Air Fryer Buying Guide in India : Types, Features, Tips and More

There are a number of air fryers available in the market. Here is a complete guide for you to know about the brands of air fryer along with their features. Also, get to know important points to keep in mind before purchasing an air fryer.

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air fryer buying guide in india

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Do you want to avoid eating oily food? Everyone does. 

Start using Air fryers in your kitchen to stay fit and healthy. 

Want to know the best part? 

Air fryers remove oil from fried food, and you eat everything that has fewer calories and fat content. 

If you eat more fried foods like french fries and fried chicken, air fryer is the best kitchen appliances you should buy to take care of your health. 

Before we start, first of all, you would be wondering which air fryer you should buy? 

We all know there are tonnes of air fryers you would find in the market. 

So, before you plan to purchase one do get all the information about the specifications and most apparent the price. 

What is an Air fryer? 

air fryer buying guide in india

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Do you know what is an Air fryer? 
It is a kitchen appliance that cooks, bakes, grills and fries food items by passing hot air around the food. It prepares food with hot air instead of oil, it makes up a very healthy appliance to own. 
You can get your favourite crispy, fried food with the same flavours without causing any harm to your health. So take care of everyone without saying "no" to all the fried food and do not compromise with your health as well. 

So if you are planning to purchase an air fryer for yourself you will find all the details mentioned here that will help you in deciding which air fryer is going to be the most suitable for you. 

Air fryers have major health benefits and purchasing one for yourself will surely guarantee your and your loved ones’ health and lifestyle. Oily and fried food tend to cause a lot of problems and illnesses in people, like heart disease and the best way to reduce the risk of heart disease is to change the way we prepare our food. 

For that purpose, air fryers are the best options that we can make use of. There are many different types of air fryers that we can check out. Here in this buying guide, we will check out some of the best air fryers in India and find out which ones are the most useful and beneficial for use and also explore their features, specifications, prices and more.

To purchase the best air fryer in India 2021, all that you need to do is go through the complete buying guide that we have here and follow all the information and details that we have mentioned. This will help you in making an informed decision as to which of the best healthy air fryers in India is the most suitable for you.

Types of Air fryers

Before you plan to buy an air fryer for your home, first you need to know the types of air fryers that are available in the market. 

It is important to understand and check out the different types of best air fryer in India. If you are looking to buy one for yourself then this will really help you as bu knowing the different types, you will be able to decide which one of the air fryers is the best choice for you and your needs and requirements. Here are some of the most popular air fryers in India and their different types along with their features, specifications and other important information. 

  1. Paddle Type Air Fryers

  • Paddle type air fryers are multipurpose air fryers. 

  • You can prepare your fried, grilled, or roasted food, and also liquid type dishes like curries. 

  • It is simple to use and requires little or no oil at all.

  • It contains a rotating paddle that turns the food to ensure that it's evenly cooked. 

They are more expensive than basket air fryers.

  1. Basket Type Air Fryers

  • These fryers help in preparing fries as they are much gentler with the coatings.

  • These air fryers come with food baskets with a large or small capacity to prepare food with only a teaspoon of oil. 

  • Have a longer lifespan. 

They are unable to make curries like in paddle-type air fryers.

  1. Manual Mode Air Fryers

  • These air fryers have a manual mode of operation. 

  • They come with timers and temperature controls, set with the help of a knob. 

  1. Digital Mode Air Fryers

  • These air fryers have all the features and specifications like those present in a standard air fryer to prepare your favourite crunchy fries.

  • You can set the time and temperature digitally. 

  • You can view the timer and other controls on the digital display.

They maybe expensive and take up a large space at your home. 

  1. Compact Air Fryers

  • Compact air fryers provide enough food for one or two people. 

  • The size of the basket usually indicates the capacity of a unit, where smaller air fryers often make a maximum of eight cups of food. 

  • Compact air fryers take up less counter space than standard models

  • Many do not have digital controls. 

  1. High-Capacity Air Fryers

  • High-capacity air fryers are spacious and have baskets that can accommodate five to more than 12 quarts of food. 

  • They are the best for preparing larger meals like chickens, turkeys or pizza.  

  • Their baskets have two or three levels for keeping food items separate while cooking. 

  • Major cons is that these fryers are more expensive.

  • Harder to clean. 

  • Take up more counter space. 

1. Paddle Type Air Fryers

Paddle type air fryers are multipurpose air fryers. These are simple to use and requires little or no oil at all.

