17 Best Lip Balms In India To Moisturize Chapped And Dry Lips

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Lips are a highly sensitive part of our body, especially the face. They enhance the beauty of our faces. That’s why lip care should be one of the first things on our minds. Chapped lips are not only painful, but they also dull the glow of the face. So, it is necessary to use lip moisturisers to keep our lips supple and soft, just like the lips of toddlers.

The need for lip care prompts us to search for the best lip balms in India and choose what we want to put on our lips. Lips need intense care and, if ignored, may lead to become chafed and dried. Sore lips are highly painful and need a proper lip care routine for repair and nurturing.

Now having soft and moisturised lips is not difficult. There are various lip balms available to choose from in the markets. You can refer to the best lip balms available in India for the best lip care below with their reviews to know better. Also, you can better understand the need for a good lip balm and tips on how to choose one, as we have also discussed the benefits of a good lip balm in this article. You can also look for some home remedies to soften your lips at home. Read on.

Further, if you are looking for remedies to heal your dry skin, you can click here and know the best moisturisers for dry skin.

best lip balms in India

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What is a Lip Balm?

A lip balm is an emollient for lips made out of wax or petroleum jelly to moisturise and hydrate them and keep them soft and supple. A lip balm is an essential part of the daily care routine to keep the lips hydrated all day long. A good quality lip balm keeps the lips moisturised naturally. We need to find the best organic lip balms in India to know naturally best for our lips.

As lips need natural care and regular nourishment, checking what ingredients are in your lip balms is highly important. It is better to use naturally extracted lip balms to keep your lips well hydrated.

Why Choose A Lip Balm

Lip balms hold an excellent value for our lips. Lips are a sensitive part of our face. Their maintenance is essential as they help in making us attractive as a smile. So, soft lips are extremely necessary. They protect our lips in winters as well as summers. They are responsible for better hydration and keeping our lips soft, supple, and pink. Also, they prevent our lips from having a layer of dead skin.

Reasons To Choose A Lip Balm:

  • For hydration.

  • For soft and supple lips.

  • For prevention of chapped and dark lips.

  • For better protection in all weather conditions.

  • For forming slayer on the lips.

  • For avoiding dead skin.

Keeping this in mind, let's look at the top 10 lip balms in India.

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Top 17 Lip Balms In India Price List

Lip balm Brand




NIVEA Lip Balm- Original Care

4.8 gm



Maybelline Baby Lips- Pink Bloom Lip Balm




Arata Natural Lip Balm




Khadi Essentials - Wild Rose Lip Butter




Lakmé Lip Love Chapstick Cherry, Lip Balm




Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm- Strawberry and Honey

10b, pack of 4



Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm




The Man Company Nourishing Lip Balm




Organic Harvest Lily Lip Balm

10 gm



The Moms Co. Natural Lip Balm

5 gm



SUGAR Tipsy Lips Moisturizing Balm




PureSense Lip Balm

5 ml



Mamaearth Lip Balm




Blue Heaven Lip Balm




Plum Candy




Earth Rhythm Lip Balm




Dot & Key Lip Plumping Balm




1. NIVEA Lip Balm - Original care

Nivea is a brand known for personal care products that keep us extra comfortable all seasons. Its specialty is in manufacturing moisturising products for the body, face, and lips. This lip balm from the company provides complete 24 hours protection to the lips and keeps them moisturised.

The lip balm contains shea butter and natural oils that glide through the lips to make them soft and pink. It has a melt-in formula to make lips soft and moisturised for long.


Nivea's original care makes the lips moisturised all day. This balm gives a smooth and shiny look to your lips. When bought on a discount and sale, It is one of the best lip balm under 100.

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2. Maybelline Baby Lips- Pink Bloom Lip Balm


Maybelline is a well-known brand in cosmetics and has gained immense popularity in India for the past few years. It has a variety of cosmetics in different categories. This Lip balm from their range is one of the best lip balm for pink lips in India. This lip balm makes the lips pink and shiny. It gets absorbed in the lips naturally and enriches the colour of lips.

