How to Watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Web Series Free?

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Dhoop Ki Deewar is an upcoming web series on Zee5. The web series is a heart-wrenching story of two families separated by the conflict between two nations. 

If you are excited to watch this thought-provoking and engaging web series then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we share all the tricks to watch Dhoop in Deewar Web Series for free. 

You can also download Dhoop Ki Deewar episodes online for free. So keep reading to know all the details …

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Dhoop Ki Deewar Zee5 


Dhoop Ki Deewar Zee5 

Dhoop Ki Dewwar, a Zindagi Original Pakistani drama web series is all set to premiere on Zee5. This cross-border love story features Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir as Sara and Vishal. They find themselves in social media banter after losing their fathers on borders. Gradually they develop a bond to cope up with their loss. 

The web series is set in the backdrop of the India-Pakistan conflict. Directed by Haseeb Hassan, the star cast includes Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly, Zaib Rehman, Savera Nadeem, Samiya Mumtaz, Samina Ahmed, and Manzar Sehbai.  

Dhoop ki Deewar release date on Zee5 is 25th June 2021. Recently, a trailer of the web series was shared on social media platforms to reveal the release date.

Watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Series Online

You can watch the Dhoop ki Deewar web series on Zee5. The streaming platform has two subscription plans to provide users access to premium content. Zee5 Premium yearly subscription costs Rs. 499, while the 3-month subscription is available for Rs. 299. 

If you already have Zee5 subscription then you are good to go. You can watch this Zee5 series starting 25th June. Otherwise, you can subscribe to one of the premium membership plans to watch Dhoop ki Deewar Series online.

Zee5 has re-introduced the 3-month subscription plan. Earlier the company had left users with only one choice in form of the yearly subscription. 

As promised now it is time to take a look at the tricks to watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Series for free.

How to Watch Dhoop Ki Deewar For Free?

To watch the Dhoop ki Deewar web series, you need Zee5 premium subscription. Here are a few tricks to get a free subscription and watch your favorite shows for free.

The most popular trick is to choose a recharge plan that gives you free access to Zee5. You can choose from the recharge plans of Airtel and Vi. While Airtel is giving 28-days free access to Zee5 with its Rs. 289 plan, you get a 12-month Zee5 subscription with Vi recharge plans of Rs. 355, Rs. 405, Rs. 595, Rs. 795, and Rs. 2,595. So you can choose any of the recharge plans to start your free Zee5 subscription and watch Dhoop ki Deewar web series for free.


How to Watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Web Series Free on Airtel and Vi?

  • Recharge with Vi or Airtel Zee5 prepaid plan

  • You will receive an activation link

  • Click on the activation link

  • On the activation web page, click on Activate Now.

  • Enter your mobile number and click Get OTP.

  • Enter the received OTP and click Submit.

  • After a successful verification, your free ZEE5 subscription will be activated.

  • Go to or open the ZEE5 app to watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Web Series


Get Free Zee5 Subscription to Watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Web Series

If you don't want to recharge with one of these plans, then check out other tricks to get free Zee5 subscription. The first trick which is also my favorite is for Flipkart Users.

They can redeem Supercoins to get the Zee5 subscription for free. Depending on your preference you can choose 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month plans. To get the 1-month plan, you need 75 Supercoins. While the 12-month subscription is available with 499 supercoins.

So if you have enough Supercoin balance, you can watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Web Series for free.

If you don’t have Supercoins balance, then you get a 6-month Zee5 subscription free with Paytm First and Times Prime. Paytm First membership costs Rs. 899. It also includes SonyLiv, Voot Select, and Zomato Pro membership among other benefits. On the other hand, Times Prime membership is available for Rs. 999. With Times Prime, you get 1-year Zee5 subscription. 

How to Download Dhoop Ki Deewar Episodes Free?

  • Open the Zee5 App

  • Click on Dhoop ki Deewar banner

  • Select an episode of your choice

  • Click on download button

  • Pick video quality

  • Download will start in the background

  • Watch anytime in the offline mode


Download Dhoop Ki Deewar Episodes For Free

The download option provided by OTT platforms is useful to watch your favorite shows and movies anytime. You can also watch anywhere in offline mode. You can download Dhoop Ki Deewar Episodes online on the Zee5 App. 

All your downloads will remain in the download tab and you can watch anytime in the offline mode. The streaming platform also gives you the option to pick a download quality of your preference. It is a useful feature that saves users from the hassles of buffering. 

Dhoop is Deewar is a cross-border love story with an underlying message of peace and harmony. The show features a stellar cast Samiya Mumtaz, Samina Ahmed, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman, Savera Nadeem, and Raza Talish. You can watch all episodes online on Zee5. We have already shared all the tricks to get free Zee5 subscription and watch this web series for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3-month subscription available on Zee5?

Yes, the streaming platform has re-introduced the 3-month subscription plan. You can subscribe to 3-month Zee5 Premium at Rs. 299.

How to Get Zee5 1-month subscription?

Zee5 1-month subscription is not available at the moment. Currently, the streaming platform has 3-month and 1-year subscription plans. However, you can get 1-month membership using Flipkart Supercoins. 

Where to Watch Dhoop Ki Deewar Series?

You can watch Dhoop ki Deewar on Zee5. The web series starts streaming on 25th June 2021. 

How Can I download Dhoop Ki Deewar Episodes?

Download Dhoop ki deewar episodes on the Zee5 app. You can watch anytime in offline mode after downloading content on the app. 

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