Inalsa Air Fryer Fry Light

Inalsa is a brand that deals with a premium quality home, kitchen and personal care appliances at the best prices. This Inalsa air fryer is a good option for a large family.

It uses smart rapid air technology for frying, grilling, and reheating food. The model comes with adjustable temperature and timer control for making the process of cooking much more convenient.

The auto-off feature automatically shuts off the appliance to avoid over-cooking and extra consumption of power. This product is safe, easy to use, and dishwasher safe, making it an ideal choice.


  • Power consumption of 1400 Watt.

  • Weight of the air fryer: 5.27 kg.

  • It comes with a food basket capacity of 2.9 Liters and a pan capacity of 4.2 Liters.

  • The fryer has a release button along with a cool-touch handle.

  • Comes with power and heating LED light indicators.

  • It has adjustable temperature control.

  • The knob enables you to set the cooking time.

  • Warranty is 2 years.

  • It is a dishwasher, safe and easy to clean. The food-grade non-stick coated basket prevents food from sticking to it. The timer control automatically switches off the appliance when the food is ready. Safe and easy to operate.
  • This air fryer is big in size and may occupy a larger space at your home.



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2. Basket Type Air Fryers

These air fryers come with food baskets with a large or small capacity to prepare food with only a teaspoon of oil. You can go for this type of air fryer as they have a longer lifespan. 

Philips viva collection Air Fryer


Philips is a leading and well-known brand in the area of electronics, healthcare products, and other appliances all over the world. 

This product also has a unique rapid air technology, which allows you to enjoy your favourite grilled, fried, or baked dishes without the fear of health problems. 

It makes the food tender from inside and crisper from outside. The timer and temperature control is adjustable to give you the best possible results. 

It also has a nonstick removable food basket that allows easy cleaning and its technology promises its consumers an odourless kitchen.

The recipe book comes with various recipes to try out. Hence, you can very quickly prepare something new and innovative every day.


  • Product dimensions – 38.4×28.7×31.5 cm.

  • Product weight is 6.99 kg.

  • Cooking capacity is around 2.2 L.

  • Power consumption is 1400 Watt.

  • It contains a dishwasher, safe parts.

  • It contains an integrated timer which allows you to set the cooking time to 30 mins and shuts off automatically.

  • Grilling, frying, baking, and roasting of dishes are possible.

  • Two years Philips warranty.

  • Its rapid air technology provides healthier dishes after frying, grilling, baking, or roasting.
  • Its removable non-stick coated drawer and the food basket are easy to clean.
  • It comes with a recipe book consisting of a wide variety of recipes.
  • High power consumption leads to faster cooking.
  • Ensures perfect texture and gives tasty results.
  • It is quite heavy compared to other air fryers with a weight of 6.99 kg.
  • There is no digital display of the temperature and timer.
  • Cooking capacity is less.


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3. Manual Mode Air Fryers

These air fryers have a manual mode of operation where you need to do everything on your own. They come with timers and temperature controls which you can set with the help of a knob. 

Havells pro-life Digi Air Fryer

Havells India is known for its dynamic range of products which include home and kitchen appliances to fans and water heaters. 

It has a black exterior with a digital display which shows the time and temperature, perfect for keeping in any one’s kitchen. Cooking is made much simpler with this pro-life Digi air fryer.

The food separator makes it even more convenient, allowing you to cook two to three items simultaneously.

Its rapid air technology allows grilling, baking, frying, reheating, and roasting of dishes with just a teaspoon of oil, giving us a healthier alternative to a delicious meal.

This air fryer comes with a compact design and large cooking capacity saving both space and time. It is incredibly light and compact to keep in your kitchen. 


  • Power consumption of 1230 Watt.

  • It has a food basket capacity of 2 L and pan capacity of 4 L.

  • It has an integrated timer with auto-off feature along with temperature control settings.

  • This Havells digital air fryer also comes with a basket release button and an integrated air filter.

  • It has dishwasher safe parts.

  • It has two years of warranty.

  • You can set the timer to 60 minutes.
  • The food basket is of non- stick coated aluminium which prevents food from sticking.
  • Its size and weight are very less. 
  • Cook the food for a large family gathering because of its pan capacity.
  • The food basket is patented to have slots at the sidewall which leads to better air circulation.
  • The quality of plastic used is sometimes less durable. 


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4. Digital Mode Air Fryers

These air fryers have all the features and specifications like those present in a standard air fryer to prepare your favourite crunchy fries. You can set the time and temperature everything digitally. 

