Diwali Gifting Guide 2022 - Gifting Ideas To Make Your Celebrations Extra Special

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Diwali is one of India's most important and auspicious festivals, holding a great value in our ancient history and traditional culture. 

Diwali brings in happiness and lots of exciting surprises. People give gifts to their loved ones and make the festival extra special for them. This thing definitely increases the love and affection that they have for each other. 

But sometimes choosing a gift is a one big deal. Yes, we all have been in that situation where we cannot decide what to gift our loved ones. 

If you too are stuck in the same situation, I am here to help you out with that. Here is a Diwali Gifting Guide for you, so that making your loved ones happy isn’t difficult anymore.

Furthermore,various sales are going live on multiple e-commerce platforms during the festival season. You can avail great value products to surprise your loved ones and make them happy.

Know about the best diwali offers 

Diwali Gifting Guide 2022

Relevance Of Diwali And The Celebrations

Diwali is celebrated to spread the idea that goodness always wins over evil and unjust. It is celebrated 20 days after Vijaya Dashami- Dussehra. It is usually a 5-day celebration festival, with each day having its unique relevance and importance. Acknowledging it as the day of Lord Rama's return. 

We celebrate this day by worshiping the Goddess Lakshmi- Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lord Ganesha- God of health and happiness, along with Lord Rama- God of protection and prosperity.

We celebrate Diwali by cleaning and lighting our houses with lamps and decorative lights, Spreading happiness by distributing sweets, and firing crackers to show our joy.

One more significant way we celebrate this day is by gifting each other beautiful and meaningful gifts to show our love, care, and good wishes to our near and loved ones. We give them a share of joy to make them happier and feel special and remembered.

It is not easy for everyone to decide what to give to others. We may have pure feelings but lack expressions to show we care. Here we will help you choose what you can give others this Diwali 2022 and make them feel special and recognised.

Diwali Gifting Ideas With Diwali Gifting Guide - Spreading The Happiness Around

Diwali is a festival to make everyone happy and spread joy with good wishes and god's blessings. It is an auspicious festival that aims to brighten the lives of all around and make everyone realize the relevance of goodness, fairness, and justice. We celebrate it by distributing sweets and specially curated gifts to our loved ones.

We also try to bond with others and strengthen the ties and relationships we share.

Here are some curated Diwali Gift Ideas 2022 divided into different categories. You may refer to the bonding you share with the people you wish to give a gift of care and love this Diwali 2022 and bring smiles and happiness to their lives. 

Diwali Gifting Ideas

Best Premium Confectionery, And Sweet Boxes As Gifts 

Best Rich Dry Fruits Boxes As Gifts

Best Online Gifts Under 500

Best Gifts For Colleagues, Relatives And Friends

Best Electronic Items As Gifts Under 5000

Best Decorative And Artifacts As Gifts

Best Beauty Products For Him And Her

Gift Vouchers And Gift Cards

Best Premium Confectionery, And Sweet Boxes As Gifts 

Confectionery and sweets are prevalent Diwali gifting ideas. We often give each other a rich confectionary box or a box of celebrated, assorted, or exquisite chocolates. No Diwali gift is complete without a box of sweets. We have curated a rich and tasty list of the best chocolate gift brands that promise love and blessings coated in a piece of chocolate for your family and friends.

Chocolate Boxes




Cadbury Gifting

Rs.400 - Rs.1060



HERSHEY'S Kisses Moments


Fabelle Chocolate


Dalmond Truffles


 1. Cadbury Gifting

Diwali is a festival of joy, jubilation, vivacity, and cheerfulness. It is a festival of lights, to enlighten everyone's life around. Diwali is also a festival where we love to distribute sweets and make others' lives full of happiness and sweet moments.

Cadbury gifting has a range of Interesting Diwali gifts. It gives buyers an option to customise and personalise their unique Diwali gifts for loved ones. It provides the pleasure of sweet and decadent chocolates, along with the touch of care of your love and pure feelings.This can be one of the best diwali gift ideas for parents.

It has a range of options for chocolates for Diwali.

