10 Best Umbrella Brands In India: Stylish And Colorful

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Want to purchase an umbrella of good quality? We’ve pulled together 10 Best Umbrella Brands In India just for you. It took several hours of research to find the best-quality umbrella that is worth your money. 

In this article, you will get to know about umbrellas with several features - durability, manual or automatic opening, size, foldability, handle shape, canopy fabric, water repellency, and more. 

Nowadays, there is an extensive range of umbrellas available in the market. We have shortlisted the top brands based on their popularity, rating and customer reviews. 

Umbrellas are available in so many colors, styles and sizes. You just need to choose from a given list of umbrella brands mentioned below. 

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 10 Best Umbrella Brand India List With Price

Best Umbrella Brand India

Price Range

Destinio Umbrella

From Rs 899

RYLAN Umbrella

From Rs 699

Sun Umbrella

From Rs 549

Fendo Umbrella

From Rs 329


House of Quirk Umbrella

From Rs 649

Flygo Umbrella

From Rs 599

CITIZEN Umbrella

From Rs 275

Antson Fancy Magic Umbrella

From Rs 379

Cheeky Chunk Girls Umbrella

From Rs 599

AmazonBasics Umbrella (Auto-Open & Close Function)

From Rs 799

1. Destinio Umbrella


The umbrella from Destinio is portable and compact. It comes with an Auto open close function, allowing easy one-handed operation. It is a three-fold automatic umbrella - suitable for summer, rainy & winter seasons.

With Sturdy and flexible fibreglass rib, it makes the umbrella last for a long time. For a comfortable grip, it provides a firm and anti-slip grip. Its canopy is made of waterproof polyester fabric.


  • Lightweight design

  • Made up of strong and durable metal frame material

  • Come with an automatic opening and closing system

  • Portable and compact

  • Ergonomically designed


2. Rylan Umbrella

The umbrella from Rylan is available with a single press button, ensuring automatic opening and closing of the umbrella. It is a lightweight umbrella and suitable for all age groups of people. Its portable feature can be easily carried in cars, backpacks, purses, and briefcases. The size of the umbrella is so big that it can accommodate two people easily. It also provides extra protection from 


  • Wind Resistant Umbrella

  • Perfect For the Whole Family

  • Easy to carry

  • Available with Convenient Wrist Strap

3. Sun Umbrella 

Sun Umbrella comes up with UV-protecting features that ensure complete protection from sun damage. Made up with a mild steel frame with heavy-duty ribs that ensure greater durability in rough weather conditions. It also comes with a wrist strap for hands-free carrying. Its canopy is made of good-quality fabric. 


  • Comes with UV protection

  • Durable in rough weather conditions

  • Automatic Open & Manual Close system

  • Made in India brand 


4. Fendo Umbrellas

Umbrella from Fendo can protect you from rain, sleet and snow. They have spent years in their research to get excellence in their product. It is suitable for men and women. With a perfect combination of wind-defying features, portability, ergonomics-focused design, and high-quality materials, it can stop gusts without spilling. 


  • Ergonomics-focused design 

  • Made up of high-quality materials

  • Comes up with wind-defying features

  • Capable of resisting gusts and sleet

5. House of Quirk

Umbrella from House of Quirk is compactly designed. Its sturdy design provides protection from rain and sun. The umbrella comes with a waterproof high-tech nano polymer compound to keep you safe from the water. Its metal shaft frame and fibreglass ribs make it comfortable for carrying and storage. 


  • Convenient to hold

  • Available with a firm grip, metal shaft frame and fibreglass ribs

  • Designed with a waterproof high-tech nano polymer compound

  • Slip-resistant handle

6. FLYNGO Umbrella

The umbrella from the FLYNGO brand has an Auto Open-Close system. It is suitable for Women, Men, and Kids. Purchasing this umbrella can stop the hassle of dealing with manual rain umbrellas. With its lightweight property, it is easy to carry and store. Its double-vented canopy can keep you protected from all sides while raining.


  • Strong windproof umbrella

  • Enough to share for up to 2 people

  • Includes a Convenient Wrist Strap

  • Strong enough to hold Strong wind gusts and heavy rains

7. CITIZEN Umbrella

Citizen umbrellas is one of the top umbrella brands in India. With its impressive range of umbrellas at affordable prices, the brand has gained popularity. It is a combination of ease of use with great durability and wind resistance. Due to the sturdy material, it can protect from heavy gusts and sleet. 


