10 Best Body Shaper For Women in India: For Every Body Type

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Body Shaper can make you look best and feel best. So this is the right time to fill your closet with various kinds of body shapers available in the market. But the bigger question is how to choose the right one that you require the most? The one that can be perfect for tummy control, muffin tops, and more. 

For your convenience, we have curated a list of the best body shapers for women. The list includes a large range of body shapers for everyone keeping in mind the different requirements. Go and check out the list given below. 

The list will be followed by a detailed description of the products and other features.

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List Of 10 Best Body Shapers For Women In India

Get to know the list of best body shapers with their price and ratings. Detailed features have been given following the table.

Name of the product



ADORNA Body Bracer



Verhevishh Womens Tummy Tucker Shapewear



Uthamma Microfiber Saree Shapewear



Women's High Waist Shapewear



KeepCart Women's High Waist Shapewear



KeepCart Women's High Waist Shapewear



Vantage® Shapewear Vest Belt,Polymer Shapewear



Zivame Women's Plain Thigh Slimmer



dermawear Women's Cotton Blended Mini Shaper



serveuttam Waist Trainer Cincher Trimmer Slimming Body Shaper



1.ADORNA Body Bracer

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This body shaper gives shape to your thighs, hips, and butts. The extra emphasis of this shape would be on the tummy. It is comfortable to wear as it can be worn for the entire day. The fabric of this body shaper is lightweight and seamless which makes it easy to wear.

Key Features

  • Provides tones body shape

  • It is Stretchable

  • It is non-allergic

  • Lightweight and seamless


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2.Verhevishh Women's Tummy Tucker Shapewear

Buy U.S. CROWN Magic Wire No Rolling Down High Waist Tummy Tucker Women's Shapewear with Beautiful self-Design Beige at Amazon.in

This body shaper is seamless and provides a slimy posture. The purpose of creating this body shaper is to make you look as good as you are. It gives target compression on your abdomen, waist, hips, and back. That helps to enhance your overall appearance. Apart from providing a toned shape, it makes you feel confident. 

Key Features

  • Shape your body instantly

  • Seamless and comfortable

  • Improve overall appearance 


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3. Uthamma Microfiber Saree Shapewear

Buy Uthamma Microfiber Saree Shapewear For Women at Amazon.in

The first feel of this shapewear is that it’s a bit tight. It is because of its high compression. Allow it some time to take the shape of your curve. After some time you will feel relaxed. It is known to shape your body and give a nice look. The improved area after wearing this is - hips, tummy, legs, and thigh. And the fabrics used in it are Nylon and Spandex.

Key Features

  • Provides slim look

  • Tone the body shape

  • Improves the overall appearance

  • Compressed areas are - hips, tummy, legs, and thigh


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4. Women's High Waist Shapewear

Shapewear (शेपवियर) - Buy Shapewears Online for Women at Best Prices in India | Flipkart.com

This high waist shapewear is perfect to control the tummy and give it a tighter and toned look. Since the stomach is the most common area of concern. It is also suitable for waist sizes between 30 to 38. It has 4 steel bones at the waistband that will allow you to move freely. 

Key Features

  • Gives slim look to the tummy

  • It is comfortable and breathable

  • IT is suitable for all kinds of clothes

  • Tighten the midsection look


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5.KeepCart Women's High Waist Shapewear

Buy Costafrey Tummy Tucker Women's Shapewear Beige at Amazon.in

This is comfortable and versatile in use. It can fit under any outfit and give a slimmer look. It is a perfect blend of compression, comfort, and control. The super-thin edge of this makes it invisible under the clothing. The rolling down of shapewear becomes quite irritating. But this has an anti-slip silicone strip that gives you the freedom of moving around.

Key Features

  • It has an anti-slip strip

  • Balanced compression, control, and comfort

  • Super-thin edges

  • Versatile in nature and use



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6. KeepCart Women's High Waist Shapewear

KeepCart Women Shapewear - Buy KeepCart Women Shapewear Online at Best Prices in India | Flipkart.com

This shapewear has a seamless brief cut design that will ensure a comfortable feel. It is versatile in nature and use. Using it will give a smooth and slim look. The compression provided on this shapewear is not at the cost of your uneasiness. The design of this product is such a way that provides balanced comfort and control. 