These include:

  • Happy Diwali Warli Art Gift Pack

  • Happy Diwali Alpana Gift Pack

  • Happy Diwali Chakri Gift Pack (Non-Personalised)

  • Happy Diwali Colour Bomb Gift Pack(Non-Personalised)

  • Happy Diwali Rangoli Pack (Non-Personalised)

  • Happy Diwali Fireworks Gift Pack Non Personalised

  • Happy Diwali Jute Potli - Choose Your Mix

  • Happy Diwali Satin Potli (Non-Personalised)

  • Warm Wishes Kids Potli

  • Rich Dry Fruit Collection

  • Silk Miniatures 

  • Warm Wishes Cane Basket with Brass Diya - Choose Your Mix

  • Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Gift Hamper with Brass Diya - Choose Your Mix

  • Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack,

  • Premium Cookies Tin Box

  • Celebrations Assorted Pack

  • Warm Wishes Silk Miniatures

  • Warm Wishes Rich Dry Fruit Collection

Each box can be personalized and customized, or otherwise mentioned.

These were the selected rich collection from Cadbury gifting, specially curated for the festival of light- Diwali.

You can choose one or more from this rich collection of sweets to gift your family, friends, and relatives.


Gift your sweet Diwali gift with the chocolate box from Hyperfoods- a brand more than 30 years old. Diwali is all about sweets and lighting. The package of chocolate is a perfect Diwali gift. This gift box has different assorted chocolates packed beautifully in a box to present to your loved ones. The different flavors in which the chocolates are coated include Strawberry Truffle, Dark Truffle Ganache, Orange and Cinnamon, Dark Mandiants, Caramel, Coffee, Raisins, and Nut Cluster.

The box consists of 3 pieces of chocolate, each coated in a different taste of love. It acts as an ideal Diwali gifting box as it caters to all the varieties of a sweet tooth. Not only the taste but the outlook of the box is signed in a unique way to present elegance.

This Diwali gift hamper as diwali gift ideas for inlaws will indeed present your good wishes wrapped in a stylish box of tasty chocolates.

3. HERSHEY'S Kisses Moments

Hershey's is a name in chocolates, and its kisses are very famous as they are small bundles of sweet pleasures. Easy to pop, rich in taste, these kisses are a perfect gift to present this Diwali. In a box of three varieties, this box is an ideal ac package of sweet delicacies.

The golden box of decadent chocolates has three flavors: Almond, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate.It is one of the best diwali gift ideas corporate, and can be used for bulk gifting.

These chocolates are premium in quality and melt in the mouth texture. These small pop-ups will make you show how much you care for your dear ones this Diwali. With an elegant golden ox, these quality sweet chocolates will present your love and blessings in a rich and elite way. Say that you love a box of Hershey's kisses this happy Diwali.

4. Fabelle Chocolate

Fabella has a premium range of chocolate boxes specially curated to make you say Happy Diwali in style. The box by Fabella-The Bars Trilogy is a gift box with three premium chocolates: Fabelle Tiramisu, Hazelnut Mousse, and Dark Choco Mousse. If you wish to celebrate this auspicious Diwali with your loved ones and make their mouth sweet with premium luxury, you can get this chocolate box without any second thoughts. 

These chocolate bars fill the great taste of sweet luxuries in your mouth and make your Diwali extra special. Three different flavours have three unique tastes.

Fabelle Hazelnut Mousse has hazelnut cocoa mousse filling added with milk and roasted Turkish hazelnut bits.

The Fabelle Dark Choco Mousse is a dark chocolate bar with dark chocolate mousse mixed to form a great taste.

Fabelle Tiramisu has coffee mousse and mascarpone cheese,with a taste of classic Italian dessert - Tiramisu.

These three unique chocolate bars ensure you wish Diwali to your loved ones in the best possible way.

5.Dalmond Truffles

Dalmond truffle has this exquisite range of chocolates to make your Diwali celebrations extra special. This box consists of 12 chocolates, each rich in taste and beautifully made with milk infused with different chocolate flavours like dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

These chocolates contain premium quality dates and roasted almonds that are healthy and nutritious.

Premium chocolates are a perfect answer for what to give on Diwali. Select this delectable box of chocolates that are rich and tasty. These serve the purpose of sweet delicacy gifts to your social friends and relatives and as a great diwali gift ideas for brothers. These serve the purpose of sweet delicacy gifts to your social friends and relatives.

Best Rich Dry Fruits Boxes As Gifts

Dry fruits are rich in taste and nutrients. These serve as an ideal gift amongst all Diwali gifts. A box of dry fruits assorted together or rich packs of different dry fruits all packed individually in one box serves as an ideal Diwali gift. It is widespread and popular during Diwali to give others a box of rich dry fruit. It expresses prosperity and spreads it around everyone. These are sometimes coated in chocolate to boost the taste and flavor. 

