Best Trekking Shoes In India [Updated 2020]

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Trekking makes you feel free and empowered in some or the other way. If you are looking for the best trekking shoes in India, one needs to have complete knowledge about the same. 

Trekking shoes are important equipment while trekking as your trek depends on how your shoes work on different and difficult terrains. With these top 12 trekking shoes in India you can never make a wrong choice.

A good pair like Woodland trekking shoes or Adidas trekking shoes offer you the desired features for an ideal trek. They are as important a tool for trekking as other equipment. Check out the top 12 trekking shoes in India with price.

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Top 12 Best Trekking Shoes In India With Price

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From best mountain trekking shoes to most popular trekking shoes for men & women, each pair of shoes comes with a different design made for a specific terrain like mountains, hills and snow. This guide will give you the necessary details about trekking shoes to buy in India.

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Best Trekking Shoes 



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Salomon L40461300 Synthetic Quest Prime GTX

Rs. 16,499



Adidas Ax2 Mid Trekking And Hiking Boots 

Rs. 3,999



Coasters Unisex- Adult Trekking & Hiking Shoes

Rs. 1,299



Quechua NH150 Shoes

Rs. 4,499



Wildcraft Men's RuNX TR Hugo

Rs. 3,995



Forclaz Trek100 Men's trekking Shoe

Rs. 6,999



FURO by Red Chief

Rs. 1,995



Wildcraft Hypagrip TRKNiQ X W Trekking Shoes

Rs. 5,995



Quechua MH 100 Mid Women's Waterproof Mountain Hiking Shoes

Rs. 3,499



QUECHUA FORCLAZ 500 HIGH Women's Waterproof Walking Boots

Rs. 4,999



Salomon L39350800 Ellipse 2 Aero W Women's Hiking Shoes

Rs. 5,849



Decathlon Women’s Hiking Shoes NH100 (Mid Ankle)

Rs. 1,399



Review of the best trekking shoes in India 

Taking you through the details and information on best trekking shoes to buy in India, this guide is all you need to select your favourite pair of trekking or hiking shoes.

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1) Salomon L40461300 Synthetic Quest Prime GTX (Men)

Salomon L40461300 is a Salomon legendary fit combined with soft cushioning & protection. the very lightweight quest prime gtx is an athletic backpacking boot that will deliver miles of comfort on all types of terrain.


  • It gives a high performance . The Eva foam provides shock attenuation

  • Made from Suede leather that allows for a longer wear & durability

  • It has regular quick laces with eyelets

  • Mesh & textile lining soft and breathable for extreme comfort

  • Prevents debris from entering the shoes.

  • It has a protective rubber, leather or Synthetic material over the toe area.

 Price : Rs.16,499 

Where to buy: Decathlon and Amazon

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2) Adidas Ax2 Mid Trekking And Hiking Boots (Men)

Adidas Ax2 Mid Trekking And Hiking Boots offer a high-top design that supports your ankles on rough and difficult terrains .


  • They are durable and light-weight in design.

  • They have an excellent ground traction & grip. 

  • They have a comfortable sole for longer treks. 

  • Best for trekking in the monsoon season with great water resistant grip.

  • Made up of synthetic material  

Price: Rs. 3,999

Where to buy: Amazon


3) Coasters Unisex- Adult Trekking & Hiking Shoes

It is a budget friendly, lace-up styled trekking shoe made up of durable synthetic material. It has a thick sole containing rubber which offers anti-slip & water-resistant properties.


  • It has good traction and grip on slippery terrain. 

  • This shoe is water-resistant. 

  • It  is easy to clean and maintain. Among the best trekking shoes in India. 

  • It is suitable for trekking with no steep climbing

  • It comes with metal rings on the lace holes that prevent wear & tear over time. 

Price: Rs. 1,299

Where to buy: Amazon


4) Quechua NH150 Shoes (Men)

NH150 is the upgraded version of NH100 since it is water-resistant. They are the best waterproof trekking shoes in India. Not desirable for mountainous regions.


  • These boots can last up to 2 hours in water/wet areas. It has a water-resistant coating as well as an anti-water membrane to protect your feet.
  • It offers CrossContact sole with mid-ankle support. 
  • They are suitable for coastal and forest regions, but not suited for difficult terrains like the Himalayas. 
  • Extremely good in slippery and wet areas.
  • It is made of synthetic material.

Price: Rs. 4,499
Where to buy: Decathlon and Amazon


5) Wildcraft Men's RuNX TR Hugo (Men)

Wildcraft Men's RuNX TR Hugo are amongst the most popular trekking shoes for slip resistance on uneven/difficult terrains & incredible ground traction.


  • These boots are high ankle length along with a plush collar for massive ankle support. Anti-slip laces remain untangled during the trek.
  • Comes with TPU protection as well as a dustproof mesh.
  • Extra cushioned sole for comfort and shock absorption.

Price: Rs. 3,995
Where to buy: Wildcraft, Amazon and Flipkart


6) Forclaz Trek100 Men's trekking Shoe (Men)

Forclaz 500 High is one of the best trekking shoes for high altitude. They are a little premium on the price range, but the performance on different terrains is incredibly good.


  • Super lightweight
  • These shoes are water-resistant and breathable. 
  • Made of polyester and leather 
  • These are the best mountain trekking shoes for great grip & traction on hard as well as wet areas.
  • These boots can last upto 4 hours in water.
  • A good investment for the long run since these boots do not wear & tear easily.
  • Great for low altitudes hikes or treks.

Price: Rs. 6,999
Where to buy: Decathlon


7) FURO by Red Chief (Men)

FURO trekking shoes offer anti-skid and shock absorbing features which will prevent you from slipping by giving incredible grip while trekking. These shoes are durable and sustainable.


