10 Best Sandals For Men In India - For A Comfortable And Elegant Walk

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Comfortable Sandals are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of walking or carrying on any outdoor activity. Being an active person calls for having equally compatible and supportive footwear. We need to know the best sandals for men in India to facilitate all men out there to help them choose only the best for their feet.

Feet require the most attention as they are often the most ignored part of our bodies. Various brands cater to this segment of products and help men ease their daily activities by giving comfort to their feet. These brands have different criteria and USPs on which they work and segregate their products from others. 

We need to know which are the best sandals in India and decide what brand to choose for best comfort. 

All these queries are answered and explained in detail in the article below. Please read the complete article to get your questions answered  and know about the top 10 men's sandals and give your feet the comfort they demand.

Also, if you wish to be further briefed about top footwear brands in India, kindly visit this page, and read here.

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Why Do We Need A Good Pair Of Sandals?

The feet need rest and proper care. We often don't understand the relevance of foot care. We feel tired all day if our feet are not adequately comforted. A good pair of sandals ensure all-day comfort. Some of the best sandals for men amazon are good for your feet and are stylish to look at. 

It is highly recommended to use a comfortable pair of sandals for a better day. As per expert orthopaedists, a good pair of sandals are medically advised to avoid bone disassembling, joint pains, and arthritis. Also, if the feet are not taken care of properly, it gets hazardous for patients with diabetes and other chronic ailments. People with diabetes are advised to use airy and comfortable sandals as they need to take care of their feet more.

So it becomes essential to talk about the best sandals for men in India and where we can buy them.

Let us have a look.

Top 10 Sandals For Men 2021- Latest And Comfortable





1,421 - 2,799



2,599 - 4,490



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1,365 - 2,799.



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Reebok is a brand and a known name in the segment of footwear. The brand provides high-quality sandals that are trendy and best for daily outdoor activities. This pair is made of synthetic material, and its sole is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which ensures high comfort. These are stylish sandals for men for regular use. The closure type is hook and loop and is an open-toe sandal for air passage. 

The manufacturers and sellers have a due warranty to ensure a pure and authentic product with longer life.

Available Sizes- From Brand Size Of 6- 12

Available Colour- 5 colours


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2. Nike

Nike is a big brand with immense popularity. It provides a premium footwear range, and its sandals are trendy.

This pair of sandals has a foam sole and a medium width. Its closure is simple with a slip-on or hook and loop. These are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. 

The sole provides a good grip for trek walks and rainy days. They are one of the best waterproof sandals for men. These sandals for men nike, are highly comfortable and durable.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 12

Available Colour- 7 Colours


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3. Woodland

Woodland is a name in rough and rugged outdoor activities. This footwear brand is famous for intense outings. These sandals are one of the must-haves for those who are active and supercharged for intense workouts.

These sandals are made of leather and have a slip-on closure. The width is regular and is best for everyday outdoor activities. These are tied with lace closure and are warranted by the sellers and manufacturers.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 11

Available Colour- 4 Colours


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Puma is well known\. These sandals from the brand are made of synthetic material and rubber. These have a hook and loop closure type.

These sandals are best for casual wear with a round toe and regular width. They can be worn on walks, the beach, and normal daily activities. The manufacturer and seller provide a good warranty on them.

These are some of the best sandals for men Flipkart as well as other e-commerce platforms.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 12

Available Colour- 7 Colours


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Bata is a good brand and has high popularity in all the segments of customers. This brand provides some of the best sandals for men under 500, highly comfortable on-budget sandals.

These have a leather sole and synthetic leather outer material. Its hook and loop closure ensures a firm grip, and the round toe ensures the best comfort. The manufacturers and sellers provide a warranty on them.

