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Eyes are the most attractive and beautiful feature of the face. Eye contact is the first form of communication you make with others. So mostly, people notice your eyes first, then your face. Also, these are the most sensitive parts of the body too. They need good care and only the best types of products.

People with vision problems often correct the power of their eyes with spectacles or contact lenses. As eyes are susceptible, you should know the Best Eye Lenses Brand In India to enhance your looks with an enhanced vision.

With the advancement of technology and our need to be involved in multiple activities simultaneously, we often ignore our eyes and health. Late night work, binge-watching entertaining content, online chats, emails, and gaming all make our vision weak and our eyes impaired. 

So to keep your eyes safe, it is advisable to buy the right pair of specs or lenses to keep your eyes safe from damage and further deterioration.

Some of the best eye lenses brands are listed below to make a wise choice.Also, you can learn some tips on how to take care of the lenses for their longer lives and better vision.

Some of the best eye lenses brands are listed below to make a wise choice. 

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What Are Eye Lenses Or Contact Lens?

When you experience a slight discord between what you see and how clear you can see, you get your eyes checked. You need powered glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision in most scenarios. 

The contact lenses or eye lenses are made of plastic and other flexible and safe materials such as silicone hydrogel, hyper gel, hydrogel etc.

These eye lenses are the curved lenses that get snug to your eyes to give your eyes a corrected vision to have a clearer view.

These are soft lenses that are worn for some predefined hours in a day and must be removed before going to bed. Also, they need to be replaced frequently to have healthy vision and eyes. They make our eyes free from the burden of big eyeglasses that often do not go with all forms of clothes and styles of dresses. So to enhance our looks along with the vision, we choose lenses over glasses.

Let us know the best eye lens company in India, as we have listed some of them below.

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Top Eye Lenses Brands In India

Eye Lenses Brand

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Products Available

Bausch & Lomb

Offline Retail Stores, E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

Eye Care, Lenses, Solutions,Cataract Iols


Offline Retail Stores, E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

Different Types Of Lens Solution And Accessories


E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

Eye Glasses, Contact Lens, Computer Glasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses


Offline Retail Stores, E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

All Types Of Contact Lenses


E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

Eye Glasses, Contact Lens, Computer Glasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses

Alcon-Ciba Vision

E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

Eye Care Services, Lenses, Glasses


Offline Retail Stores, E Commerce Sites, Brand Websites

Different Types Of Lenses


Various Online Shopping Sites And Official Website

Different Types Of Lenses


1.Bausch & Lomb


Bausch And Lomb is among the most famous eyes lens and glasses brands. Almost all the fashion brands opt for Bausch and Lomb's lenses, and customers prefer Bausch and Lomb over other brands. The brand takes care of the vision and eyecare of its patients and has various products. 

It has been a long-trusted brand that people prefer because of trustworthiness. It is one of the best cataract lens brands in India.

It enjoys a large customer base that makes eye care available to the masses.

The products by the brand are highly affordable and of the best quality. Its lens care solutions are also famous by the name of Bio True.

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Aqualens are highly famous for their contact lenses range with various lenses available under its kitty from Clear, coloured to toric lenses. The brand also provides Lens solutions and accessories. The brand is FDA approved and has a 50K + customer base. The lenses by the brand are top quality and have a variety o coloured lenses.

The coloured lenses available by the brand are- Brown, Green, Grey, Black, Blue. You can choose any one or more from the range. 

Its all the product range is available in various offline stores and multiple eCommerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon etc. you also have an option of trying the lenses by the brand.

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The brand Optifylens has a variety of products for men, women, kids in the range of -Contact Lens, Eye Glasses, Computer Glasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses and what not.

It has a premier range of products that are not only of excellent quality but also in great variety. You can choose a range of products from a single brand for the whole family.

The contact lenses by Optifylens are clear and coloured. There are various colour options available like blue, honey and green.

The brand has been serving for 12 years now and has more than  20K+ satisfied customers.

With its wide range of glasses and accessories, it is one of the top picks for customers. 

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Acuvue is one of the best eye contact lenses brand in India, as it provides all the varieties of contact lenses for you to choose from according to your needs and requirements. The lenses have UV blocking features that are moisture infused for hydration, invisible edge and eyelid stabilisation properties. The lenses are of great quality and are highly popular.

There are a variety of lenses available by the brand, including-Daily Disposable Contact Lenses, Reusable Contact Lenses, Astigmatism, Presbyopia.

You can buy the lenses from a nearby store or online. They are readily available and are fully customised according to their needs.

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Specsmakers have a range of contact lenses for customers who wish to have a quality variety readily available. The brand has eyeglasses for men and women customers to look trendy and stylish.

The various services and products available by the brand are-

Men's, Women's and Kids eyeglasses, reading glasses, audio sunglasses, multiple accessories, new lenses in your frame, new frames, Home Eye Check-Up and Home Try-On.

It has more than 250 retail stores all over the country with affordable pricing and trendy and stylish collections. You can buy its quality eyeglasses and contact lenses online as well as offline.

