What is Cashback Confirmation Time?

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Hello Guys! I hope you are having a nice time shopping via FreeKaaMaal. 

While shopping, one thing that always comes to mind is - when will the cashback be confirmed? We also get a lot of queries on this topic from users.

And we understand your concern.  You want to receive the money as early as possible. 

So in this post, I try to clear all your doubts on the cashback confirmation time. 

If you have recently started shopping via FreeKaaMaal or have any doubt about cashback confirmation time, keep reading to know more. 


Cashback confirmation time


Cashback Confirmation Time

The first thing is to understand the confirmation time. It is a thing where most new users have doubts. Before any purchase, you can check out the cashback confirmation time from the store page. 

For instance: If you want to check the confirmation time for Kapiva, you need to visit the Kapiva store page link - (https://freekaamaal.com/kapiva). On the store page, you will all information clearly mentioned. 

To check cashback for any store, simply add the name of the store to https://freekaamaal.com/. Open the URL and you will see the cashback confirmation time for that store. 

How to calculate My Cashback Confirmation Time?

The cashback confirmation period is always calculated from the 1st day of the new month. Let me explain it with a simple example.

If you purchase on 22 December, the cashback confirmation period starts from 1 January. And if the confirmation period is 90 business days, then your cashback will be confirmed on 90 business days beginning on 1 January. 

Some users believe that the confirmation time starts from the date of purchase, which is a wrong concept. But in reality, it is always calculated from the start of next month. 

I hope all your doubts on cashback confirmation time are clear and if you have any more queries, please feel free to comment below, or you can write to us at support@FreeKaaMaal.com.

Keep Shopping & earning lucrative cashback with FreeKaaMaal!

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