How To Check Flipkart Super Coins?

Earn Super Coins and avail extra benefits with Flipkart. Max. 50 Super Coins on every purchase from Flipkart.

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If you are a shopping freak, then Flipkart is the right place to buy all your stuff, be it clothes, Home products and whatnot. With shopping, get ready to receive benefits as Flipkart is giving you the chance to earn Flipkart coins on your purchase.

The Flipkart coins can use wherever you want to. Flipkart plus coins benefit for you is that you can redeem on booking of movie tickets, Flight Tickets and more. Also if you want to know more about Flipkart Special Offer click here.

Plus coin is now a Super Coin. Your every Plus coin will now get converted into a Super Coin.1 Plus coin is equal to 10 Super coins. On any purchase from Flipkart, you will earn a maximum of 50 Super Coins per order.

Earn Super coins on Flipkart to become a plus member and get early access to Upcoming Flipkart Sales 2019.

What Is Flipkart Super Coins?

The Flipkart Supercoins aims to offer customers the chance to shop on the various online platform and not just on Flipkart. The e-commerce company is supposed to partner with around 100 partner brands, including Zomato, OYO, UrbanClap, PhonePe and MakeMyTrip.

The Flipkart is assured that the SuperCoin will massively benefit to the customers. The Flipkart also believes that with the coming of SuperCoins the Flipkart Plus members will double up.

Through your Super Coins, you can avail the discount during Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale. You discounted products will have more discount through the Super Coins.

How To Earn Flipkart Super Coins?

For every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart order, Plus Member earn 4 SuperCoins, and non-Plus Member earns 2 coins. The Flipkart Plus Member earns 100 SuperCoins per order whereas the non-Plus Member earns 50 SuperCoins per order.

Super Coins will get credited to your account after the completion of the return period of all the items in the order. You also earn super coins with Flipkart Supermart.

What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is a benefits program that unlocks more than you expect to shop every time on Flipkart. And for spending Rs. 100 on Flipkart while purchasing something on Flipkart, you will get 2 Flipkart Super coins.

If you are a Flipkart Plus member, you will get a lot of benefits like early deliveries, early access to products and many more.

The Flipkart Plus also allows free and fast delivery, early access to the upcoming sale like Big Billion Days and many more. Flipkart Plus customers will begin to earn 'Plus Coins' with each order they place. The customer will be able to avail the Plus Coins benefits across shopping, travel, and content categories.

The core benefits of the Flipkart Plus include Free Delivery on "crores of products," and Early Access to Major Sale Events. Which, lets you shop before other customers on sale events of festival sales.

Flipkart Plus Member

For Flipkart Plus membership, you don't have to pay any money. You need to earn 300 SuperCoins in the last 12 months. Then you can join Flipkart Plus Membership with just a click on ‘Join Now.’

No coin will be taken for Flipkart Plus Membership.

Flipkart Coin Value In Rupees

50 Flipkart Plus Coin is equal to a gift voucher of Rs. 1,000, which you can buy. So earn 2 super Coin on every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart.

How To Redeem Flipkart Super Coin?

You can use your Flipkart Plus Coins on some platforms where you can use you earner Flipkart Plus coins to purchase a discount voucher or more.

With these few simple steps you can redeem you Flipkart Plus coins:

  • Go to Flipkart app/website.

  • Go to your Flipkart profile section.orner.

  • Then you will be on the redeem page of Flipkart Plus Coins.

  • Click on 'Go to Plus Zone.'

  • Your next step is to click on 'My Plus Coin Balance,' which is on the right corner

  • Choose your desired discount vouchers/products which can be bought by spending Plus Coin.

  • Minimum 50 Plus Coins required to purchase any kinds of the discount voucher.

Benefits Of Flipkart Super Coin

With the rewards program, customers will be able to shop and earn SuperCoins from other platforms as well.

  • If the users transact from any of the websites like Zomato, Oyo, etc., even then they will get SuperCoins.

  • The user can earn the SuperCoin by transacting on Flipkart as well as on in its partner services.

  • The SuperCoins can be redeemed anywhere.

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

Flipkart Coins use in your shopping from Flipkart app/website or on any other website. The Coins you have collected can be used while shopping, buying movie tickets, Grocery Shopping and much more.

How To Check Flipkart Super Coins Balance?

  • First, go to the Flipkart website or open the app.

  • Login to your id or create one if you don’t have.

  • Go to ‘Flipkart Plus Zone.’

  • On the right, you will find ‘My Coin Balance,’ click on that.

  • You will see your Super Coin Balance on the left corner.

The Flipkart Super Coin is an additional benefit for all the Flipkart users. On your every purchase you are getting some Super Coins in return with which you can shop later. So buy as much as you want from Flipkart and get many Super Coins. Also, get many benefits.


Q1. Where can I check my Supercoin balance?

A1. You can check the balance atthe topmost section of SuperCoin zone. Click on balance to chek the details of your Super Coins availability and more.

Q2. What is the use of super coins in Flipkart?

A2. Flipkart Super Coins is a bonus given by Flipkart to its users for placing a shopping order. Every time you order from Flipkart, you earn free Super coins, which can later get used while shopping more from Flipkart.

Q3. Can I use flipkart coins for shopping?

A3. Plus Coin is a virtual currency from Flipkart, and you cannot buy Plus coin; you can only earn it by order on Flipkart. When you shop for Rs 100, you will get 2 Plus coin, and per order, you can get a maximum of 10 Plus Coins.

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