8 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with Price

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Are you looking for antiseptic cream, which is good for wounds? Check out the best antiseptic cream for wounds in India here.

We all know that the cuts, burns, and scrapes can hurt like hell and take time to heal. Antiseptic cream is one of them that gives relief from them instantly. Check out the best antiseptic cream for wounds in India here. Antiseptic cream is also known as an antibiotic cream or the first aid cream. 

These creams are primarily used to kill the bacterias, and some might also give relief from the pain. Here we will share the list of best antiseptic cream for wounds in India for the unique ability to treat and soothe the most stubborn injuries.

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7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with Price


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Antiseptic Cream for Cuts and Wounds 

Get the best antiseptic cream for wounds in India's information here with their price and check link available in the table. 

Best Antiseptic Cream


Check Here

ESTORE4U Himalaya Antiseptic Cream - Pack of 4


Check Here

Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, 120 Ml


Check Here

Boroline Ayurvedic Anticeptic Cream 20g


Check Here

IYUSH Herbal Ayurveda Ayurvedic Marham, 25 g Each - Pack of 2


Check Here

Betadine 10% Ointment - 15 g


Check Here

Savlon Antiseptic Cream 30g


Check Here

Dettol Antiseptic Cream


Check here


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Review of the Best Antiseptic for Cuts and Wounds  

best antiseptic cream for skin infections and also check out how to care Open wound care


1. ESTORE4U Himalaya Antiseptic Cream - Pack of 4

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

Himalaya is one of the leading herbal and natural brands that offer a wide range of skincare hair care and many different products to its customers. They have been one of the trusted names in the Indian market for many years.

the Indian market for many years. This Estore4u Himalaya Antiseptic cream is one of the Best antiseptic cream in India at lowest price

This antiseptic cream contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, almond, Indian madder, and other natural ingredients.

The price of this antiseptic cream is Rs.142. 


Key ingredients and their benefits 

  •  It is one of the perfect treatments for all cuts, wounds, burns, rashes, and many more.

  •  This cream from Himalaya has a shelf life of almost three years and has a sweet fragrance. 

  • This Himalaya cream can be used after shaving cream and effective creams to keep the skin moisturized. 


2. Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, 120 Ml

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

Boroplus antiseptic cream is a multi-benefits cream used as antiseptic cream, winter cream, night cream, moisturizer, heel repair cream, and lip care solution. Boroplus antiseptic cream is also effective on pimples and can be used as an aftershave moisturizer. It can effectively improve the cracked heels by entering into the cracks to heal the wounds from inside and provides long-lasting relief.  It can be used as antiseptic cream, night cream, heel repair cream or for lip care solution. This antiseptic cream keeps the face soft, supple and pleasant to touch. 


The price of this antiseptic cream is Rs. 143

Key Ingredients and their benefits 

  • This ayurvedic antiseptic ointment can be used for Cuts, scarpes & puncture wounds. It contains natural oils and a blend of precious herbs. 

  • The antiseptic cream from India is enriched with natural ingredients like tulsi, aloe vera, Chandan, neem, and natural oils.

  •  It helps to keep the face moisturized and protect the skin during winter. 

  • It also provides relief to lips during winter by healing the dry and chapped lips.


3. Boroline Ayurvedic Antiseptic Cream 20g

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

Boroline antiseptic cream of the best format years now. We have all seen the green tube since our childhood that poured mother’s solution to every skin related problem. Boroline cream is soft, smooth, and extremely useful. This cream is an effective moisturizer that has boric acid that gives a mild antiseptic property. 

 It is easy to obtain everywhere and one of the right choices when you burn, cut, and all skin problems and the antiseptic cream at best price in India

The price of this antiseptic cream is Rs. 33. 

Key Ingredients and their Benefits 

  • It is an ideal cream for dry skin and micro nicks and cuts. 

  • It has unique antiseptic properties to fight germs and for general skin infections. 

  • It comes with a special oil-rich formula and enriched in natural lanolin, which protects and softens skin. 


4. IYUSH Herbal Ayurveda Ayurvedic Marham, 25 g Each - Pack of 2

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

IYUSH Ayurvedic Marham is a herbal ayurvedic based skin cream and a very strong effective for all types of skin diseases like ringworms, irritations, eczema, and pregnancy stretch marks. If you want this cream to do significant work, then apply it twice a day on the affected area. 

