10 Best Leather Jackets for Men in India You Shouldn’t Miss

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A Leather Jacket is not just a piece of Fabric or something you just wear just to look good, It is an investment that you make. An Investment that will belong to you for long years if taken good care off. Leather Jackets are sleek, smart, edgy and give a man the masculine appeal he needs. Leather Jackets can be of various styles and different colors. Although, a black or a brown leather jacket will always remain classic.


If you are someone who is thinking of adding one to his wardrobe then welcome to the club. Although, a genuine leather jacket might cost a fortune sometimes if you are going for a timeless piece. But has anyone said that you can not start cheap? Yeah, because making an investment without knowing whether it appeals to you or not won’t be the most intelligent decision. Therefore, one can always start with an inexpensive synthetic or genuine option. This will introduce him to the great world of leather jackets. In order to help you out with some great styles and cheaper options for your pocket, we have suggested 10 really great pieces of art(the last one is not cheap). Therefore, in order to know the Best Leather Jackets for Men in India read the article below.


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1. LQZ Men Black PU Leather Jacket Outwear

Well, for the kind of styling this one offers, it is dead cheap. The jacket is sleek and has a great design. Also, It is a classic black. You can easily club it with a solid T-Shirt and a Shirt whatever you want. The Jacket is priced really well for the style it offers to you. It has multiple pockets for you to store your Knick-Knacks. Overall, for the price at which it is offered, this one is surely a catch.

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2.LOCOMOTIVE - Men Black Solid Leather Jacket

This one is aimed at all the urban wearers who like the contemporary appeal. It is not that classic piece of work but is still unique. This one has a balance of both leather and non-leather appeal. The Jacket can be clubbed easily with any t-shirt and if you are a young guy then probably a great option. Choose for yourself but I personally find this one quite intriguing.

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3. Gordania Men's Faux Leather Black Slim Fit Biker Design Jacket

Leather Jacket by Gordania made of Faux leather is a perfect buy for someone who is looking for a biker design. Just take a look at the snap, this one is perfect. One would wish that it came with genuine leather but then that price might break pockets of us commoners. The shoulders are designed that drools to the tricep region. The pockets also are minimal. It is surely a catch for the price you might pay for it.

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4. Flying Machine Full Sleeve Solid Men's Jacket

Flying Machine is a great brand to Buy Mens Jackets Online. This piece reeks of masculinity and if you have a buff personality then this is one piece you shouldn’t ignore. The Jacket is being offered to you by Flying Machine which is great for clothing. And, for the price quoted and the style offered, this one seems dead cheap. The jacket has mostly positive reviews from the user and will also protect you during harsh winter.

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5. French Connection -Men Black Solid Leather Jacket

Looking for something very stylish yet elegant then here is what we feel you should check out. The jacket by french connection is a solid black and has a nice appeal. If you ride on bikes during winters then this can be your best friend. Also, you can club it with solid colors and various other accessories to have a balanced and sorted look. The brand from which it is being offered makes it more of a catch.

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6. Blackberrys Full Sleeve Solid Men Jacket

Blackberrys is mostly known for the great blazers that it offers to men but do you know it also has a great range of leather jackets. The jacket carries authenticity and spunk that a leather one needs. It is a great option for your daily casual wear and can be taken care of very easily. Also, the price for which it is offered is on point I must say.  

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7. ROADIES - Zip-Front Biker Jacket with Curved Hemline

I do not know but for some reason, the jacket reminded me of “Top Gun”. Yeah, it is a classic by Tom Cruise. The jacket is kind of suave and has a royal vibe going on underneath. The brown tan and the simplistic style along with that logo on the upper pocket gives it a decent touch. It feels like a custom-made jacket of good and authentic material. Also, it is not that expensive and the vendor claims it to have 100% genuine leather.

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8. Shein Men PU Biker Jacket

If you are in for some heavily crafted asymmetric collar based leather jacket then this may be just the right thing for you. It may not match everyone’s styling sense but if it resonates with your sense then mind it, this will be an absolute jaw-dropper. Although, this design feels a little over the top so you need to carry it well to maintain balance. The jacket is made of PU leather but is a great offer for the price it is being sold.

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9. Zeel-Men Black Solid Leather Jacket

If you are skeptical whether this is a leather jacket then I must tell you it is. Although, it is not your usual leather jacket which has a glossy design rather it is an undertone. The jacket has a very simplistic yet urban appeal. It can be a great option if you wish to have something stylish but doesn’t want to attract too much attention. If you are a T-Shirt guy then this one will nicely compliment your wardrobe.

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10. SUPERDRY - Premium Leather Biker Jacket

Just open the link and see for yourself. Superdry is among the Best Leather Jackets Brands for Men Online. If you like leather jackets then you’d wish that you could have had it. I know it is pretty expensive but in my sight, it deserves every penny. If I could have afforded this will have been hanging in my wardrobe. If you take a closer look to the jacket, you’ll see the ruggedness and the finesse. It is something which if taken care properly will be able to pass on to the next generation. Also, it has been styled like a classic so the trend might never go. Leather Jacket has been in trend from ages but there are times when the trend peaks, this will be your pre-preparation for all those coming years and present.

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Classic Styles for Leather Jacket

Time has tested leather and the trend has survived and will be there in the future also. People have been wearing the same leather jacket for almost a decade. It happened because of the investment they put in the piece. Leather jackets tend to last long if you give the attention it deserves. And, the fabric has gone through many different stylistic changes but some styles have remained timeless. Therefore, it is necessary for you as a customer to know all those great styles so that when you purchase that Leather Jacket. You know which trend is going to last. Therefore, in order to check those classic styles read down below.


1) Biker Jacket:

The style was popularised by Marlon Brando, he is basically the Amitabh Bachchan of Hollywood. This outfit will definitely make you look like a bad boy. Most of the times whenever you are seeing a jacket which is heavily designed then chances are that you are looking at this kind. It is an absolute favorite for the bikers and the asymmetric design makes the rider capable of leaning while riding their bikes.


2) Field Jacket:

The leather jacket is the most popular option among people who are working for corporates. It is simple, elegant, and gives a nice touch of manhood while balancing your overall look. It is a classic and has not been given enough gaze that it deserves. Although, the style has been popularised by military personnel. Also, if you are looking something rock solid for the winters then this style might cover your neck too.


3) Bomber Jacket:

The style for the jacket hasn’t changed much. The usual center zip and two pockets for the sides to keep your hands warm. The design for most of the bomber jacket more or less remains the same. It has more of an urban appeal and if you are looking for exactly that then this will be a perfect fit for you.


4) Racer Jacket:

This is the most common type of leather jacket that you might come across. The jacket is very common yet quite intriguing. It is very easy to club it with any sort of clothes. Most of the jackets that you must have seen in this article belong to this category. This style was the choice of wear for the home returned world war II military personnel. It is minimalist yet stylish and is also known as “Cafe Racer”.


5) Flight Jacket:

This is surely not everyone’s cup of tea but if it does this will make up a smart man oozing out style and elegance from tip to toe. Also, I feel if you like this kind then do purchase a pair of aviators they’ll fit perfectly with the entire look. The jacket was originally made for pilots. The fleece on the collar is to keep your neck war. It is not really sought after in the current trend although is among the favorites for some dedicated buyers.


So these were some of the Best Leather Jackets for Men in India. We hope that this article may have had some relevant information and products that you liked. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.

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