Flipkart Christmas Offers: Upto 70% off on Dolls, Playset and more

Here is Flipkart Christmas Sale 2020 coming soon on Flipkart app and web for you to get up to 70% off

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For children, toys are the most effective way with which they explore the world around them. Whether it is a simple soft toy or puzzle toy, every toy will make them to learn something new and to cultivate some good habits.

So, this Christmas nothing will be best than giving your child a toy what they have been asking from you for so long. But you’re dodging there request due to high rates of that toy.

Then, Flipkart Xmas toys carnival can help you to get any toy from any toy brands, including Barbie, Disney, Hotwheel and more within the just few clicks of buttons during the Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2020. The Christmas offers 2020 can make you avail upto 70% discount on all top toy categories including remote control toys, outdoor toys, learning & educational toys and so on.    

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Flipkart Christmas Offers Date

Flipkart Xmas toys carnival is about to come with the Flipkart Upcoming Sale December 2020. So stay tuned for the Flipkart Offers & Deals of the Day so, if you’re looking to gift some toys to someone toddler close to you by becoming his/her secret Santa. Then, checking out Flipkart online offers is worth because you will find a wide range of toys from all categories that too of renowned toy brands including Barbie, Disney, Miss & chief, Fisher-price, and more.

The exact date for the sale is not out but it is expected to come before the Christmas for you all to grab amazing deals and offers on major categories. 

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Flipkart Bank Offers

Every year the Flipkart Christmas Sale comes before 25th December 2020 and we expect the same and during the sale period we get up to 70% off on all products available at Flipkart for you to buy. Also, if you want to get an additional discount on your purchase then you can get through the bank credit or debit card which provides you 10% off.

The bank name is not revealed yet but there will be an additional 10% off through banks credit or debit card for sure. For more information, we need to wait as Flipkart has not revealed the information regarding the sale yet.




How to Avail Flipkart Christmas Sale

  • Go to Flipkart Xmas toys carnival page.

  • Check out the offers and categories.

  • Could you select the products and add them to cart?

  • Proceed to the checkout and complete the payment process

Top Toys Brand Sale: Upto 70% Discount

Kids always remain excited about Christmas as they believe that Santa Claus will come and give them chocolates, toys, and sweets. To add more fun in this festive bliss, Flipkart has come up with the Flipkart Xmas toys carnival under which you can avail upto 70% discount on shopping for toys. Toy brands like Disney, Barbie, hot wheel, and more products are available under huge discounts and offers.  

Brand Name
Discount in percentage


Min 20% off

Barbie, Hotwheel, Nerf, Marvel, and Fisher-Price

Min 25% off


Min 30% off


Min 40% off

Miss & chief

Min 40% off


Flipkart Offers on Remote Control Toys: Minimum 40% OFF.

Kids and toddlers have always loved remote control toys as they found them so fascinated. Owing to the advancement and automatic feature, these toys are a little bit expensive. So, if your son or daughter is demanding to your a remote control car for so long but you’re dodging the idea because of high rates. Then, Flipkart sale on toys can make you get minimum 40% off on toys purchase.

Store name
Flipkart offer


Rs.399 only

Sirius, Miss & Chief, and Toy house

Minimum 60% off


Rs.399 only


Minimum 40% off


Flipkart Deals on Learning & Educational Toys: Upto 60% OFF

Toddlers or kids are always into games and busy playing with their toys. Nothing is better than giving learning & educational toys to them by which they can easily learn new things while playing. From alphabetic to numeric toys, everything is available at upto 60% discount rates. Avail amazing deals and offers on toys brands like Miss & Chief, Smartivity, Shifu, and more. For more details, check out the table given below:

Store name

Amazing toys

Minimum 60% off

Miss & Chief

Minimum 50% off

Skillofun and Zephyr

Minimum 35% off


Minimum 30% off


Minimum 25% off

Flipkart Offers on Kids Building Block Sets: Minimum 25% OFF

Learning the concepts of science can be fun. In today's time, toys like building and block sets make the little ones aware of the general idea of gravity as the blocks keep falling. On the other hand, the children can learn the concepts of direction and space in a fun way if they play with block sets. Even, some of the building block toys have alphabets or numbers written on them to make your child learn the concepts of length and width counting, shapes, and so on easily. There is an opportunity for every parent to gift some building blocks set to their kids on Christmas.

  • Get a minimum 25% off on Lego and Mega blocks set.

  • Mechanix prices starting at Rs.199


Flipkart Christmas Sale on Action Figure toys: Get upto 50% off.

Kids, especially boys, are so fascinated with the superheroes, so why not on this Christmas give them an action figure toys of their favourite superhero. Basically, action toys those are inspired by characters from movies, comic books, television programmes, comic books, and even by real-life personalities including wrestling stars, or world-class car racers. These kids toys come in the form of Superman, Chota Bheem, Hulk, Angry birds, Thor, Captain America, and more. Here are the offer details underneath:

Store Name

Marvel and Funko

Min 25% off

Star wars, NJ Croce, and Dc Collectibles

Min 30% off


Min 40% off


Flipkart Online Offers on Soft Toys: Upto 60% OFF

Two little ears, two small eyes, one cute mouth, and an adorable face. What better way to make your kid smile on this Christmas. A large and cuddly teddy bear(soft toy) or rabbit can become your child’s best companion. Gift Disney characters or any other stuffed animals to your little munchkin or any toddler close to you by purchasing it from Flipkart Christmas sale. The best part about shopping from Flipkart is you can avail upto 60% off on your toys purchase.

