Top 11 Ladies Footwear Brands In India: Comfortable And Stylish

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“Good shoes take you to good places.” Women's Footwear is not just a necessity but a style statement that every woman carries throughout the day.

In this article, I have written about the top 11 ladies footwear brands in India, bringing together style and comfort. From date night to formal events or some adventure trip, choose from the whole range of trendy footwear and make your everyday memorable. 

You will also learn about the factors to look for before buying the perfect pair of footwear and different types of footwear in India that are popular among females. 

If you wanna know which are the top footwear brands in India, read our informative article on the same. 

Top 11 Ladies Footwear Brands In India: Comfortable And Stylish

List Of Top 11 Footwear Brands For Ladies In India

Here are the top footwear brands for ladies in India with crazy collections for every event or occasion. Check out their price range and choose your perfect pair. 

Top Ladies Footwear Brands In India

Price Range 


1. Bata 

Rs.500 onwards 

Flats, heels, sneakers, sandals, boots, and more

2. Mochi  

Rs.800 onwards 

Heels, flats, sneakers, sandals, and wedges

3. Hush Puppies 

Rs.899 onwards 

Loafers, casual shoes, flats, heels, wedges, and boots 

4. Catwalk 

Rs.800 onwards

Heels, wedges, flats, sandals, and boots

5. Metro Shoes

Rs.600 onwards 

Flats, heels, wedges, sandals, and sports shoes

6. Skechers 

Rs.1199 onwards 

Shoes, sneakers, sandals, slip-ons, slides, and more 

7. Liberty 

Rs.600 onwards 

Flats, heels, sandals, and sports shoes

8. Inc.5 

Rs.700 onwards 

Heels, flats, sandals, and wedges

9. Clark 

Rs.1749 onwards 

Shoes, sandals, boots, and more 

10. Woodland 

Rs.2000 onwards 

Heels, loafers, sandals, flip-flops, shoes, and boots 

11. Crocs 

Rs.3000 onwards 

Clogs, sandals, slides, flip flops

How To Choose The Best Footwear? 

“You only get one set of feet in this lifetime. It’s important to take care of them properly.” A good footwear is the perfect blend of comfort and style. It should fit your feet, style and budget perfectly well. Here are some things to consider when buying that perfect pair of footwear. 

  • Comfort- Footwear is something that takes us to places all day long. Comfort should be our first priority before buying that. 

  • Right Fit- Don’t ignore this factor just because you can’t find your right size. Too large or too small shoes can give blisters, shoe bites or cram your toes. 

  • Durable Design- Make sure the pretty-looking design doesn’t leave you bare feet during a critical moment. 

  • Material- Leather shoes or waterproof sneakers? Take the material of the footwear into consideration before buying one.

  • Budget- And finally, buy something which you won’t regret later. You can buy a perfect pair of footwear at affordable prices. 

Review Of Top 11 Footwear Brands For Ladies In India

Read the detailed review of the top footwear brands for ladies in India, and choose the best ones for you and your loved ones. 

1. Bata 


Combine style and comfort with Bata every day. From classy office heels to chic-style slip-ons, buy a variety of footwear at the most affordable price range. The brand offers one of the most comfortable footwear for ladies. 

This multinational footwear brand excels in making great footwear collections for women on all occasions. Bata is a Canadian brand that has been revolutionising the world for a really long time. 

Price Range - Rs.500 onwards 

Variety - Pumps, Sports Shoes, Block, Kitten, Platform, Stilettos, Sandals, Slip Ons, Boots, Loafers, and Slippers

Special Features Of Bata Footwear:

  • Excellent built quality 

  • Durable 

  • Affordable prices 

  • Super comfortable

  • The brand gives a comprehensive sizing guide to find the right fit for yourself

2. Mochi  


Mochi women's footwear brand has shoes for every occasion. Their footwear has a perfect balance of these three elements - style, comfort, and originality. The best women's shoes you will find in the Indian market are from Mochi footwear brand for ladies. 

This brand is known for its outstanding collection, including boots, sneakers, flats, and many more. Mochi offers its customers an irresistible 15-day return policy, free shipping, cash on delivery and other options.

Price Range - Rs.800 onwards 

Variety - Boots, slip-ons, pumps, moccasins, sneakers, loafers, wedges and ballerinas

Special Features Of Mochi Footwear:

  • The brand has the coolest collection of heels

  • Versatile flats which look downright stunning with workwear as well as casual wears

  • The brand gives a comprehensive sizing guide to find the right fit for yourself

  • Full of options in style, colour and design

3. Hush Puppies 

Hush Puppies 

Be true. Be comfy. Be bright. Be bold. Get yourself the most comfortable footwear from workdays till the weekend. Whether you want a trendy pair of sandals, cute loafers or pretty slip-ons, Hush Puppies will be perfect for you. 

The brand is focused on designing innovative footwear with premium quality materials. Hush Puppies footwear comes with bounce technology known for providing comfort and versatility. That's why it ranks second in the list of top ladies footwear brands in India. 