Various brands are delivering rich dry fruit boxes. Some of the premium ones are discussed below. Choose yourself accordingly.

Dry Fruit Boxes




Organic Box Dry Fruits Combo Pack


Omay Foods Wholesome Treats Gift Box




NatureVit Dry Fruits 


Maalpani Dry Fruits Gift Hamper Box


1.Organic Box Dry Fruits Combo Pack

On Diwali, when you plan to give a box of dry fruits, you only want the best to be gifted. The organic box has a rich collection of dry fruits packed in a jar and all in a box and serves as an ideal, elegant Diwali gift.

It serves as one of the best Diwali gift ideas for corporates, as it has highly nutritious and rich almonds, cashews, raisins, and pistachio, all packed together in jars. It shows your love, care, and blessings wrapped in healthy jars to make others' Diwali rich and nutritious.

It is one of the most appropriate choices for Diwali bulk gifts, gifted to colleagues and relatives.

2.Omay Foods Wholesome Treats Gift Box

Another great choice of dry fruits comes from Omay Foods. This gift box consists of 100% roasted, sugar-free healthy snacks that are non-fried and are perfect as a gift. If you wonder what to gift employees for Diwali, grab this box and wrap it with love to give all your employees a box of joy and care.

The box contains Roasted Cashews, Roasted Almonds, Berries Mix, and Nutty Mix.

It is an excellent combination of health and taste wrapped with good wishes.


Organic City has this ideal box for Diwali gifting purposes rich with Mixed Dry Fruits Combo of Almond, Pistachio, Raisin, and Cashew. It is a beautiful box ideal for businessmen as Diwali gift ideas for customers. Rich with nutrients and packed in a glossy box, it leaves a stunning impression as a token of love and cares for this Diwali.

Diwali is all about making others wish the best of all things good. And wishing them rich dry fruits is always a better idea of gifting.

4.NatureVit Dry Fruits 

Naturevit has this combo of rich dry fruits that can be used as a Diwali gift idea for office staff, as it contains rich Almonds, Raisins, Cashews, and Pistachios.

Rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this box is a bundle of health combined with taste. This gift box helps to give health with love and best wishes and serves as the best Diwali gift ideas for bosses.

Give your love with a taste of rich dry fruits to all your colleagues and staff with this rich and healthy combo.

5.Malpani Dry Fruits Gift Hamper Box

Diwali is a festival of joy, love, celebrations, and happiness. It symbolizes prosperity and richness. Giving your rich love with dry fruits is the best Diwali gift box idea.

This dry fruit box by Maalpani is rich in Almond, cashews, Pista, and Raisins, and all packed in a beautiful hamper.

This hamper is an elegant choice to give to your loved ones. Also, if you want to give it to your staff, this box serves as the best for diwali gift hampers ideas.

Best Online Gifts Under 500

Diwali is all about giving. The festivities around Diwali are when we become generous and try to be inclusive to serve all our loved ones with best wishes and best gifts. Sometimes it gets over budget. So we are required to fix our budgets to cover an exhaustive list of people we want to share our happiness with. Let us look at the budgeted range of gifting ideas this Diwali so that we don't have to be empty pockets at the end, instead be rich with happiness, blessings, and contentment.

Gifts Under Rs.500



Collectible India -Lord Ganesha On Leaf


CraftVatika-Lakshmi Ganesh Diya Idol Oil Lamp


The Purple Tree-Mercury Glass Mosaic Tealight Candle Holders 


Amazon Brand -Colored Wax Tealight Candles


KERWA -Subh Kalash Diya


1.Collectible India -Lord Ganesha On Leaf

Diwali is all about affluence. Lord Ganesha is a god of wealth and prosperity. This small artifact with Lord Ganesha's idol is the perfect Diwali gift idea for friends. This beautiful piece symbolizes good wishes and blessings and helps in making the gifting idea more thoughtful.

This decorative Ganesha statue Diya oil lamp is handmade aluminum Diya with a gold finish is ideal for home decor and gifting purposes for Diwali. Its size is 4.5 x 3 x 3 and Weighs - 190g.

It can be of good use as an artifact and can serve the purpose of oil lamps during the Diwali festivities.