  • Provides stability to your feet because the rubber sole can withstand the massive strain.
  • It comes with a sweat absorbing system, making it super breathable.
  • Provides a good grip on frozen snow surfaces and remains water-resistant.
  • Best suited for forest and low altitude region treks and hikes.

Price: Rs. 1,995
Where to buy: Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra.


8) Wildcraft Hypagrip TRKNiQ X W Trekking Shoes (Women)

Wildcraft Hypagrip TRKNiQ X W Trekking Shoes are premium trekking shoes with quick-dry technology because of high quality & breathable mesh upper. Comfortable to wear and provides longevity.


  • Provide incredible grip and traction.
  • They are slip-resistant on uneven or challenging terrains. 
  • These shoes are suited for rough terrains.
  • These shoes are water-resistant as well as anti-odour.
  • It is made up of leather.

Price: Rs. 5,995
Where to buy: Wildcraft and Flipkart

9) Quechua MH 100 Mid Waterproof Mountain Hiking Shoes (Women)

 Quechua MH 100 Mid Waterproof Mountain Hiking Shoes offer complete cushioning, good ankle support as well as a waterproof membrane to protect from wet & snow areas. Well suited for difficult terrains.


  • They are sturdy and durable mountain shoes made for hiking and trekking.
  • Suitable for different weather conditions and challenging & difficult terrains during hikes or treks.
  • The attached cross-contact sole offers incredible balance for both rough and slippery terrain. 
  • These boots come with a two-year warranty.

Price: Rs. 3,499
Where to buy: Decathlon and Amazon


10) QUECHUA FORCLAZ 500 HIGH Waterproof Boots (Women)

QUECHUA FORCLAZ 500 HIGH Waterproof Boots offer outer leather layer and durable synthetics. The Forclaz 500 High is lightweight. This shoe is not recommended for high rough altitudes.


  • Great shoes for sprints on dry, tough and wet terrains.
  • The padding of the inside of the shoe offers support and balance.
  • Extra strength laces make sure the best grip possible. 
  • They are meant for treks and hike since they are extremely durable.
  • Offers a water-resistant system and is made up of breathable fabric.
  • Suitable for long hikes in forests and coastal regions.

Price: Rs 4,999
Where to buy: Amazon

11) Salomon L39350800 Ellipse 2 Aero W Hiking Shoes (Women)


Salomon L39350800 Ellipse 2 Aero W Hiking Shoes are extremely Lightweight and breathable, They deliver a perfect fit and style for low altitude trekking and hiking.


  • These shoes are made up of suede leather.
  • These shoes offer longevity and durability. 
  • It comes in a low-cut profile to maximize your freedom of movement. 
  • Sensifit technology holds the foot from the midsole to the laces, giving you an extremely secure grip. 
  • Extremely breathable shoes and super quick-drying technology.
  • Offers a heel-cap that helps in stability and protection of the foot.

Price: Rs. 5,849
Where to buy: Amazon


12) Decathlon Hiking Shoes NH100 (Mid Ankle) (Women)

Decathlon Hiking Shoes NH100 (Mid Ankle) are heavy-duty shoes that let you trek in uneven terrains as well as challenging conditions as they have inbuilt synthetic toe buber to protect you from stone and any strain caused by them.


  • These shoes offer impact protection technology that will let your feet bear major strain & stress.
  • Foot protected by synthetic stone-guard
  • Extremely cushioned and super lightweight
  • Suitable for flat terrains like plateaus and low altitude hills.
  • They are not water-resistant.

Price: Rs. 1,399
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and Decathlon

Main factors before buying trekking shoes

  • Kind of terrain on which you will trek, i.e. uneven rocky terrain, high altitude ice-capped mountains, coastal or forest regions, hills and paved trail.
  • Duration of the trek since the shoes wear out under extreme conditions, i.e. long expeditions, excursion or short treks/hikes.
  • The Weather conditions during your trek/hike, i.e. monsoon, snowfall or dry summer.
  • The weight of your body and the baggage you will carry.


Before embarking on your trek, a lot of considerations are required to be completely equipped for anything and everything. Trekking shoes can be your best companion as well as the deal-breaker during your trek. This is why the information given here is crucial to understand.

Type Of trekking shoes can vary from terrain to terrain, i.e. hiking shoes are ideal for short treks where you do not carry heavy baggage, trekking shoes are ideal for long expeditions on different terrains as they provide great ankle support and grip and mountaineering boots are made for snow glaciers, high uneven rocks and ice crevasses. So when you make a purchase do remember to consider the main features which each shoe offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are sports shoes good for trekking?
Sport Shoes are good for running and sprinting but not suitable for trekking since they are not rugged enough to withstand the surface of different terrains. Also, sports shoes do not last as long as trekking shoes.

2) What is the difference between hiking and trekking shoes?
Trekking boots are sturdy boots designed for adventurous expeditions which are made for all types of challenging terrains as well as support massive weight whereas hiking boots are lightweight and provide a certain amount of support depending on the weight you carry and are not recommended for difficult/harsh terrains.

3) Which are the best trekking shoes in India?
The best trekking shoes in India are :

  • Quechua NH100 Shoes
  • Quechua NH150 Shoes
  • Wildcraft Men's RuNX TR Hugo
  • Forclaz Trek100 Men's trekking Shoe

4) Are Quechua shoes good?
Quechua is a Decathlon brand which offers good quality products at low prices that are durable and reliable.

5) Are trekking shoes waterproof?
No, not all the trekking shoes are water-resistant. Different shoes offer different benefits depending on where they used for and the price point.

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