Key Features

  • Comfort and seamless

  • Gives slim look

  • Tone your body perfectly

  • Suitable under any outfit


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7.Vantage® Shapewear Vest Belt, Polymer Shapewear

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Vantage shapewear is known for providing a slimmer look to the body. After wearing it, you will feel comfortable and breathe easily. The compression and control given by the shapewear are perfectly balanced. The edges of the shapewear are very thin and give a seamless look.

Key features

  • Versatile in use

  • Seamless and comfort

  • Tone up the body shape

  • Smooth edges


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What Is Body Shaper?

Shapewear or body shaper brings a drastic change to the body by changing the appearance. It can make abdominal fat, big butt, and fat thighs disappear. It also gives a sleek look without going to the gym.

A body shaper is a piece of clothing that gives the false illusion of a flatter and slimmer look. It is available in different shapes, shades, and sizes. The new body shaper is available without iron that does not stick to the body. The result of using a new one is a comfortable feel.

How Does Body Shaper Work?

The science behind using the body shaper is its correct usage. When it is worn correctly, it moves the fat into spaces and muscles get compressed. It results in leveling the fat into the other area. The body shaper is known to provide what women always desired. 

Body shaper helps to give proper body posture and tone up the body. The compression provided on the muscles is not harmful. It provides the perfect body shape under any outfit.


Benefits of Wearing Shapewear


Shapewear has brought significant changes in the world of garments. The journey started from one piece of slimming garments. But it is now available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and designs. It has become an important part of the wardrobe collection.Read further to know its multiple benefits and usage.

Improves posture and abdominal muscles - shapewear has elasticity and provides perfect support to your back. It gives a perfect blend of compression, control, and comfort. It also provides a firm and straight look and feels. Using this improves sitting postures and supports walking posture. 

Overall look - No matter what kind of dress you wear, whether it's casual, party, or corporate look. Shapewear is known to uplift your confidence and improve your overall look. It will also help the body contour on your aim of achieving your best look. 

Age benefits - Our body undergoes the process of aging as we grow older. This is a natural process and can not be prevented. But with the help of shapewear, your body will get support and boost your confidence by improving your overall look. You can wear shapewear under any outfit for a better look.

Those women who suffer bladder prolapse can be benefitted by using shapewear. As it helps to provide a slight lift by giving appropriate support.

Inexpensive - When you compare body shaper with other weight loss options, you will find it inexpensive. It can not only shape your body but also saves you more money. Investing in body shapers can be a good option. It will give you a chance to look your best and feel confident. 

Make Beneath cloth invisible - Body shaper is known to have very thin edges. That is why it gives an invisible impression to the beneath garments. Thanks to the microfibre construction of shapewear that gives a seamless and comfortable look.

Compliment a weight loss or fitness program -  Shapewear can score the highest marks when it comes to providing instant fitness to your body. You can wear anything of your choice instantly and get your dreamy look. Now you don't need to wait for weeks or months to come into shape and wear your favorite dress.Shapewear is available in various ranges which include different shapes, different colors, and different designs. You can choose from the list of the items mentioned above. The shortlisting of the products is based on their features and other qualities.

So, it was all about the best body shaper for women with their best features, price, and ranking. You can see the benefit of using shapewear after trying it yourself. Shapewear helps to tone up your body and shape it to the best look. A good look always boosts your confidence. Shapewear is a perfect blend of comfort, compression, and control. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which body shaper works best?

A. There are so many body shapers available in the market. They are available in a variety of ranges and can be suitable under any outfit. Check out the above-mentioned list to decide which one is best suited for you.

Q.What's the best body shaper for a woman?

A. We have created a list of body shapers for women that are best in use and features. You can see the list and choose the best one according to your needs.

Q.Does body shaper reduce belly fat?

A. Many believe that wearing a body shaper means that it reduces belly fat. But this is not true. Shapewear tone up your body only when you wear it.

Q. Is it OK to wear shapewear every day?

A. There is no harm in wearing shapewear for a longer time. But it is all about your comfort. You can wear it as long as you feel comfortable.


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