Best Mobile Wallets In India For Easy Payment Option

Here are the best Mobile Wallets in India for you to make your Payment with just one click.

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Best E-Wallets In India For Easy Payment Option

Online payment has made it easy for everyone due to the Best Mobile Wallets In India, as the shopping guides continue to evolve, so does the payment platform. In this article, we have mentioned the Top 13 Mobile Wallets in India - Best money Transfer App 2020 for you.

It's no mystery that India is progressing quickly to a digital marketplace. And mobile wallets in India are making this digital payment action taken by the Indian government, banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies and other objects.
Undoubtedly, you too may have the best mobile wallet in India. If not, you may consider downloading one of these top mobile wallets in India and become part of the country's digital marketplace.

Gone are the days when personalities used to bring cash in order to shop. Now mobile wallets (m-wallets), or virtual wallets, have grown pretty popular. With these mobile wallets, you can pay just by using your smartphone. After the demonetization, more people have commenced using m-wallets.

Digital wallets are one of the best discoveries in the domain of technology. Millions of people are making repayments from these e-wallets, which are comfortable to use.

Paying your bills with Mobile digital wallets has surpassed credit cards, debit cards usage and is slowly beginning to replace the traditional payment methods.

There are many best e-wallet in India 2020 through which you can easily make payments and live in cashless time. The E-Wallets in India also helps you to pay your utility bills, recharges, food items, and much more. 

Mobile Wallets are evolving quickly as they help in growing the speed of transaction, particularly for e-commerce groups and all e-commerce marketplaces have combined with such mobile wallets too.

So keep reading to know the top 13 e-wallets in India through which you can make secure payments. 

Top 13 E-Wallets In India

With that being said, now we are here with some of the most widespread and advanced mobile wallet assistance in India which you can rely on. So without any additional ado, let's begin with our list of Best Mobile Wallets in India. All the Mobile Wallets which we have mentioned helps you in making your payments easy and comfortable with many other benefits. So, Keep reading to know more about it.


Here we have mentioned the best online wallet for you to make your payments using them and also save money with the digital wallets. 


Best Online Wallet

Future Pay

India, 2013


Paytm Wallet

August 2010



April 2019



August 2010


Amazon Pay


Seattle, Washington United States


December 2015


HDFC PayZapp

June 2015


ICICI Pocket

June 1994


Yono SBI

November 2017



December 2016


Google Pay

January 2018


Citi MasterPass


New York, U.S.

Oxigen Wallet

September 2015


1. Future Pay

Future Pay is an online payment app. It is India's most accessible digital wallet to buy over Future Group outlets such as Big Bazaar, Brand Factory, Central, fbb, Food Bazaar, and Ezone. It also lets you control all your loyalty accounts at your fingertips. 

It also helps you by letting you buy groceries, clothes, and much more. Future Group that runs D-Mart, the famous line of shops and online. Future Pay app enables you to shop at pay at stores served by the Future Group, including D-Mart, fbb, Brand Factory, Central and others.


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2. Paytm

Paytm is one of the largest mobile trade platforms in India, offering its consumers a digital wallet India Government to save money and make fast payments.

Paytm was launched in 2010, and it is the best e-wallets in India as Paytm runs on a semi-closed form and has a mobile market, where a user can load money and make payments to retailers who have operational tie-ups with the business. 

Paytm wallet is a mobile wallet online which can be used to transfer money, bill payments, and get all the services from dealers from travel, entertainment and retail industry and more. Unlike other banks where you can walk in and demand KYC finish, Paytm has selected certain retailers. And often, these retailers charge a little assistance free for developing your KYC.

One can also experience unbelievable Paytm cashback offers varying from 10% – 70%, which is very much helpful for people looking forward to buying expensive & blazed products online.

There is also a Paytm updated wallet system that presents a user to make a user make monthly sales up to one lakh rupees which before was ten thousand rupees.

Paytm also allows coupon codes from commencing coupon stores available online and encourages a user to earn new discounts in all their assistance.


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3. MobiKwik

MobiKwik is one of the best Mobile Wallets in India, which connects 25 million users with 50,000 retailers and much more. It is an independent mobile payment network which has a mobile wallet.

MobiKwik was one of the leading digital payment wallets to appear in India and was initially useful for discounts on mobile phone account recharges. It remains to enjoy public recognition, though it's been dominated by other opponents in the market in recent years.

It lets the users add money using debit/credit card, net banking and even doorstep Payment collecting services, the digital wallets can, in turn, be used to recharge, pay utility bills and shop at marketplaces. It is in the list of Top 5 trending mobile wallets in India because of several reasons, and for most of the people, it is Safe!!


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4. Freecharge

Freecharge is the best e-wallet app in India, and it is one of the most popular apps right now when it comes to digital payment, and has been known to target the teens in all their advertisements. 

Kunal Shah and Sandeep Tandon established Freecharge in 2010, to make it easier for oneself to buy through their digital wallets in India.

