How To Check Flipkart Super Coins?

Earn Super Coins and avail extra benefits with Flipkart. Max. 50 Super Coins on every purchase from Flipkart.

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How To Check Flipkart Super Coins?

If you are a shopping freak, then Flipkart is the right place to buy all your stuff, be it clothes, Home products and whatnot. With shopping, get ready to receive benefits as Flipkart is giving you the chance to earn Flipkart coins on your purchase.

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 Plus coin is now a Super Coin. Your every Plus coin will now get converted into a Super Coin.1 Plus coin is equal to 10 Super coins. On any purchase from Flipkart, you will earn a maximum of 50 Super Coins per order. Here you will know How To Earn Free Flipkart Supercoins with simple steps.

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What Is Flipkart Super Coins?

The Flipkart Supercoins aims to offer customers the chance to shop on the various online platform and not just on Flipkart. The e-commerce company is supposed to partner with around 100 partner brands, including Zomato, OYO, UrbanClap, PhonePe and MakeMyTrip.

The Flipkart is assured that the SuperCoin will massively benefit to the customers. The Flipkart also believes that with the coming of SuperCoins the Flipkart Plus members will double up.

Through your Super Coins, you can avail the discount during Flipkart Big Shopping Days Sale and if you want to know more then CLICK HERE. Your discounted products will have more discount through the Super Coins. 

Are you shopping with Flipkart? If not then start shopping now as you can get the Flipkart Plus coins in your every shopping which can get used further.

How To Earn Flipkart Super Coins?

For every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart order, Plus Member earn 4 SuperCoins, and non-Plus Member earns 2 coins. The Flipkart Plus Member earns 100 SuperCoins per order whereas the non-Plus Member earns 50 SuperCoins per order.

Super Coins will get credited to your account after the completion of the return period of all the items in the order. You also earn super coins with Flipkart Supermart

What is Flipkart Plus?

Flipkart Plus is a benefits program that unlocks more than you expect to shop every time on Flipkart. And for spending Rs. 100 on Flipkart while purchasing something on Flipkart, you will get 2 Flipkart Super coins. 

If you are a Flipkart Plus member, you will get a lot of benefits like early deliveries, early access to products and many more. 

The Flipkart Plus also allows free and fast delivery, early access to the upcoming sale like Big Billion Days and many more. Flipkart Plus customers will begin to earn 'Plus Coins' with each order they place. The customer will be able to avail the Plus Coins benefits across shopping, travel, and content categories.

The Flipkart coins can use wherever you want to. Flipkart plus coins benefit for you is that you can redeem on booking of movie tickets, Flight Tickets and more. Also if you want to know more about Flipkart Special Offer click here.

The core benefits of the Flipkart Plus include Free Delivery on "crores of products," and Early Access to Major Sale Events. Which, lets you shop before other customers on sale events of festival sales.

Flipkart Plus Member

For Flipkart Plus membership, you don't have to pay any money. You need to earn 300 SuperCoins in the last 12 months. Then you can join Flipkart Plus Membership with just a click on ‘Join Now.’ 

No coin will be taken for Flipkart Plus Membership.

How Can I Get Flipkart Membership For Free?

Flipkart Plus is a no-fee club. But you require 300 super coins to follow the program. But you can perceive the Flipkart membership for free externally the super coins. The only condition would be to have a university ID. You understood that right, all you to do is upload your university ID.

  • The Flipkart Plus student recommendation is valid only on the Flipkart app.
  • So download the app and log in to your Flipkart account.
  • Click on the Menu in the top left corner and go to Flipkart Plus Zone.
  • Scroll down to find the particular student offer banner and click on the 'Join Now' to start the method.
  • Click on "Get Started" and access all the features, as mentioned in the college ID.
  • Upload your college ID, and click on 'Verify Now'.
  • Once the documents are verified, you will get notified through email.
  • The process of testing and verifying may take up to 5 working days.
  • This way, you can earn Flipkart plus membership for free.

