Top-Selling Hoverboards in India to Purchase This Year

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Who else is searching for the best Hoverboards in India for short-distance travel? 

Are you the one who is interested in buying the most demanding Hoverboard? This article will help you. I know Western countries have started this trend to purchase Hoverboard. 

Now, India has also caught this trend. As you can see, numerous adults and teenagers are having unique riding experiences. But it is not easy to buy this device. There are several things to keep in mind before you buy a hoverboard online

Do you know how to choose the best one and what the latest hoverboards are on the market? I will help you here by mentioning the Top-notch Hoverboards. I curated a list below after thoroughly researching so many online websites. So, read out the article till the end. 

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All Amazing Hoverboards in India to Know

From affordable to expensive, I have made a list below that can help you choose the right Hoverboards for your short travelling. See the list given below-

Product Name 


Mightyskins Skin for Razor Hovertrax 1.5 HoverBoard


TYGATEC ECO_Bluetooth Music Speaker Hoverboard


TYGATEC HoverBoard Scooter  


MAXBELL Two Wheel Self Balancing with Inbuilt Bluetooth Speakers HoverBoard Scooter  


UBOARD Multicolor Classic Hoverboard


CXM-R2-U-UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter


Fancy Hummer electric Scooter Grey Black Hoverboard Scooter 


Uboard Classic 6.5 Inch Hoverboard


Tulshi HoverBoard Scooter


Uboard 8.5-SUV_OFF-ROADER-Grey-Black HoverBoard Scooter


Overview of Hoverboards in India with their Features

Above, I have given you the names of top Hoverboard with their current online store prices. To know more details about these items, see the content below-

Mightyskins Skin for Razor Hovertrax 1.5 HoverBoard

Are you searching for hoverboards under 5000? I know these products are a bit expensive, but you can buy Mightyskins Skin for Razor Hovertrax 1.5 HoverBoard, which is under Rs. 5000. I am mentioning this not because it is affordable. The point is it is both protective and durable. 

This product weighs 4.54g, and the dimensions are 35.6 x 0.3 x 50.8 Centimeters. Well, another reason behind purchasing this excellent product is that the Vinyl Decal Wrap Cover is easy to apply and remove. You can even change its style. It is available on the Flipkart store, and some great discount offers are going on. Hurry up and get this product today at the best price. 

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TYGATEC ECO_Bluetooth Music Speaker Hoverboard

Do you need the best riding experience? I know about the Tygatec hoverboard, and it guarantees you will get the best experience ever. After sharing one of the best hoverboards under 5000 above, it's time to talk about the TYGATEC ECO_Bluetooth Music Speaker Hoverboard, which is a bit expensive but loaded with great features. 

The most important thing to know about this item is it carries 2 driver motors within the wheels. And you can control it with both feet individually. Buying this product would be the best decision because you will experience smooth breaking, easy turns, and rotations here. Those who are between 10-30 years old should buy this one. This hoverboard price in India is ₹13,995. 

TYGATEC HoverBoard Scooter 

Hoverboards are common these days. If someone wants to travel near their home, then they prefer to go with a hoverboard only. If you want to buy a hoverboard online from a trustworthy store, then I suggest purchasing the TYGATEC HoverBoard Scooter. 

Proper balancing is the core functionality, as you will not find any kind of discomfort while riding. During my research, I found this time on the Flipkart store. The customer rating is 4.4. I believe the TYGATEC HoverBoard scooter is worth buying. 

MAXBELL Two Wheel Self Balancing with Inbuilt Bluetooth Speakers HoverBoard Scooter 

Have you ever used a hoverboard with built-in Bluetooth? If not, you must use this popular two-wheel hoverboard called MAXBELL Two Wheel Self Balancing with Inbuilt Bluetooth Speakers. The scooter will help you move forward and backwards. Not only is it excellent for outdoor use, but it is also a reliable choice for indoor use. 

So many of you are searching to buy a hoverboard online. I believe I have shared one of the splendid ones here. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity function, that lets you enjoy music while riding. Moreover, the product is suitable for people 14+ years old. This hoverboard price in India is ₹14,999.

UBOARD Multicolor Classic Hoverboard

Let me now share a product that is comfortable for your indoor use. The name is UBOARD Multicolor Classic Hoverboard, which guarantees to attain a top speed of 15 km/hr. The product has a built-in unit that can help protect from over-current, battery destabilization, and short circuits. 

If you want to know about the brand, let me clarify here that Uboard is a sublime brand that is trustworthy when purchasing Hoverboards. What about the Price? It will cost you ₹15,000.