Freecharge proceeds to offer marvellous discounts on cell-phone call and data recharges. This is an excellent app that enables you to save money through their numerous promos and special offers.

With a comparable amount of coupons given for every recharge you make, it's an excellent option to save while paying your bills online. 

The Freecharge digital wallet in India can be used to make both online as well as offline payments. Similarly, you can also use Freecharge to make amounts at dealers like Hypercity, McDonald's, Cinepolis, Shoppers Stop, HomeStop, Crosswords, and more.


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5. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an online payments processing service that is owned by Amazon. Begun in 2007 globally and India in 2017, Amazon Pay uses the user base of Amazon. It concentrates on allowing users to pay with their Amazon accounts on external merchant websites and apps like BigBazaar etc. You also get to shop on Amazon using Amazon Pay digital wallets. 

There're innumerable things you can do with an Amazon app such as mobile furthermore DTH recharge, online shopping, paying eatery bills and booking air tickets from Amazon Travels too.

Amazon Pay makes it simple for users to buy goods on Amazon and pay for it through affordable monthly instalments. So, this could be the Best Mobile Wallets in India 2020 for you as it opens up to many discount and offers!!


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6. PhonePe

In the list of top 8 e-wallets in India then next is PhonePe which was started in 2015 and in just four years it has been able to cross the 100 million download mark. 

From UPI payments to recharges, money transfers to online bill payments, you can do it all on PhonePe. It's got a very excellent user interface and is one of the most reliable and fastest Best Mobile Wallets and Digital Payment Apps in India experiences.

This wallet includes many other characteristics, like Sending and receiving money via UPI / Bank transfer / direct wallet to wallet transfer. You also get an opportunity to Split bills with your friends or family, which is not feasible in Paytm or most other E-wallets.

Also, you can complete your mobile / DTH recharges, pay electricity, data card, landline, gas, water, and broadband bills, and much more. You can also pay for Municipal tax, Insurance policies, and buy Gold with this best E-Wallets. It is way forward of Paytm when it proceeds to the number of benefits you get for trading with household chores.


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7. HDFC PayZapp

PayZapp is the best e-wallets in India, and it is a complete payment explication giving you the power to pay in just One Click. PayZapp digital wallets let you recharge your mobile, DTH and data card, pay utility bills, compare and book flight tickets, bus and hotels, shop, buy movie tickets, music and groceries. It helps you to avail great offers at SmartBuy, and send money to anyone in your phone book.

It is one of the Top 10 Mobile Wallets in India for Online Payment because it is easy, safe, reliable, and brings discount and offers for you.

PayZapp card isn't a real debit card. Alternatively, it resembles on the PayZapp app, finished with the 16-digit debit card number and three-digit Card Verification Value (CVV) along with vital features such as your name and date of expiry.

You can store cash directly from any bank account, demand cash or even link a bank account with PayZapp. It also gives fantastic discounts for in-app shopping and different retailer terminals that sign-up for improvements.

PayZapp is widely believed at most dealers that allow mobile wallet payments. Additionally, they sometimes offer discounts and distinctive offers on mobile recharge too.


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8. ICICI Pocket

Pockets by ICICI is a digital bank that offers a Mobile Wallets in India 2020 for its customers and one of the best e-wallet in India 2019 and now too. It gives the advantage of using any bank account in India to fund your mobile wallet and pay for purchases.

With Pockets, one can transfer money, recharge, book tickets, send gifts and split expenses with friends. These best payment app in India 2019 uses a virtual VISA card that allows its users to transact on any website or mobile application in India and gives private deals or packages from associated brands.

For a little fee, you can also get a real debit card for your Pockets mobile wallet. This Visa-branded debit card can be done at brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping. It gives various app-based discounts and exclusive offers too.

A major improvement with Pockets: you can get massive discounts and allowances from online stores such as Amazon and Flipkart, among others. 

That's because these online stores often begin developments with ICICI Bank. You can get the best discount when you pay from your ICICI Bank or its debit card of the mobile wallet.


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9. Yono SBI

Yono SBI is another type of digital wallets in India. It is a mobile wallet application, and it was begun by State Bank of India to let you do the money transfer to your friends, family or anyone and bank accounts. With the Yono SBI, you can pay bills, recharge, book for movies, hotels, shopping as well as travel, and much more.  

This Digital Wallet is a semi-closed prepaid wallet that allows its services in 13 languages and is available for non-SBI users too. This digital wallet India government also enables you to set reminders for dues, money transfers and view the mini-statement for the activities carried out.



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10. BHIM App

Bharat Interface for Money is the well-known mobile wallet online, and it is based on the Unified Payments Interface and helps all Indian banks on all mobile devices.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched BHIM e-wallet for Android and iOS users. The BHIM App is the most notable example of Make in India which is based on the Unified Payment Interface and has crossed 10 million downloads on Google's PlayStore.
This BHIM app allows you to attach with all your bank accounts and make instant payments using the VPA or by scanning a QR code. BHIM also allows balance enquiry of your bank account.
With this digital wallets, you can make payments for your groceries, shopping, Bill Payment, and much more.


