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In recent times we have seen a surge in demand for the best pulse oximeter in India for home use, and this mainly due to the rising cases of coronavirus throughout the world. So the question arises, what is a pulse oximeter, and how can it help sick people? Also, how does one select the most suitable oximeter if and when they need to purchase one for themselves? All these questions and much more have been answered in this article, where we have discussed some of the most popular oximeters online.

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Top Rated Pulse Oximeters For Home Use



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Dr. Trust (USA) Model 210 FingerTip Oximeter

Rs. 3,999

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HealnHealthy Q9 Pulse Oximeter

Rs. 1,599

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AccuSure FS10C Finger Tip Digital Pulse Oximeter

Rs. 2,199

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Flipkart SmartBuy Health Plus Pulse Oximeter

Rs. 1,699

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Smart Saver Finger Pulse Oximeter

Rs. 1,999

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If you are still confused as to why one needs a pulse oximeter, then hear us out. You can use this small and effective device to read your SpO2 levels and count your pulse rate. This is a very useful device that assists people in deciding whether or not they require intense medical support. The SpO2 readings give you an idea of the oxygen levels in your blood and how much it is at present. Lower levels are life-threatening, and if one makes use of the pulse oximeter, one can figure out when one would need medical assistance. 

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In this section, we have seen some of the top rated pulse oximeters for home use and their prices. But now, to help you understand which of these is most suitable for use, we are going to check out their reviews and features as well. In the next section, we are going to review these products and find for ourselves the right ones for regular use. 

Review Of Best Brand Of Pulse Oximeter For Home Use

If you are looking for the best brand of pulse oximeter for home use in India and their products, then here are the few that we have selected from a whole bunch of products available online. These products are the best-sellers in their field and offer a wide variety of features that you would not find anywhere else. We have selected them to present before you why you, too, must have this tiny but essential gadget in your homes during this raging pandemic that has gripped the whole world. 

Selecting the best quality pulse oximeter for home use is not an easy job, and thus, with ample help from the reviews that we have shared below, you too can select the most suitable product for yourself and find out which one to purchase if needed.

1. Dr. Trust (USA) Model 210 FingerTip Oximeter

Dr. Trust is a very well-known brand for medical products and gadgets in India. With its oximeter, you can monitor blood oxygen level and pulse rate easily and accurately. The Dr. Trust Pulse Oximeter 210 is a small and compact device used to monitor SPO2, pulse rate, and much more. This oximeter comes with a colored OLED display, alarm function, low battery indicator, and automatic power-off features, which make it easy for you to monitor your vitals anytime and anywhere. Its patented technology makes it a reliable companion for health and sports enthusiasts. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • It can be used on children (weighs more than 30kgs) and has an anti-motion feature.

  • This product is very simple to use. 

  • It is suitable for use in clinics, sports health monitoring centers, and health care centers.

  • This product is perhaps the best finger pulse oximeter for home use.

Price Of The Best Pulse Oximeter For Home In India

This product is available online for a price of Rs. 3,999.


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2. HealnHealthy Q9 Pulse Oximeter

Visiting the doctor now and then only to check your pulse rate or oxygen saturation can be tiresome and expensive. But with the help of this pulse oximeter from HealnHealthy, you can quickly and easily monitor your pulse rate and oxygen saturation right from the comfort of your home. You only need to place your fingertip in the provided slot and get instant readings of the percentage of oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse strength at the touch of a button. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • The readings will be displayed on the bright, clear, and large OLED display. 

  • This pulse oximeter is operated by 2 AAA-size batteries for smooth functioning.

  • This pulse oximeter is lightweight and small

  • It is one of the best pulse oximeters for home use

Price Of The Best Pulse Oximeter For Home In India

This product is available online for a price of Rs. 1,599.


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3. AccuSure FS10C Finger Tip Digital Pulse Oximeter

AccuSure Pulse Oximeter FS10 C is a tiny, portable, lightweight and noninvasive electronic medical device that aids in a quick monitor of oxygen carried in the body. AccuSure Pulse Oximeter is a fingertip-type Pulse Oximeter. It is an easy, simple, completely painless measure or test of how well oxygen is being sent to parts of the user's body furthest from his heart, such as the arms and legs. It is equipped with the latest technology and thus observes a rapid measurement of oxygen saturation level in your body without using needles or taking a blood sample. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • It helps in a quick measure of the user's pulse rate in a few seconds.

  • This Pulse Oximeter is equipped with several features such as a Large LED Display, Auto Power Off function, and many more. 

  • This product is a reusable medical device. 

  • It is in contention for the best pulse oximeter for home use in India.

Price Of The Best Pulse Oximeter For Home In India

This product is available online for a price of Rs. 2,199.


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4. Flipkart SmartBuy Health Plus Pulse Oximeter

This lightweight and compact device is specially designed to measure oxygen saturation (Sp02 levels), pulse rate, and heart rate. The oximeter is very easy to use and facilitates accurate results with the help of the one-touch power button. You need to place the finger onto the sensor; the SpO2 level, heart, and pulse rate will be displayed on the screen in no time. This battery-operated device has a large LED screen display to make it easier and convenient for the user to read the results. The portable construction allows you to carry the oximeter practically everywhere. It is regarded by many as the best pulse oximeter in India for home use 2021.

What Do We Like About It?

  • It is suitable for everyday use.

  • It comes with a low battery indicator and automatically powers off when the device is not in use. It can be used by sports enthusiasts, the elderly, hikers, or anyone who easily checks their SpO2, heart, and pulse rate. 

  • The device displays waveform and digital readings and pulse bar graphs to visually indicate any irregularities or abnormalities.

