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Glucometer is an important health care device to monitor blood sugar level. These are handheld devices that come with many smart features to help you monitor blood glucose readings. We make it easier to find one with our list of 10 best glucometers in India.

These are some of the best products available in the market, you can compare them to find the best glucometer as per your convenience. Keep reading to get complete info on how to choose the best glucometer. 

For the overall well-being of you and your family, health care devices are needed. Also, check the best blood pressure monitors in India from here 

What is a Glucometer?

It is a device to measure the concentration of glucose in the blood. A glucometer or Glucose meter is used to test the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. A small drop of blood obtained by pricking the skin with a lancet is placed on a disposable test strip. The test strip is used by the meter to determine the blood glucose level. The reading is displayed in mg/dl. 

Why Do You need a Glucometer?

Glucometer helps to measure the glucose levels in your blood in a convenient way. It is a handy sugar testing device. Glucometers are portable and easy to carry around. It makes diabetes testing at home easy. 

A glucometer is an essential device for people with diabetes. Regularly monitoring your blood glucose levels makes managing diabetes easy. You can track glucose levels from the comforts of your home. 

It is also easy to compare your glucose levels. You can also compare glucose levels before and after meals. 

With regular measurements, you can observe trends in sugar levels. It helps in determining how well the medication is working, the impact of food, and how much insulin you may need to inject.

Note: The readings from the glucose meter are only for general information purposes. The readings are not a substitute for a medical examination from a registered medical practitioner. You should not use the results to make medical decisions independently. Always consult a physician before making changes to medication, diet, & blood glucose testing schedules.


10 Best Glucometers in India With Price List


Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Rs. 1,475

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Rs. 1,038

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

Rs. 868

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Rs. 809

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

Rs. 857

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

Rs. 999

AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Rs. 579

Dr Trust Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Rs. 1,799

Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor Glucometer

Rs. 1260

Omron HGM-112 Glucometer

Rs. 990


1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

accucheck glucometer

It comes with various powerful features. And you can store results for up to 90 days. It also allows users to set pre-and post-meal reminders for blood glucose tests. The safety features make it one of the best glucometers in India. 

It comes with many useful features that make blood glucose monitoring process easy. The device doesn't require any code chip. There are two buttons which make it easy to handle. It has an 8 seconds re-dose option as well.  

The glucometer has a memory to store up to 500 test results. The saved test results can be transferred via the built-in USB port. 

  • ISO 15197:2013

  • No coding required

  • Two-button intuitive handling


Price: 1,475

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2. Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System 

Contour Plus One Blood Glucose Monitoring System 

It comes in a compact and slim design. You can take the portable Glucometer anywhere. The device allows users to share results via email, text and social media. It can store 500 test results. The smart light feature of the glucometer alerts patients for critically high and low blood sugar levels. 

With Contour diabetes app you can connect the device seamlessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app helps simplify diabetes management. It can store up to 800 test results. The results are fast and easy to read. 

The smart operations help you test with confidence. The sip in sampling method provides accurate results even on the second attempt without wasting strips. 

  • ISO 15197: 2013

  • Smart light feature

  • Contour diabetes app

  • Fast and easy-to-read results

  • Memory for 800 results


Price: 1,038

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3. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

The glucometer is simple to use and at the same time comes with many advanced features. There is no need for setup or coding. It provides easy to understand results with colour sure technology and audio results. It is also one of the most affordable glucometers in India. The device is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. 

 The glucometer requires a small amount of blood  (1 µl) for testing. It provides accurate results in just 5 seconds. the device users only OneTouch Select plus test strips. The device is simple and at the same time comes with many advanced features. OneTouch is the No. 1 selling meter and test strip brand in the USA. 

  •  ISO 15197:2013

  • No buttons; No coding

  • Colour sure technology and audio signals


Price: 868


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4. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo 50 Strips

 Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Here is the next product on our list. Dr. Morepean is one of the best Brand for glucometers in India. The smart glucose monitoring device is efficient and accurate. Check your blood glucose levels in just 5 seconds.