Maybelline pink bloom lip balm contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to nourish the lips and make them luscious. It also has SPF 16 to safeguard the lips. It highlights the lips with its pink tint.


This balm is pink-tinted and changes the colour when applied to your lips, giving you the perfect shade of pink. It lasts for six hours and is highly light on the lips. It also safeguards the lips with SPF 16 formula.

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3. Arata Natural Lip Balm

Arata is a brand that produces natural products made out of naturally extracted minerals and extracts. The lip balm from Arata is naturally made lip butter with extracts of cocoa butter and mango butter that nourish the lips and keep them soft. It is enriched with peppermint, green cardamom oil, and lemon that soothes the chapped lips.

It also contains sunflower seed oil, sweet almonds oil, and olive oil for extra smooth and plump lips.


Its all-natural ingredients make it one of the best natural lip balms in India. The natural extracts and essential oil make it ideal for daily usage and keep lips safe and soft all day.

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4. Khadi Essentials - Wild Rose Lip Butter

Khadi Essentials, known for its organic products, brings this highly organic lip balm with rose petal extracts lip butter. This lip balm is made of beeswax with extracts of rose and comes in a cute tub.

It has wild rose oil that hydrates the lips and locks in moisture. Its essential oil helps exfoliate the lips, making them lighter in colour. These qualities make this lip balm of the most natural and best lip balms in India for dark lips.

It also contains Geranium oil and Kokum butter for naturally nourishing the lips and making them soft all day long.


It is all-natural and helps fight lip pigmentation. It is the most natural and best lip balm for dark lips in India. Its essential oils keep the lips soft and their natural colour intact.

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5. Lakmé Lip Love Chapstick Cherry, Lip Balm

Lakme is a well known brand in India, and it enjoys immense reach among the masses. People blindly buy its products. This lip balm from the brand is among the best lip balm in India 2022.  It is trendy and very affordable. It lasts for 22 hours and is highly tinted. It gives colours to the lips and makes for a popular chapstick in India. 

It contains a long-lasting moisturising formula that heals chapped lips and gives them beautiful hues with the goodness of moisture the whole day long.


It is highly pigmented and helps in giving shade to your lips. It comes in 7 shades. It is one of the lowest in cost and best affordable lip balms in India.

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6. Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm - Strawberry and honey

Vaadi has a good range of lip balms, and this variant with the goodness of strawberry and honey is an ideal choice for winter. This naturally extracted lip balm contains almond oil to prevent lips from cracking.

Strawberry extracts keep the lips hydrated and supple in winter. Its most essential ingredient-Honey helps in moisture retention of the lips. It also contains Vitamin E for best lip care. This goodness of natural extracts makes it one of the best lip balms for winter in India.

It comes in a pack of four to keep your lip care stock always full.


It is suitable for winter as it has natural ingredients for soft and hydrated lips. It keeps the moisture of the lips locked all day.

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7.Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

Biotique is a brand famous for providing natural and best herbal care to its loyal customers. This balm from the brand helps in de-pigmentation that lightens the lips and eliminates darker lip shades. It contains Angur, Mulethi, Erandi, Kusumbhi, Vach, Badam, Surajmukhi, Til Indicum, etc.- all-natural and healthy ingredients.

You can achieve smoother and ink lips by applying it around the lips and reapplying as per need.


It's all-natural and chemical-free. The boutique is a trustworthy brand, so it has better results.

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8. The Man Company Nourishing Lip Balm

The Man Company is a brand in male grooming which has a line of grooming products for men. This lip balm from the brand keeps in mind the needs of men for soft and moisturised lips. It is specially made for men to keep their lips hydrated all day.

It consists of almond oil, olive oil, and Vitamin E to make chapped lips get their share of moisture and become soft. It also prevents damage from UV rays. This lip balm is ideal for winter.