Philips HD9220 Air Fryer

Philips HD9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer is one of the best air fryers you can find in the market. Philips uses Rapid Air Technology as mentioned, which is capable of cooking the food with very less amount of oil and helps in reducing the oil used to about 80%. 

If you want to eat fried food along with keeping your health safe, then you should go for purchasing this one. 


  • The fryer comes with a smart design. 

  • It runs with a power of about 1425 Watts, 220-240 Volts. 

  • The cooking capacity is of 800gm. 

  • Warranty for 2 Years. 

  • The air fryer reduces oil by 80%. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • For efficient cooking, it has temperature setup and timer settings. 
  • This air fryer does not come with a food separator. 
  • It is a bit expensive.


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5. Compact Air Fryers

Compact air fryers provide enough food for one or two people. The size of the basket usually indicates the capacity of the food you can prepare. 

Wonderchef Regalia Compact Air Fryer 

It is a must in every kitchen focused on healthy living. The fryer is sleek and has a compact design which saves space in your kitchen. It makes grilled dishes, cupcakes, and bakes with ease.


  • This fryer has time and temperature control functions.

  • Automatic shutdown function lets you know when your food is ready.

  • 1.8 Litre non-stick food basket, easy to clean and maintain.

  • Warranty is of 2 Years.

  • It is 100% secure and has premium quality.
  • The product is of excellent quality. 
  • A fan is present on top of the next heater. So only the top of the material will be cooked. It will take more time to cook.
  • Don't try to cook basket full as the air circulation is not proper. 


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6. High-Capacity Air Fryers

High-capacity air fryers are spacious and have huge baskets to accommodate a greater quantity of food. Their baskets have two or three levels for keeping food items separate while cooking. 

Hilton 3.5 L Air Fryer

Hilton as a brand has launched various next-generation kitchen appliances. It has been successful in achieving this aim with the introduction of a wide range of roti makers, induction cookers, electric tandoor, air fryers, etc.

This model is known for its spiral heat flow, which heats the food faster, giving us the perfect crunchiness on the exterior with an equivalently ideal tender and juicy interior.

A large cooking capacity allows us to make a large quantity of food at once. Moreover, it is safe to use and handle. A child lock is a definite added advantage, as it prevents children from any injury. 


  • Product dimensions-35×34×34 cm.

  • Product weight- 6 kg

  • Power consumption- 1400 Watt.

  • Cooking capacity is 3.5 L.

  • High-speed air circulation technology.

  • Timer and temperature control present.

  • Its exterior is black and made up of polypropylene.

  • Its high power consumption provides faster cooking.
  • Easy to clean and handle.
  • It comes with a smart auto-lock and a child lock preventing any accidents.
  • The inner food basket creates a spiral heat flow that heats the food faster and makes it crunchier.
  • Recipe book helps you to prepare low calories and health-conscious food.
  • It comes with only a one-year manufacturing warranty with no on-site after service.
  • You need to carry this heavy product to the service centre in case of any issue.
  • Consumes a lot of power and makes a noise.


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Best Air Fryer In India 2021

Air fryers are really important when it comes to making healthy snacks and dishes. They have all the features that you might need to make tasty and healthy food. There are many different brands and companies that make some of the best air fryers available in the market. You will find many of them online on all major e-commerce websites. Apart from that, they are also available offline. 

If you are looking to purchase one for yourself, then you must have an idea about the best air fryers that are out there. This will help you in making the right decision for yourself and also you will get to know what are the features and specifications that are very popular among other customers. There is a whole range of products available online and offline which makes the decision of buying one all the more difficult.

Check out the listed Best Air Fryers In India For 2021 that you can buy for your home. Stay healthy and avoid eating oily food with the use of air fryers. 

1. STok Air Fryer

This Stok model air fryer is very reasonable compared to its specifications. It provides a budget-friendly option to a great product.

Its high power consumption and unique starfish design which circulates air for even heat distribution lead to faster cooking of our delicious meals. It comes with an elegant design and is easy to use due to its simple features.

The timer comes with an indication bell which notifies you when the dish gets cooked. It is also easy to clean and maintain because of its dishwasher safe parts.


  • Product dimensions- 33×34.5×34.5 cm.

  • Product weight-5.26 kg.

  • The pan capacity is 2.6 L.

  • It comes with adjustable temperature control and timer.

  • Its power consumption is 1350 Watt.

  • This air fryer comes with rapid air technology.

  • Its rapid air technology allows grilling, baking, roasting, and frying of food.
  • The temperature control can be adjusted from 80-200 º C.
  • You can set the timer up to 30 mins, and it comes with an indication bell.
  • Easy to wash the frying basket and frying tray.
  • It has a reasonable price and also comes with a free recipe book and an extra grill.
  • The pan capacity is only 2.6 L, which is less as compared to other air fryers.