Price Range - Rs.899 onwards 

Variety - Loafers, flats, heels, slip-ons, wedges, casual shoes and boots 

Special Features Of Hush Puppies: 

  • Brings together innovation and comfort 

  • Perfect collection for weekdays and weekends  

  • Premium design and material quality 

  • Available in bright colors and pretty designs 

4. Catwalk 


Catwalk is among the oldest footwear brands for ladies, which started in the 1990s. It is widely popular due to its huge footwear collection to match every occasion. 

Whether you want something for your family event, festive occasion, corporate meetings or evening parties, Catwalk has it all.

Ladies adore the brand because of its outstanding range, style, designs and colour options. This brand has a unique women's footwear design with strong built quality, which is super comfortable yet trendy. 

Price - Rs.800 onwards

Variety - Slip-on, Sneakers, Thongs, Wedges, Sandals, Boots, Pumps, Platforms, Slides, Flatforms, Mules, Comfort, and Ballet Flats

Special Features Of Catwalk Footwear:

  • Super comfortable with strong built quality 

  • Outstanding collection of Floral designs and patterns in uber-chic heels at an affordable price

  • The brand gives a comprehensive sizing guide to find the right fit for yourself

  • Wide range of stylish footwear

  • Worth the price 

5. Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes

Metro footwear brand understands the love affair between women and their shoes; therefore, it focuses on comfort and class. The brand was founded in 1947, and its online retail started in 2003. 

It is well known for its unique shoes for every occasion and outfit. You will find Metro footwear brand showrooms at more than 206 prime locations across 100 plus cities in India. It is one of the best shoe brands in India, especially when it comes to female footwear. 

Price - Rs.600 onwards 

Variety - Sneakers, Ballerinas, Sandals, Slip Ons, Boots, Loafers, Slippers, Pumps, Peep Toes, Flip Flops, Running Shoes, and Gladiators

Special Features Of Metro Shoes Footwear:

  • Wide collection of every-look heels 

  • Stores available in more than 100 cities nationwide 

  • Premium built quality 

  • Durable design and material 

  • Worth the price 

6. Skechers 


Be effortlessly comfortable with Skechers footwear every day. The whole footwear range is designed per the latest trends and infused with comfort technologies for everyday use. The brand offers one of the most comfortable footwear for ladies. 

Skechers footwear comes with a soft cushion, which gives maximum comfort and keeps the feet intact. Get the trendy footwear collection for your trekking trip, office meeting, morning run or dinner date. Match your footwear with your favourite Skechers apparel and seize the day!

Price - Rs.1199 onwards 

Variety - Shoes, Sneakers, Sip-ons, Slides, Sandals, Slippers, Clogs and more

Special Features Of Liberty Footwear: 

  • Soft cushion for extra comfort

  • Trendy designs 

  • Perfect footwear available for any occasion 

  • Wide collection of athletic footwear to choose from 

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7. Liberty 


Liberty has been one of the most successful Indian footwear brands in the market for a long time. It was established in the year 1954, and today, you will find this brand selling its collection in 25 other countries. 

Liberty has been a brand of choice for Indian ladies for a very long time because of the best quality products and price affordability.  That's why it is among the most sought-after Indian footwear brands. 

Price - Rs.600 onwards 

Variety - Ballerina, Lacing Shoes, Non-Lacing Shoes, Sandal, Slipper, Thongs

Special Features Of Liberty Footwear:

  • Outstanding collection of Floral designs and patterns in uber-chic heels at an affordable price

  • Budget footwear 

  • Stylish collection blended with comfort 

8. Inc.5 


Get yourself the most comfortable and fashionable footwear from Inc.5 brand. The footwear is carefully handcrafted to provide you with the experience of luxury and comfort mixed together. 

Inc.5 footwear is designed with durable material that doesn’t wither away easily, even in extreme weather conditions. From office heels to party wedges, the footwear doesn’t follow the trends but create new one. You can choose from a wide variety of options for your every occasion. 

Price - Rs.700 onwards 

Variety - Heels, Wedges, Mules, Flats, Ballerinas, Plumps, Boots 

Special Features Of Inc.5 Footwear:

  • Handcrafted for maximum comfort

  • Huge variety of options to choose from

  • Designed with durable material  

  • Perfect blend of fashion and comfort 

9. Clark 


Clark is one of the best female footwear brands in India, which brings together craftsmanship and innovation. Every pair of Clark ladies' footwear is manufactured with advanced construction techniques and technologies using contemporary materials.

Clark women's footwear has innovative underfoot cushioning to give you the necessary comfort, and it has rapid prototyping and 3D printing. Clark is among the top ladies footwear brands in India as they make shoes to keep feet healthy and happy.