Flipkart Coin Value In Rupees

50 Flipkart Plus Coin is equal to a gift voucher of Rs. 1,000, which you can buy. To earn 2 super Coin on every Rs. 100 spent on Flipkart.




How To Redeem Flipkart Super Coin?

You can use your Flipkart Plus Coins on some platforms where you can use you earner Flipkart Plus coins to purchase a discount voucher or more. 

With these few simple steps you can redeem you Flipkart Plus coins:

  • Go to Flipkart app/website.

  • Go to your Flipkart profile section.orner.

  • Then you will be on the redeem page of Flipkart Plus Coins.

  • Click on 'Go to Plus Zone.'

  • Your next step is to click on 'My Plus Coin Balance,' which is on the right corner

  • Choose your desired discount vouchers/products which can be bought by spending Plus Coin.

  • Minimum 50 Plus Coins required to purchase any kinds of the discount voucher.



Benefits Of Flipkart Super Coin

With the rewards program, customers will be able to shop and earn SuperCoins from other platforms as well. 

The Flipkart Plus benefits incorporate faster shipping and priority customer care. The Flipkart program lets you collect coins in twice. 4 super coins can be done for every Rs. 100 you pay on the Flipkart app or web.

You can get many other elite awards on Plus. Flipkart’s co-worker brands have many premises where you can redeem the coins. 

Early entrance to all the sales and events is an added bonus on Plus. Flipkart Video Services is one of the new extension to the ever-growing innovations. 

The plus program also gives free delivery. The program makes sure to handle you like royalty.

  • If the users transact from any of the websites like Zomato, Oyo, etc., even then they will get SuperCoins. 

  • The user can earn the SuperCoin by transacting on Flipkart as well as on in its partner services.

  • The SuperCoins can be redeemed anywhere.

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

Flipkart Coins use in your shopping from Flipkart app/website or on any other website. The Coins you have collected can be used while shopping, buying movie tickets, Grocery Shopping and much more. 



How To Check Flipkart Super Coins Balance?

  • First, go to the Flipkart website or open the app.

  • Login to your id or create one if you don’t have.

  • Go to ‘Flipkart Plus Zone.’

  • On the right, you will find ‘My Coin Balance,’ click on that.

  • You will see your Super Coin Balance on the left corner.


What Is Flipkart Subscription?

Flipkart First is an annual subscription. It is a paid subscription that allows the users unique and particular advantages along with preference assistance. The benefits include the In-A-Day delivery guarantee, free standard delivery with no minimum shopping, and access to an ever-growing range of goods. It is reliable for 12 months from the date of buying and will get you Rs. 500. 

To subscribe to it, you need to be logged in. Visit the First page, and you'll are taken to the payment features where you must fill the required field and voila! You are all set to avail of the benefits. You can delete the subscription at any given time by calling customer support at 1800 208 9898, and the payment will be received from the next month onwards.

How Flipkart Shipping Works?

Getting to the shipping policies, the firm offers a lot of leisure on this aspect. The delivery costs vary according to on the seller and the merchant depending upon the value of the item, i.e., low-value items cost the retailer more, and as such, the shipping costs are approved up. In the case of things that come under each F-Assured policy cost an extra Rs. 40 for transportation if the overall price is less than Rs. 500 while for items costing above Rs. 500 come with free shipping. 

You might notice a variation in the date of delivery shown on the goods page and the expected delivery date, and that arises due to the celebrations that are from the sellers or the courier partner's end. Thus, the expected delivery dates factor in these delays.

Rewards With Flipkart Super Coins

Now you can use your Super Coins not just in shopping with Flipkart but also for getting the subscription offers. You can use the Super Coins in getting the subscription of Youtube Premium, Hotstar VIP, Gaana Plus, and many more. So here we have mentioned the offers which you can get while using your Flipkart Super Coins. 

