13 Best Mayonnaise Brands in India (October 2022)

Check out the best Mayonnaise brands in India with top choices, ingredients and more.

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Mayonnaise can be a great addition to your burger, sandwich, or paste. The lip-smacking Mayonnaise makes your food tastier. There are several brands that manufacture Mayonnaise. These brands have also brought in customization by adding more flavors.

Here in this post, we discuss the best Mayonnaise Brands in India. Try the best Mayonnaise in India for a distinct flavor. 

Mayonnaise is mainly of egg but there are eggless options available as well keeping in mind vegetarians. 

Breakfast essentials such as Mayonnaise, Jam, Ketchup, and Peanut butter. make our morning more special. Meanwhile, for the best peanut butter brands in India click here

Choosing From the Best Mayonnaise Brands in India

It is a popular condiment. There are different brands that take care of your love for Mayonnaise. The best Mayonnaise brands in India provide ample choices in terms of price and flavors.

Choosing the best Mayonnaise comes down to your preferences. The brands mentioned in this article are easy to find online 

Top 11 Mayonnaise Brands in India 2022






Del Monte












Dr. Oetkar









Urban Platter



American Garden











1. Funfoods Mayonnaise

The brand was founded by Dr. August Oetker in 1891. Funfoods has its roots in Germany. The brand has a presence in over 40 countries. It is also available in India. In fact, Funfoods is one of the best mayonnaise brands in India. Funfoods is one of the most trusted brands for condiments.

Funfoods entered the Indian market over a decade ago with a wide range of products which have been an instant hit. Fun foods Mayonnaise come in as many as 8 variants. Most of the variants are veg. The regular veg Mayonnaise and tandoori Mayonnaise are among the top-selling products from the brand. 


Dr Oetker Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise Original 875g

Rs. 159


Funfoods Burger Mayonnaise Eggless, 250g

Rs.. 69


Dr.Oetker Funfoods Mayo Classic, 245g

Rs. 69


2. Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Foods is a North American food production company. The brand has over 130-year history. The popular brand is easily available in India. Del Monte Mayonnaise is available in different variants such as eggless may, cheesy Garlic Mayo, Mint Mayo, Egg Mayo, and Tandoori Mayo.

All the variants have a distinctive taste. You can try different variants. Del Monte Cheesy Garlic Mayo is one of my personal favourites. I will recommend you to try it out. It is one of the best offerings of Del Monte. Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise is a 100% vegetarian product. Del Monte Mayonnaise contains no MSG. It is an extremely versatile condiment. Del Monte Mayonnaise can be used as a spread or dip for different snacks and cuisines. 

Best Del Monte Mayonnaise




Del Monte egg less Mayonnaise

Rs. 159


Del Monte Sandwich Spread Mayo, 450g

Rs. 125


3. Veeba

Veeba is one of the best brands for condiments and sauce in India. The brand is ideal for vegetarians. Because non of the products contain eggs. The eggless mayo is made with olive oil. There is no soya bean and canola oil, which makes it a healthy choice as well. The squeezy bottles are easy to use.

You can use Veeba Mayo for burgers and sandwiches. The brand provides many taste variants and flavours. The popular flavours include mint, chilli, and garlic. You can choose any variant as per your taste. If you like spices, then you must try Veeba Chilli Mayo. The prices are attractive as well. 

Best Veeba Mayonnaise


Veeba Eggless Mayonnaise Pouch (875g)

Rs. 169


Veeba Garlic Mayonnaise (250g)

Rs. 66


Veeba Mint Mayonnaise, 300g

Rs. 141


Veeba Chilli Mayonnaise, 275g

Rs. 84


Veeba Olive Oil Mayonnaise, 300g

Rs. 149



4. Cremica

The brand found in 1978 is popular for Mayonnaise, Salad dressings, sauces, spreads and more. Cremica has many flavours and variants in Mayonnaise. The popular variants include burger Mayo, Eggless, Mayo, Egg Mayo, and Lite mayo. Cremica Mayonnasie is available in jars and well as easy to use squeeze packs.