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2. Glen Air Fryer 3042

Glen is one of the most famous names in the world of home and kitchen appliances. 

Along with the similar features it possesses like the other air fryers, it comes with a patented conical air circulation base that leads to faster frying.

On the other hand, its vapour steam system makes the fries much crispier even with a negligible amount of oil. It is one of the safest air fryers to use due to its safety features, and it is beneficial to have in your home.


  • Product dimensions-32×32×40 cm.

  • Power consumption- 1350 Watt.

  • Cooking capacity is 2.25 L.

  • It has a separate light indicator.

  • It has a removable frying basket chamber of the pot with a base of food grade ss 304

  • Temperature control of 80-200 º C and an adjustable timer with a limit of 30 minutes.

  • It has a conical air circulation base that is patented.

  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

  • It prevents fumes while frying food in the food basket.
  • The swift air circulation technology leads to faster frying.
  • Its vapour steam system results in making the food more crispier.
  • It has a handle with a safety lock.
  • It is a compact saving space in the kitchen.
  • Cooking capacity is less.
  • Food basket capacity is only 2.25 L.
  • There is no digital control display of the time and temperature.


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3. Kenstar Oxy Fryer

Kenstar Oxy fryer is budget-friendly and has one of the top innovative designs. The frying procedure is a little bit different in Kenstar as compared to Philips, and the second most demanded air fryer in the market. 

Kenstar is just a perfect Air Fryer which uses oxy airflow to heat and cook and comes with about 100’s of the menu for cooking. 

It is the most durable home appliance you can think of to buy. It is perfect for your modular kitchen and helps in cooking with less oil.

Features of Kenstar are:

  • The cavity space is 3 Litres, and the food capacity 1.2 kg. 

  • It consumes 1500 watts of power. 

  • You can set the temperature knob to between 80 to 200 degrees. 

  • You can set the timer up to a limit of 30 min which shuts the fryer off automatically 

  • This fryer has a cool and comfortable handle. 
  • It comes with heating and time control function. 
  • The air fryer contains a big frying basket.
  • Might take a bit of time for frying.


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4. Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer

If you are fond of roasted chicken and prefer to eat fried non-veg recipes, then this air fryer is the best one for you. It is more prominent as compared to other air fryers 

It is an apt device for cooking meat and delivering crispy meat with no fat. The fryer comes with a pan, basket, and fryer’s tray. You can easily prepare fried meals without any noise. 

The tray has a capacity of about 3.2 kg and can be used to cook a lot of food together.

  • The fryer has a stylish, and classy look. 
  • It is best for less or zero oil cooking. 
  • It works great in terms of performance. 
  • Silent operation and makes food crisp. 
  • Easy to use and clean. 
  • Pan size is minimal.
  • The length of the cord is short.
  • Handling the crumb basket is difficult.


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5. Pigeon AF-Super Air Fryer

Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer is a budget-friendly air fryer of Pigeon if you are looking for a small family. It is among the top 5 best Air Fryer In India 2021 that makes fried food become crispy and tasty using minimum oil.

It uses Robust Air distribution technology to fry food and heats the tray using hot air that flows throughout, thereby reducing the use of oil to a tiny amount.

The fryer has a unique design that comes with high technology that enables in preparing more than 100 dishes by just pressing a button be it rolls, samosas, tikkas, kebabs etc.

Features of Pigeon Air Fryer: 

  • It has a 2.2 kg Capacity. 

  • Automatic shut off function. 

  • The timer can be set for 30 minutes. 

  • It has a temperature knob between 80 to 200 degrees.

  • Power of this fryer is 1270 W. 

  • It needs minimal oil usage while cooking. 
  • It is handy and has a comfortable grip. 
  • The auto shut-down feature is available. 
  • There is no food Separator present in this air fryer. 


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6. American Micronic 3.2 Litre Air Fryer

American Micronic is the number 1 brand that makes crisp, delicious fried food with little or no oil. The build quality of the American Micronic Air Fryer is very good and impressive, and you can control the Timer and prepare the food exactly as you want.

The operating temperature range of this air fryer is 200 degree C.The air fryer has a built-in timer function to get perfect results every time you cook, by managing the cooking time accurately. 


  • It has a 30 minutes timer with adjustable temperature control for the perfect result.

  • It comes with TurboTunnel fresh air technology.

  • The fryer has a non-stick frying basket.

