How To Watch Drishyam 2 (Malayalam) Movie For Free?

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Amazon Prime Video is coming up with another movie for you, which is Drishyam 2. This OTT App keeps you surprised with some of the amazing releases in all the languaGe and genre movies. Drishyam 2 enhances the first mainstream Malayalam film to declare its direct-OTT released in 2021. 

The sequel to the extremely successful 2015 film, which will start from where Drishyam left off, agrees to raise the stakes with doubled the thrills.

The creators of Mohanlal starrer upcoming Malayalam crime drama Drishyam 2 on Friday on New Year's happening declared that the movie would skip its theatre release and land on Amazon Prime. The declaration was made via the teaser announcement.

You can watch it for free with the Amazon Prime Video's 30 days free trial and the subscription plans of telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, and Jio. By the 30-day free trial period valid for new users only.

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Drishyam 2 Malayalam Full Movie 

Amazon Prime Video is bringing up with the amazing movie of 2021, which is Drishyam 2. This is a sequel, and it will be double the fun and double the thrill. It is a Malayalam movie for you all to watch. The movie will glimpse into George Kutty's life, presented by Mohanlal, and his family and how they are coping with the fall-out from the destructive night. 

With the whole family hiding a mystery that could make or destroy them, the gripping teaser sets the assumption of what lies in store. If you want to know more about the movie, you have to wait for a little as the movie will get released on the OTT App very soon. Also, if you want to know more about the upcoming movie Maara then CLICK HERE.

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Drishyam 2 Malayalam Release Date

Drishyam 2 full movie is coming on Amazon Prime Video very soon as we get to know it through the 1 Minute and 18 Second teaser, which just got released. The movie's teaser is very promising and will surely make us watch it once it gets released. Do not worry if you do not understand Malayalam, as the movie has English Subtitles for everyone to watch. Let us all wait for the movie to get released and watch it with family or friends.

The movie is releasing on 19th February 2021 for you all to watch!

Drishyam 2 Trailer

Drishyam 2 Malayalam full movie has not come up with the trailer yet, but the movie's teaser is available for you all to watch. The makers of Mohanlal starrer upcoming Malayalam crime drama Drishyam 2 on Friday on New Year's occasion announced that the film would skip its theatrical release and land on Amazon Prime. The announcement was made via the teaser release. You can also know more about the movie that just got released: Coolie No. 1 with only a CLICK on the provided link.

How To Watch Drishyam 2 For Free?

  • Go to Amazon Prime Video

  • Sign up for a new account

  • Click on the 30-day free trial.

  • Complete the payment details to start your free trial

  • And then watch your preferred movie Drishyam 2, on Prime.


Drishyam 2 Movie Download

  • Open Amazon Prime Video App

  • Register or Log in with your Amazon account

  • Click on try Prime

  • Enter payment details to confirm your subscription

  • Sign up for a free 30-day trial

  • Select the movie 

  • Click on download and then watch the movie whenever you want.  


Drishyam 2 Cast

Here we have mentioned the cast, Drishyam 2 Crew, Language, Genre, and everything you know. So, check out the amazing cast which will make this movie worth watching.

Drishyam 2 Cast

Mohanlal, George Kutty, Meena, Ansiba, Esther Anil, Siddique, Asha Sharath, Saikumar, Murali Gopy, Ganesh Kumar, Anjali Nair, Antony Perumbavoor, Boban Samuel, and Aneesh Menon

Drishyam 2 Release Date

Coming Soon


Jeethu Joseph

Writing Credits

Jeethu Joseph


Anil Johnson

Drishyam 2 Review

Mohanlal is back as the deliberate Georgekutty. The character has grown perceptibly since we last saw him. The veteran actor gives detailed innovation strains to the man who will stop at nothing to shield his family from the law. Nevertheless, awareness breeds blandness. The sequence to 2013's Drishyam is disappointingly tepid.

Georgekutty's skill and resolve are still unimpaired. So, his wife and two daughters are out of harm's way. But the cops understand that it was luck, not his mind, that encouraged him to pull off a daring cover-up of unintentional murder. It is only a matter of time, they understand, before he and his family are made to book.

But like it has done for the researchers - the lead has been scot-free for six long years - time seems a tad extended in the Amazon Prime film because vast swathes of it linger in the areas of the public.

Georgekutty now has a movie theatre. His old jeep has given way for an SUV. His more youthful daughter Anu (Esther Anil) is in the most desirable English-medium school in town. And, decided to produce a film to fulfill a long-nurtured dream, he has dropped a million and a half rupees into making a script. But is his intention to bankroll a movie a mere harmless whim, or is there more extra to it?

The answer to that question makes the core of Drishyam 2, which goes behind the life-imitating-cinema construct of Drishyam and pays for a basis in which the evolving plot of a work-in-progress movie has the potential of reflecting what the future exists for Georgekutty, his family, the police and the unsolved crime case.

In terms of composition and beat, writer-director Jeethu Joseph follows the opening film's arc. As it has to make do with a set of plot parts that the public has prior experience of, Drishyam 2 has to slog that much more challenging to maintain, let alone strengthen, case.

We know how Varun, the spoilt son of inspector-general of police Geetha Prabhakar (Asha Sharath), met his end and hidden his body. The police have no clue. Neither do the townspeople. 

They have their theories. There is much beating around the bush before the cops resume their quest for the clinching evidence that they need to nail Georgekutty.

Drishyam 2 hits its stride only when the police, led by an IPS officer (Murali Gopi), swing into action. Georgekutty is unruffled. His wife, the Rani (Meena), is a bundle of nerves, and his traumatized elder daughter Anju (Ansible) is a wreck. Any talk about the unfortunate incident is, therefore, a strict no-no in Georgekutty's home.

This was all about the upcoming movie Drishyam 2, which is releasing super soon on Amazon Prime Video. So stay tuned for all the updates, as we will keep you updated with all the information coming up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is Drishyam 2 releasing?

A1. There is an upcoming movie Drishyam 2, coming on Amazon Prime Video India, for you all to watch. The movie release date is not out yet, but we will keep you updated once it is released.

Q2. Can I watch the movies and series on Amazon Prime Video for free?

A2. Yes!! You can watch the movies and web series for free with the Amazon Prime Video's 30 days free trial and with the subscription plans of telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone, and Jio and by the 30-day free trial period valid for new users only.

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