1. Youtube Premium

Get the Youtube Premium for 6 months while using your 150 Flipkart Super Coins which you earned while shopping from Flipkart. Now Flipkart Super Coins are much more usable as you can enjoy the Youtube Premium with your Super Coins and enjoy the Movies, series, and much more. 

  • Get 6 Months of ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music Premium trial
  • The proposal is Not Suitable for existing YouTube Premium Trial user.
  • This offer cannot get clubbed with any other open-ended offer discount/cashback/promotion
  • Purchase the offer within 15 days of the claim

2. Disney+ Hotstar

If you want to enjoy the Hotstar VIP Movies, Shows, and more than you need not worry as Flipkart Super Coins are the saviour. If you have 1,499 Flipkart Super Coins then you can get the Annual Subscription of Hotstar VIP.

  • Get 12 Months Subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscription and see Disney+ Originals, American TV Shows, Hollywood Movies, Live Sports and Hotstar Specials
  • Offer is not suitable for subsisting Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Premium subscribers
  • Offer cannot get done to purchase any other consent pack
  • Offer can get claimed only once per user
  • Purchase the offer within 15 days of the claim

3. BookMyShow

Get the BookMyShow Plus Exclusive while using your Flipkart Super Coins and get them in just 250 Super coins. So get them now and use your Super Coins.

  • Get Rs. 300 off on buying of movie tickets on BookMyShow
  • Check out the venue availability items in your area before maintaining the offer, as currently, Partner might be facing a Shutdown due to COVID-19
  • Offer appropriate on bookings made 2 days in progress
  • A minimum of 2 movie tickets require to get obtained to claim the offer
  • This offer is valid for all movie shows from Monday to Thursday
  • This Gift card/voucher cannot get battered with any other continuous offer discount/cashback/promotion
  • The proposal can get deserved once per Flipkart Plus user per day


4. ZEE5 Subscription

Use your 350 Super Coins and get the ZEE5 Subscription for 12 months and watch unlimited movies, serials, and much more. So, the Flipkart Super Coins are very much useful now so get going. 

  • Get 1 Year of Zee5 Premium membership
  • Offer code is case delicate and can get used only once.
  • Offer cannot get battered with any other discount/offer/promotion on the website/app/store.
  • Offer can be challenged once per Flipkart Plus user per day
  • Obtain the offer within 30 days of the claim

5. ALT Balaji Subscription

If you are an Ekta Kapoor Fan then get the ALT Balaji subscription for 12 months with just 250 Super Coins. Through which you can watch unlimited new web series, movies, and more.

  • Get 12 Months of endless binge-watching with ALTBalaji Premium signature
  • Offer code is case delicate and can get used only once.
  • Offer code cannot get purchased by existing users
  • Offer code can only get rescued on Android mobile application, ALTBalaji Website, PWA, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen & LG WebOS devices. 
  • Redeem the offer within 30 days
  • Offer is suitable only in India

6. Tinder Subscription

If you want to find your partner then Tinder is the place for you. You can also get the Tinder Plus Subscription for 6 months by simply using the Flipkart Plus Coins. You can use your 750 Flipkart Super Coins and start using the Tinder Plus for more opportunities and matches. Explore now!!!!

  • Get 6 Month of Tinder Plus
  • Offer can get required only once per user
  • Offer cannot get clubbed with any other ongoing discount/cashback/promotion on the platform
  • Offer legitimate for a limited period only.
  • Use coupon code is accurate for 15 days once declared

7. MPL 

Do you play in MPL? If not then start playing now as Flipkart Super Coins offer to let you play and win big. Get 500 MPL Tokens by using your 75 SuperCoins which you have earned from your shopping with Flipkart. 