Price - Rs.1749 onwards

Variety - Heels, Pumps, Trainers, Boots, Sandal, Wedges, and Shoes

Special Features Of Clark Footwear: 

  • Outstanding wedding collection footwear for ladies with adorable options

  • Footwear made of advanced technology to comfort the feet 

  • Trendy and exquisite collection 

10. Woodland 


Rediscover the outdoors with the latest footwear range from Woodland. Woodland footwear range is lightweight and is ready to stretch to the limits of human endurance. It is among the most popular Indian footwear brands. 

The footwear collection is designed in the most innovative and effective manner possible by using advanced materials for that perfect build. Go on that adventure, take the risks in life and make your journey more thrilling with Woodland footwear. 

Price - Rs.2000 onwards 

Variety - Boots, Sneakers, Heels, Ballerinas, Loafers, Slippers, Sandals and more 

Special Features Of Woodland Footwear: 

  • Innovative designs 

  • Advanced built materials and premium fabric 

  • Authentic footwear collection always ready to make the best life memories 

  • Lightweight built that stretches  

11. Crocs 


Mix your comfort with the latest trends and make your feet pretty all day. The brand designs footwear with versatile styles to wear on different occasions. 

Comfort is the prime focus behind every Crocs footwear. The brand offers one of the most comfortable footwear for ladies. Choose from a variety of unique prints and patterns that match your vibe for the day. 

Price - Rs.3000 onwards 

Variety - Clogs, Sandals, Slides, Flip-flops, Platforms, Wedges 

Special Features Of Crocs Footwear:

  • Variety of styles to choose from

  • Comfort is the prime focus 

  • Wide collection of unique prints and designs 

  • New collection added every few months 

Types Of Women Footwear in India 

Here, I have listed the best women footwear types in India which are popular among ladies. 

  • Stilettos - Stilettos are needle heels or high heels that are must-have footwear in every women’s collection because they are head turners and give you enormous confidence.

  • Wedges - Wedges look classy and chic, plus it’s comfortable too. Wedges give you the same height as stilettos while providing the much-needed support and balance to walk comfortably. Wedges look good with everything, be it a dress, shorts or denim. 

  • Boots - Boots are a must-have in every women's footwear collection. It makes you look edgy and goes great with everything, and therefore, you can pair them up with anything you want. Boots come in different lengths. Choose the size you feel comfortable with the most and get ready to slay.

  • Kolhapuris - Kolhapuri Chappals are pure leather T-shaped sandals that originated in Maharashtra named Kolhapur. The shoes are quirky and traditional, and you can pair them up with casual Kurtis or denim or your salwar kameez.

  • Ballet Flats - Ballet flats are inspired by the ballerina’s arsenal. Ballet flats are popular among women of all ages, and every woman must have one. It goes well with almost everything.       

  • Slip Ons - Slip Ons are the most comfortable footwear for women. You will find slip-on shoes and sandals, and both options are trendy and stylish. Slip-on sneakers for women are quite popular and in trend. 

  • Trainers - Training shoes are the best partners for women with serious fitness goals and regimes. You must have a pair of trainers in your collection as it is designed for sport and activities. For all your gym and workout looks cool, trainers are a must-have.

Benefits Of Shopping Branded Ladies Footwear Online

Shopping online for your favourite footwear is a better way than going from shop to shop and finding that perfect pair. 

  • Save Time - The online stores offer a great collection of women's footwear of all types from different brands, which will help you save time. So you can sit back, relax and shop online for your favourite footwear.  

  • Save Money - Online shopping sites provide a hefty discount on big brands, and you can shop for different branded footwear at an affordable price. Some online shopping sites also offer special wallet and bank discounts, which will help you save more money on your shopping.

  • Compare Products - You can compare products based on brand, price, specification, quality, etc. See which website is offering more discounts and shop from there. Even if the product gets out of stock on one platform, you might find it on another. 

  • Special Discounts and Sales - You will also find special discounts and offers from time to time on online shopping sites. These offers are common during holidays and the festive season. 

  • Gifting Purpose - Online shopping sites have made it easier to gift your loved ones. You can shop for any branded footwear item and deliver it to any address across India. 

  • Easy Refund or Replace - If you receive your footwear and it doesn't satisfy you, you don’t feel comfortable, or there is a size issue, you can easily request a replacement or refund.  

You may also read our article on how to save money on online shopping for some pro tips and tricks. 


Get yourself footwear which takes you to good places and care for your feet. Choose from the top ladies footwear brands in India, including Bata, Mochi, Hush Puppies, Metro Shoes, and more. You will get to choose from a wide range of collections suitable for every event or occasion. I suggest you shop for these ladies' footwear brands online so that you get a good discount and a chance to save money. 


Q. Which is the No. 1 footwear brand in India?

A. Bata is the No. 1 footwear brand in India, known for its quality and affordability. 

Q. Which is the No. 1 slipper company in India?

A. Adidas and Sparx are popular for their premium quality slippers that are comfortable all day long. 

Q. Which company is the No. 1 brand of shoes?

A. Nike and Adidas are top manufacturers in the shoes category. 

Q. What are the luxury shoe brands in India?

A. Prada, Dior, Woodland and Aldo are some of the luxury shoe brands in India. 

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