This lip balm from the brand also helps lighten the colour of the lips, especially smokers. Smokers tend to get dark lips due to long-term smoking. This balm is one of the best lip balm for smokers in India.


It is best for smokers as it lightens their lips. It contains natural extracts, which make it a good choice for winters.

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9. Organic Harvest Lily lip balm

Organic Harvest has natural products, and this lip balm from the brand is all-natural- made up of lily flower extracts. It nourishes the lips and provides a hundred percent natural care. This balm exfoliates the lips and removes the dead skin. 

It contains jojoba oil, vitamin E, and shea butter to nourish the parched lips and their complete hydration. This balm has no paraben and no sulphate.

It is mild on the lips and has no side effects. It is one of the best herbal lip balms in India that also provides complete natural care to the lips.


Organic Harvest lip balm heals the lips and keeps them hydrated. The natural herbal extracts are soft on lips and provide natural care with no toxins.

It is highly safe for daily usage.

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10.The Moms Co. Natural Lip Balm

The Moms Co is highly sensitive about its products, as it specialises in baby products. So one can believe that if it uses any product from the brand, that product is safe for everyone. The Moms Co lip balm comprises naturally extracted ingredients that nourish the lips and make them baby soft.

It is made of Flaxseed oil, and natural Vitamin E that helps in complete nourishment. It contains cocoa butter, organic shea butter for smooth and supple lips. It also has the goodness of Candelila wax that provides inner hydration and replenishes dry, chapped lips. This helps in making it one of the best lip balm for toddlers India.


It makes the lips highly nourished and soft and replenishes the chapped and dry lips within a few usages. It is highly safe for usage and can be used on babies' lips too.

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11.SUGAR Tipsy Lips Moisturizing Balm


SUGAR Cosmetics has a popular name in cosmetics with a broad customer base. The SUGAR Tipsy lip moisturising balm is one of the most popular from its lip care range. This balm is tinted and comes in the shade -04 L.I.I.I.T.It makes the lips look plump and full.

This balm consists of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter for moisturised, nourished, and hydrated lips. It also protects the lips from sun damage as it contains SPF. 

It is highly rich in essential oils and has a smooth texture. This balm provides complete nourishment to the lips and makes them ready for the day.


SUGAR's Tipsy Lip balm is highly durable and safe. 

Its colour stays on the lips for a long time. This balm is a complete solution for tinted lip care. It is among the best lip balms in India with SPF, as it protects the lips from cracking due to sunlight and UV rays.

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12. PureSense Lip Balm

PureSense has this lip balm that moisturises the lips and gives it refreshing goodness of grapefruit, Karanja oil, beeswax, castor oil. It protects the lips from the sun and heals the chapped lips. It is suitable for all skin types, and it is nontoxic and free from sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde, and mineral oils. 

It prevents UV rays and prevents lip pigmentation.


It is an all-natural lip balm with the goodness of natural extracts that help keep lips supple, soft, and pink. It has a richness of grapefruit rich in vitamin C and helps remove dead skin. It is a good antioxidant and keeps lips hydrated and soft. Karanja oil heals chapped lips, and castor oil helps keep lips rosy pink. It is a good lip balm for chapped lips.

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13. Mamaearth Lip Balm

Mamaearth is a brand that provides a different range of natural products. It has this excellent lip balm with the richness of coconut oil that helps heal the chapped lips. Coconut oil has antioxidant properties, and it also has anti-fungal properties.

This lip balm provides 12-hour protection and gives a natural tint. It has cocoa butter, vitamin E, and coconut oil that help give the lips all the natural care.

It provides long-lasting nourishment to the lips with its natural extracts. It also has a brown tint that helps lips don a natural colour all day long, and it is suitable for all skins.


It gives long-lasting protection to the chapped and dried lips. It is rich in natural extracts and helps heal chapped lips. It is suitable for daily use. It also provides a light brown tint that makes the lip fuller and plump for long. 