This best antiseptic cream for wounds is 100% ayurvedic and a natural and safe product to use. It has no harsh chemicals and no side effects. After using this Marham of 7 days, stop using this for three days and then start using it for seven days. 

The price of this antiseptic cream is Rs. 219.

Key Ingredients and their Benefits 

  • This cream is suitable for all types of skin as it has natural ingredients. 

  • It is one of the magical ornaments with ayurvedic herbs and is strong and effective for all types of skin.  


5. Betadine 10% Ointment - 15 g (Pack of 2)

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

Betadine antiseptic cream is one of the trusted brand solutions that protects against many types of germs, infections, and minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. This antiseptic cream is one of the most used and most recommended by doctors creams in India. 

You can apply on the affected area with a small amount of the cream, and this cream can be applied 1 to 3 times a day as per the need.  It is one of the The best healing ointments for cuts, wound and burns

The price of this antiseptic cream is Rs.232.

Key Ingredients and Benefits 

  • The original formula is trusted by Indian doctors and hospitals. 

  • It is manufactured by G.S Pharmbutor Pvt Ltd and the povidone-iodine ointment.  


6 Savlon Antiseptic Cream

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

Savlon antiseptic cream is of the famous antiseptic cream; you can find the blue tube in almost every medicine cabinet in India.  The Savlon  Antiseptic Cream helps to cleanse and protect minor wounds from the infection. It is the first choice for the first aid treatment of superficial burns and scalds. 

It prevents infection on shaving cuts and blisters with sores. This cream is also used to moisturize your skin and prevent skin-related ailments. 

The price of this antiseptic Savlon cream in India is Rs.400.

Key Ingredients and their Benefits 

  • This cream spreads easily and has many positive reviews. 

  • Salvon can be used as an antiseptic cream for babies as it is suitable for them. 


7. Dettol Antiseptic Cream

7 Best Antiseptic Cream for Wounds in India with their Price

Dettol is one of the most trusted and popular brands in India for decades. Their antiseptic cream contains powerful and gentle ingredients that protect against germs, bacteria, and infections. Dettol antiseptic cream can also be used for treating insect bites, sore lips, and other skin related ailments. 

Dettol antiseptic cream in India is a topical first aid treatment that can be used on grazed scratches and minor skin cuts to provide protection from germs which can cause infection. It can be used as an antiseptic hand cream.

The price of this Dettol antiseptic cream is Rs. 98. 

Key Ingredients and their Benefits

  • It is made with two antiseptic ingredients that make it more effective and powerful against certain bacterias. 

  • It’s Chloroxylenol triclosan, and edetic acid helps to prevent infection of minor wounds. 


9.  Hansaplast 

An ointment to support and speed up the natural healing of minor superficial wounds like cuts, abrasions, and scratches as well as first and smaller second-degree burns. Hansalplast wound healing ointment can be used at any stage of the healing process on superficial open wounds and damaged skin.


A moist healing environment has been clinically proven to aid and speed up the natural wound healing process. Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment creates a breathable film that protects the wound from external influences while preventing the wound from drying out. This is clinically proven to promote faster wound healing and reduce the risk of scarring.

The Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment is very skin-friendly. The gentle formula is dermatologically tested* and is suitable for babies, children, and sensitive skin. It is one of the most Top rated in antibiotics & antiseptics ointment in India. 


Can Antibiotics Treat Puncture Wounds 

Puncture wounds do not usually bleed much, but treatment is necessary to prevent infection. A puncture wound can cause infection because it forces bacteria and debris deep into the tissue, and the wound closes quickly forming an ideal place for bacteria to grow.


 Puncture wounds include cleaning the area thoroughly with soap and water. These wounds are very difficult to clean out. If the area is swollen, ice can be applied and the area punctured should be elevated. Apply antibiotic ointments (Bacitracin, Polysporin, Neosporin) to prevent infection. Cover the wound with a bandage to keep out harmful bacteria and dirt. Cleanse the puncture wound and change the bandage three times a day, and monitor for signs of infection (the same signs as in the cuts section). Change the bandage any time it becomes wet or dirty.