  • This air fryer is bigger, and faster in operation.

  • It is 27% more energy efficient than the first generation fryer. 

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Non-Stick frying basket for easy cleaning
  • Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air technology
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • There is no Food Separator, so you cannot make two separate foods at the same time.



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7. Krutan 1400-watts Air Fryer

This fryer contains an integrated air filter and works with the use of rapid air technology. It is dishwasher safe and has adjustable temperature control buttons. You can make healthy samosas, fries and chicken with low oil cooking with this air fryer which comes under the 7 Best Air Fryers In India for 2021.

This fryer is quick, economical and user friendly. All you need to do is brush your dish with spices and a touch of oil, and have your dish ready in no time at all.


  • It has a total holding capacity of 2.5 liters which is enough for small families.

  • In order to prevent foul odour produced by fried food, air filters are provided.

  • It has a 30-minute timer function which is sufficient to cook various dishes.

  • You can also adjust the temperature according to your cooking needs.

  • All the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Its elegant body is corrosion free and shock resistant.

  • Strong and good build quality
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 30-minute timer
  • Rapid air technology
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Very cheap compared to other brands
  • No warranty


How does an Air Fryer work?

Air Fryers use the mechanism of convection to cook food. It consists of a fan that spins in a speedy motion to provide hot air up to 200°C, which helps to prepare the food evenly.

A chemical reaction gives the food a crispy outer covering making it crunchy and mouth-watering with a juicy centre. You get the same delicious quality of the food, which is more healthy. 

Air fryers are safe and convenient to use. They also cook food much quicker than the usual way of cooking. 

French fries, fried chicken wings or fried fish anything can be prepared in just about an average time of 15-20 minutes with the same delicious outcome. 

Air Fryer gives the same crispy results in a much faster, and healthier way whether its chicken breast, steak, or cake.

You need to place food in the preheated food basket with just about a tablespoon of oil. Then set the temperature and timer that is required. 

Traditional cooking involves immersing the food entirely into oil, and the result leads to significant health problems and heart diseases. 

Air Fryers solves this issue by providing a healthier alternative to our favourite fried food. It only needs a tablespoon of oil to give us the same crunchy, crispy, and tasty dishes we love due to its rapid air technology.

Rapid Air Technology works on three principles :

  • Heat gets transferred with very high intensity

  • Heat gets distributed over the food from all sides

  • Heat can penetrate through a thick heap of food particles.

So in Rapid Air Technology, an upward-moving air stream flows through the open food chamber and is focused on the food.

Not only frying but grilling, roasting, and baking of food are also possible in this appliance. It has air vents that expel air at regular intervals to remove any smell in the kitchen. 

They come with a large pan capacity which enables us to prepare two to three dishes together for a family gathering which saves a lot of time and energy. 

How to use an Air Fryer?

Before you decide to purchase an air fryer, it is important that you should know how to use it. Here are some of the points you should keep in your mind. 

  • Make sure to open the air fryer and shake foods around as they “fry” in the machine’s basket—smaller foods like French fries and chips can compress. For best results, rotate them every 5-10 minutes.

  • Give food plenty of space and do not overload so that the air can circulate effectively; to prepare crispy results. 

  • Lightly spray food with cooking spray or a bit of oil to ensure that the food particles do not stick to the basket.

  • Pat foods dry before cooking to keep the food dry. When cooking high-fat foods like chicken wings, make sure to empty the fat from the bottom machine regularly.

Benefits of Air fryer

1. Nutrition Value- An air fryer reduces oil intake by increasing the heating process without altering the food value.

2. Health- You can use air fryers at your home. Taste of the food might be a little different, but the food quality is not disturbed.

3. User-Friendly and efficient- Air fryers are highly efficient, and they operate fast with perfect cooking.

4. Easy to Clean- The air fryer is dishwasher safe and is more efficient to make food with less oil. 

5. Budget-Friendly - You can buy an air fryer at a reasonable price online or at the store. 

What to check while buying an Air fryer?

1. Capacity 

The air fryer comes with different capacities depending upon the amount of food you want to cook. For a family of 4-5 people: a 2 litres air fryer would be sufficient. For a family of 7-8 people or more you can purchase an air fryer of 3-6 litre capacity. 

It is ideal to opt for a larger fry to serve more guests at once. Fryers with twin baskets are also available to let you fry two different foods simultaneously.

2.  Voltage 

Your kitchen outlets should support 800 watts to 1500 watts that a standard air fryer typically uses. 

