How To Get Free Delivery On Flipkart?

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Flipkart is one of India’s most popular online shopping destinations. On this platform you can buy almost anything at great prices and in this article, we are going to tell you how to get free delivery on Flipkart. There are a few ways where you too can get all your favorite products delivered to your doorstep without any additional charges. 

There are a number of products available on the site, and it would be an added advantage to save more the next time you shop there. So let us check out the best ways on how to get free delivery from Flipkart. You can keep reading this article for more detailed information. 

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How To Get Free Delivery On Flipkart?

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Flipkart Free Delivery Trick 2022

Getting your preferred product delivered quickly and seamlessly is a great feat. To add a cherry on the top, you can also get it delivered free of charge if you follow the steps that we are going to mention later on. These methods to avail free delivery on Flipkart are a good way for you to save on your online shopping.

Everyone knows that regular shoppers have to spend often, but if you manage to get your hands on these free internet tricks, then you too can save a lot of time, effort, and money in the process. So let us check out tricks one by one.

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Method 1 - Flipkart Free Tricks On Delivery Using Assured Products 

Flipkart offers a number of assured products that you can check out once you visit the platform. You can check out the Assured symbol next to the product you wish to purchase on the platform. The biggest benefit is that you will be able to get free delivery if you make a purchase above the minimum order for free delivery on Flipkart. To know more about it, check the steps below. 

Note: This trick works on Flipkart Assured products only. Users are informed that his trick might not always be effective.

  • Add the product that you want to buy to your cart.

  • Next, add the second product, Flipkart assured and above 500, in the cart.

  • Now you will have to place the order.

  • Once the order is confirmed, delete the assured product. 

  • The delivery of this product will be free.

Method 2 - Flipkart Free Tricks On Delivery Using Flipkart Plus

Flipkart offers its customers a dedicated platform to enjoy additional benefits and offers easily. This is Flipkart Plus. Here you can get early access to sales, discounts, and offers and also get exclusive deals on your purchases. Apart from all this, Flipkart Plus members get one more benefit. This is having free delivery charges in Flipkart. So if you are looking to get no delivery charges on your orders, you can follow these steps and enjoy the best and the latest on the platform. 

  • First, you have to shop and earn 200 super coins on Flipkart.

  • Then, you can get the Flipkart Plus membership without losing any supercoins.

  • That is it, now you can enjoy free delivery in Flipkart and many other benefits as well.

If you are thinking about how to get free delivery on Flipkart without shipping charges, then you should check out the section below.

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Benefits of Flipkart Plus 

how to get free delivery from Flipkart

Now that we have seen how you can apply for Flipkart Plus membership, let us also check out what benefits it offers once you join it. If you were thinking about how to avail free delivery on Flipkart, then you should definitely check out the Plus zone. Meanwhile, here are some additional advantages that you can get here.

Early access to sales

With Flipkart Plus, you will be able to get access to the top Flipkart sales much before non-Plus customers, thus providing you an opportunity to shop and make full use of all the offers and deals on the platform.

Earn and exchange coins for rewards

With regular shopping, you get a chance to win SuperCoins on Flipkart, which you can exchange to avail exciting offers and rewards.

Free and fast delivery

One of the biggest advantages is the free delivery on Flipkart orders that you can get for yourself. It is the best trick to get free delivery on Flipkart. 

Superior customer service

Get faster and superior customer service from Flipkart to clarify your queries and doubts.


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So this was all about the best tricks on how to get free delivery from Flipkart and all the other details. If you are looking for more such articles, blogs, and updates, then keep following our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the value for the minimum order for free delivery on Flipkart?

A. If you want to make a purchase to get free delivery in Flipkart, then you need to make a minimum purchase of Rs. 500 of any Flipkart Assured product. 

Q. How can I get a Flipkart Plus Membership?

A. It is quite easy to get access to Flipkart Plus membership. All that you need to do is simply earn 200 SuperCoins and join the Plus Zone. For more details and information, check out the article above.

Q. How to avail free delivery on Flipkart?

A. There are many ways you can get free delivery on Flipkart. Just have a look at the article and the details mentioned above, and you too can redeem free delivery charges on Flipkart. 

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