15 Best Workout Apps in India For Health and Fitness

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Best Workout Apps in India

Keeping oneself healthy is an essential part of life. To help us achieve that at all times, there are some of the best workout apps which can be easily downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones, and users can make use of the best plans and sessions that these apps have to offer.

Here in this article, we have highlighted some of the best exercise apps along with their features, specifications and other details. Along with the top protein bars in India, about which you can learn more here, one can get a lot of benefits from these workout apps. It is very important to stay in shape and with the help of these apps you can do that easily from the comfort of your homes. 

To know more about these apps, check out the list we have curated below.

List of the Best Fitness Apps 2022

Workout Apps

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StrongLifts 5X5

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Seven- 7 Minute workouts

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Workout for Women

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Home Workout - No Equipment

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Pro Gym Workout

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Fitness & Bodybuilding

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Nike+ Training Club

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Personal Fitness Coach

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Many people wish to stay healthy and fit without having to go to a gym or take its membership. If you are also looking to workout independently, then you should check out the best fitness apps that help you in working out in the comfort of your homes. 

These apps are available for both Android and iOS smartphones, and you can easily download and install them on your mobiles. These apps have unbelievable features that help you in planning and organizing your fitness and workout routine daily.

These exercise apps will also teach you new exercises and also share your progress with you daily. Many of these apps are free of cost, with some charging a minimal amount for additional features. Here we will decide which is the best home workout app, from the list shared below.

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Best Home Workout Apps Review

Before you move on to download and start working with any workout app you need to know if they are effective and useful or not. What you can do right now is go through this article and check out the features and specifications of all the apps that we have mentioned here and make sure that the app you select is the one most suitable for you. 

The best fitness apps have been in great demand nowadays because many people are opting to work out in their homes instead of joining a gym. These top Health and Workout Apps to download, are really effective and save a lot of time, money and effort as well. If you want to stay healthy and fit but do not wish to join any gum, then these apps can be really effective for you. 

The best fitness & workout apps help you get regular exercises and activities that keep you active all throughout the day. Most of the best app available in India for fitness are really useful and you can download them online for both Android and iOS smartphones. 

You can also check the interface of the app which can help you decide whether it is easy to use or not. Here are some of the best free workout apps and also the paid versions mentioned below. 

1. Aaptiv

Aaptiv gives you the best training and fitness workout sessions at any place you want. You can get unlimited access to audio fitness sessions and classes taken by certified trainers. It also has many music playlists to keep you motivated and in rhythm. It has a variety of workouts like strength training, stretching, running, race training, yoga and more.

There are new classes added every week. This app is suitable for people of all fitness levels, and you can download it on Google Play or App Store.

What Do We Like About Aaptiv:

  • You can access thousands of sessions

  • Weekly and monthly programs are available

  • High-Intensity Interval Training is also present

  • Classes can be downloaded to listen offline

  • It is one of the Best Fitness Apps in India (Android & iOS) In 2022

  • Many playlists with Motivational music 


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2. Keelo

Keelo is a top-rated workout app that is used for high-intensity strength and conditioning programs. It has a full-body workout program where the app combines cardio, strength and conditioning into one whole program. The app also provides personalized workout programs for its users. You can use this app anywhere, be it home or gym.

It has free and premium features as well. You can access the premium features by joining the subscription. You can use it on Android and iOS platforms. It is one of the top Health Fitness Apps in India 2022.

What Do We Like About Keelo:

  • Instructional videos for workouts in HD quality

  • Free coaching via email

  • Suitable for experienced and beginners

  • New workouts are added regularly

  • It is perhaps one of the Top Health and Workout Apps to Download on Android.


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3. Sworkit

Sworkit is a popular workout app that delivers quality sessions and training on-the-go. Many people have been using Sworkit to get gym like training experience at home or wherever they are. It helps in regaining health, fitness and also weight loss. It can be integrated with Google Fit, hence, it also records your activities and the number of calories burned.

You can download this app on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. There are many free and paid content available on this app.

What Do We Like About Sworkit:

  • 6-week programs available

  • HIIT, Cardio, Yoga, Weight loss etc. are also present

  • Over 800 small equipment and bodyweight exercises

  • Personal assistance from certified experts and trainers also available

  • This app is undoubtedly one among the Best Fitness & Workout Apps That You Need.