The device comes with large memory to store almost infinite test results. The glucometer is manufactured by Morepen Laboratories Limited. It is affordable and easily available. 

The device requires only 0.5uL blood sample size for testing. It can store up to 300 test results. Dr. Morepen glucometer provides quick and accurate results from the comforts of your home. You get 50 test strips for free with the device. Also, the glucometer comes with a lifetime warranty. 

  • Large display screen 

  • Fast result in 5 seconds

  • Small 0.5uL blood sample size

  • Large memory

  • Store up to 300 test results


Price - 809

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5. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

 OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

It has visual and audio alerts to notify your blood glucose levels. The machine makes it simple to understand the test results. There is no need to set up and coding. The ionic interface makes it even simpler to use. You can also personalize the machine as per your convenience. It makes diabetes management simpler.

The device has an icon-driven interface you just need the strip to start. The results can be obtained within seconds. The device makes testing simple for those suffering form diabetes.

The audio alerts are very helpful to simplify diabetes management. The high-low alert system makes it simple to understand the test results. 

  • Simple to use

  • Sounds alerts

  • No setup &No coding

  • High/low alert


Price: 857

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6. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit

The device turns your smartphone into a glucometer. It can be connected via the 3.5mm jack. The glucometer is compatible with witj Android & iOS devices. Beato Smartphone Glucometer is a new way to control your blood glucose levels. It is easy to carry around as well. The glucometer works effortlessly with most devices. 

The device works with BeatO app to make the trends and analysis easy to understand. The automatic alerts system is helpful in diabetes management. You can also share the test with family, friends or doctor. 

The glucometer comes with spare strips for regular testing. It is CE certified device with high accuracy. 

BeatO Glucometer brings the latest technology to minimize the complications. It comes with many advanced features for an end to end blood glucose management.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Works seamlessly with android and iOS

  • Automatic alert system

  • Works with BeatO App


Price: 999

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7. AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System 

 AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System 

This affordable glucometer provides a complete solution for diabetes management. The smart features make it easy to monitor your blood glucose levels. It also provides doctor-recommended diets and exercises.

The glucometer has a sleek and modern sign. There is also a large display. The large memory helps you store test readings for a long time. 

The next product in our list of best glucometers in India come from Accusure. It is the complete home care solution for blood glucose level management. It also provides advice in diet, exercise and medication. Accusure Glucometer is available online on leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. 


  • Faster calculation rate.

  • Portable.

  • Large display


Price: Rs. 579

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8. Dr Trust Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

 Dr Trust Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer

Dr Trust fully automated glucometer comes with many handy features. It makes self-testing less painful. The device has a large LCD screen for easy reading. It also comes with temperature warnings and auto alerts. 

The glucometer comes with ketone alert. It gives an early warning if ketones are rising or out of balance in your blood. It comes with 3 modes - general mode, AC mode, and PC mode to provide more accurate test results.

The strip ejection button function minimizes the risk of contagion. The results are displayed with smileys. A happy smiley indicates a good result. In case of an unsatisfactory result, a sad smiley is displayed with the results. 

  • Fully Automatic 

  • Reminder Alarm Function

  • Strip Ejection Button feature

  • GDH-FAD Strip


Price: Rs. 1,799

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9. Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor Glucometer

 Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor Glucometer

Here is the next product in our list of best glucometers in India. It is easy to use and affordable as well. The device provides laboratory accuracy at home. It has two large navigation buttons. The large display makes readings easier. The device has memory to store up to 250 tests. There is no coding, And the device comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The device has a minimum sample volume of 0.6 µL with underfill detection. The kit includes meter, wallet, microlet lancing device, battery, reference guide, warranty card, logbook and 10 test strips. 

  • ISO 15197: 2013 accuracy

  • No coding required

  • Eight-second count downtime

  • Capillary fill (sip-in sampling)

  • Minimum sample volume of 0.6 µL 


Price: 1260

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10. Omron HGM-112 Glucometer

 Omron HGM-112 Glucometer

The last product on our list of best glucometers is from Omron.  It is a leading brand in medical devices. The glucometer comes with a one year warranty. It is easy to use with a large LCD screen. There are also pre and post-meal marking present in the machine. 

