Top 10 Best Face Massager Machines In India For Young & Glowing Skin

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Wondering Which is the best face massager in India for face cleaning? Face massagers give the required care and protection you need to your face. With the top 10 best electric face massager machines you can use at home enlisted here, you can choose from the best and most trusted products to save your skin from dust, oil, first and harmful UV rays.  

Face massagers provide glowing and clean skin by removing dirt, oil and makeup residue. These massager machines evacuate the dead cells present on your face by their advanced technology with the help of the right cleanser. 

These massagers help you clean your skin at the comfort of your home, saving you the cost and time of going to salon or parlour. Face massager machines come with different features, benefits and use depending on the brand and product. So to exfoliate your skin and provide rejuvenation, here are the top 10 best face massagers in India you can buy online.

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Best Face Massager Machines In India



Best Face Massager machine in India-Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Find the most suitable face massager machine for your face and skin type along with their prices from this best face massager buying guide 2021.

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Face Massager Machines

Lifelong LLM126

Rs. 1500


Nova 5 in 1 face massager

Rs. 999


Vega Facial Cleanser

Rs. 1999


HealthSense Pure Skin Massager

Rs. 1600


Caresmith Sonic Facial Massager 

Rs. 800


JSB HF101 Facial Massager

Rs. 999


Srxes Electric Facial Massager Machine

Rs. 999


Egab New 7 in 1 Face Massage Beauty Device 

Rs. 999


Ozomax Face Massager Apparatus Set

Rs. 660


TOUCHBeauty Sonic Face Massager Cream Booster

Rs 1,999


Benefits Of A Facial Massage

Let's see the benefits of facial massage before looking at the list of 10 Best Electric Face Massager Machines You Can Use at Home 2021.

Helps In Relieving Tension

When your face is tensed, it may cause wrinkles. These tensed muscles should be massaged out regularly. It takes a few minutes to massage and relax your face muscles. People with oily skins or acne, it can take upto 10 minutes, and around 20 minutes for dry skin.

Helps In Increasing Blood Circulation

Your face requires gentle treatment for circulating the blood in your face. Massaging the lines on your face increases oxygen flow around your eyes, brows and mouth. Having the perfect amount of blood in your face makes you look fresh & energized.

Helps In Facelifting

Face massagers stimulate your face muscles which is an anti-aging technique itself. The increase in flow of blood increases the collagen production that results in healthy & glowing skin & complexion.

Helps Face To Absorb Face Products Easily

Face massager rejuvenates your face easily, making the pores always open. This makes it easy for your face to absorb the face products with facial treatments.

Helps You Look Younger

Depending on your skin and age, regular facial massage  stimulates muscles  which, when done with a daily skincare routine will result in younger looking skin and face 

Helps You To Detoxify Skin & Eliminates Fat

Regular massage makes you receive more blood which leads to removing unwanted toxins. The spots on your skin get eliminated as well as reduces occurrence of spots & other acne issues..

Reduces The Need For Cosmetic Therapy

As a result of regular massage your face does not require makeup since it looks fresh and glowing. The face starts to look naturally exfoliated and fresh.

Makes you very beautiful

Regular facial massage can get rid of face acne free, wrinkle-free, spot free & always looking fresh. This makes you more beautiful and fresh.


Review Of 10 Best Face Massagers In India - 2021 (Reviews & Guidance)

The Best Face Massagers In India in India are listed her slang with their features, pros & cons and price. 

1) Lifelong LLM126 Electric Face Massager Machine

Lifelong face massager is a 4-in-1 face and body purifying framework, which scrubs skin. The face massager evacuates oil, dead cells/skin and dirt without causing skin irritation. It provides incredible glow and softness with the assistance of a cleanser, which successfully clears the dirt present inside the pores of the skin, evacuates oil and leftover makeup. Lifelong face massager helps you to get rid of bags under the eyes. 

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  • The massager is very easy to use. 
  • With regular usage, it makes the skin healthy and removes blackheads and all impurities. 
  • The massager is very easy to clean. 
  • The massager doubles up as a body massager. 
  • The massager comes with 4 different massaging heads. 


  • The results are not instant; they are visible after a month or two. 