Price Of The Best Pulse Oximeter For Home In India

This product is available online for a price of Rs. 1,699.


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5. Smart Saver Finger Pulse Oximeter

Accurate pulse rate and SpO2 readings are particularly important for patients who are physically active or experiencing frequent drops in oxygen levels. Smart Saver fingertip pulse oximeter deviates less than 1% under lab conditions. For people with COPD, Asthma, or other lung diseases who want to stay active, the quality of their pulse oximeter is quite important. 

Quick, accurate oximeter readings play a vital role in helping patients adjust their oxygen flow when exercising, participating in social activities, or spending time at home. This is a wonderful oximeter that is available online at the best prices, and you can buy it for your personal use. It is undoubtedly one of the best rated pulse oximeters for home use. 

What Do We Like About It?

  • It is easy to use and operate.

  • It has several features that make it a popular choice.

  • You can use this oximeter on the go as it has a great display.

  • It lasts longer and accurately displays the results. 

Price Of The Best Pulse Oximeter For Home In India

This product is available online for a price of Rs. 1,999.


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What Is A Pulse Oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a small, lightweight device used to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the body. This noninvasive tool attaches painlessly to your fingertip, sending two wavelengths of light through the finger to measure your pulse rate and how much oxygen is in your system. Once the oximeter finishes its assessment, its screen will display the percent of oxygen in your blood coming from your heart—as well as your current pulse rate.

How To Use A Pulse Oximeter?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to use a pulse oximeter properly. 

  • First of all, remove any nail polish or false nails and warm your hand if cold.

  • Next, rest for at least five minutes before taking your measurement.

  • Rest your hand on your chest at heart level and hold still.

  • Switch on the pulse oximeter and place it on your middle or index finger.

  • The reading takes time to steady, so keep the oximeter in place for at least a minute or longer if the reading is not stable.

  • Record the highest result once it has not changed for 5 seconds.

  • Identify each reading carefully.

  • Start recording from baseline and record three times a day at the same time. Take extra measures if you feel a change in your health.

Why Do We Need Pulse Oximeters?

Now that we have seen the use of pulse oximeters, we can also check out why we need them in the first place. This will clear all your doubts and make you understand that this is one of the most important purchases that you are ever going to make. 

  • For suspect or confirmed COVID cases, oximeters are essential to finding out the well-being of a person's lungs. 

  • In cases of Asthma, oximeters can determine if an individual needs assistance in breathing or not.

  • It is also useful to determine if a ventilator is effectively working on improving a patient's oxygen or not. 

  • For lung patients, it can determine if a new medication is effective. 

  • Many surgical procedures require the patient to be sedated. In such cases, an oximeter is used to monitor the oxygen level. 

  • Athletes and sportspeople use it to evaluate their oxygen capacity with increased physical activity. 

  • It is also useful while trying a new oxygen therapy treatment.

  • In cases of sleep apnea, a pulse oximeter is used to evaluate if a patient stops breathing momentarily while asleep.

Parameters To Select The Best Oximeters For Home Use

Oximeters are very crucial medical devices. Therefore, selecting the right one is quite essential. But with such heavy demand and wide availability of oximeters, it can get tricky to choose a suitable medical device. If you are confused about which brand of pulse oximeter is the best in India, then you are at the right place.

Do not worry because we are here to help you with that. We have presented some excellent selection parameters backed with extensive research and recommendations from medical experts. Here's how we shortlisted the best pulse oximeter in India for home use

1. Specifications and Features

Follow the set of criteria below the check the specifications and features of any pulse oximeter. All these features and specifications make the oximeter user-friendly and highly effective. But while selecting the product, it is essential to have an idea of these features. Having knowledge helps you to pick the advanced products which are available in the market. This ensures you have the latest technology and features available with you. 

  • Whether the oximeter is equipped with low battery function 

  • An alerting system that indicates the patient during high and low readings 

  • The perfusion index reads the pulse strength apart from showing the pulse reading and blood oxygen level.

2. Pricing

The value of money is undeniable, and therefore you should include affordable as well as expensive products while making a purchase. Both of them should have high-quality results to ensure that your price is worth the service you receive. 

3. Service Quality

Service quality is a vital factor in deciding the products which we select. A brand that offers high-quality services is preferred as it provides a better user experience. 

4. Check Customer Reviews

Irrespective of the features and specifications, if a product isn't able to satisfy the consumer's requirements, it won't last in the market. Therefore it is essential to understand how an oximeter performs, and the best way to do so is through customer reviews. Notably, it is crucial to consider only verified customer reviews to be fair in the analysis. 

5. Warranty

An oximeter is expensive and is used during emergency cases. Therefore it is a moral obligation of a brand to ensure that the product is working effectively. In case there is an issue, a warranty indicates that your product will be replaced, or you will be reimbursed.

So this was all about the best pulse oximeter for home use in India and what they have to offer. If you are looking for more such articles, blogs, and updates, then keep following our website for more details and information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it painful to use a pulse oximeter?

A. No, it is not. It is actually quite simple and easy to use a pulse oximeter, and you can do it all by yourself. Just check out the steps mentioned in the article above. 

Q. Which is the best pulse oximeter in India

A. There are many products out there that are worth considering, making it difficult to determine which is the best. You can go through the list mentioned above and find the right choice for yourself. 

Q. Where can I purchase the best oximeters in India?

A. You can find oximeters for yourself in any chemist shop. Other than that, you can check online e-commerce websites for the best options. 

Q. What is the price range of an oximeter?

A. The price of a typical oximeter can be in the range of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4000.

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