2.CraftVatika-Lakshmi Ganesh Diya Idol Oil Lamp

The best gift to shower your good wishes on your friends and relatives and your near and dear ones is by giving them the blessing of Lord Ganesha and the goddess Lakshmi. This handcrafted idol is made of pure gold metal polish. Its size is: 4.5  3.5 x 3 Inches and Weighs 150g.

It is beautiful and acts as a good artifact for drawing rooms and living rooms.

It showcases your love in a pocket friendly piece that is beautiful and has religious worth.

3.The Purple Tree-Mercury Glass Mosaic Tealight Candle Holders

Diwali is incomplete without tealight candles. These candles are beautiful and elegant and make Diwali decorations more classy and illuminating. The Purple Tree-Mercury Glass Mosaic Tealight Candle Holders are an ideal gift on a budget to give you a long list of colleagues and friends, and these are beautiful and classy. These Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holders are a piece of delicate beauty to make your Diwali gift wrapped with love and elegance,

These holders are embellished with an antique speckled metallic finish and make your home decor impeccably perfect. The dimensions are- 2 x 2.75.

These Holders are one of the best Diwali gift ideas handmade.

4.Amazon Brand -Colored Wax Tealight Candles

These tealight candles are a highly budgeted Diwali gift and are very useful. These 100 tealight candles made of coloured wax help the receiver of this lovely gift light up their house and make their Diwali bright and happy.

These can be best used as Diwali gift ideas for clients. Firms have thousands of clients, and gifting them this beautiful box of utility candles would surely cheer them up.

5. KERWA -Subh Kalash Diya

Diwali means brightness and joy. The bulb lighting by KERWA is an ideal gift to light up the smile on the receiver's face. This 21 golden Kalash with led bulbs is cute and pretty as a gift. These are made of plastic and use 220 volts. These are super easy to use and brighten the room nicely.

This Diwali lights up someone's face with a smile of LED- brightened happiness.

Best Gifts For Colleagues, Relatives And Friends

Diwali spreads joy and brightens the lives of loved ones. The people who are most close to us deserve special attention and detailing in gifts. The Diwali gift ideas for inlaws, friends, close relatives need to be unique and thoughtful. Here is the list of best thoughtful gifts for your near and dear ones.

Gift For Near And Dear



Skinn by Titan - Raw and Celeste Perfumes for Men and Women


GoldGiftIdeas -999 Silver & 24K Gold Plated Sitting Lakshmi Ganesha Idols 


Larah by Borosil - Dinner Set


Livpure Smart All Weather Comforter


NikkisPride -Marble Stone White Wine Cooler


1. Skinn by Titan - Raw and Celeste Perfumes for Men and Women

If you wonder about the Diwali gift ideas for mom and dad, this beautiful combo can save you and make your gift stand apart. This lovely combo of perfume by Titan Skinn is an ideal couple gift given to close ones and your parents.

The Magic of Raw and the Joy of Celeste are a classic combination of perfumes from Titan to be gifted as an exclusive and thoughtful gift. These warm fragrances will make your parents and loved ones happy and aromatic this Diwali.

2. GoldGiftIdeas -999 Silver & 24K Gold Plated Sitting Lakshmi Ganesha Idols 

These silver-plated gold and silver god idols are the ideal set of git to be presented to your elderly relatives as well as parents. This combo exuberates the richness and blessings of god for the whole family. This gift will make you shower your pure blessings, and good wishes on the receiver.

Each idol is ‎8 x 5 CM and is silver plated.

Be thoughtful and religious at the same time with this gift of love this Diwali.

3.Larah by Borosil - Dinner Set

Crockery dinner sets are ideal Diwali gifts. They serve the purpose of a wholesome gifting set. 

They are one of the best Diwali gift ideas for families.

This 35 piece dinner set by Larah, Borosil, is a classic choice for Diwali gifting.

This dinner set is an opal ware set that matches class with utility. This Diwali makes someone's Diwali happy and wholesome with this beautiful, lightweight dinner set which is microwave safe and durable.

4.Livpure Smart All Weather Comforter

Diwali brings in winter with it in the northern part of the country. After a month of Diwali, the need for comforters and quilts increases. This microfibre comforter is ideal as Diwali gift ideas for brother, sisters, and relatives.

This one is a Livpure Smart comforter with 200 GSM Microfiber Filling. Ot is made of Hypo-Allergenic Material and saves you from any allergies during winter. Gift your love wrapped in this comforter and warmly wish happy Diwali.