You can use this lip balm for a long time as it gives complete protection to your lips.

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14.Blue Heaven Lip Balm


Blue Heaven is a known brand for good quality products at affordable prices. The cocoa butter enriched lip balm by Blue Heaven helps keep the lips soft for long. It consists of shea butter that helps protect the outer layers of the lips from harsh weather conditions in all seasons. It covers the dried lips from bleeding and lasts all day long.

This balm has Canola oil, almond oil and vitamin E that protects skin proteins. It also shields lips against photo oxidisation. It has a natural tint and fragrance that enhances the lips' beauty and makes them shine with natural tint all day long.


It is a natural lip balm from a trusted brand that heals the lips and makes them soft. The goodness of natural ingredients helps the lips stay moisturised and protect them from external damages. It is best suited for all the weather and all skin types. It comes in a handy jar that helps in easy-care and application. These have natural oils; hence they can be used daily without fear of dark lips and any other side effects.

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15.Plum Candy

Plum Candy has an excellent range of products that are of the best quality. The brand's berry blast enriched balm offers full-day protection from UV damage and nourishes your dried lips to give them a natural pinkish glow.

It has a slight tint to it so that your lips can have a natural hue to shine all day. It consists of the goodness of cocoa butter, shea butter, carrot seed oil and olive oil that moisturises your lips from within and makes your smile beautiful.

The balm is vegan and is mineral oil-free, and SLS free. It doesn't have parabens and is suitable for all skin types, all seasons.


The lip balm is best suited to protect you from winters to avoid getting chapped and dried lips. It is rich in natural extracts and helps heal chapped lips. It is suitable for daily use. It has the goodness of cocoa butter with other essential oils that help get soft and supple lips all day long.

The balm is pure vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring herbal care for a long time.

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16. Earth Rhythm Lip Balm

Earth Rhythm lip balm is enriched with the goodness of Olive oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, which helps prevent drying of lips and get them moisturised all day long. The natural ingredients in the balm help skin stay away from ageing and stay plum and soft all day. It also has Omega3 fatty acids that help in healing and preventing pigmentation. It keeps lips soft for a long time.

The SPF protection in the balm Smoothens lightens, hydrates the lips and prevents sunburns and sun damage.


The lip balm from Earth rhythm is lightweight and smooth on the lips. It hydrates and moistens the lips without being too heavy and oily. It contains natural moisturising agents like olive oil and shea butter that provides enough moisture to the lips to make them look supple all day.


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17.Dot & Key Lip Plumping Balm

The Dot Key plumping lip balms is a sleep mask for lips that help make the lips soft and pink. It has all the goodness of Manuka Honey, Turmeric Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic acid, and Lingonberry. These ingredients help in lightening the pigmentation and keeping the lips soft.

The lip balm also helps heal the chapped skin and prevent it from getting dry. It has Vitamin C and antioxidants to moisturise the lips.

The balm contains Coconut and Castor Oil to help remove dead skin. It is best when applied at night and kept all day long.


The natural ingredients in the lip balm make it ideal for daily use. The turmeric helps lighten the colour, and shea butter moisturises the lips. Lingonberry helps heal damaged lips, and Hyaluronic acid prevents the lips from getting cracked. A whole lot of goodness of nature and chemical-free formula makes it a bundle of care for your lips. You can keep it in your bag.


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We discussed the best lip balm in India with price and their review. The natural ingredients used in these balms make them top lip balms in India.

Lip Balms For Men In India

Men have different skin types, and their lip care also demands specially curated products. There are many lip balms created with a unique formula to meet the lip care needs of men. Men’s lips tend to get tinted and dark with time due to various lifestyle-related reasons. Also, men who smoke tend to have darker lips with time. They look for one of the best lip balm for smokers in India.

