How To Watch Nancy Drew Series Online For Free?

Watch Nancy Drew Series online on Voot and recreate your childhood memories with all-new episodes of Nancy Drew mysteries. 

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Voot is a popular streaming app that lets you watch a lot of movies and series for free. If you love watching on Voot, then you choose a subscription plan according to your monthly or yearly plan. 

Many of you would have known or have read about Nancy Drew novels in childhood. If you are fond of Nancy Drew mystery stories, then you are on the right platform. 

Nancy Drew is an American drama series about a teenager detective who is involved in solving mysteries in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine. After her mother passes away, she swears to solve all the upcoming mysteries that come in her way. 

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Nancy Drew Series Release Date

Nancy Drew is a complete thriller series that is available on Voot select. The first episode of season 1 got released on 9 October 2019. You can watch the first episode for free and continue watching other Nancy Drew new series every Friday. Yes! You get to see all-new episodes that release on every Friday with a new suspense mystery solved by Nancy Drew. 




How to Watch Nancy Drew series for free?

You can see the first episode of the Nancy Drew series for free. To view the second and other episodes of the series you need a premium subscription. Choose a subscription plan to continue watching all the upcoming episodes.

  • Go to Voot Select from here.

  • Log in or sign up with your email ID.

  • Click on Nancy Drew series.

  • Start watching the first episode for free.

  • Proceed with your free trial to continue watching remaining episodes.





Nancy Drew Series All Episodes

Nancy Drew series has a total of 18 episodes up till now on Voot select. The duration of Nancy Drew diaries episode is around 40 minutes having a complete new suspense story that will entertain and keep you engaged throughout. Here is a list of all the episodes of Nancy Drew that you can watch on Voot. 

Episode 1: Pilot 

Episode 2: The Secret Of Old Morgue

Episode 3: The Curse of dark storm 

Episode 4: The haunted ring 

Episode 5: The case of Wayward Spirit

Episode 6: The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge 

Episode 7: Tale of the Fallen Sea queen 

Episode 8: The path of shadows 

Episode 9: The hidden staircase 

Episode 10: The Mark of poisoner's pearl 

Episode 11: The Phantom of Bonny Scot 

Episode 12: The Lady of Larkspur Lane 

Episode 13: The Whisper Box 

Episode 14: Sign of the uninvited guest 

Episode 15: The terror of Horseshoe bay 

Episode 16: The haunting of Nancy Drew 

Episode 17: The Girl in the locket 

Episode 18: The clue in the Captain's Painting 

Voot Select Premium Subscription 

Voot select premium offers you to watch all the episodes of Nancy Drew TV series whenever you wish to. If you want to subscribe on Voot select the cost is Rs. 99 per month. With this monthly subscription, you get a 3-day free trial.

Whereas, if you subscribe to Voot select and choose a yearly plan, it can cost you around Rs. 499. With this subscription, you get a 14 day free trial on the Voot website or app. 




How to Proceed with Voot Select Free trial? 

The free trial of Voot select subscription is for 3-days and 14-days. After you select a plan, your free trial will start automatically. You have to provide your payment details to start your free trial. To stop the payment, you can unsubscribe anytime within the trial period. 

  • Sign up on the Voot Select website.

  • Select a membership that suits you.

  • Enter credit or debit card details for payment confirmation.

  • You get the free trial.

  • Watch all the premium content.




Benefits of Voot Select Subscription 

There are various benefits if you subscribe to Voot select. Voot app delivers movies and series of all genres. If you plan to opt for Voot select premium subscription, you get additional benefits like 1500+ movies in different languages, latest international shows, new original series every month, 35+ live TV channels, and watch everything without any ads. 

So, this was all about the Nancy Drew series. If you have just read about the mysteries of Nancy Drew on novels till now, you get a chance to watch Nancy Drew TV show on Voot select website or app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will there be a season 2 of Nancy Drew?

A1. Till now, there is only 1 season of Nancy Drew having 18 episodes. The news for the second episode is known but not yet finalised. 

Q2. How many books are in the original Nancy Drew series?

A2. Nancy Drew has starred in movies, TV shows, computer games, and comics but it all started with Nancy Drew books. There are around fifty-six books by Carolyn Keene. 

Q3. Are Nancy Drew books still being written?

A3. Nancy Drew Girl Detective, other spin-off series are still published. Nancy Drew Detective volumes range from 1 to more than 12, and again the author is working on creating new mystery stories.