More power of an air fryer, higher temperatures will be achieved to re-heat the oil. Air Fryers are available with voltage levels to up to 1800 watts and more.

3. Power consumption

The maximum of electricity an air fryer with 1500 wattage can consume is not more than 1 unit a day. 

In case you cook for 30 minutes in an air fryer, the maximum electricity that gets consumed will only be half unit of electricity a day. 

Air Fryers take utmost 15 minutes to complete household cooking needs. Most of the Air Fryers have a power rating which is less than 1500 watts, and hence they consume much less than half unit of electricity a day.

4. Temperature control 

The temperature settings of your air fryer can affect the final result you want. Mostly, air fryers cook food well when the temperature is over 400 degrees. 

Higher temperatures have the advantage of cooking food more quickly. The presence of indicator lights and an integrated timer will simplify the cooking process.

Batter coatings and baked goods also would not absorb as much grease if they are prepared for a shorter period at a higher temperature but ensuring if the machine has a proper control that will help you cook at the right temperature. 

5. Safety 

Look out for a well-insulated air fryer that has a cool-touch hand grip so that your hands do not get burned while pulling out the basket. 

Also, the base of the machine should be non-slip feet so that the device does not slip off, locking lid, exterior basket control.

Be ensured that the air fryer has an automatic shut-off to prevent over-cooking of food.

6. Auto-off

The feature helps in setting a timer, and then it automatically shuts off when you finish cooking. 

What to cook in an Air Fryer?

Cook the healthiest and yummiest food in your air fryer having less oil, more nutrition and more speed. 

  1. Meat dishes - You can prepare meals including chicken, beef or other fried and grilled forms in your air fryer. 

  2. Vegetables - If you feel tired and don’t wish to cook after your hectic schedule, then prepare healthy meals for yourself like steamed and roasted vegetables like zucchini, carrots, broccoli with air fryer quickly. 

  3. Frozen foods - With your air fryer, you would take a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare frozen fries, fish sticks or nuggets, all with ease. 

  4. Baked food - If you are in the mood to eat cooked food, you need to buy a non-stick baking dish. Then you can prepare muffins, bread, lasagna, custards and many more delicious baked recipes. 

  5. Roasted nuts - Nuts are healthy for you, and roasted ones make it yummier to eat. You can roast peanuts, almonds and walnuts in here easily which takes hardly around 5-10 minutes. 

  6. Chips- An air fryer may look like a significant appliance, but the actual capacity is much less than an oven. Depending on the size of the model, you can make 500g and 1kg of chips, which is enough for 2-4 people. 

    Check the specifications for 'working capacity' or 'cooking capacity' to get a better idea of how much the air fryer can cook at one time.

Tips for homemade chips:

If you wish to achieve the perfect crunchy chips, cut the chips evenly and soak them in water for 30 minutes to remove the starch. Then dry the chips entirely by putting them out on a tea towel in a single layer. Then, place in a bowl and evenly coat them with some oil. For cooking, you can follow the instructions that are present in your respective air fryer model. 

What oil can we use in an Air fryer? 

You can use most cooking oils to add a different taste to the food prepared in the Air Fryer.  You can use oils like olive oil, sunflower oil or groundnut oil whatever is available with you. If you apply a little bit of oil on the food, it creates a crispy layer on your fried dish and also enhances the taste.

How can I choose the temperature to try my dish?

For the dishes that you fry at low flame in regular cooking, you should set a temperature range of 130-14- degrees. For the recipes that you grill at medium flame, you need to keep a temperature of 160-170 degrees. If you wish to cook tandoori and deep fat foods, you need to set the Air Fryer cooking temperature to 200 degrees.

Tips of using Air fryer 

There are three tips you should follow before you start using an air fryer. 

1- For cooking French fries, you need to shake the air fryer basket once or twice to prevent food from sticking together.

2- You can observe that cooking takes less time, make sure that you do not overfill the basket as you will block the proper circulation of hot air all over the food.

3- A sprayer works in coating all food with oil properly before air frying. Less oil will be needed this way.

What Makes The Air Fryer So Unique?

If you are unsure whether air fryers will be useful for you or not, you should read some benefits about them before purchasing. 

  • Cooking time range - The average cooking time which you can take with an air fryer is maximum up to 60 minutes. 

  • More power- The fryers consume 30% more power. 

  • Dishwasher safe- It is safe to wash air fryers in the dishwasher after use. So, enjoy happy cooking with fast cleaning. 

  • Rapid Air technology- It is a technology which mimics the effect of a deep fryer with air as a heat carrier instead of oil. The fast airflow inside an Airfryer transports the heat to all parts with high intensity.

