YouTube Premium Plans In India - Monthly, Yearly, Family, and Student

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While watching your favourite videos or listening to music, nothing more annoying than ads spoil the entire experience. I don’t know about others, but I get irritated when an ad comes between watching my favourite videos on YouTube. 

Hence, to deal with it, I purchased a premium subscription to YouTube, and all my problems vanished with just a click. So today, I will tell you about each YouTube premium plans in India along with their price, benefits and validity. 

YouTube has also come up with yearly plans to provide more options to users. You can enjoy ad-free videos and many other benefits of YouTube Premium, which you will explore later in this post.

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YouTube Premium Plans In India


What Is YouTube Premium? 

YouTube, an American video platform, offers a subscription option called YouTube Premium. The service offers ad-free access to all of its content, access to YouTube Music, the ability to download and play videos in the background on mobile devices, and access to premium YouTube Originals programming created in partnership with the website's creators. First introduced as Music Key on November 14, 2014, the service provided YouTube and Google Play Music users with ad-free music video streaming from participating labels. After that, on October 31, 2015, the service was updated and relaunched as YouTube Red, extending its reach to include ad-free access to all YouTube videos instead of only music.

YouTube Premium Price In India

Here, I will provide you with all the YouTube Premium Prices In India through which you can watch all your faourite shows without advertisements. Check them out below. 


Price & Validity


Individual Monthly Plan

Rs. 139/Month

Get Ad-Free & Background Play, YouTube Music Premium And Enable Downloads To All Contents

Individual Annual Plan

Rs. 1290/Year

Get Ad-Free & Background Play, YouTube Music Premium And Enable Downloads To All Contents

Family Monthly Plan

Rs. 189/Month

Add up to 5 family members, Get Ad-Free & Background Play, YouTube Music Premium And Enable Downloads To All Contents

Student Monthly Plan

1 Month Free Trial & ₹79.00/Month After

Eligible students only. Annual verification required. Get Ad-Free & Background Play, YouTube Music Premium And Enable Downloads To All Contents.

Individual Monthly Plan

The one-month YouTube Premium plan is priced at ₹139 without auto-renewal and ₹129 (with auto-renewal and free monthly access). However, users may cancel their membership at any point of time. If you buy this one-month subscription plan, you will get various benefits as well. These benefits include ad-free video streaming, downloading and watching videos offline, a decent background play and a subscription to YouTube Music Premium. All of these are just a click away. So buy this subscription now and enjoy the benefits at its fullest. 

Individual Annual Plan

YouTube India has rolled out new yearly membership prices in a number of international countries. This provides a reduced 12-month YouTube premium membership. This implies that you may use YouTube and YouTube Music offline, without advertisements, and in the background.  In India, a YouTube Premium subscription costs Rs 1290 a year. The annual membership offers superior value for money when compared to the monthly plan. One may also watch YouTube material while using the phone for other purposes or after exiting the app, thanks to its support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

Family Monthly Plan

To become a family manager, set up a YouTube family plan. As a family manager, you may share your YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscription. Up to five more family members living in your home can share your membership. You may share a YouTube family plan with other members of your family by joining a family group.

Points To Remember Before Buying A YouTube Premium Family Plan 

  • The family manager and any family members using a YouTube family plan must reside in the same home.

  • If you are a part of an active Google family group, you are not eligible to purchase a YouTube family subscription. The purchase may only be made by the family group manager.

  • Only one family group change per year is permitted.

  • The group will be provided with each family member's name, photo, and email address.

Student Monthly Plan

After your free trial period expires, continue watching Youtube Premium for ₹79 per month. Under the Youtube Premium Student Plan, unlock Youtube Premium for free. With YouTube Music Premium integrated, enjoy your favourite content in the background and without advertisements. Check if you are a qualified subscriber right now! 

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer valid exclusively for Indian university students.

  • Only new subscribers to YouTube Red, Music Premium, YouTube Premium, and Google Play Music are eligible for this offer.

  • Students must verify their identity to take advantage of the YouTube Student Membership offer.

  • Student memberships are good for a maximum of four years.

  • The YouTube Student Plan must be renewed annually and before obtaining the YouTube Premium Student Plan India.

  • StudentPeeps has not yet collaborated with Youtube India. it just reroutes users to the official brand's website. It is Youtube India, not StudentPeeps, who must handle any questions or disagreements about the Youtube Premium Student India service.

Benefits Of YouTube Premium Membership

A premium subscription that enhances your YouTube experience is called YouTube Premium. Here is additional information about Premium Perks.

  • With YouTube Premium, you can access millions of videos without being bothered by pre- and mid-video ads, including those with video overlays. Additionally, you won't see search and banner advertisements from third parties.

  • While you're not online, download playlists and videos to view offline. The YouTube app allows you to download videos for offline viewing, the YouTube Music app allows you to download music for offline listening, and the YouTube Kids app allows you to watch automatically downloaded videos.

  • On your mobile device, play movies when the screen is off or while using other programs. When logged in with your YouTube Premium membership account, background play is accessible on the YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile applications.

  • One of your perks is that you may access YouTube Music Premium as well.

  • With picture-in-picture (PiP), you can use other mobile apps and view movies at the same time. All videos are viewable on PiP if you have a YouTube Premium subscription. 

  • Without disturbing the video you're viewing, schedule videos to watch later. YouTube Premium is the sole option for mobile and tablet queuing.

  • YouTube adjusts the quality of your video stream according to your viewing environment to provide you with the best possible watching experience. It is possible that your resolution is set to 1080p Premium by default if you have a Premium membership.


You can view YouTube videos without advertisements without a YouTube Premium membership. In addition, movies may be downloaded for offline viewing and played in the background while using other programs. Your YouTube Premium membership includes access to YouTube Music Premium as well. So, this was all about YouTube Premium Plans In India. I have tried Providing you with every minor detail. However, if you still have any queries, feel free to contact us through our comment segment; we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of YouTube Premium in India?

A. There are several different plans for YouTube Premium memberships, with three-month plans costing Rs 399, one-month plans costing Rs 139, and yearly plans costing Rs 1,290.

Q. Does YouTube Premium have a 1-year plan?

A. If YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium is new to you, an Annual Plan could be appropriate for you. This membership package is pre-paid and non-recurring. You may use the Premium membership privileges for a full year once you enrol or until your plan expires.

Q. How to get YouTube Premium for free for 1 year?

A. If you subscribe to the Unlimited Plus plan, you will receive a complimentary year of YouTube Premium. You can watch, download, and listen to videos and music on YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free, offline, and in the background when you have YouTube Premium. 

Q. Is there any offer on YouTube Premium?

A. This unique deal enables users to access YouTube Premium for free for an extended length of time, though the precise timeframe isn't stated. Normally, YouTube Premium is priced at Rs 139 monthly or Rs 399 for a three-month period in India. In order to be eligible for the free subscription, users must not already be members of YouTube Premium.

Q. How many devices can use YouTube Premium?

A. You may watch the movie selection from YouTube Movies & Shows without any commercial breaks if you have a YouTube Premium membership. You may view these films on a maximum of two devices simultaneously with a YouTube Premium account, or up to four devices simultaneously with a YouTube Premium family subscription.

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