5.NikkisPride -Marble Stone White Wine Cooler

We buy different home decor products on Diwali to decorate our homes. One of them is a wine cooler. The Nikkispride wine cooler is an ideal gift this Diwali for your close ones.

This wine cooler is 2.5 kg and 5x5x7incehs tall. It is hand-carved marble;e and has natural colour and texture. The marble naturally helps wine keep coo. This one is a classic gift with elegance and spark.

Best Electronic Items As Gifts Under 5000

Electronics are of high utility and are ideal as gifts on any significant occasion. Your loved ones deserve this class gift and giving them the joy of the best quality of electronics is also a joy for you. Let us see the best quality electronics that can be gifted to your loved ones this Diwali and are on a budget of Rs.5000 or less.

Gifts Under Rs.5000



Havells Toaster


Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner


Inalsa Air Fryer


Echo Dot Speakers


Havells Aqua Plus Kettle 


1.Havells Toaster

Toasters are of great use. They are ideal breakfast partners that help in getting a quick and easy breakfast. This Diwali gift is a unique on-budget toaster by Havellls and brings a smile on the faces of your loved ones.This toaster has a reheat function and has a hygienic steel cage. It runs on the power of 750 W and has seven heat settings. It is a beautiful toaster and stands as perfect Diwali gift ideas for doctors, who are always on their toes and need to be at their clinics and hospitals on time.Gift them this beautiful breakfast partner.

2. Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner

Diwali starts with cleaning the houses and making them pure for the goddess Lakshmi to enter the homes. What can be best other than a best quality vacuum cleaner as a gift for Diwali?

Expensive Diwali gifts are in trend, and if you can buy a utility item as a gift on a budget, what's the harm in it?This vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice of gift to the families, friends and colleagues and your know ones,

That will make their Diwali clean and dirt-free. This cleaner uses 50hz voltage and has an automatic cord winder. It comes with Floor and carpet brush, a Multipurpose nozzle, Flexible hose pipe, Extension tubes, Brush.

It is a lightweight gift and an excellent choice to be presented to your loved ones.

3.Inalsa Air Fryer

Air fryers are in trend these days. They are suitable for health and are high on demand. Inalsa has this healthy air fryer on budget as a perfect Diwali gifting idea.

This air fryer uses 220v and auto shut off to save power. It cooks deliciously and is intelligent to use. It has the capacity of 2-3 L to ensure that this Diwali, all the guests are full of love and lovely food.

Give this ideal choice and stand apart. Make your gift different from others and wrap it in love for your loved ones.

4. Echo Dot Speakers

Amazon has these unique Diwali gift ideas for customers. Eco dot helps in streaming media and giving hands-free control. It is trendy and in use these days.

Echo Dot can be used as a standalone speaker or can be connected to other speakers/headphones. It can also be connected with Bluetooth and used as a Bluetooth speaker.

It makes the home smart and is an excellent choice for a Diwali gift.

5.Havells Aqua Plus Kettle 

Kettles are ideal partners for winter and other seasons. This Diwali gift this beautiful kettle by havells to your loved ones. This kettle has an Auto shut-off function and is made of Integrated stainless steel. It is a 360° Cordless Kettle. Other functions include - Energy saving and fast heating.

Gift this utility product this Diwali and make others feel your loves’ warmth and coziness.

Best Decorative And Artifacts As Gifts

We decorate our houses on every occasion, and on Diwali, this decoration gets enormous and vivid. Gifting significant artifacts to your friends and loved ones is an excellent idea for Diwali. These artifacts are on a budget and are ideal use for Diwali decorations. Let's see what they are.

Decorative Diwali Gifts



PESCA -Decorative String Lights Metal Drop


Ascension - Rangoli Art Ceramic


Divyakosh - Diya for Decoration 


MF HANDICRAFTS Decorative Moroccan Lantern lamp Candle


100yellow - Diwali Wall Sticker


1.PESCA -Decorative String Lights Metal Drop

PESCA has these beautiful and charming lights for this Diwali that you can use and gift to others. These stunning lights are ideal for indoor decor to illuminate the rooms during Diwali night and celebrations. These are ideal as Diwali gifts for ladies to make them feel the glow of the festival wrapped in your love and warmth.

Give this illuminating and glowing gift to your loved ones and give your share of spark in this Diwali.