These are some of the good choices for casual wear leather sandals.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 5- 11

Available Colour- 2 Colours


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Paragon has a good range of affordable men's sandals for its broad customer base. It is a known brand with high durability and popularity. Its sole is made of cork and has a buckle closure. The width of the footwear is medium, and the outer material is synthetic. The manufacturer provides a warranty on the same. These are the best comfortable sandals men's in India.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 7- 10

Available Colour- 4 Colours


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Adidas is a popular name, and these sandals from the brand have a rubber sole and hook and loop closure. These are highly comfortable and durable. The sandals from Adidas can be worn on multiple occasions as they give comfort with style on point. These are highly popular among sports lovers and are widely used.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 12

Available Colour- 4 Colours


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8. Sparx

Sparx has a good range of footwear and has great sandals for men under 500. These sandals are made of synthetic leather and have faux leather soles. The closure is of hook and loop and has a width of medium size. These are open-toe footwear with a warranty from the side of the manufacturer.

Sparx is highly famous and widely used.These are one of the sandals for men's lowest price.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 10

Available Colour- 3 Colours


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Centrino has a wide variety of sandals in different colours for super comfort and the best style statement. The sole of these fashion sandals is made of leather and has a hook and loop closure. The width of the sandals is medium and is highly durable.

The footwear from Centrino has a range of some of the latest sandals for mens 2021

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 11

Available Colour- 11 Colours


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The campus has a good range of sandals for men. If you are looking for 

best men's sandals for your feet, Campus has a wide range and options for you.

The sole of these durable and trendy sandals is made of rubber and has a hook and loop closure. The outer material is synthetic and is one of the best casual wear options. You can pair them with jeans and a t-shirt to have a perfect relaxed evening look.

Available Sizes-From Brand Size Of 6- 10

Available Colour- 7 Colours


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A proper pair of sandals is all you require for your next big active day. Choose wisely from the list above and according to your day’s activities and comfort needs.

How to choose the best sandal?

Choosing the right pair of sandals is equally essential as choosing the best sandals brand for men online. Sometimes even when you have bought the best brand, paid the best price; still, the sandals are a misfit for your feet. So there are a couple of points that should be kept in mind before buying the right pair of sandals and footwear.

These are:

  • Always Choose The Right Fit

The right fit of your sandals is highly recommended as it is vital for the structure of your feet. If you do not wear the right fit, your feet will be uncomfortable all day and have permanent destruction or internal injuries.

They will hurt all day and have the chance of minor to major injuries.

  • Ensure Complete Comfort

While choosing the best men's sandals for walking India, keep in mind that the sandals ensure complete comfort all day. Comfortable sandals are a must for a busy outdoor day. You don't want to be fatigued without completing your essential task.

  • Choose The Activity Then Choose Your Sandals

Always choose your sandals according to the activity planned for the day. Busy and rough days require solid sandals that are tough all day. Casual outings need a trendy and stylish pair. Work wear is also different from the party wearing sandals. Be sure where you are heading while choosing your sandals.

  • Better Gripped Sandals

The grip is essential when we talk about god sandals. Sandals are supposed to support you all day. A good grip is highly recommended while choosing the right pair of sandals. The grip of your sandals should be firm and anti-slippery.

  • Have The Right Sole

The right sole of your sandals does all the magic. A good sandal is judged by its good sole. A sole is a highly important part of your footwear. Choose your sandals according to the sole it has. A comfortable sole is highly required to carry on your daily activities with ease.

So we see how vital a suitable pair of sandals is and how essential it is to buy from a reputed and comforting brand. Remember to choose the right pair for your next outdoor activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which are the best sandals in India?

A.There are various brands in India that have some of the best sandals for men. These are- Reebok, Nike, Paragon, Bata, Pua, etc.

Q.Which brand is best for men's sandals?

A.Nike, Adidas, Paragon have some of the best brands of sandals for men.

Q.What men's sandals are in style for 2021?

A.Nike, Reebok, Centrino have some stylish sandals for men on different budget ranges.

Q.Which sandals are long-lasting?

A.Sandals that have good quality soles manufactured by a reputed brand with years of expertise are long-lasting.


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