Many brands have considered this search and have created many special lip balms for men. Let's see lip balms for men in India:

Best Lip Balm For Men In India 2022

Lip Balm Brand



Buy Now

Urbangabru Lip Lightening Balm



Click Here

Nivea Active Care Men Lip Balm



Click Here

Beardo Bubblegum Lip Balm



Click Here

Theory Men Lightening Lip Balm



Click Here

How To Choose The Best Lip Balm For Men?

Lip balm is an essential part of daily skincare. Lips are sensitive and require attention. Men require great care as they tend to ignore skincare. Especially those who love outdoor activities need special attention due to harmful UV rays and other factors that cause lips and skin to darken.

Let us list some of the factors you can choose lip balms for men.

  • Less Glossy

Men require the lip balms to be less shiny. They do not like their lips to shine and be glossy like those of women. So they prefer only non-shiny lip wax that is good for the lips and does their job invisibly without showing any bible layer on their lips. Lip balms like Nivea and vaseline are basic lip balms used to soften the lips and do not provide any flimsy lustre.

  • Without Any Pigmentation

The other vital factor men choose their lip balms is based on the pigmentation they have. The men customers do not prefer the lip balms that are tinted and provide colour to the lips. They like invisible creams that are good for the softness of the lips but don't provide the sheen and colour like glossy lip balms. 

There are essential wax lip balms for men that do not have any pigmentation.

  • Unflavoured

Men do not like their lip balms to smell different flavours and have a taste that stays. Generally, women have flavoured chapsticks with flower and fruity smells and tastes. They are tinted and smell well. Men do not prefer those; they do like to choose them.

Also, flavoured lip balms are very showy and have a colourful wrapping around them. They are not very subtle.

  • SPF Levels

The SPF levels also play an essential role in deciding the type of lip balm you may choose. The men who have outdoor activities planned for the day require high SPF levelled lip balms that can save the lips from damage from UV rays and sunlight. So it is a common deciding factor in choosing the best lip balm for men who are exposed to sunlight.

  • Absorbable

The lip balms that get easily absorbed by the lips show no sign and are mostly used by men. These lip balms use essential oils like Jojoba, shea butter, Vitamin E etc., to get easily absorbed by the skin and guard the lips against any external damage due to many factors. Lips get quickly dried and chapped due to wind, weather, and many factors that cause them to crack and bleed.

So always, the men customers choose an easily absorbable lip balm.

  • Type of Packaging

The type of lip balm packaging is also a deciding factor that men consider. The lip balms are majorly in tube forms or are in tubs. Men choose those lip balms that are easy to carry and have no flimsy packing. They choose solid primary colours instead of flowery wrapping and vibrant colours. Men do not always like to take them with them, so they either use them and go out or put them in their bags. So a simple packing is sufficient for them.

  • Purpose To Use

Lip balms are sometimes used to heal highly damaged lips. The purpose needs to be defined well to choose the lip balm for everyday use. Men over others prefer lip balms that have all the essential oils. They use lip balms when they need them in the highest desperation. They do not forget to use them regularly. So the purpose needs to be determined to choose those lip balms that are strong and highly waxed.

So these factors are essential for men when they choose a lip balm for themselves.

Which Lip Balm Is Safe For Lips?

Lip balms are now every season cosmetic essential. It is not limited to particular weather conditions or any harsh windy season. Now it is required in your pocket, bag and cosmetic pouch to make your lips soft, supple and pink all the time.

The best lip balms for chapped lips are a must in your bags to save you from any damage due to harsh weather conditions. 

Lip balms have a lot of varieties. There are some essential tips to look for when shopping for lip balm. To know which lip balm is safe for your lips, do follow these tips:

  • Use only natural lip balms

  • Avoid pigmented and tinted balms as they have harsh chemicals in them.

  • Look for ingredients, always

  • Avoid those oils you are allergic to.

  • Use those lip balms with edible ingredients, as lip balm is on for long hours.

  • Moisturising and hydrating lips balms are best used in winters, and minty-cool is best suited in summers.

