How To Watch The Office Online For Free?

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How To Watch The Office Online For Free?

Here we come with another amazing series on Amazon Prime Video which is ‘The Office’ I am sure you must have heard about it and just in case you have not then here we are to tell you everything about the series and how you can watch the office for free. 

Amazon Prime Video brings out the best International series and movies for all of us to watch as this is the only way we can now watch the International films and web series which are worth watching.

The series which we are going to tell you about is a very famous one and has come up with 9 seasons till now. But these 9 seasons will never let you bore. You can watch them any time, and I am sure once you start watching it, you will not stop till season 9 ends. 

Along with there are other Indian series which you can watch is Panchayat, it is a fabulous series, and then there is Paatal Lok which is releasing on 15th May 2020 so you can watch that too when it gets released. 

Watch The Office Online

You can watch the office India online for free on Amazon Prime Video with the 30-days free trial period which is available for everyone to do. So this series a little different for all other series as it has come up with 9 seasons and each has some amazing storyline. Each season has mane episodes for you to watch and keep yourself entertained with it. 

Watch The Office Season 1: In this first season of The Office, Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) starts the documentary team and his staff on tour within unsuitable behaviour, good-hearted but mistaken explanations and a myriad of inadequate administration procedures.


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Watch The Office Season 2: The next season is pretty critically commended. Comedy remains the day-to-day of Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Michael Scott and his conflicted staffers.


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Watch The Office Season 3: The next season punches in with the Jim Helpert's sudden shift to the Stamford Office but will it punch out the closing of the Scranton office?


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Watch The Office Season 4: There are a lot of changes in The Office in the season 4 as the former temp Ryan is now everyone's boss and is starting a new website leadership that approaches to upset the Scranton branch's peaceful world. The previous boss Jan is trying her hand at domesticity by living with Michael in his condo. Jim and Pam's connection is at a different level 


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Watch The Office Season 5: Last season left Office fans blowing and served up for more - and so, the most expected season of the Emmy-winning comedy starring Golden Globe winner Steve Carell is assuredly on the time-marker. New and emotional stupidity continues to disturb the world of the careless Dunder Mifflin 9-to-5'ers.


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Watch The Office Season 6: Are those marriage bells in the air? Is that the pitter-patter of little paws on the office floor? Has Michael turned mafia chief? With Dunder Mifflin on the edge of failure, who knows, he may just have to - or maybe it's just time to substitute the Dunder Mifflin management. And as Pam Beasly is now a sales agent, you can bet that is forced to set off a string reaction that will change. 


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Watch The Office Season 7: To err is human. To irr is Michael Scott. He's disturbing, unreasonable and uncontrollable. And those are the very same traits that make him so overpowering. Yes, Golden Globe winner Steve Carell is back as the chief you hate to love.


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Watch The Office Season 8: Improper remarks, petty reaction, zero potencies you can switch the boss, but you can't change the agency. Season 8 of the hit comedy series guarantees to be the most exciting yet as the beloved cast keeps Dunder Mifflin moving in a world (and office building) without Michael Scott. Office politics mix with old alliances and new competitions as James Spader meets the cast as Sabre CE.


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Watch The Office Season 9: In the series, 9th season, Andy Bernard, the preppy salesperson and die-hard Cornell alumni whose continuous and different musical talents keep the office treated, is the new Dunder Mifflin Scranton handler.


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Where To Watch The Office Series Online?

You can watch The Office on Amazon Prime Video worldwide for free with its 30-days free trial period on your first login. You can watch all the office best episodes on Prime what are you waiting to watch the series now.



Watch The Office India Online Free

  • Go to Amazon Prime Video
  • Sign up for a new account
  • Click on the 30-day's free trial
  • Complete the payment details to start your free trial
  • And then watch The Office Web Series for free



 How To Download The Office On Amazon Prime?

  • Open Amazon Prime Video App
  • Register or Log in with your Amazon account
  • Click on try Prime
  • Enter payment details to confirm your subscription
  • Sign up for a free 30-day trial
  • Select "The Office" series
  • Click on offline to download the movie.


The Office Characters

The Office Cast

Steve Carell, B.J. Novak, Jenna Fischer

The Office Number Of Season


No. Of Episodes





Bryan Gordon, Amy Heckerling, Ken Kwapis, Ken Whittingham



So, this was all about the office best season which is now available on Amazon Prime Video worldwide for you to watch with their 30-ays free trial period. Watch this comedy series now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Amazon Prime Video Free for all the users?

A1. The Amazon Prime Video is free for the first time login users with its 30-days free trial period. 

Q2. Is The Office available in Hindi?

A2. Yes! It is available in Hindi but only in subtitles. You can read the subtitles in Hindi but cannot hear it as it is not dubbed in the Hindi language.

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