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11. Google Pay

With Google Pay, you can use digital cash and make payments for your shopping, completing mobile bills, electricity bills, and much more. It is fast gaining popularity across India, and by now many people have downloaded the app and start using it. As it is the most accessible app for you to make your payments done!!

Google Pay is a digital payment app for the people you have a lot of Gmail contacts or know their mobile numbers. Through this mobile wallet, you can send money using the VPA. However, you'll have to attach your bank account linked with your phone number. It doesn't allow balance enquiry.

Using Google Pay, you can now pay and receive amount with accuracy from your bank account, and it runs with all banks which help UPI (most of the Indian limitations have already completed it).

Paying someone is super simple, you can either send payments overhead UPI to other personalities UPI address or by accessing their bank features. Two Google Pay users are free to immediately pay and receive payments by utilizing mobile number/ email address or by the QR code presented within the app.

All the transactions are securely transmitted by Google servers under multiple levels of protection. It is much more accessible to follow payments, due to its chat-like interface for each meeting where you can watch the money received and sent. Also, you can forward even text messages. 

The app also highlights Request money from friends and family security. You can also recharge your smartphone using the related and even automate it.


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12. Citi MasterPass

Citi MasterPass is one of the e-wallet payment systems in India which was launched by Citi Bank India and MasterCard. It is India's first global digital wallet which supports you to make the checking out process faster on e-commerce sites. 

The co-branded MasterPass solution is the first of its kind Asia and Indian marketplace.
Users also get the advantages of assistance like storing all your credit, debit, loyalty cards, and shipping details in one place. Citi Bank credit and debit card users are able to shop with more than 2,50,000 online dealers.

Once you've collected all your pay and shipping details in your Citi Wallet, click on the MasterPass key and it will take care of the rest.


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13. Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen wallet allows what it calls as a cash administration resolution. Oxigen wallet has the characteristics of a mobile wallet and mobile payments app. They also oxigen wallet offers an implicit debit card for online and offline shopping. Oxigen is growing pretty familiar with several retailers and shoppers in modern times.


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What Is The Best Mobile Wallet in India or Digital E-Wallet App?

A mobile wallet or digital e-wallet is nothing but a digitized account of the virtual bank account with insufficient activity conveniences. Anyone can start a mobile e-wallet only just by downloading the app from the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

The mobile wallet can be combined with UPI payment assistance for P2P money transfer or NFC technology for contactless payment assistance. Some mobile wallet app in India gives a virtual Debit card, which you can use for any e-commerce website across India.

Benefits Of Using Digital Wallet India Government

Mobile Wallets have been one of the most prominent advantages of the government's demonetization move, with India quickly waking up to the accessibility they offer. 

  • Easy Approachability –Using a mobile wallet for day to day activities is straightforward; to begin with. Downloading the app and generating a user ID and password is all you need to do here. It is as secure as logging in to your Gmail or Facebook account from your smartphone.
  • Easy to load money– You can add money to your wallet in quickly via net banking, credit card or debit card. Being able to store these features saves you from the annoyance of recording these details every time you make a purchase and preserves time.
  • Variety of uses– Beginning from bill payments for DTH, postpaid, data card and broadband to buying air, bus or train tickets, you can use an e-wallet for a kind of transactions. From paying at your local Kirana stores to funding for your services like gas, water and electricity, the reach of mobile wallets has spread far and wide.
  • Split bill ability– Being able to split payments with friends is another significant advantage. Freecharge and Mobikwik users can split their bills only by recording the amount and the number of people who are required to pay their share. These wallets will automatically create a link which you can send to people who owe you money. 
  • Assures timely instalments– You can also make use of the auto-pay ability to make future bill payments automatically, from your wallet balance on a pre-determined time.
  • Incentives and Advances– Each mobile wallet comes with its own set of reasons. E-wallets give lots of money-saving avenues for discounts, cashbacks, offers and gifts. You can avail the maximum by going into the offer section and making maximum use of promo codes.
  • Immediate transfer of funds– Money wallets have made sending and receiving money fast and secure. And on the top of that, currently, there are no transaction charges levied for giving money anywhere, anytime, thus making it a better option.

So these are the 13 Best Mobile Wallet Apps in India [2020] For Android & iOS for you to make your payment easy and reliable. Make the world digital with the digital wallets which have now gained a lot of attention for all kinds of mortgages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which e-wallet is best?

A1. The best E-Wallets in India are the Paytm, MobiKwik, PhonePe, BHIM UPI, and many more are the best ones.

Q2. Is Paytm safe?

A2. Yes!! Paytm is safe and not just Paytm the other digital apps through which you do payments and transactions are safe to use. They all are reliable and easy to use.

Q3. What's the best online wallet in India?

A3. The best Online Wallet in India is Paytm, MobiKwik, FuturePay, PhonePe, Freecharge, Amazon Pay, and many more for you. All the E-Wallets in India are free to download and can get used while paying your grocery, Apparel Shopping, and man more payments through your phone in just a click.