CXM-R2-U-UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Adults and kids are searching for hoverboards in India these days. Have you heard about the CXM-R2-U-UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard? No idea? It is also in our list of best hoverboards that are available in multiple colours, such as black, blue, and green, on online stores like Amazon. 

There are more such salient features of the CXM-R2-U-UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard, such as 6.5" wheels for a smooth ride, led headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, etc. If you are looking for the best hoverboard that offers Bluetooth connectivity to provide an unforgettable experience, purchase the CXM-R2-U-UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter today. It is available at ₹16,299. 

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Fancy Hummer electric Scooter Grey Black Hoverboard Scooter 

If any of your family members want the popular hoverboard and their age is between 10 and 20, you can purchase a Fancy Hummer electric hoverboard scooter. Breaks, Foldable, and Motor facilities are available here. 

It provides high-quality wheels, and its size is 6.5 cm. This chargeable product is in high demand these days. It will make sure to strengthen your core along with your legs. So, delay no further in buying this awesome product from the best online store. The price is ₹18,999.

Uboard Classic 6.5 Inch Hoverboard

There is another amazing scooter that is suitable for indoor use. Yes, I am talking about the Uboard Classic 6.5 6.5-inch hoverboard that is also ready to give you a remarkable riding experience. 

Teenagers and young adults search for the most popular one in the market, so you can buy this one. It is also suitable for people of age between 18-55. It is one of the best hoverboards in India that has a motor and brakes. This product has an inbuilt balance braking system. The size of the wheel is 16.5 mm, and it will offer a High Grip wheel to get the best control. Buy today at ₹19,999!

Tulshi HoverBoard Scooter

Let's talk about the next hoverboard that is made of metal and aluminium. The name is the Tulshi HoverBoard scooter, which helps people go from one building to another. The product is available in online stores like Flipkart with some discount offers. 

Before you buy, let me share some essential details about it: best for 10-year-old people, motor and brake facilities are available, wheel size is 9cm, and it is available with a 6-month warranty. Buy it from Flipkart at ₹23,677.

Uboard 8.5-SUV_OFF-ROADER-Grey-Black HoverBoard Scooter

Do you want to reduce your physical exertion? There is a Uboard 8.5-SUV_OFF-ROADER- HoverBoard Scooter that is super advanced for your short-distance travelling. The speciality of this product is that it can run 13-15 km per charge, as all are BIS-approved batteries. 

When you buy online, you will get 1 hoverboard, 1 charger, and 1 user manual. It is not only for boys, but it is also an amazing item for girls and adults, too. There are two wheels, and the size of the wheel is 8.5 mm. 

How Do You Choose the Best Hoverboard in India?

There are so many Hoverboards in the market, and I even share the top 10 above. But, if you are confused about how to choose the right hoverboard, make sure to read out the points given below-

  • The first is to see the Wheel size. If you want a Hoverboard for your indoor use, small wheel sizes are perfect, and for outdoor use, large wheel sizes are the best choice.

  • The second point to keep in mind is battery life. Do you need a Hoverboard for a longer distance? Select a long battery life product. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity is next to look at in the hoverboard selection. If you want to connect your mobile phone and other devices with that, keep this point in mind. 

  • There are so many Hoverboards that have a weight limit ranging from 100 to 120 kg. You must choose a Hoverboard that can support your weight. 

  • The final one is the price. If you are on a lean budget, choose the most affordable one for you. 

Are Hoverboards Waterproof? 

Most of you have this question in mind and they are still clueless about whether these items are waterproof or not. Well, your search comes to an end here because Hoverboards are not waterproof. Make sure to keep the hoverboard inside during rainy days. 

Wrap it up

A hoverboard, also known as a Segway Board, is an awesome futuristic device that is helpful for short-distance travelling. People are crazy about this device and are buying from multiple online stores at the best price. Are you looking for the top hoverboards in India? The article has covered everything about it. You also got to know about hoverboards under 5000 if there is any budget issue. Drop your queries in our comment section if you have any questions related to this awesome device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are hoverboards available in India?

A1. Yes, it is available in India. You can purchase Tulshi HoverBoard Scooter, UBOARD Multicolor Classic Hoverboard, and TYGATEC HoverBoard Scooter.

Q2. Are hoverboards good or bad?

A2. Purchasing a Hoverboard is good only if you keep a few things in mind, such as weight limit, wheel size, battery life, and speed before you buy. 

Q3. Are hoverboards expensive?

A3. Some Hoverboards are affordable and some are expensive in the market. It all depends on the features. 

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