. Solimo Comforters are produced using 100% microfibre exterior shells for a rich feel. The cover has a hypoallergenic filling which ensures against allergens. This comforter goes with the room decor and gives your stylish look and superb comfort.

Key features:

  • It is soft, lightweight and super cosy as well as reversible with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling.

  • Made from 100% microfiber shell for a luxurious feel

  • The Hypoallergenic filled in it protects against allergens.

  • The machine-stitched pattern keeps the filling at its place for durability.

  • Colours: Aqua Blue & Olive Green

Difference Between Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are both used to keep warm and add a cosy touch to a room, but there are a few differences between them:

1. Size: Blankets are typically larger than throws and are designed to cover a bed or to be used as a standalone covering for sleeping. Throws are smaller and typically used as a decorative accent or for cosying up on a couch or chair.

2. Material: Blankets are often made from thicker materials such as wool, fleece or down, while throws are made from a broader range of materials such as cotton, linen, or synthetic blends.

3. Use: Blankets are typically used for sleeping or as a primary source of warmth, while throws are used for snuggling up on a couch or chair, adding color and texture to a room, or for extra warmth on chilly evenings.

4. Style: Throws are often designed with a decorative purpose and are available in various patterns and colors. At the same time, blankets are more utilitarian and less decorative.

How to Choose the Best Blanket?

Choosing the best blanket for your needs involves considering several factors, such as:

1. Material: Blankets can be made from various materials, such as cotton, wool, fleece, or down. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as breathability, warmth, and softness. Choose a material that suits your personal preference and needs.

2. Size: Consider the size of the blanket you need based on the bed size, whether for a twin, full, queen, or king-sized bed. Consider the size if you plan on using the blanket for other purposes, such as a throw blanket for the couch.

3. Warmth: Depending on your needs, you may want a blanket that provides more or less warmth. Consider the thickness and insulation properties of the blanket to determine how warm it will keep you.

4. Style: Blankets come in various colors, patterns, and styles. Consider the type of the room and your personal preferences when selecting a blanket.

5. Care: Ensure you properly care for the blanket. Some materials may require special washing instructions, and some blankets may not be machine washable.

6. Price: Consider your budget when selecting a blanket. Higher-quality materials and larger sizes may come at a higher cost, but finding a balance between quality and affordability is essential.

Types of Fabrics Used in Blankets

Blankets can be made from a variety of fabrics, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. Here are some of the most common types of materials used in blankets:

1. Cotton: Cotton is a popular blanket choice because it is soft, breathable, and durable. It is also easy to care for and can be machine-washed and dried.

2. Wool: Wool blankets are warm and cosy, ideal for cold weather. They are also moisture-wicking, which can help regulate your body temperature by keeping you dry.

3. Fleece: Fleece is a synthetic fabric that is soft and lightweight, making it a popular choice for blankets. It is also quick-drying and can retain its warmth even when wet.

4. Polyester: Polyester is a durable and affordable synthetic fabric commonly used in blankets. It is easy to care for and can be machine-washed and dried.

5. Acrylic: Acrylic is a synthetic fabric that is lightweight and warm. It is also soft and easy to care for, making it a popular blanket choice.

6. Chenille: Chenille is a soft, plush fabric often used in blankets. It has a unique texture that makes it both cozy and stylish.

7. Silk: Silk blankets are luxurious and soft but delicate and require special care. They are ideal for use in warmer weather.

8. Cashmere: Cashmere is a soft, warm natural fibre often used in high-end blankets. It is expensive and requires special care but incredibly soft and luxurious.

Note: These are just a few of the many fabrics used in blankets. The type of fabric you choose will depend on your preferences, climate, and intended use of the blanket.


Now that you've read about our top 16 blanket brands in India, you can make an informed purchase. Blankets, Comforters, duvets etc. are all very crucial to keep our body warm without disturbing our sleep. Buy these blankets at affordable prices and in various colours and patterns. Hope you like our list of Best Blanket Brands In India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which quality of blanket is best?

Ans. Cotton Blankets are said to be the best blankets.

Q. Which brand is best for winter blankets?

Ans.There are many brands that are known to produce best blankets for winter. In our dedicated article on the blanket brands, we have discussed the best blanket brands in India. You can check our article and get all the relevant information that you need.

Q. Which brand mink blanket is best?

Ans. The JYK Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket is said to be the best mink blanket.

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