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6.Alcon-Ciba Vision


Alcon is an old brand, and with its merger with Ciba Vision, it has grown even more prominent. It was founded in 1945. with a vast variety of services covered, the company has a name for itself in various products and medical assistance.

The brand is one of the best eye contact lenses brand in India as it has a variety of contact lenses to offer, like eye lenses for -Nearsightedness, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Farsightedness and the latest fad of Color Enhancement. The lenses cater to all the medical conditions affecting eyesight and help you achieve trendy looks with coloured lenses. These are 12 enhancing colours that can be with or without power. The available colours are - Green, blue, brown, grey, pure hazel, Honey, brilliant Blue, true sapphire, turquoise, amethyst, gemstone green, and sterling grey.

You can choose any to enhance your looks.

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Cooper Vision promises some high-quality contact lenses to adorn your eyes and make your eyesight perfect. There are various latest technology-based eye lenses to choose from. The latest technology ensures the best quality product with the best quality utility. The rand has innovative and high-quality products to make the wearer feel comfortable even if they are new with contact lenses.

It has Toric, multifocal and disposable lenses with a wide variety and choices of types. You can choose the latest one according to your needs and get a clearer vision and beautiful specs-free eyes.

The various technologies utilised by the brand are- Optimised Toric Lens Geometry for astigmatism, PC technology, Aquaform Technology, WetLoc technology, digital zone optics lens design, aberration neutralising system and more.

Be sure of the quality of lenses with CooperVision.

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Eye lenses correct your vision and make your eyes look elegant and beautiful. The Olens has some premium quality lenses that are differentiated based on type. The brand offers different lenses based on the duration of use, skin tone of the person, contact power, contact colour and G DIA.

The different varieties of lenses offered by the brand are -coloured contact lenses, monthly disposable contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses, natural contact lenses,  soft contact lenses, transparent contact lenses and power lenses.

From 1 day to 6 months, lenses are available with the brand. You can undoubtedly buy power lenses depending on the skin tone from fair, dark and wheatish. The coloured lenses are available in grey, hazel, olive, blue, pink, and clear transparent options. You can choose according to your choice.

Olens has a great variety available for its users and many options to choose from.

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How To Choose The Right Contact Lenses And Lenses For Glasses?

Choosing the correct eye lenses makes your vision clear and life smooth. You can choose the best suitable eye lenses for yourself by considering certain things.

The points that need to be kept while choosing the most suitable eye lenses for yourself are:

  • Choose According To Your Eye Condition And Prescription

The first important thing to consider while buying yourself your first pair of eye lenses is the eye condition - if you suffer from farsightedness or nearsightedness. You can have both too. For this condition, you will require progressive lenses. So the most important thing you need while deciding on the eye lenses and their brand is the prescription. Get your eyes tested before going for lenses shopping and get yourself a valid prescription.

  • Choose Lenses Brand That Has Protective Layers

Nowadays, the lens has multiple safety layers that save the eyes from further damage and regain their lost strength. Photochromic lenses, Anti-glare lenses,

Blue light and UV protection lenses are some of the protective altered lenses that make the eyes safe from any harmful rays and external damages.

With the constant use of gadgets and fast life, the eyes often get neglected. These lenses ensure the protection of vision and the power of eyesight.

  • Keep Your Activities In Mind

Eye lenses are also decided based on the active life you have. For the activities, you perform during the day, decide on the types of lenses and the varieties you require. If you are an active person, you may need protection from UV rays and harmful external factors. So choose according to the choice of activity you carry on with the whole day.

  • Computer Protective Lenses

If you are an active person in terms of work that requires you to sit for continuous hours in front of your computer screen, you need to be particular about using anti-glare lenses only for your glasses. Even if you wear the contact lens for ease of use, when you work in front of the computer screens, you will require protective glasses to protect your eyes from damage from the harmful computer rays.

  • Durability And Life

The eye lenses differ based on durability too. There are one-day disposable lenses and some contact lenses that can be used even for a year. So the durability of the lenses also helps you choose the right type for yourself. If you want long term usage from a single lens, you can go for a longer duration one, and if you're going to have a one time use with your lenses, you can choose a single day disposable lens for your beautiful eyes.

  • Purpose Of Wearing Lenses

One of the best uses and purposes for eye lenses is to give your eyes a beautiful hue. There are a variety of coloured lenses available for you to change your eye's colour. The shades of hazel, blue, brown and grey give the desired look to you and make your personality vibrant and appealing.

You can also choose clear transparent lenses and grey coloured lenses to give your eyes a subtle hue and beauty. People often change their eye colour by wearing lenses and making them stand apart from the crowd.

The eyes are sensitive and need good care. If at all you need to wear lenses, choose only the branded ones for your eyes to give them comfort and clear vision.

Tips To Care For Your Contact Lenses

To have beautiful eyes without specks is the dream of all the spectacle persons. Contact lenses come to their rescue to make their lives clear and spectacles free. But merely owning a pair is not enough. You need to be extra careful while using contact lenses on your eyes. 