Cremica eggless Mayonnaise is among the most popular products of the company. Then there is also burger mayo, it contains tomato paste, onion, garlic, and lemon juice. It is affordable as well. Cremica Burger Mayo can be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

Best Cremica Mayonnaise




Cremica Mayonnaise Vegetarian 275 g

Rs. 78


5. Wingreen Mayonnaise

Wingreen Farms is a company headquartered in Gurugram, India. The company was founded in 2008, by the husband-wife duo of Arjun and Anju Srivastava. The brand is popular for its range dips, sauces and more.

Wingreen also has some amazing variants in Mayonnaise such as Barbeque Mayonnaise, Italian herb mayonnaise, mint mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise among others. It is a slightly premium brand when it comes to prices.

You can purchase Wingreens Mayonnaise online on Amazon. Barbeque and mint are some of the best flavours of Wingreen. The packaging is unique as well. 

Best Wingreen Mayonnaise


Wingreens Farms Barbeque Mayonnaise 

Rs. 119


Wingreens Farms Italian Herb Mayonnaise, 130g

Rs. 119


Wingreens Farms Mint Mayonnaise, 130g

Rs. 119


Wingreens Farms- Premium Veg Mayo (450g)

Rs. 149


Note: The product prices may change with time. Visit the website to find the latest price

6. Saffola Mayonnaise

Saffola Mayonnaise come in 90g, 250g, and 750g packs. The eggless Saffola Mayonnaise pack the goodness of Vitamin A, D & E. It promise to deliver right balance of sweetness and sourness to make every dish creamier. Saffola is a brand from Marico with versatile products. 

  • Price: Rs. 156 ( 750g)

  • Ratings: 4.3/5

7. Nutralite Cheesy Garlic Eggless Mayonnaise

Nutralite Mayonnaise has a tinge of cheesy garlic that makes the taste stand out. It comes with goodness of Vitamin A, D2, and E. The crexy texture makes it east to spread, scoop and mix. 

Nutralite Mayo is available in 4 exciting variants -Cheesy Garlic, Veg, classic veg & achari. 

  • Price: Rs. 99 (250g)

  • Ratings: 4/5

There are 13 best Mayonnaise brands in India. We have also mentioned the top products for each brand to provide you with a few choices if you are looking to purchase Mayonnaise. Now, we look at the top 5 Mayonnaise you can consider buying in India. 

With online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Bigbasket, and Paytm Mall, among others, you can easily buy the Best Mayonnaise in India. The online stores also help you save on your purchase with discounts. We have mentioned the price in this post, but the prices are subject to change with time.

5 Best Mayonnaise in India


Cremica Burger Mayo, 275g

Rs. 87


Del Monte Eggless Mayo (900g)

Rs. 180


Veeba Olive Oil Mayonnaise (300g)

Rs. 149


Wingreens Farms- Premium Veg Mayo (450g)

Rs. 149


Cremica Mayo Squeeze Pouch, Veg, 875g

Rs. 142


1. Cremica Burger Mayo

If you are a vegetarian, then Cremica Burger Mayo is the first choice. It contains Onion powder, tomato paste, garlic powder, and lemon juice for a refreshingly unique taste. It is affordable as well. Cremica Burger Mayo comes in jar, which makes it easy to spread on your burger or sandwich. It also takes well with salads. The 275gram jar is available for Rs. 87 on Amazon. It is a popular product and you can easily find it at offline stores as well. 

Price: Rs. 87 (275g)

Ratings: 4.3/5

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2. Del Monte Eggless Mayo

Del Monte Eggless Mayo complements your food with its great taste. It is neither too sweet nor too sour in taste. The creamy texture adds to its flavour. It comes in an easy to use squeezy pack. It goes well with all sorts of dishes, sandwiches, fried foods, salads and burgers. It is affordable as well. The 900g squeeze pack is available for Rs. 180 only.  With its popularity, it is easily available at online and offline stores.

