Corona Beer Price in India: Alcohol Volume, Types, and More

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Hey, Beer lovers! Do you know the updated Corona Beer Price in India? Are you interested to know its recent price? This article has all the information you are looking for. From alcohol volume to sizes, I have covered everything for Corona Beer lovers. 

When I was in Goa two months ago, someone recommended Corona Beer because it is renowned there. I was with my friends, who only love scotch whiskey and rum, but after hearing about Corona's popularity, we planned to drink it tonight. 

Corona Beer has a crisp and refreshing taste that turns simple moments into timeless memories. This fantastic beer is now our favourite. If you also want to taste this beer, I have shared all the details of Corona Beer Price in India below. Check it out-

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Corona Beer Price in India


List of Corona Beer Price in India (2024)

I have curated a table below that helps you to know about the corona beer price and volume. From Delhi to Assam, I have covered a few states where Corona beer is famous. Have a look-









₹155 – ₹180

₹250 – ₹300



₹185 – ₹225
₹275 – ₹325



₹100 – ₹120

₹150 – ₹180



₹280 – ₹300

₹380 – ₹400



₹200- ₹220
₹280- ₹300




Everything You Need to Know About Corona Beer

After sharing all the details of Corona Beer Price in India, I also want to share alcohol volume, the year introduced, and everything about Corona. See the table given below-



Brand Name


Type of Drink


Alcohol Volume


Origin Country



330ml & 500ml

Introduced Year


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Types of Corona Beer Brand

If you are trying this beer brand for the first time, you might not be familiar with the types of Corona beer brand. Don’t worry; I will share a complete list below to help you-

  • Corona Extra

  • Corona Light

  • Corona Premier

  • Corona Non-alcoholic    

How is the Taste of Corona Beer?

Corona Beer is lighter than other traditional beers. While drinking Corona, you will get a crisp and refreshing taste. When it comes to aroma, you will get a fruity honey with a touch of malt, and the flavour is well-balanced between hops and malt, toward the malt side. 

Want to know about the Food pairing? Most Corona beer lovers eat Chinese and Mexican food with it. They said they had an awesome experience while drinking beer with such delicious food. Moreover, corn nachos can also be paired with Corona beer. Try it now!

Benefits of Drinking Corona Beer

Those who have never tried this amazing beer brand should not miss the points given below. It is all about the benefits of beer. Read out thoroughly-

  • Beer has zero percent calories, and it is low in carbohydrates. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, it does not contain fat or cholesterol. So, fix your weekend with your friends by having Corona beer in one hand. 

  • Say no more heart attacks! Drink the best beer of your choice, and it will eliminate the risk of coronary heart disease by 24%. 

  • Consuming beer may also help with bone density. It is linked to stronger bones in men and postmenopausal women.


The beer was introduced in Mexico, but living in beachside places. Yes, I am talking about Corona beer, which can refresh your mood. This article covers the Corona Beer Price in India, with some essential details such as alcohol volume, types of Corona beer, its taste, and so on. Have you ever tried this beer brand? Want to share your experience with Corona beer? Please drop it in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Corona strong beer?

A1. The total alcohol percentage of Corona beer is 4.5. There are various types of Corona beer available, such as Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Premier, and Corona Non-alcoholic.

Q2. How to drink Corona beer?

A2. To get the best experience of Corona beer, place a lime wedge over the opening of the Corona bottle. After this, squeeze the lime juice into the bottle.

Q3. What to eat with beer?

A3. You can try mouth-watering food like burgers, hearty stews, sushi, fish, and much more.  

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