  • Choose translucent and colourless jelly or lip balm, as they are not chemically coloured or tinted.

Benefits Of A Good Lip Balm

A good lip balm helps heal the lips and keeps them soft for a longer tie. We should use a branded lip balm to protect our lips from dry weather and its complications. There are various benefits of lip balms. These are:

Hydrates Lips

A good lip balm hydrates the lips for an extended period and keeps them well moisturised. They are rich in antioxidants and natural extracts that are mild on the skin of the lips and work hard to keep them fuller and soft.

Protective Layer

Lip balms protect the lips from UV rays, sun damage, and harsh weather conditions. Lip balms provide a layer of protection that keeps all the external damaging factors at bay. It forms a shield on the outer layer of your lip's skin and makes them armoured for all the external damages.

Keeps Lip Soft And Pink

Lip balsam are emollients that help the lips to stay pink and soft. They make the lips rosy pink and naturally tinted. Most lip balms these days are tinted to make your lips look coloured as well as moisturised. They make you skip your chemical-filled lipsticks, and you can quickly put on lip balm and are good to go.

Prevents Dead Skin

Lip balm also helps exfoliate the dead skin and makes your lips naturally clean. These balms are best for long duration and are lip saviour. They provide a natural and cleaner look to your lips, and you can look bright and ready always without any dead skin and skin flakes.

Lowers Pigmentation

Lips tend to get pigmented with the daily use of chemically rich beauty products. A naturally extracted lip balm ensures that your lips do not get tinted with dark irreversible tint. Natural lip balms have natural colour and moisture that keep the lips rosy pink and lower the damages of pigmentation. The lip balms have Vitamin E and the goodness of essential oils that help reduce lips' dark pigmentation and discolouration.

So these were the best benefits of lip balms, and now you should be able to choose the best one for yourself.

Tips To Choose A Lip Balms

Lip balms are a highly essential part of our personal care regime. It benefits in all weathers, but it becomes an inseparable part of our daily lip care routine in winters. Some vital factors and points should be kept in mind before buying lip balms. These are:

  • Right Brand

When it comes to skincare and lip care, only the best should be chosen to avoid any damage or side effects. Selecting the best lip balm is not an easy task, as they all have almost the same ingredients and promise to serve the same purpose. Choose the right personal care brand for a lip balm. The old brand has a name and has some of the best lip balms to go for.

  • Right Ingredients

Ingredients play an important factor in choosing the suitable lip balm for your chapped lips. Only those lip balms that are toxic-free and have all the essential oils should be picked for your delicate lips. Natural lip balms provide tender and gentle care. Chemically induced balms are harsh on lips and may repair quickly but can damage the lips in the long run.

  • Moisturising And Hydrating

The essential quality of the lip balm is moisturising quality. A good quality lip balm should never compromise on this factor. Choose the best moisturising lip balms that have butter and essential oils to hydrate the lips and give them proper moisturised care

  • Colour Shade

Nowadays, lip balms are available in different and exciting colour ranges. They are tinted and provide the right hues to your lips. They also keep your lips supple and at the same time give them light shade to enhance them and their beauty. It provides shade as well as the lip care your lipo desires and requires.

  • Pigmented Or Non - Pigmented

Though there are a variety of pigmented lip balms, you still have a choice to choose from pigmented or non pigmented lip balms. Pigmented lip balms have one prominent disadvantage over the non - pigmented ones- and that is they lack hydration quality compared to the pigmented ones. Pigmented ones have better moisturising attributes than the other ones.

  • Type

There are two types of lip balms based on packaging. One is a twist-up tube, and the other one is the tub. If ease of use is concerned, then the twist-up tubes are highly ser friendly. Some who prefer to apply bams and creams with hands can go for tub ones. But if you want to look at the no-contact purity and hygiene factors, then tube lip balms are better than tubs. They are pure and have no dirt or impurities that can be transferred on them by using hands.

So these were some of the vital factors based on which you can make the right choice.

