Best DTH in Bangalore 2020 - Stay Entertained with Top DTH Services

Choose the best DTH in Bangalore for quality entertainment on a budget.

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Are you looking for the best DTH in Bangalore? Here is the list of best DTH service providers you can consider. Depending on the requirement of your family and budget choose the Best DTH in Bangalore and stay entertained. DTH Services in Bangalore are available for all the leading operators such as D2H Channel list that provides access to more than 600 channels. 

Choosing the right DTH service provider is so important to get the entertainment that you need within your budget. But with different operators available in the market it can be confusing. We are here to make the choice simpler for you. 

Best Dth Service in Bangalore

Best DTH in Bangalore








Sun Direct


Airtel Digital TV


DD Free Dish


1. DishTV

DishTV is the oldest DTH provider in India. It is one of the DTH provides in 2020 with its wide range of channels and new technology. DishTV is one of the best DTH service provider with economical packages. 

The affordable packages make it one of the most preferred choice. It comes with useful features such as child lock, interactive games and more. With Dish TV, you get to choose from attractive combos, special deals and more. Choose the best DTH connection in Bangalore for entertainment as per your budget. 

DishTV Active services are very popular with wide categories to choose from such as entertainment, lifestyle, learning, kids, games, astrology, devotional and more. 

You can choose one of the available packages or make your own pack.


Popular packages of DishTV

  • Single Channels

  • DishTV Combos

  • DishTV Add-ons

  • Broadcaster Bouquets

  • Basic Service Tier Packs

  • Make your own Pack


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2. Tata Sky 

Launched in 2006, Tata Sky is one of the best DTH service providers in Bangalore. Because of its latest technology it has emerged as one of the leaders in the market. The company keeps coming with new services to keep the customers engaged. Tata Active channels add to the variety provided by the service provider. 

In fact, Tata Sky was the first company to offer features such as record, pause, and rewind LIVE TV. Tata Sky packages have a variety of regional packs, curated packs, and active packs. Customers can also select broadcaster packs or choose individual channels. Tata Sky DTH services in Bangalore are the best. 

The DTH service provider offers more than 600 channels. Tata Sky has the most number of HD Channels. The company has over 17 million subscribers in India. 

TataSky Set-top boxes

  • Tata Sky Binge+ 

  • High Definition

  • + High Definition

  • Ultra High Definition 4K

  • Standard Definition


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3. D2h

The company has a huge variety of channels to take complete care of your entertainment needs. They have a huge selection of SD and HD channels. d2h users MPEG-4 technology to provide a clear picture and sound quality. They offer a varied range of subscription packages.

The service provider has many affordable add-ons available for customers as well. You get 650 channels and services. There are four different types of set-top boxes available in the market.

D2h combos packs stand out with the sheer variety. D2h is one of the best DTH service in Bangalore. 

D2h Set-top Boxes

  • d2h Stream

  • HD RF Set Top Box

  • Digital Set Top Box

  • Digital HD Set Top Box


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4. Sun Direct

Sun Direct is one of the leading DTH players with a focus on South India. They offer English and Hindi Channels as well. 

However, the main focus of the company is on South Indian channels. It is a division of Sun Network. The DTH company was launched in 2007. If your focus is on South Indian channels then Sun Direct is the best choice for your DTH. 

The company has many language-specific packages. The attractive pricing has made Sun Direct a popular choice for customers who have a preference for South Indian channels. The company has more than 10 million connections in India. 


Sun Direct Set-top box

  • Sun Direct SD+ Set-top Box

  • Sun Direct HD+ Set top Box


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5. Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV was launched by Bharti Airtel in 2008. The DTH service provider has over 400 channels. The list includes several high definition channels. They have a variety of channels across all popular categories much as entertainment, sports, lifestyle. education, movies, devotional, regional and so on. 

Airtel DTH comes with many advanced features you can even record programs. The DTH allows multiple connections through one dish which is a very useful feature. Recently, the company launched its Android TV-based set-top box. It brings the best of satellite channels, online content and more. 

Popular Airtel Set-top Boxes

  • Airtel HD Media Player

  • Airtel Xstream Box


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6. DD Free Dish

It is a free DTH service launched in 2004. It is owned and operated by Prasar Dharto. The DTH has a limited number of channels. The subscriber needs to pay nominal installation and hardware charges. There is no monthly subscription charge.

It providers a range of national and regional Doordarshan Channels. The subscribers also get access to limited private channels. You get choices across all categories such as entertainment, sports, news, shopping, health, and music. 

You can enjoy all the content for free. Apart from the nominal installation charges, there is no monthly subscription fee. 


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With the new rules by TRAI, the subscribers can make their channel packs. The subscriber has to pay only for the channels they want to watch. TRAI has also launched a channel selector app that makes the selection of channels easy. We hope the information provided helps you choose the best DTH in Bangalore 2020. 

We have mentioned 6 Top DTH Providers in Bangalore. Choose the best DTH as per your budget. Each DTH has some unique features. If you are looking for free entertainment then DD free Dish should be your choice. Meanwhile, Jio Fiber service has also launched. Soon you can get Jio DTH Bangalore at very affordable prices. 

In addition to that DTH service providers offer multiple add-on services. You can compare the add-on services of different companies to choose the Best DTH for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best dth connection in Bangalore?

Here in this article, we have mentioned 6 top DTH services in Bangalore. Choose the best DTH connection as per your budget and entertainment. 

Which is best DTH in Bangalore 2020?

All the leading Dth operators such as Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, Sun Direct, and Tata Sky are available in Bangalore. You can choose the Best DTH operator depending on your budget and choice of channels.

Which DTH service is Cheap?

For DD free dish you only need to pay installation charges. There is no monthly subscription fee. It comes with a range of national and regional Doordarshan channels, you also get some private channels for free.