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4. StrongLifts 5X5

StrongLifts 5X5 is one of the most effective workout programs and planner apps. You can track your daily progress on this app, and it also has some effective programs for beginners and experts. This app will act as your coach guiding you through each workout plan from StronLifts5X5.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. 

What Do We Like About StrongLifts 5X5:

  • It is simple and easy to use

  • Great interactive planner, timer and tracker

  • Weightlifting programs for experts and beginners

  • Graphs, trackers and planners also available

  • This one is counted in the list of the Best Fitness Apps For 2022


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5. Jefit

Jefit is a fantastic workout and training app that lets you exercise and maintain physical fitness anywhere anytime. The app has special features for tracking and recording your progress that helps you plan future fitness goals. It enables you to get the most out of your gym routine. The app is designed in a way to motivate its users to achieve more by rewarding users for consistency.

You can find this app for both Android and iOS. Download it from Google Play Store or App Store.  

What Do We Like About Jefit:

  • It can be used on the Web as well

  • Video sessions on exercise demonstrations

  • Tools like timers, supersets, logs, notes and more

  • Customized training programs

  • Add friends to expand the community

  • It is one of the Best Fitness Apps For 2022.


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6. Trifecta

Trifecta is a popular workout and fitness app that combines the best from fitness, tacking and nutrition all into one place. It has a database of over 750 workout sessions and a database of over 400 food items, for the healthiest and best nutrition for its users. It can be used by anyone, as it is one of the best workout apps for gym and home.

You can find this fantastic app for both Android and iOS smartphones. 

What Do We Like About Trifecta

  • Massive database of food helps keep calories in check

  • Has a vast workout library with over 1000 videos

  • Cardio exercises available

  • Tracking features are also present


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7. Seven- 7 Minute workouts

Seven - 7 Minute workout app is an excellent option for those looking for HIIT, bodyweight and other workouts. The unique thing about this app is that all these workouts of a duration of 7 minutes. It is very easy to use and is a goal-oriented app. You do not need any equipment to exercise with this app.

You can download this app online from Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. 

What Do We Like About Seven- 7 Minute workouts

  • Daily 7 minute exercises available

  • Create customized workout plans

  • Compete with friends for motivation and fun

  • Enjoy more features by subscribing to the 7 Club


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8. Workout for Women

Workout For Women is one of the best workout apps for home and gym for women. It is one of the top apps for female fitness, weight loss and health, and you can use this app to workout at home or the gym. This is a free app and is specifically tailormade for women. It involves full-body workouts for specifically developing important parts.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

What Do We Like About Workout for Women

  • It is 100% free

  • Specially designed for women

  • Easy to use and effective

  • It is a beginner-friendly app


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9. Home Workout - No Equipment

With the help of Home Workout, you can exercise at your home daily without using any types of equipment. They provide daily workout routines that will help in developing all main muscle groups. Using this workout app, you can maintain health and fitness at home without having to visit any gym.

Experts design the workouts mentioned in this app, and you can also find warm-up routines and detailed videos and guides on this app. You can find it on Android and iOS. 

What Do We Like About Home Workout - No Equipment

  • Stretching and warm-up routines available

  • Free Premium workouts.

  • Automic records maintained of training activities

  • A chart to track weight trends also present


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10. Cure.fit 

Cure.fit is an all-in-one fitness and lifestyle app that helps its users maintain all-round health through workouts, meditations, yoga, food and more. On this app, you can attend live yoga and workout sessions. On Cure.fit, you can get trained by professional coaches, compete with other users and also track your progress. This app is available on both iOS and Android.

Although many free benefits are available on this app, you can avail better features and facilities on this app by subscribing to their monthly and yearly plans.

What Do We Like About Cure.fit

  • Attend Live fitness and workout sessions

  • Videos and sessions for exercises available

  • Find the nearest cult.fit centres and book classes.

  • Check out healthy and tasty recipes

  • Mind-Body workouts are available with a subscription.

  • This app is one of the Best Health and Fitness Apps in India.