  • Smart present button for easy function. 

Things to consider before buying a fryer

1. Cost-  On the pricey side of home appliances, air fryers have depending cost based upon their size and features.

2. Space- You will need to give up valuable storage (or counter) space to house one. The two basic shapes are tall and fat and short and slightly thicker.

Make sure that top-opening models could be not suitable for you if you have restricted space above the bench, as the lid has to open upwards. If you have to pack your air fryer away after use, you can go for a compact size with a uniform shape to keep them quickly into a cupboard.

3. Skills- You need to place your food in the basket, set the time and the temperature. 

4. Taste and texture- The taste may vary if you cook in an air fryer due to excess oil removal. 

5. Health- Frozen french fries prepared in the air fryer contain up to 6 grams of fat on the other hand deep-fried counterpart contain 17 grams per serving.

6. Build Style- Most of the air fryers in Indian market come in two different build styles – pull out drawer and flip-top. Pull-out drawer – This style is observed in vertical style models.

It is easy to operate because you just need to grab the handle and unhook the basket inside. It is safer because you are not directly handling the heating element. But their capacity may be a bit less.

7. Flip-top – It is present in large capacity air fryers. It is difficult to operate as there is no space for proper opening. The heating element is open so you should be careful while removing or adding food.

8. Cooking Ability- One of the important aspects is the ability of cooking the food evenly. Different models have different ways of operation. There are two models that include manual rotation and self-rotating.

Manual Rotation – Some of the air fryers require manual rotation of food ingredients. You have to ensure even heat distribution and cooking. Most of the air fryer models in India come with this design. 

For example, if you want French fries, it is easy to rotate the contents. But on the other hand it becomes difficult to rotate chicken pieces in these types.

Self-Rotating – It will rotate automatically without your effort. The process uses a paddle to rotate the contents or the whole basket. This feature is perfect when you cook food ingredients that require continuous rotation.

9. Functionality

Some air fryer models come with two functionalities – Timer and Temperature. They help you to control the cooking process according to your needs.

Timer – This features enables you to fix your required duration for cooking food. Most of the air fryers have a timer up to 30 minutes. whereas , if you want a longer time to cook food, go for a model with up to 60-minute timer. 

Temperature – Air fryers come with a temperature range of 200°F to 400 °F – which lets you adjust the temperature according to cooking requirements.

Reasons to Buy Air Fryer

The concept of an air fryer is very similar to a convection oven that uses forced, heated, and circulated air to cook foods faster, neatly and ever so wholly. 

  • It ensures the ingredients cook more evenly.

  • In an air fryer, it only takes 10 minutes from start to finish to thoroughly cook frozen fries to crispy perfection, and there is no need for pre-heating.

  • The air fryer puts out a fraction of the heat compared to a traditional oven.

  • There is no smelly, hot grease and an obnoxious mess to clean up afterwards. The basket has a non-stick surface, and you need to rinse it out. 

  • With an air fryer, you do not touch the hot surface and removing the basket does not require protective oven gloves.

  • Cook them both in record time when you load them up in the basket and "fry" them together. 

  • They are just as easy to use as a microwave oven, and there are hundreds of recipes available online.

  • Air fryers are environmentally friendly and use less electricity. 

Popular Air fryer Recipes 

Cooking in an Air fryer is a fast process. All you need to do is pre heat it from 21 C room-temperatures to 200 C. The air fryer just takes around few minutes to bake anything without any oil. 

Some of the popular recipes you can try in the Air Fryer include Pizza, Fruit cake, Samosa, Banana Chips, Suji Toast, Desserts and pastries, and many more without compromising your health. 

Air fryer Features

  • Stirring paddle- Some air fryers have a paddle that moves the food around as it cooks. 

  • Rotating baskets- There is a tilt in an air fryer, combined with the rotating bowl, ensures chips get tumbled around for even cooking. 

  • Grill mode- Some air fryers gives you an option of grilling your food instead of air frying it, which is handy for cooking meat or fish.

  • Extra cooking rack- Some models have a second compartment that allows you to cook two different types of food at once. 

  • Digital vs manual timers- All air fryers have timers that allow you to set how long you want your food to cook for. A digital timer can makes it easier to see how much time is left on the clock.

What is the need of an Air fryer? 

An air fryer would will best suit you if you are living alone or in small households who enjoy frozen pre-cooked foods. If you do not have an oven in your home, you can surely go for an air fryer.

