Window AC VS Split AC In 2024: Cooling Performance Showdown

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Due to rising temperatures, having an AC at home in India is essential. When thinking of buying a new AC, you must often consider Window AC Vs Split AC. 

Knowing the answer to this question is important for making the right purchase decision. Conducting a thorough analysis can also prevent you from spending unnecessarily. 

The air conditioner's star rating determines how much electricity it uses. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the AC. Theoretically, a 5-star air conditioner uses up to 10% less energy than a 4-star unit. To get a comprehensive explanation about this subject, keep reading this article until the end. 

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Window AC VS Split AC

Difference Between Window AC VS Split AC

The split AC vs. window AC controversy will likely draw your attention when looking for an air conditioner. What are the primary differences between a window air conditioner and a split air conditioner, and how do you decide which one to get? Continue reading as we assist with all of these questions.

Window AC Vs Split AC: Design

The design is the primary point of differentiation. As the name implies, window air conditioning consists of a single unit installed in a specific window frame. The remainder of the mechanism comes out the back, with the front facing the interior of the room and equipped with buttons and vents.

In essence, split air conditioning "splits" the unit into an outdoor and an indoor component. While the outdoor unit with the compressor is placed outside, the indoor unit can be wall-mounted and doesn't need a specific window space.

Window AC Vs Split AC: Better Suited For A Bedroom And Office

Installing window air conditioning is simple and only takes up one space in a window. However, due to their 2-ton maximum capacity, window air conditioners work best in smaller apartments.

Split air conditioning requires professional assistance and indoor and outdoor space to install the two units. It is intended to cool larger spaces swiftly and is typically mounted closer to the ceiling. Split air conditioners are perfect for larger apartments and offices because they come with greater cooling capacities on the market.

Window AC Vs Split AC: Which Is Costlier?

Another important distinction between split air conditioners and window air conditioners is price. Regarding price, window air conditioners beat split air conditioners hands down. When compared to split air conditioners, windows air conditioners are slightly less expensive and require less care. Window air conditioners are ultimately reasonably priced. Consider a 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC, which retails at Croma for Rs 29,490. Comparatively, Rs 33,990 is the price of a 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC on Croma. By choosing a window air conditioner, you also avoid paying installation fees.

Window AC Vs Split AC: Which Consumes Less Electricity?

Electricity consumption is determined based on the AC's star rating, which means the higher the star rating, the more efficient your AC will be. For example, Theoretically, a 5-star air conditioner uses up to 10% less energy than a 4-star unit. So, a 3-star or Star-rated air conditioner should be plenty if you buy it for occasional use in a small space. However, a 5-star air conditioner will be the most effective for bigger spaces and heavy use.

However, inverter technology is the real game-changer in the AC category. Due to their compressor's ability to run at various capacities, window and split air conditioners equipped with inverter technology are far more efficient than those without. A 1.5-ton inverter AC can automatically switch between 0.5-ton and 1.5-ton capacities to cool the room while using less electricity, depending on the temperature inside. Such flexibility is not possible with a non-inverter.

Window AC Vs Split AC: Which Is The Quieter Of The Two?

Split air conditioners are the best option because they generate very little noise, which makes them ideal for use in offices or classrooms. All the grunt work that produces noise occurs outside the room because the compressor is installed in the outdoor unit. There is no way to block out the noise from a window air conditioner since the entire mechanism is housed in a single unit that is set on your windowsill. Window air conditioners often make a fair amount of noise, even when they are not running at high loads.

Window AC Vs Split AC: Which Is Easy To Maintain?

A window air conditioner usually requires less maintenance and is simpler to service because it is a single unit. Maintaining optimal performance requires periodic maintenance and a little more work when servicing a split air conditioner because it has two units. So there’s nothing to have a debate on that as it clearly shows that a Window AC is easier to maintain in comparison to a Split AC.

Final Word

Now, that’s all about Window AC Vs Split AC. A window air conditioner or split air conditioner should be chosen based on several criteria, such as the size of the room, the cost, the noise level, and the amount of maintenance needed. Although split air conditioners are quieter and provide stronger cooling, they are more expensive and must be installed by professionals. Window ACs are less expensive and simpler to install, but they may also be noisier and less visually appealing. You can choose the option that best meets your needs by considering these things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is better, AC window or split?

A. Overall, split air conditioners use less energy than window air conditioners. With their improved energy ratings and cutting-edge features like inverter compressors, they use less electricity.

Q. Which type of AC is best?

A. The most popular kind of air conditioner for modern homes is the split air conditioner. Split air conditioners are an excellent option because of their remarkable performance and increased efficiency.

Q. Why is window AC cheaper?
A window air conditioner is usually easier to service and requires less maintenance because it is a single unit. Due to its two units, a split air conditioner requires more work to maintain and repair to function at its best.

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