Here are some handy and valuable tips to take care of while using contact lenses on your beautiful eyes.

  • Use Branded Contact Lenses And Solution

Eyes are susceptible, so nothing but the best should be used on them. You should only go for the best Contact lenses for eyes file a netter specks free vision correction. Do not buy anything that is not genuine or doesn't use genuine technologies to make lenses. Go for trusted brands only.

  • Change The Solution After Each Use

After wearing the lenses for the whale day, always remember to clean them and store them in a clean solution. Remember to change the solution after every wear to keep them in pure liquid until the subsequent use. Following this ritual will increase their life.

  • Clean Lenses After Use

This goes unsaid. You have to clean your eye lenses after each use. When you wear your lenses, you encounter dirt, pollution and impurities that make lenses dirty. Clean them after every use. Even before wearing them, clean them with a new solution.

  • Change Lenses Periodically

It is advisable to change your pair of contacts periodically frequently. They are supposed to have a pre-defined after the expiry of that date; lenses become unsuitable for usage. You should get your lenses changed after the said date. If they are disclosable, change them after use.

  • Get Eyes Tested For Any Deviation In Number

Get your eyes tested so that you know your present power and get yourself a correct pair of lenses. Using the right powered lenses is always an obvious choice, as this will not increase your power and will let you use your current pair for a more extended period.

  • Keep Lenses Dirt Free

For the longer life of your eye lenses, you should keep them dirt-free and free from any dirty environment. Do not remove them anywhere you want. Look for a better place to remove them and avoid using dirty hands while dealing with them. Lenses are highly sensitive; if not taken full precautions, they tend to get damaged easily and are not fit for use.

  • Never Use Water

Never ever use water on your lenses. Lenses require a unique solution that kills the bacteria and other impurities. Do not ever wash them in water. It will damage them permanently, and you won't be able to use them to correct your vision. You can clean the container and air dry it; only put your solution washed lenses in them

  • Keep Them In Their Container After Use

Lenses have a separate particular container that securely holds them. Use your lenses and put them in their respective container and respective box after removing and cleaning them. The container has a separate section for both eyes. Keep the lenses on their respective sides only, as often the power of each eye is different, so this shouldn't cause any confusion for the next time of usage.

These tips will make the lives of your lenses longer and keep your eyes healthier. Follow these in daily life to have better and long-lasting results.

Types Of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses correct our vision, make us have a clear vision, and stop the damage caused to our eye lens due to strain and poor eyesight. There are various types of lenses for the eyes. These are segregated based on utility, material and technology they are built with. 

  • Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are made of flexible soft plastic that is smooth on the eyes and are more comfortable. These are often chosen over the hard ones. They provide more oxygen to the cornea and are adjustable for long-hours wear. They are very comfortable, and most of the lenses are soft nowadays.

  • Hard Lenses-RGP Lenses

As the name says, these are hard when compared to soft lenses. They are used for more severe eye problems to give a sharper and clearer vision. They are more rigid and are made with hard plastic. They are more precise and sharper than the soft ones.

  • Disposable Lenses

Disposable soft lenses have a replacement schedule that requires them to be replaced after a set time frame. This time frame can be one day to 7 days or even a month. 

These lenses are used for a shorter time, making them travel-friendly. These do not require high storage and can be tossed off frequently.

  • Long -Hours Or Extended Wear Contact Lenses

These contact lenses can be used for long hours of the day. They are preferred by working professionals as they need to carry on for long days without any disturbances. They can be worn overnight too. You do not have to remove them before sleep. These are preferred by those who are non stop working on a project and do not want to change their lenses often. How long you can wear them depends on the type of lens -hard, soft, they are and prescribed by the doctor.

  • Coloured Lenses

Coloured lenses are often worn for aesthetic purposes. These Beautify the eyes and make them look attractive. People with black or brown eye colour often choose different hued lenses like blue or green to have a different look. People choose the lighter tone of lenses to enhance their looks. They can have power or zero power according to your needs.

These were the types of lenses.

In this article, we discussed the best eyeglasses brands in India for a better picture of the different brands available. Make a wiser choice next time you buy a new pair of contact lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which is the best eye lens in India?

A.There are many types of eye lenses available in the country. Choose the one that you are comfortable with for long hours. There are long working eye lenses available in the market, soft lenses and many more.

Q.Which brand is best in lenses?

A.The best eye brands in India are listed in the article; you can go through the same to know which one you can choose from.

Q.Which type of lens is best for eyes?

A.Different types of eye lenses have different utilities. There are hard lenses, soft lenses, long-wear lenses, disposable lenses, all available in the market. You can choose according to your requirements.

Q.Is it good to wear contact lenses?

A.It all depends on your needs. If you are not comfortable with glasses, you can choose contact lenses. They are suitable for wearing and selecting from over spectacles if used cautiously.

Q.Which lens is better for the cataract surgery Indian or imported?

A.As per popularity, Monofocal aspheric intraocular lenses (IOLs) are prevalent in cataracts. Both Indian and imported lenses can be used for the surgery according to the patient's needs and requirements.

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