Also, if you love crispy foods such as vegetable chips (sweet potato or kale), air fryer would be a perfect choice. Air fryer generally do not heat up as much as an oven or microwave, so it is the best electronic item you can use in your kitchen during summers. 

Precautions of Air fryer 

Now if you have already purchased an air fryer, you should make sure you know all the precautions you should follow before actually using it.

  • Avoid overfilling with food- Air fryers require a minimum amount of space between the heater and fan, and overfilling may cause accidents.

  • Don’t fill the basket with oil or any other liquid - This could cause overheating and fire. Make sure to mix the oil with the other ingredients before placing them in the fryer. 

  • Never place the fryer on a stovetop. 

  • Always check your food halfway through the recommended cooking to help prevent burning. 

  • Make sure not to use the air fryer for a longer period. 

  • Always remember to unplug the unit when not in use to help prevent damage from lightning strikes and electrical surges.

Cooling and Exhaust System of an Air fryer 

Cooking Air gets internally recirculated to keep the heat inside, but when the temperature rises, the internal pressure also increases. An Air Fryer has an exhaust system. To control the overall internal pressure, it has a drain feature that takes out a small amount of air to maintain a short under pressure.

The steam gets forced, and smoke leaves the cooking chamber only through the exhaust where it gets filtered before getting released in the open air. Make sure you always buy the Air Fryer from a reputed brand that offers at least a one-year manufacturer warranty.

How to Easily Clean an Air Fryer?

When compared to traditional deep frying, air frying is clean and less messy. It reduces your tasks of washing the greasy pots and pans. You get an enclosed cooking basket and oil spoilage gets collected in the oil pan. Make sure you clean an air fryer every single time you use it. Follow the simple steps to clean an air fryer.

  1. First unplug the air fryer from the wall.

  2. Let it cool down completely.

  3. Use a damp cloth to wipe the exteriors.

  4. Remove the basket, and pan.

  5. Wash them with hot water and mild dishwashing soap. 

  6. Using hot water and cloth, wipe the interiors carefully.

  7. If food gets stuck to the heating element above the food basket, then remove it using a brush.

  8. Place all the parts back into the air fryer after they are completely dry.


Any of these air fryers would be the perfect choice for your kitchen. All these air fryers get designed in a way to make cooking a much faster and simpler process.

They give a healthier alternative to a delicious meal. There is a list of specifications and features to keep in mind while purchasing a suitable model of air fryer for your household.

Some of the recommended brands to buy Air fryer are Philips, Bajaj, Havells, Prestige, Wonderchef, and many more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is air fried food healthy?

A1. Air fryer use less oil than traditional frying foods, making them healthier than their oil-immersed counterparts. For those who eat french fries or fried chicken regularly, using an air fryer to cook them can cut calories and fat content.

Q2. What does an air fryer do?

A2. An air fryer is a useful appliance that helps to make fried foods such as meat, pastries and potato chips. It circulates hot air around the food to prepare a more crunchy, crispy exterior.

Q3. What are the cons of an air fryer?

A3. The following are the disadvantages of using an air fryer.

1) Longer cooking time taken. 

2) High risk of burnt food.

3) Little expensive.

Q4. Can you air fry without oil?

A4. Oil is not needed when making food with your air fryer. If you add cooking oil before air-frying it will create an extra crunchy layer to your food. You can utilize most of the oils with an air fryer.

Q5. Is Airfryer better than oven?

A5. While an oven and an air fryer both use a fan to move hot air around, an air fryer circulates the air more quickly inside the chamber, speeding up the cooking process. Air fryers make healthier food than deep frying and there is no risk of an oily meal. 

Q6. Is an air fryer a good purchase?

A6. Air fryer is a good purchase for you if you have to avoid eating oily food. The machine helps you cook all oily stuff without the presence of oil. So, even if you are craving for oily food and do not want to gain weight, air fryer machine can be the best choice for you. 

Q7. What is the best size air fryer to buy?

A7. The size of the air fryer you decide to buy depends upon the number of members in your family. Air fryers having 3 to 5 quarts are very popular for versatile cooking.

If there are 3 to 5 members in your family, you can go for 5.3 to 5.8 quart sized air fryers. For a smaller family of 1 to 2 members, 2.2 to 3.0 quart sized air fryers are the most suitable. 

Q8. What makes a good air fryer? 

A8. A good air fryer cooks by reducing the oil up to 70%. They have an automatic on-off system which saves electricity. Good air fryers are easy to clean even in dish washers. If you want to follow a safe and less messy cooking practices, air fryer will be the appropriate option for you.