2. Ascension - Rangoli Art Ceramic

This rangoli kit from Ascension is a set of 10 rangoli color bottles with vibrant and high-quality delicate colors. This helps in Home festive decoration. And give your home a cozy and inviting feel. Gift it to your friends so that they can share their art and love for rangoli.You can combine them with other Diwali gift packing ideas so that the receiver utilizes its decorative skills to make their homes beautiful and welcome this Diwali colorfully.

3.Divyakosh - Diya for Decoration 

These beautiful diyas from Divyakosh are ideal for Diwali decorations and can be used as a gift to give other auspicious Diwali blessings. These lights are in the shape of elephants and are beautiful. These are beautiful handmade diyas and serve the purpose of using raw art in Diwali celebrations and lift artisans' skills well. 

Gift these to your friends and close circle to spare the light of festivals and festivities.

4.MF HANDICRAFTS Decorative Moroccan Lantern lamp Candle

The MF HANDICRAFTS Decorative Moroccan Lantern lamp Candle is a beautiful gift piece to show your wishes are a class apart this Diwali. This antique design looks gorgeous even without a cancel inside. It is made of iron and glass. Its size is 7x3 and weighs 340gms.

This gift stands apart as a Diwali gift and is beautiful and elegant. This is one of the best antique and classy Diwali gift ideas for inlaws and can be gifted with warm and beautiful love and blessings.

5.100yellow - Diwali Wall Sticker

Wall stickers help in decorating the walls beautifully. This Diwali, you can gift these beautiful wall stickers to your friends and colleagues to help them decorate their plain walls. This 100yellow - yellow Diwali Wall Sticker is made of  Vinyl and is 60 x 60 centimeters in size.

These are beautiful hanging designs and make your walls colorful and meaningful this Diwali. Gift them to others to make their Walsall attractive too.

Best Beauty Products For Him And Her

Diwali is unique in many ways. It holds a special place in a couple's life. They love to surprise each other with their love-filled gifts, and Diwali is an ideal occasion for the same. 

Couples wait for Diwali to celebrate and surprise their partner with heart-touching fine pieces of gifts. Ladies wait for this time and search for the  Diwali gift ideas for boyfriends to make them feel special and wanted. Let's see what all we can give to him and her in our lives this Diwali.

Beauty Products For Both



The Man Company - Coffee Clean Up Face Care Kit


Plum-Green Tea Face Care Kit


Qraa Men Look Good Kit


mCaffein - Coffee Moment Skin Care Gift Kit


Good Vibes - Brightening Skincare Routine Combo


1.The Man Company - Coffee Clean Up Face Care Kit

Men need to look good on every occasion, and when it's Diwali, you would want your man to look radiant and perfect. This clean and face care kit is a perfect Diwali gift ideas for husband, Ladies. Get this beautiful kit from The Man Company and make your man look brighter than the festival.

This kit has clean-up face care products for a complete face care routine. The richness of coffee helps the face to be radiant and glowing all day. You can gift your husband this fine face care kit, make him look different from others, and light up your Diwali celebrations.

2.Plum-Green Tea Face Care Kit

Men buck up. It's Diwali, and your ladies need to look good. This is the ideal Diwali gift ideas wife would love to get.

This kit from Plum is an ideal gift for your wife to help her achieve glowing beauty within minutes. This tea extract cleansing routine will help her look brighter than the festival and spread her charms everywhere.

It helps the skin hydrate and retains its natural glow. Gift it to your wife to make her feel extra special.

3.Qraa Men Look Good Kit

If you wonder what to give your boyfriends or the remarkable man of your life, this is an ideal answer to every question you have.

This kit contains-Hair styling gel, Activated charcoal face scrub, Mooch and beard oil, and Activated charcoal face wash- a complete face care kit for your macho man to give him the spark he requires this Diwali.

This kit from Qraa Men is a quality product to save the skin and beard of the face from any damage due to oil and acne. 

Gift it to your man. This kit is amongst the perfect Diwali gift ideas for husbands.

4.mCaffein - Coffee Moment Skin Care Gift Kit

Another ideal gift for the remarkable woman of your life is from mCaffeine - Coffee Moment Skin Care Gift Kit. This kit ensures glowing skin with the goodness of coffee. Coffee has anti oxidant properties that are good for the skin and help the skin hydrate and breathe. It helps in removing pigmentation and giving your lady love the natural glow she needs this Diwali.

