Grofers Smart Bachat Club - Buy Groceries at Wholesale Prices

Buy groceries at wholesale prices with Grofers smart bachat club. Get bachat club prices on 3000+ items to save loads of money. Select your membership plan for cheaper prices, exclusive offers, and priority support.

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Smart Bachat CLub is the membership subscription based service of online supermarket Grofers. You can subscribe to 1 month trial version, or a period of 6 months or 12 months as per your choice. For 1 month trial subscription, you have to pay only Rs 49.

Smart Bachat Club

The loyalty program of grofers allows customers to shop groceries at wholesale prices. The subscription is available from one month to twelve months. You can select a tenure as your wish to shop at bachat club prices.

Apart from the lowest prices, members also get exclusive offers and priority support. The membership allows you to shop a whole range of everyday essentials at a special price. The members can shop any number of products as there is no restriction.

How to Join Grofers Super Bachat Club

It’s easy to join Grofers Super Bachat Club in few simple steps. You can pay for the membership with your Grofers cash balance as well. Here are the steps you need to follow to join Grofers super bachat club.

  1. Select a plan of your choice, Click Here

  2. Membership gets added to your cart

  3. Pay for the membership when you checkout

  4. You can now start shopping at Club prices

Benefits of Smart Bachat Club Membership


By joining smart bachat club you can enjoy shopping at wholesale prices. The membership also provides you access to exclusive offers from Grofers. You get the lowest prices on products. The prices for club members are lower than the regular discount prices on Grofers. You can see the difference in the price mentioned on each product. The benefits include:

  1. Cheaper Prices : You get the most popular products and brands at wholesale prices. Additional offers available on the Grofers platform further add to the affordability.

  2. Exclusive Offers: The club members also get access to exclusive offers. These offers are different from the regular offers and coupons available on Grofers.

  3. Free Delivery: The Grofers SBC members will get the benefits of free delivery on orders above Rs.2000. For that, Use the coupon code ‘DELIVERY’ while payment checkout.

  4. Early VIP Access: The members of Smart Bachat Club will get early access to all new launches and Houseful sale.

NOTE: The price difference on everyday use products is Rs 30 to Rs 40. The difference gets bigger on more expensive products. The special club price is mentioned on each product.

Terms of Membership

All the membership plans are not recurring, which means you won't be charged month-on-month. The subscription is purely the choice of members.

You have to buy additional membership plans to renew or extend your membership to Grofers Smart Bachat Club and keep enjoying benefits. One more good thing is that you can also use cash on delivery to purchase the membership plan.

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership Plans


You get option to choose from three popular membership plans. Add a membership plan to join the smart bachat club. You can choose to cancel your membership at anytime. You also get option to extend membership from the main menu on Grofers app or website.

1. One month Trial Version - Rs 49 (Grofers Trial Version)

2. 6 Month Membership Plan - Rs 249 (Grofers Recommended Plan)

3. 12 Months Membership Plan - 449 (Grofers Cheapest Plan)

NOTE - For long terms membership, it is better to subscribe to the 12 month plan as you pay Rs 37 per month. If you are looking to try this service, then one month trial subscription is available at Rs 49.

Bachat Club Logo

To save more on your shopping use various Grofers discount coupons available on the site. Grofers new user coupon code "ORANGE40" provides 40% cashback on your first order. The minimum order for Grofers new user offer is Rs 500

There is bonus month end saver that will last from 24th June to 28th June 2019, where you will get a cashback of Rs.150 on minimum order of Rs.1499, for that you need to use coupon code of SAVE150.

Apart from that from, if you shop for Rs.999 or more then you can avail cashback of Rs.75 by using the coupon code of ‘SAVE75’.


Groceries are a part of our day to day life, why not save a lot of money by getting a Grofers Smart bachat membership plan. It not just provides our groceries item on lesser price but also provide free delivery and other benefits mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all products available under the Smart Bachat Club?

Yes, all of the most popular products and brands are available for you to enjoy shopping at wholesale prices. Grofers is constantly adding more products to the Smart Bachat Club.

How do I join the Smart Bachat Club?

To join a Smart Bachat Club and enjoy shopping at wholesale prices, just add a membership plan to your cart. The membership will last until the duration of the plan.

You need to pay according to the plan chart mentioned above.

You can then purchase another plan before the end of your current plan to continue shopping at Bachat Club prices. Bachat Club membership can be bought using Cash on Delivery option in the latest Grofers app.

Is the fee recurring?

No, Fee is not recurring, that means you don't authorize us to charge you continuously (month-on-month). If you wish to renew or extend your membership, you can do so by buying an additional membership plan.

How do I cancel my membership and get the refund?

You can choose to cancel your membership from your Grofers app and get a refund (as Grofers cash) for your membership amount anytime during your membership period.

For that, you can visit your club membership account by clicking the main menu on the top left of your Grofers app. You'll find an option to extend or end your club membership.

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