The device is lightweight and user friendly. It requires a 1µl blood sample for testing. The body is made of toughened plastic finish with smooth edges. If portability is a concern for you then Omrom HGM-112 Glucometer is perfect for you. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around in your pocket or bag. 

  • Fast measurement (5 seconds)

  • Large LCD

  • Last Memory recall

  • User Friendly


Price: 990

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How to Choose the Best Glucometer?

Glucometer is a device which helps in tracking and monitoring glucose levels in the blood. Tracking and monitoring blood glucose level is important for effective medication and the amount of insulin to be injected. Choosing the best glucometer simplifies diabetic care to a great extent. 

Easy to use

The device should be comfortable to handle. It should be user friendly and should come with proper storage option. Look for a device doesn't require any code chip.No coding Glucometers are easily available in the market. 


The display should be large with easily visible font size and backlit. A large display makes reading easy. 


It plays an important role in storing test results. A glucometer with large memory can easily store 300 to 500 test results. The test result history makes it easy to track the progress. 


It should fit easily in the pocket and should be convenient to carry from one place to another. A glucometer is a handheld device so portability is easily available. However, you should check the weight and dimensions of the device before purchasing. 

Sample size

The sample size varies from device to device. Choose a glucometer with a small sample size. Most devices come with 0.5uL blood sample size for testing. 


The most recent devices come with enhanced connectivity features such as Bluetooth. The connectivity features make it easy to share the test results with a doctor or family. Nowadays, glucometers can also be connected with mobile apps which makes monitoring easy. 

Buy the Best Glucometer Online in India

If you are looking to buy a new glucometer then you can check out the variety available online. When it comes to buying a glucometer online, you get to choose from various brands. With the choices available online, you get great features at excellent prices.

You can also easily compare different glucometer features to choose the best as per your budget. There are many products available with advanced features. If you want to buy a product for basic use on a budget you will not be short of options as well. While buying a glucometer online, you also get a chance to save money with the offers and deals. 


Tips to Get Accurate Test Results with Glucometer

Wash Your Hands

To get an accurate reading the most important thing is to wash your hands before your prick your fringer. Properly wash your hands with soap and water. Any lotion or dirt present on your finger can affect the readings.

Dry your hands

Once you wash your hands you also need to dry them. Excessive water can dilute your blood sample and affect the readings.

Use a second drop

It is always recommended to test with the second drop of blood. Prick your finger and wipe the first drop with a clean tissue or cotton.

Test on your finger

Some meters allow pricking from alternative sites such as palm or forearm. But the results may vary because there is a lag between the blood sugar reading on the fingers and rest of the arm. 

Don't Squeeze

Squeezing or rubbing your finger after pricking can affect the blood sample. To get blood without pressure, washing your hands with warm water is a good option.

Use the right test strips

Use strips that are approved for your meter to get correct readings. It is also important to store the test strips properly. Test strips that are not stored properly can yield poor results. 

Here we have mentioned a few of the best glucometers in India. Each of the products mentioned is easily available. You can compare the products mentioned above to buy the best glucometer as per your requirement. If you are looking for a fully automatic glucometer then Dr Trust Glucometer can be a perfect choice. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of branded glucometer in India?

The price starts at Rs. 550 onwards. You can find branded glucometers under Rs. 1000. If you are looking for a fully automatic device then the price would be between Rs. 1,500 - Rs. 2,000.

Which brand is best for Glucometer?

Accu-Check, Bayer Contour, OneTouch, and Dr Morepen are few of the brands which are very popular for glucometers.

Which is the best Glucometer under Rs 1,000?

You can find various choices in glucometers that are priced under Rs. 1,000. Beato Smartphone Glucometer, OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer, and Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer are few of the products you can consider at this price point. 

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