Gift this ideal product to her and make her feel extra special.

Plus point- this product is unisex; even you can enjoy it. Be happy and make 'her' happy.

5. Good Vibes - Brightening Skincare Routine Combo

Diwali is all about glowing and carrying on your spark. This kit from Good Vibes is all about Brightening Skincare Routine.

Gift your love glowing skin this Diwali. This kit is rich in vitamin C and reduces dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. It brightens the complexion and makes you look radiant.

Gift this complete skincare regime to your husband or wife, as both can use them ideally.

Make your Diwali glow with bright happiness and radiant skin.

Gift Vouchers And Gift Cards

Gift vouchers or gift cars are among the most popular gifting ideas for all seasons and occasions. People often choose them over other gifting items. They are more specific and require fewer efforts and research, but they are highly relevant and worthy as a gift. That's why they are popular.

Diwali is a festival of prosperity, love, and blessings. People give their loved ones gift cards from prevalent e-commerce sites to buy something of their choice with those cards. So, big shots like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra have customised gift cards for their customers to help them buy something good of their choice in the festival season.

Gift Cards



Amazon Pay eGift Card


Flipkart Physical Gift Card


Myntra Gift Card


1. Amazon Pay eGift Card

Amazon has an option of gift cards to make your loved ones feel extra special this Diwali. You can choose a gift card and give it to your friends and family to make them happy. You have to select the gift card and share it with the receiver. These are easy to use and help one buy what they love as a gift from your side.

Make their Diwali special, Gift them gift cards from Amazon.

2. Flipkart Physical Gift Card

Just like other e-commerce joints, Flipkart has a gift card for its customers this Diwali. This card needs to be activated within 72 hours of receiving.

You can select the desired amount you want to use for a gift card and create this gift card for your loved ones. They can use it and feel your love. They can use it in the payment option as pay by gift card and remember you when they buy their favorite products.

Make others smile this Diwali.

3.Myntra Gift Card

Myntra has excellent gifting ideas as Diwali gifts for best friend.

You can gift your best friend this gift card from myntra and make them jump with joy. Your friends can buy anything of their choice and feel happy this Diwali.

These gift cards can be easily gifted, and you can email them directly to your friends and relatives. You can personalize the gift cards to make them feel extra special. they can be easily redeemed and bring joy and happiness to the receiver.

Make This Diwali Memorable With a Touch Of Care And A Gift Of Joy

Diwali is a festival of generosity. It brings your inner goodness outside to the world to do wonders in the lives of your loved ones. Also, It allows you to get contentment in the lives of the needy who need love, care, and attention. It is a festival to spread happiness and make others prosper. This festival believes in making others' life good and happy and full of God's blessings. Gift your love to them graciously and lovingly.

This Diwali 2022, be sure to bring happiness to the lives of those who matter. And also, be thoughtful about those who need the most out of your generosity. If nothing, spread at least contentment, joy, love, care, and a reflective moment all around you.

How to Add Happiness In Others' Lives With A Gift Of Love

Diwali is all about making others happy and adding prosperity to the lives of your loved ones and those whom you care for. It doesn't require much wealth and money to bring happiness to others' lives. You can be generous with thoughts, feelings, intentions, and pure love to give others the joy of life. 

We can be thoughtful this Diwali and can give love if not much.

We can give love and happiness this Diwali.

  • Bring A Smile

  • Make A Promise

  • Gift Pure And True Compassion

  • Be Considerate

  • Celebrate With Everyone

To end with, have a happy and thoughtful Diwali, full of celebrations and blissful festivities. Make this Diwali Happy for everyone. Gift your love. Gift your care. Gift your blessings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best gift to give on Diwali?

A. There are several options that you can choose from to give diwali gifts to your loved ones. In this article I have provided with a Diwali Gifting Guide 2022. You can check it out.

Q. Are gifts appropriate for Diwali?

A. Yes, gifts are very appropriate for diwali. People give gifts to their friends and family to make diwali celebrations special.

Q. Is chocolate a good Diwali gift?

A. Yes, chocolate is something that everyone loves, especially children. Chocolate is definitely the best diwali gift.

Q. Can we gift silver on Diwali?

A. Yes, you can gift anything that you want to gift to your loved ones. But, always remember that if there is some thought connected, it will always make your gift the most special.




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