  • Get 500 MPL Tokens. Play on MPL and Win Big!
  • Connection of App is necessary for using this Offer. 
  • Offer limited to one per user
  • Obtain the offer within 15 days of the claim

8. Sony LIV Subscription

Get the Sony LIC Subscription for 1 year by using your 70 SuperCoins and get the access of movies, series, and much more which are available on Sony LIV App. You can now enjoy it for 1-year and watch everything unlimitedly.

  • Get SonyLIV 1 Month Premium membership
  • Offer can be claimed only once per user

9. Shemaroo Offer

Get every new release of the movie on Shemaroo app for 1 year by simply using the 150 SuperCoins which you have gained while doing the great shopping at Flipkart. 

  • Get 1 year of ShemarooMe Bollywood Premiere Subscription
  • Offer can be applied only on ShemarooMe Android app and website
  • The voucher is not negotiable and should not be resold or purchased for cash
  • Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd maintains the power to alter or remove the voucher/offer at any period in time
  • Offer cannot get clubbed with any other discount/offer/promotion on the website/app/store.
  • Offer can get claimed only once per user
  • Purchase the offer within 15 days of the claim

10. Smaaash Voucher

Do you love bowling? Then experience the best game of Bowling at Smaaash but before that redeem the Smaaash Voucher by using the Flipkart Plus Super Coins. Use 250 SuperCoins to get the Smaaash Voucher and enjoy your game!!

  • Get a voucher worth Rs. 250 at Smaaash Outlets
  • Check out the venue availability specifications in your area before requiring the offer, as currently, Partner might be facing a Shutdown due to COVID-19
  • The voucher can get redeemed at registered outlets
  • This offer can be required only once per user
  • No Credit note/Refund for the remaining amount of the GV will be given.
  • Voucher can get used during Smaaash sale issues.
  • Voucher cannot get used on food/drink/buffet menu.
  • Smaaash makes full applications to accept the voucher, but on account of any technical/administrative reasons an outlet may refuse to accept the same


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What Are Flipkart's Return and Cancellation Policies?

The policies and conditions of return depend on the classification of the article and the state it is in pending appearance. Here are some of the types and the terms that need to be met for it to be a triumphant return:

  • Lifestyle items - Clothing (outer and innerwear and socks), footwear, eyewear, and fashion apparels and accessories, the return method should be started or required Within 30 days given all the tags, and the new packaging is stated, and the item hasn't been used, accepted or differently.
  • Home Decor - Furniture, automotive parts, books and lifestyle goods like lingerie, precious or non-precious jewellery. Request a return within 10 days.
  • Electrical items - Mobile phones (except for Google and Apple devices), tablets, laptops, and associated accessories. Large appliances (like washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, Televisions, microwave ovens, etc.) the return should be demanded within ten days.
  • Grocery items - The items that are faulty or complex than what you ordered, the return process must be initiated within ten days. The items must be damage-free and in case of things that are different from what you had ordered.
  • Not returnable - There are some items that can't be replaced. They carry lingerie, footwear like socks, glue, wax, deodorants, inks, gels and hardware accessories like motherboards, RAM, internal drives and more.

The Flipkart Super Coin is an additional benefit for all the Flipkart users. On your every purchase you are getting some Super Coins in return with which you can shop later. So buy as much as you want from Flipkart and get many Super Coins. Also, get many benefits. 


Q1. Where can I check my Super coin balance?

A1. You can check the balance at the topmost section of SuperCoin zone. Click on balance to check the details of your Super Coins availability and more.

Q2. What is the use of super coins in Flipkart?

A2. Flipkart Super Coins is a bonus given by Flipkart to its users for placing a shopping order. Every time you order from Flipkart, you earn free Super coins, which can later get used while shopping more from Flipkart.

Q3. Can I use Flipkart coins for shopping?

A3. Plus Coin is a virtual currency from Flipkart, and you cannot buy Plus coin; you can only earn it by order on Flipkart. When you shop for Rs 100, you will get 2 Plus coin, and per order, you can get a maximum of 10 Plus Coins.