Product name

Peppa and Chota Bheem

Min 30% off

Starwalk and Disney

Min 40% off

Miss & Chief

Min 60% off


Flipkart Sale on Kids Games and Puzzles: Starts from Rs.129

Puzzles play a significant role in developing your child’s reasoning along with a variety of other skills, including spatial recognition and problem-solving. Puzzles are available in numerous forms among toys online. Getting all the sides of the cube in six different colours and trying different ways to get that solitaire. Buy puzzles and games for kids from Flipkart Santa store to make your kids smarter. So, if your child’s toys box doesn’t contain these challenging toys, then it is time to shop for

  • Get minimum 60% off on Taxton

  • Avail minimum 25% off on stores of Mattel and Hasbro

  • Get a minimum 20% discount on Funskool products.

  • Emob starts with Rs.129 and Ekta products starting from Rs.149 only.

Flipkart Sale on Outdoor Toys: Upto 40% Discount

Childhood cannot be complete without toys. Every child needs fun-filled toys to grow up. No matter if it is a stuffed teddy bear, a Barbie doll, a colourful volleyball, a remote control car, or musical toy animal, every kid has their own favourite set of toys to whom which they got attached.

If you are looking for toys to buy for your little kids, by which they can explore the outer worlds. Then, at Flipkart, there are more than hundred types of outdoor toys available that too at discount rates.

  • Get minimum 40% discount on stores of Toys, My Baby Excel, Toy House, and Amardeep.

  • Avail minimum 30% off on outdoor toys of Intex

  • Get a minimum 25% discount on Baybee.

Flipkart Offers on the Barbie and Disney Products: Minimum 40% off

Shades of pink, bows, and frills, pretty looks, and shiny long hair. These are the things that little girls won’t ever fail to adore. Have a daughter and wants to her on this Christmas? All you have to do is to buy a Barbie doll or whole barbie house from Flipkart Xmas toys carnival. The best part is you can avail a minimum 40% off on the purchase of toys from brands like Disney, Barbie, and Miss & Chief.

Store name
Discount (in %age)


Min 25% off


Min 40% off

Miss & chief

Min 60% off


Flipkart Christmas Deals on Infant and Toddlers Toys: Upto 40% OFF

Dangle a toy in front of any toddler and see that instant cute smile that appears on her/his face. It almost seems too cliched to be cute most of the time. One of the ways a baby familiarize himself/herself with the things around him/her is through the sense of touch. Every colour, shape, and texture fascinates a lot to an infant and toddlers as well.

So, buy toys for your infant or toddler from Flipkart Santa store and surprise her/him on this Christmas.  

Brand Name

Fisher-price, Winfun, and Baby alive

Min 25% off


Min 20% off


Min 40% off

Miss & chief

Min 50% off

Flipkart Offers on Christmas Party Supplies: Upto 80% off on Decor, Cards, and More

Christmas is all about celebration and party. And, for arranging a fun-filled party, you need party essentials including balloons, games, gift bags, party accessories, gifts, and more. Shopping all these from Flipkart Xmas toys carnival is a wise choice because thereupon you can avail upto 70% off on your purchase. For an amazing Christmas party buy some balloons and decor items like paintings, stickers, and more.


Balloons & decorations

Upto 80% off


Upto 75% off

Party and gift bags

Upto 60% off


Upto 50% off


Upto 70% off

Equipment & supplies

Upto 70% off

Good toys are those which matches with their stage of development and their emerging abilities. And, this Flipkart Xmas toys carnival sale which will be live soon only on Flipkart. But the best part about this Flipkart Christmas sale is there will be upto 70% discount on toys range. Buy soft toys, learning and educational toys, block builder set, Christmas decor products and more at very nominal rates from Flipkart Santa toys store.

Highlights Of Flipkart Xmas Sale 2020

  • It offers at up to 70% discount on all categories available at Flipkart
  • There will be an additional 10% discount through banks credit or debit card
  • There will an early sale for the Flipkart Plus members

Early Sale For Flipkart Plus Members

There will be early access to the sale for the Flipkart Plus Members as they get the early entrance to the amazing Christmas sale 2020. You can get an amazing discount and products for all the early members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I get an extra discount on Flipkart?

A1. If you want an extra discount on Flipkart, then you can get an additional 10% discount through banks credit or debit card or else you can get through the sales which keep coming on Flipkart. The sale which is coming soon on Flipkart s the Flipkart Christmas Sale which will let you buy everything at up to 80% off.

Q2. Is there any sale coming on Flipkart?

A2. Yes! There is a sale which is Flipkart Christmas Day Sale. The sale will price you up to 70% discount on all categories available at Flipkart for you to buy. The sale dates are not out but tentatively it may start from 23rd December 2020 and will go on till 25th December 2020.