Home Made Remedies For Soft Lips

We strive for pink and soft lips. A new lip balm comes on the market, and we stock our homes with new cosmetics for lips. Here are some quick tips for more delicate lips at home. We know you are tired of trying new products every winter to make your lips soft and supple. You can have pink lips at home by trying some quick heal tips.

  • Exfoliate the lips with natural scrubs like honey and sugar.
  • Use raw cow ghee on lips every night before going to bed
  • Every morning massage your lips to give them a soft pink glow
  • Avoid pigmented lip care products or any harsh products
  • Use a homemade lip moisturiser 
  • Use oils on lips like almond oil, olive oil, peppermint oil to soften them
  • Drink fluids and plain water for hydration
  • Use aloe vera gel for more moisturised and supple lips
  • Remember to remove lip makeup before going to bed, like gloss, lipsticks etc.

Keep your lips soft, rosy pink and supple with these remedies at home only to avoid more significant damage. You will see visible results in weeks.

Let's see how to heal the chapped and dry lips.

How To Heal Chapped lips and Keep Them Moisturised & Baby Soft?

Soft and supple lips not only look good but are an essential part of lip care. One should keep its lips always hydrated and moisturise to avoid sore and cracked lips.

There are ways to make lips heal when cracked. By following simple tips, one can keep its lip baby pink and supple. These tips include:

  • Use Best Natural Lip Balm

 Using high-quality natural lip balms makes it easier for the lips to stay moisturised always. If they get dry or chapped, these lip balms nourish them and provide the essential extracts they require to heal. Always remember to use only natural and best lip balms on lips.

  • Regularly Exfoliate Lips

Lips get dry and dry lips often shed dead skin. Intense and regular exfoliation of lips makes them supple and soft. Getting rid of the dead skin makes room for the skin to regenerate and revitalise. Good lips need nourishment. Dry lips first need exfoliation, then nourishment.

  • Hydrate the lips- Drink water.

Hydrating the lips is an essential part of lip care. Lack of hydration causes lips to age and crack. Drinking lots of water helps in the hydration of lips and moisturising them.

  • Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Lips are soft and sensitive. They tend to get pigmented if you exceed the use of non-herbal products on them. Dark lips need some of the best lip balms for dark lips. These chemicals also make your lips devoid of natural hydration and moisturisation. So, use only natural products on sensitive lips.

  • Choose The Right Brand

Remember to choose the right brand whose ingredients suit you, and you have used its other products too. Selecting the correct brand ensures that the brand is compatible with your skin type. Some rands gel in with your skin so well that you end up buying more products from the label to satisfy your other beauty requirements. So always make sure that you choose a tried and tested brand for lips, as they are one of the most fragile, soft and sensitive parts of the body.

So as we can see, how important it is to take care of our lips and use the best lip balms on our lips for making lips moisturised and nourished.

You can choose any lip balm from the article above and start and end your day without worrying about your lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which lip balm is best for daily use?

A.Mild lip balms having natural extracts are suitable for daily use. Nivea lip balm, Organic Harvest lip balms are ideal for everyday use.

Q.What lip balm is best for dry lips?

A.There are various lip balms available on the market for dry lips. Some of the best ones are- SUGAR Tipsy Lips Moisturizing Balm, Khadi Essentials - Wild Rose Lip Butter, NIVEA Lip Balm- Original Care, etc.

Q. Which lip balm is best in India?

A.The above-discussed Lip balms are some of the best in India. These include lip balms from Maybelline New York, Lakme, SUGAR cosmetics etc.

Q. Best affordable lip balms in India?

A.Some of the best affordable lip balms are from Lakme and Nivea.

Q.Which are some of the Best lip balm for teenage girl in India

A.As teenage girls have sensitive skin, and they should choose natural and organic lip balms. Various organic lip balms are mentioned in this article, like Organic Harvest Lily lip balm, Khadi Essentials - Wild Rose Lip Butter, etc.


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