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11. Pro Gym Workout

The Pro Gym Workout App is one of the best workout apps for home. You can use this app to maintain body and muscle health at your home or the gym. You can watch the workout videos given in the app and start exercising yourself at any place, any time. You do not require a personal trainer if you have this app installed in your smartphone. 

It is a goal-oriented app that keeps track of all your workouts and activities to help you keep your progress in check. It has many free features, and you can also unlock extra features by taking the premium membership.

What Do We Like About Pro Gym Workout

  • It does not require an internet connection

  • You can watch and learn through videos

  • It has a Body-Mass Index calculator and also protein and calorie calculator

  • Create personal routines for workout

  • It is one of the best workout apps for 2022.


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12. Fitness & Bodybuilding 

The Fitness & Bodybuilding mobile application is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their health and lifestyle themselves in their homes. It is particularly known for giving the best results in a short period of time. The app includes many workout series prepared by professionals. These sessions come with detailed explanations that ensure that you get the best results possible.

You can download this app from Google Playstore for Android or App Store for iOS Devices. 

What Do We Like About Fitness & Bodybuilding

  • Videos on exercises to help you workout

  • Every muscle group has its workout session

  • New exercises are updated regularly

  • Tracks your progress for better results

  • Comes with built-in timer and calendar


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13. Nike+ Training Club

With the Nike+ Training Club, you can workout anywhere at any time. The app provides you with over 185 workouts free. These include strength and endurance workouts, yoga and mobility exercises and more. The Nike Master Trainers take these sessions. With this app, you can get personalized training and workout that will help in achieving your goals of a fit and healthy physique. 

What Do We Like About Nike+ Training Club

  • Get Tips from Experts

  • All kinds of workouts, including muscle developments, boxing, yoga and more.

  • Flexible Training programs

  • Famous athletes take exercises and workouts

  • It maintains a record of workouts and activities


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14. Personal Fitness Coach

The Personal Fitness Coach app makes you experience audio coaching with interactive features with a hands-free experience. You can track your success and progress with this app. You can search and explore various coaches and experts and select the ones you prefer. This application modifies and personalizes your exercises for you. 

You can enjoy free and paid features on this fitness app for mobile. It is available for both Android and iOS.

What Do We Like About Personal Fitness Coach

  • Unique workouts are available in the hundreds.

  • Personal coaching from famous athletes in real-time.

  • Video content that supports you on the go.

  • Workouts on-demand

  • Suitable for all body types and fitness levels.


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15. Strong 

Strong is an excellent app for those looking for making workout possible at both hoe and gym. Strong helps you keep a record of your gym workout sessions with some of the best charts, logs and other features that keep track of your progress. It has a very simple interface making it easy to use and understand. 

This app is available for both iOS and Android and can be easily installed in smartphones from Google Play Store or App Store. 

What Do We Like About Strong

  • Simple interface for a workout app

  • A good number of strength and cardio exercises are available. 

  • Animated videos with exercise instructions are present in the app.

  • Built-in measurement trackers

  • Add notes for yourself


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What is a Workout App?

A Workout or fitness app helps you in maintaining your physique and health by leading you in your daily workout sessions and teaching new workout and fitness exercises and postures that you can follow with the help of this app on a regular basis.

There are many apps which can be considered as some of the best home workout apps which you can try out in your homes very easily. Some of them are mentioned below in this article, along with their features which can help you decide which of the apps is the most suitable for you and your needs and requirements. 

Apps for a workout are available for Android as well as iOS phones. You can select any app and download the one you need from Google Play Store or App Store for iOS. Many apps are available fr free, while others have a paid version which you can unlock by making the payment required. 

Many paid apps also have a trial version which you can make use of if you want to try out any app before you start using it. 


So this was all about the best workout apps along with their features, specifications and other details. For more such articles, news and blogs keep following our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best app for gym workouts?

A. There are many top workout apps that you can utilize for a daily workout at home or gym. Some of them have been mentioned in the article above.

Q. Where can I download the best workout apps for home?

A. You can download your preferred workout or fitness app online on Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

Q. What are the features of workout apps?

A. you can keep track of your activities, watch videos, check out healthy food and much more on the best workout apps. 

Q. Which is the best app available in India for fitness related issues?

A. There are a number of apps that are available online and offline for exercise and fitness related problems and issues. You can check more in the article above. 


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