Price: Rs. 1500

Buy Now


2) Nova 5 in 1 face massager

The Nova 5 in 1 massager comes with 5 massage heads which help in providing smooth and healthy-looking skin. The tapping massage technology allows in having a better blood circulation. The massager is battery operated, which makes it easier to travel with. 



  • The massager is reasonably priced. 
  • The massager can be used to massage the whole body from head to toe.
  • It is super easy to use as it is operated by just one button.
  • It comes with five massager heads which gives you different massage experiences every time. The heads are sandpaper massager, soft massager, ball massager etc. 
  • The massager helps in removing dead skin. 



  • Quality of the massager is not that good. 
  • The speed is not good.


Price: Rs. 999

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3) Vega Facial Cleanser

The Vega Facial Cleanser is also a battery operated cleanser, and it is one of the best facial massager machines in India. The massager comes with 3 different massage heads- silicone brush, soft PBT brush and latex sponge.

The latex sponge head helps in deep cleaning. The massager is very good for removing oil and dirt from the face, and within a week from its usage, you would see good results.



  • The quality of the massager is very good. 
  • The massager is water-resistant. 
  • The head of the massager rotates 360 degrees. 
  • The design is very sleek, and it is very easy and convenient to use the massager. 
  • The battery can be changed easily, and it comes with a USB cable.


  • The Vega Massager is a bit expensive from the other massagers. 


Price. Rs. 1999

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4) HealthSense Pure Skin Massager

The HealthSense skin massager is a water-resistant massager which can be used in the shower as well. The massager comes with a 360-degree spin technology which makes it more effective in deep cleaning the skin.

The massager comes in two different rotational speeds, and each has its own benefits. It is a battery-operated massager.



  • The massager comes with two brush heads and two rotational speeds.
  • It is water-resistant. 
  • The massager is easy to travel with as it is battery operated. 
  • The brush is best at removing makeup and oil from clogged pores. 
  • The design of the brush is very compact. 
  • With regular use, the massager exfoliates your skin and removes the blackheads.


  • Batteries are not provided with the product. 
  • The motor is slow in speed.


Price: Rs. 1600


Buy Now


5) Caresmith Sonic Facial Massager 

This tiny care smith facial massager machine for face gets the work done by using it two times every day. It expels dirt/dust, oil, and pollution, as well as decreases the presence of pores and improves the absorption of your preferred skincare items. It is Rechargeable, handy and waterproof. Gets fully charged in 1.5 hours.



  • Profound and deep purifying. It disposes of clogged pores and black-headed as well as evacuating oil, cosmetics residue, dirt and dead skin cell.
  • This face massager machine is made of food-grade silicone and opposes bacteria development making it more hygienic compared to other massagers.
  • This massage goes in the depth pores, wiping out dead skin, rubbing facial muscles and enhancing blood flow.
  • Affordable and easy to use.


  • No cons found yet


Price: Rs. 800

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6) JSB HF101 Facial Massager

JSB HF101 face massager machine is the much-needed addition to that your face requires. The massager is washable, reusable and long-lasting. It is an ideal face massager for women.

It consists of a silicon brush which relieves stress and regulates muscles stimulation. It comes with 2-speed vibration so you can set the speed accordingly.



  • This face massager is easy to wash and reuse as well as long-lasting.
  • It is an ideal face massager machine with strong and effective vibrations.
  • It is easy to handle and store.
  • This face massager can be used with Creams and Oils.
  • Its soft bristles work smoothly on sensitive skin without causing irritation.
  • Exfoliates skin tones the muscles and clears pores thoroughly.
  • Overall it is a must-have product which is affordable as well.


  • The batteries run out fast.


Price: Rs. 999

Buy Now

7) Srxes Electric Facial Massager Machine

Srxes Electric Facial Massager Machine is the best purchase for a completely smooth and shining composition. The best part with this machine is that it suits all skin types without bringing about any harm or irritation.

This is one of the best face massage machines that clean and relaxes your skin with no problem.

It accompanies 11 connection heads every one of them works extremely incredibly. A face massager machine, however, it can likewise do significantly other things including pedicure and nail trim, feet-clean, and healthy skin, and so forth.