  • This brand is very appreciated

  • Comes up with great durability and wind resistance

  • Available with Uv protection

  • Provide the expected results

  • Comes with 2 Fold Umbrella

8. Antson Fancy Magic Umbrella

This umbrella from Antson comes with a vinyl coating. It is perfect to use for rainy and sunny days. The outermost coating layer is made up of a High-Tech Nano Polymer Compound. Its canopy is made up of a Strong Aluminum Frame with Heavy Duty Ribs. With a strong layer, it can protect from 95% of UV rays. Also, protect the skin from harm.


  • Waterproof Canopy

  • Strong Aluminum Frame with Heavy Duty Ribs

  • Protects from extreme Weather Conditions

  • Easily fits In most handbags

  • Elegant designed umbrella


9. Cheeky Chunk Girls Umbrella


This brand offers umbrellas especially designed for girls. It is made up of high-quality cloth and a sturdy frame to ensure protection from the rains and winds. With its good looking, a perfect selfie or a post for social media. It provides total protection from rain and winds. 


  • Made up with a high quality cloth and a sturdy frame

  • Strong Aluminum Frame with Heavy Duty Ribs

  • Water repellent coating on the top

  • With wind resistant frame 

  • Protect from the rains and winds

10. AmazonBasics Umbrella (Auto-Open & Close Function)


AmazonBasics Umbrella is an all-weather umbrella. It is perfect for light to strong showers and stops medium winds. It comes with durable steel construction and a 100% waterproof polyester canopy. It is an 11 inches long umbrella that is sturdy and lightweight. Its added wrist strap keeps hands-free to carry. It is also short enough to fit perfectly in your bag. 


  • Made of 8-rib aluminum alloy 

  • Comes with a mental shaft

  • Withstand the normal heavy wind and rain

  • Constructed well for you to use smoothly

  • The waterproof coating keeps it dry quickly


Know The Types of Umbrellas


The use of Umbrellas has been throughout ancient ages. Here are some common types of Umbrellas mentioned to check out. 

  • Classic Umbrella

  • Travel-Sized

  • Doorman Umbrella

  • Golf Umbrella

  • Bubble Umbrella

  • Fashion Umbrella

  • Parasol

  • Personal Parasols

  • Children’s Umbrellas

  • Reversible/Inverted Umbrella

  • Straight Umbrella

  • Foldable Umbrella

  • Golf Umbrella


Buying Guide: Things to consider when buying

There is a whole range of umbrellas available in the market. All the manufacturers are trying to woo the customers by offering more innovative and practical models. However, it is important to focus on a few crucial things before buying a good-quality umbrella. 

  • The Handle Of The Umbrella: The handle of the umbrella is very important to check out. There are two types of handles available - the tube and wooden handle. 

  • Opening and Closing system: Nowadays, umbrellas have come a long way and are available with several new features which make your life easier. One of the new features is the Opening and Closing system with just one button. 

  • Fabric/Material: To get an effective result, it is important to ensure that the umbrella is made-up of good-quality fabric and material. The best quality for the umbrella is the waterproof fabric made of polyester, cotton or PVC. You will also see umbrellas in nylon fabrics which helps to quickly dry.  

  • Size: The size of the umbrella matters the most. For more people to cover, you need to have a bigger size of umbrella. But for a single person, the small size of the umbrella will do the work. 

  • Colour and Design: Make sure to choose the right colour so that you can carry it anywhere. Because the colour of the umbrella is very important to make you feel comfortable. 


We have suggested the best brands of umbrella in India. All the recommended brands have gained huge popularity due to their quality products in the market. We have also taken into account the customer ratings, and reviews. You can choose any one as per your need and budget. 

Frequently asked Question

Q. Which company umbrella is best in India?

A. Check out 10 best umbrella brand India mentioned in the article. All the brands are known to provide the best quality products. 

Q. Which company makes umbrella in India?

A.  We have mentioned several brands of umbrellas in which, some of which are made in India. Sun Umbrella is also an Indian brand. 

Q. Which umbrella is the strongest?

A. All the suggested brands of the umbrella are known to offer the strongest umbrella in the market. 

Q. Which umbrella is best for rain?

A. You can pick anyone from the list of top 10 umbrella brands in India mentioned above in the article.


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