Price: Rs. 180 (900g)

Ratings: 4.4

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3. Veeba Olive Oil Mayonnaise

It is made with Olive Oil which makes it a healthier option. Most products have canola oil or soybean oil. It is also free of eggs. Veeba Olive oil Mayonnaise is perfect for vegetarians. You can have it with salads, sandwiches and burgers. It is also 78% fat-free. It is slightly expensive; the 300g squeeze bottle costs Rs. 149. 

Price: Rs. 149(300g)
Ratings: 4/5


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4. Wingreens Farms Premium Veg Mayo

Here is one more healthy option that doesn't use Soyabean oil. The product is made with Sunflower oil. It has a thick and creamy texture. It is available in an easy-to-use squeezy pack. Wingreen Farms mayonnaise tastes great in sandwiches and burgers. It is a vegetarian product as well. It is not very expensive. The 450g pack is available for Rs. 149 only. You can order from Amazon or Wingreen website. 

Price: Rs. 149 (400g)
Ratings: 4.0/5


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5. Cremica Mayo Squeeze Pouch, Veg, 875g

Here is another eggless Mayo for everyday use. It tastes great with sandwiches. It is economically priced as well. The 875g pack costs Rs. 142 only. It has a thick consistency which makes Cremica Mayo a great choice for vegetarians. However, the taste may not be great for people who are used to original mayo with eggs. But if you are a vegetarian, then it is a product you can try. 

Price: 142 (875g)

Ratings: 3.8/5

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How to Choose Best Mayonnaise in India?

Here are some of the factors for choosing the best Mayonnaise in India. Keep the factors in mind while buying Mayonnaise.
Veg or Non-veg Mayonnaise

The mayo can be egg or eggless. The mayo without egg has been widely accepted. In case you don’t have any dietary restrictions, then you can go for mayo with eggs. If you have allergies, then you need to take mayo without eggs.

Choose Healthy oils for nutritional value

You must select healthy mayo that uses sunflower oil instead of canola or soya bean oil. Always check the list of ingredients and check the oil.

Select the flavour based on the preference

Many people say that classic mayo goes with everything, but you can have different mayo flavours for different foods. Burger mayo is best for burgers and also goes well with salads. Spicier mayo goes best with Indian food.

Choose easy-to-use bottles and Jars

Some people prefer mayo in a squeezy bottle, while some others prefer it in a jar. In squeezy bottles, you are not required to use spoons or knives. It is also easy to spread. Squeezy bottles are better if you are using mayo as a dip or adding to your pasta. If you use mayo on burgers or sandwiches, then you might prefer a jar as you can control the quantity of mayo.

Take a look at the price

The price of Mayonnaise varies from brand to brand. Other factors, such as oil, flavours, and packaging, also have an impact on pricing. Keep all the things in mind when comparing the price of different products. 

Buying the Best Mayonnaise Online in India

With the leading online stores, it is easy to choose the best mayonnaise brand in India. The online stores provide a wide variety of choices for every budget and taste. From the different brands available, you can easily choose the one which suits your purpose. You also get doorstep delivery. On top of that, discounts are available as well to take care of your budget. So choose from the best Mayonnaise brands online in India. 

Mayonnaise has become a necessary condiment; it has a wonderful impact on the taste of foods. You can use mayonnaise for midnight cravings or evening snacks. Knowing the difference helps in making the right purchase decision. We have discussed some of the best mayonnaise in India. We hope the information was useful and will help you in choosing the best mayonnaise when you go grocery shopping the next time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the healthiest mayonnaise?

Sunflower oil and olive oil Mayonnaise are available as healthier options. Usually, canola oil or Soyabean oil is used, but if you are looking for a healthier option, then Oliva Oil Mayonnaise is a great choice. It is slightly expensive, but there is not a huge difference in price. 

What is the best oil to use for the mayonnaise?

If you are looking for a healthier option, then Olive oil should be your preferred choice. Most brands use canola oil which is not considered the best choice by many health-conscious people.

Which brand mayonnaise is good?

In this article, we have mentioned the 5 best mayonnaise brands in India. These brands are very good and provide plenty of choices as well. You can easily choose the best Mayonnaise as per your taste.