  • Srxes Electric Facial Massager Machine 11 in 1 Electric Massager that is Suitable for all skin types

  • This machine cleans and thoroughly rejuvenates your skin.

  • 360-degree rotation provides massaging & cleaning.

  • It is waterproof

  • Great quality product with really great performance

  • Nice build quality


  • The motor speed is low.


Price: Rs. 999

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8) Egab New 7 in 1 Face Massage Beauty Device Multi-Functional with Bath Spa Brush

This facial cleanser face massager is perfect for cleaning your skin. It comes with seven different applicators. It is among the top 10 best face massager machines in India. 

The applicators also include a dermabrasion brush that helps to clear dead skin on the surface, a make-up sponge for removing residue from eyes and cheeks, a polish for cleaning tough skin, a rolling massager for improving blood circulation and a latex sponge for skin cleansing. 

Use these with your desired serums, moisturizers and oils to improve the overall natural look.


  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is powered by a 2 x AA battery.
  • It comes with a rolling massager for improving circulation.
  • Thick handle comfortable to hold.
  • Use for face cleaning and massage.
  • Suitable for removing dead skin and improving skin lustre and elasticity. 
  • It helps you get rid of dark circles under your eyes.
  • Affordable



  • Battery dies out fast 



Price: Rs. 999

Buy Now

9) Ozomax Face Massager Apparatus Set

Ozomax face massager reveals soft, smooth & clean skin. This face massager machine is a rotating massager that helps in scrubbing, toning- up as well as cleansing your face, chin, neck in no time. 

It also helps to shape & shine your nails without causing pain. It is a popular face massager for women & men.


  • It has a dual power system

  • It comes with two rotating speeds

  • As compared to others, it is extra-powerful

  • It is a made in India product.

  • Easy to handle and use

  • Super budget-friendly


  • Low build quality material.

  • Extra weight needed for comfortable massage and exfoliation.

  • Rotation speed is Low.





Price: Rs. 669 


Buy Now


10) TOUCHBeauty Sonic Face Massager Cream Booster

TOUCHBeauty infusion sonic vibration face Massager makes you feel comfortable and at ease. It offers a high-tech vibrating sensation with the ‘Ion+ Ion-’ technology to improve your daily skincare routine.

The positive electrode treatment in it refreshes and massages the skin that removes impurities present on your skin the negative electrode treatment in it maximizes the absorption of skin-care products as well as massages the skin. This face massager machine also helps to stimulate blood circulation.


  • The Ion+ Ion- technology removes impurities from the skin 

  • It comes with vibrating sonic technology 

  • It helps to improve dull, dry skin, acne, dark circles & bags under the eyes 

  • The vibration in it helps relax the muscles.

  • It comes with a 2-minute smart auto-timer as well as its water-drop shaped head follows the contour of the skin for accurate treatment

  • It is a lightweight and portable face massager.


  • The metallic head has a lousy plating.

  • It is small In size



Price: Rs. 1,999


Buy Now



Face massager machines are a crucial product for day to day cleansing of the skin. Our skin goes through a lot of dust, dirt and UV rays which damage the skin and cause excessive oil to secrete.Hope you like the list of Best Selling Face Massager Machine in India 2021

Buy using the right cleanser and face massager machine, and your issue will be solved. These were our Best Face Massager Machines for Younger Skin to Buy Online 2021.

Frequently asked question

1) Which face massager is best?

Best face massager machines in India are:
Lifelong LLM126 Electric Face Massager Machine
Nova 5 in 1 face massager
Vega Facial Cleanser

2) Is facial massager machine good for skin?
Regular face massage provides oxygen to the face muscles, which is a natural form of the anti-ageing skincare routine. It also increases the blood circulation of the face.

3) Can vibration tighten skin?
Vibration from face massagers tighten the skin and increase the blood flow, which results in tone and tightens skin.

4) Is it good to massage your face every day?
According to experts, one should massage the face 2 to 3 times a day. However, a few minutes of gentle massage causes no harm.

5) Is Face Massager good for skin?
Face massagers or rollers increase the blood flow, tighten facial muscles and tone the skin, which results in an improved appearance.

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