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Jack Daniel has some wise words to say, “Drink a bottle of whiskey and everything will be okay.”

Looking for the best variant of Jack Daniels Price In Delhi to ease out your day? Well, this article can help you out. Here, I will discuss the prices of all the Jack Daniels variants and sizes, along with the benefits of having this whisky. 

With an annual revenue of 1.04 Billion, over 14 million Jack Daniel's whiskey 9-litre cases are sold worldwide every year. The basic or average price for Jack Daniel's in Delhi is INR 3250. However, the actual price varies based on volume and variant.

Therefore, to know about this premium Jack Daniels Whisky, hold on to this article until the end.

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Jack Daniels Price In Delhi

List Of Jack Daniels Price In Delhi

Below, I have curated a list of Jack Daniels Price In Delhi based on different variants. So, to know more about them, scroll down and go through the table till the end. 


Jack Daniels Price In Delhi

Jack Daniels [Old No. 7 Whisky]

₹3250 For 750 ml

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

₹3250 For 750 ml

Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whisky

₹3290 For 750 ml

Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

₹3290 For 1 Litre

Jack Daniels Master Distiller Whisky

₹3790 For 750 ml

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whisky

₹4490 For 750 ml

Jack Daniels [Single Barrel Whisky]

₹7400 For 750 ml

About Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is known as one of the best premium whisky brands in India. Tennessee whiskey is sold under the Jack Daniel's brand. It is made at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, which is currently owned by the Brown–Forman Corporation. The combined value of Jack Daniel's family of brands was more than 16.1 million equivalent adjusted cases, including variations such as Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Apple, Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Fire, and ready-to-drink (RTD) products. The best corn, barley malt, and rye are used to make the whisky brand. These ingredients combine with the iron-free water that mostly comes from the Cave Spring. In the table below, I have mentioned some crucial Information regarding the Jack Daniels brand that you should know.



Brand Name

Jack Daniel



Who is the Manufacturer?

Jack Daniel

Country Origin

Lynchburg, Tennessee, U.S.

Total Number of Variants


Alcohol By Volume



Smooth And Slightly Sweet

Area served


Variants Of Jack Daniels Whisky

Check out all the variants of Jack Daniel Whisky below. 

  • Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Whisky: Drop by drop, it is mellowed over ten feet of sugar maple charcoal and matured in our own hand-crafted barrels. Furthermore, these Tennessee Whiskeys don't adhere to a schedule. Only when certified by the tasters is it ready. We assess it based on its appearance and fragrance, not to mention how it tastes. That is the method that Jack Daniel used more than a century ago and how we continue to do it now.

  • Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Whisky: To attain remarkable smoothness, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing, drawing inspiration from the founder and the original gentleman distiller. Its well-balanced flavour is ideal for commemorating both the major life events and all the little moments in between.

  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey: A unique and unmistakably Jack taste created from a blend of Tennessee whiskey Jack Daniel's and their own proprietary honey liqueur. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey delivers a taste of the unexpected with its naturally smooth finish and honeyed undertones. 

  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whisky: Only Jack Daniel's can deliver this apple-flavoured whiskey, which is perfect for enjoying at home in a cool cocktail, as a chilled shot with friends, or slowly sipping on the rocks. 

  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire: Whiskey and fire can sometimes be a winning combination. The Tennessee Fire combines strong charm with warm cinnamon liqueur. 

  • Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Whisky: Single Barrel is bottled at 94-proof. For a Tennessee whiskey with an unparalleled flavour, combine delicate hints of caramel and spice with vibrant fruit notes and sweet aromatics. 

  • Jack Daniels Special Editions: Jack Daniels offers some of the greatest limited and extremely special editions in this category. 

Benefits Of Having Jack Daniels Whisky

Jack Daniels Whiskey is healthy when consumed in moderation. Discover the reason!

  • Lowers Blood Pressure: Daniel's Jack Whiskey lowers blood pressure, combats blood clots, and fights bad cholesterol—all of which reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. 

  • Makes Life Longer: Jack Daniel is high in antioxidants, which help prevent cancer, boost immunity, and shield the body from the damaging effects of chemotherapy.

  • Improves Memory: Everyone knows that having one or two shots of Jack Daniels whisky brightens your brain and makes you more talkative and creative. What if we told you that drinking whiskey in moderation helps you remember things better and reduces your risk of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia? Yes, It does!

  • Prevents Weight Gain: Jack Daniels whiskey has fewer calories and sugar than beer and other mixed drinks, making it a healthier option for those who have diabetes.

  • Enhances Digestion: When consumed in moderation, whiskey increases appetite and helps avoid upset stomachs and overindulgence in food.

  • Reduces Tension: A shot or two of whiskey helps with circulation, stress relief, and nerve calmness.

  • No hangovers: Even small doses of wine and vodka can give you a headache, but if you stick to one or two shots, Jack Daniel's whiskey practically guarantees you won't get a hangover.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Jack Daniels Price In Delhi. Jack Daniels whiskey is more expensive in India than other whiskey brands available, but it tastes so great that I  strongly advise you to invest in this brand because you will enjoy its incredible flavours and taste. After going through this article completely, I believe you must have got all the important information regarding this topic. However, if you still have any queries or suggestions, remember to mention them in our comment segment. Also, share this article with all your alcoholic friends so that they can also seize the opportunity to know the Jack Daniels Price In Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is a bottle of Jack Daniels in Delhi?

A. The starting price for Jack Daniel's in Delhi is INR 3250. However, this is only an estimate, as actual costs vary depending on volume and variety.

Q. Why is Jack Daniel's expensive?

A. The primary cause is time. Whether it is rye, corn, or malt whiskey, whiskey tastes like paint thinner and emerges from the still as clear as water. Distillers at Jack Daniels age whiskey for a number of years in wooden barrels to enhance its flavour and add brown colour.

Q. Which Jack Daniel's is better?

A. While Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select tastes better, you're paying nearly twice as much for it. Every aspect of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is more intense, sweeter, and complex; it is full of chocolate, honey, cherry cola, brown sugar, and just the right amount of malt and woody spice to keep everything in check.

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