Benefits of Antiseptic Creams 

Here are some benefits of using the best antibiotic ointment for wounds in india as they have antiseptic properties. 

  • It is used to treat common skin infections such as infected nails or tinea. 

  • Prevents infection in minor burns, cuts, and abrasions.

  • Has a broad spectrum of bacteria, sporicidal and fungicidal activity. 

  • Essentially non-irritating and non-stinging to the skin, why is particularly important with tender cuts and grazes. 


How Should I Clean a wound?

Let's check out the Cuts, Scrapes & Puncture wounds clean process. 


  • Clean your hands using soap and water or hand sanitizer, then put on disposable gloves, if possible.

  • Use a clean cloth or sterile gauze to gently press on the wound until bleeding stops (small cuts and scrapes may not require pressure). Elevate (raise) the affected part, if possible. If blood oozes through the cloth or gauze, leave the covering on the wound. 

  • Rinse the wound in clear water to loosen and remove dirt and debris.

  • Use a soft washcloth and mild soap to clean around the wound. Don’t place soap in the wound. 

  • Apply the antiseptic cream on the wound and cover it. 


When You Should Call the Doctor

It is important to grab the point when you need to call the doctor before it gets too late to handle. 

  • If you are unable to control the bleeding from a cut scrape, then you need medical attention. 

  • Any cut that goes beyond the top layer of skin or is deep enough to see into might need stitches (sutures), and should be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

  • People who are taking medicines on regular basis, suffering from diabetes, cancer, and other problems 

  • People who are on blood-thinning medicines will not control the bleeding and should approach the doctor immediately. 


What is the fastest way to heal an open Wound?

Here are some of the things that you need to check to heal an open wound faster? 

Stop the Bleeding-  The very step is to care for cuts and scrapes to stop bleeding. Most wounds respond to direct pressure with a clean cloth or bandage. Hold the pressure continuously for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. If this fails to stop the bleeding or if the bleeding is rapid, seek medical assistance.


Clean the Wound-  Next, thoroughly clean the wound with soap and water. Remove any foreign material in the wound, such as dirt, or bits of grass, which may lead to infection. Tweezers can be used (clean them with alcohol first) to remove foreign material from the wound edges, but do not dig into the wound as this may push bacteria deeper into the wound or injure subcutaneously (under the skin) structures. The wound may also be gently scrubbed with a washcloth to remove dirt and debris. Hydrogen peroxide and povidone-iodine (Betadine) products may be used to clean the wound initially but may inhibit wound healing if used long-term.

Cover the Wound-  now cover the wound with a bandage to help prevent infection and dirt from getting in the wound. 



These mentioned are the best brands or the best antiseptic creams that offer quick relief.vThis is all about the best healing ointment for cuts, wounds, and burns. relief from the wound, burn, scratches, and some skin-related issues. You can trust these top brands and indeed make a first aid kit for your home. 

I hope the information we shared will help you to choose the right one for you and your family.  You can also purchase them from the link given in the table and these are The best and worst Ideas for open wounds 





Question You May Have


Q. What is the best ointment for open wounds?

The antibiotics or antiseptic ointment is the best for an open wound; any of the above are trusted antiseptic creams you can choose from to kill the bacterias and stop infections and it the best fast healing cream for wounds    

Q. Should you use antiseptic cream on cuts?

You should clean the wound first with only clean water, which reduces the risk of infection; further, there is no such requirement, if you still feel it applies, it can don’t harm the wound.  

Q.  Which is the best ointment for wounds

There are many brands and many options available in the market, but above mentioned are the best antiseptic cream in India for wounds and skin-related issues. 

Q. Is Betadine good for wounds?

Betadine can kill the different varieties of germs from minor cuts and burns. You can use it instantly to avoid infection especially. 

Q. Can you suggest a few good antibiotic ointments available in India

All the above-mentioned are the best antibiotic ointments available in India. 

Q. How to make a wound heal faster

  1. Get your rest. Recent research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology suggested that getting more sleep can help wounds heal faster. ...

  2. Eat your vegetables. ...

  3. Stay active. ...

  4. Don't smoke. ...

  5. Keep the wound clean and dressed.

  • Keep the wound clean and dressed.

Q. What Cream helps wounds heal faster?

All of the above-mentioned creams are best for wounds to heal, faster as compared to others. 


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