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Are you looking for a strong internet connection with affordable pricing? Then here is one of the best options for you. With the BSNL data card unlimited plans, you can enjoy a great internet connection for your day-to-day needs at great prices. We are talking about the BSNL Data Card which can get you high-speed internet at your fingertips. 

Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best BSNL data card recharge plans and how you can get them. There are many different internet connectivity options with BSNL. Like the BSNL Landline internet connectivity plans, about which you can learn more by clicking here.

BSNL Data Card Unlimited Plans

BSNL Data Card Plans Unlimited

BSNL is one of the most popular internet service providers in the country. It is known for its vast circle of availability throughout the country. This means that you can access the internet through BSNL all over India. BSNL is also known for its affordability. Being a state-run Internet provider has its own benefits, the biggest one being the affordable and reasonable pricing of the plans with this company.

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If you have to get a portable internet device for yourself, then you need to purchase the BSNL Data Card which you can activate and make use of by getting any of the following recharges given below. 

Let us now have a look at all the BSNL 3G data card unlimited plans and other recharge packs as well. 

BSNL 3G Data Card Plans for Prepaid

For Prepaid connections, there are several BSNL 3G data card plans that users can make use of and get great benefits as well. We have listed them in the table below. Here you can see that each plan has its own pricing and validity. Select the plan which you feel would be the most useful and suitable for your needs and requirements. 

So let us check out the BSNL unlimited data card plans for prepaid connections. 

Data Plan Price

Data Pack


Rs. 155

1 GB

30 days

Rs. 176

1 GB

30 days

Rs. 251

2 GB

30 days

Rs. 561

5 GB

30 days

Rs. 1011

10 GB

30 days

Rs. 821

7 GB

60 days

Rs. 1949

20 GB

60 days

As you can see, there are a number of options in the BSNL Data Card Plans List 2021 mentioned above. Click on the link below or keep reading the article to know more.

Check Plans Here

BSNL 4G Prepaid Plans

BSNL has various 4G Prepaid plans to offer an exclusive 4G experience. Today 4G internet connection is a must. BSNL understands that too. Now you can enjoy 4G speed with economic data plans by BSNL. Let’s have a look at the data plans offered by the company.


Data (GB)

Price (Rs)
































These were the latest 4G plans offered by BSNL

NOTE- A 4G BSNL sim is required to be activated in order to utilise these services.


Annual Prepaid BSNL Data Card Plans

Next, we look at the Annual BSNL data card plans for prepaid connections. These are some of the best plans when you think of it as they are only one time payments which give you a lot of benefits. Not only do you have to pay only once for these, the data available for use is also large. 

You can select the BSNL internet data card plans for prepaid users at your own discretion which makes the experience all the most satisfying. Here are the Annual prepaid plans. 

Data Plan Price

Free Data Usage

Rs. 1251

0.75 GB per month for 12 months

Rs. 2299

1.5 GB per month for 12 months

Rs. 3299

2.5 GB per month for 12 months

Here is another set of Prepaid Data Plans that you can use. You can check them out by clicking on the button below or continue searching the article for your preferred plans. 

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Annual BSNL Data Card Postpaid Plans

If you are a postpaid user then here are the annual BSNL data card postpaid plans which you can utilize effectively. These plans are really effective, and you only need to pay annual advance payment to activate the plans. All the plans and the data they have to offer is mentioned in the table below for you to check out. 

BSNL postpaid data card plans are a great way for you to enjoy the best services and benefits from BSNL and at incredible prices. 

Advance Annual Payment

Data Per Month

Rs. 1575

1 GB

Rs. 2543

2 GB

Rs. 5639

5 GB

Rs. 7496

7 GB

Rs. 10141

10 GB

Rs. 19258

20 GB

Did you find these BSNL Data Plans 2021 interesting? Then get them today and enjoy great internet services and connectivity across your devices. 

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What is a BSNL Data Card?

BSNL Data card allows you to travel and roam freely anywhere with the best internet connectivity. The Data card can provide internet connection services to your laptops and other gadgets. It is available in different connectivity types of 3.6 Mbps, 7.2 Mbps and 14.4 Mbps. 

Here is a table of how different each type of the BSNL Data Card is. 

Data Card


3.6 Mbps

Rs. 1600

7.2 Mbps

Rs. 2000

14.4 Mbps

Rs. 2500

These are some fantastic BSNL Recharge Plans & Offers that you can use. There are a number of options available for you and you can choose the one most suited to your needs and requirements.

BSNL Data Card Offers

If you plan to purchase a BSNL data card, then you should know that you can get great offers on purchasing it with annual BSNL data card plans. If you purchase a data card with an annual plan of BSNL, then you can get the data card at heavily discounted prices. Here are the offers in detail mentioned below. 

BSNL data card plans

Price of 3.6 Mbps Card

Price of 7.2 Mbps Card

Price of 14.4 Mbps Card

Rs. 1251

Rs. 600

Rs. 1200

Rs. 1500

Rs. 2299

Rs. 300

Rs. 800

Rs. 1100

Rs. 3299


Rs. 400

Rs. 700


Check Plans Here

Therefore, as you can see above, with each Data Card, you can get heavy discounts on its price if you purchase it along with an annual BSNL plan. So do not miss out on this opportunity and purchase a BSNL Data Card today. 

Benefits of BSNL Data Card

There are a number of benefits with BSNL when compared to other Internet service providers. We have shared here with you a list of the most important advantages that you can get with a BSNL data card.

  • BSNL connection is present in most regions and areas of the country.

  • It provides internet connections at very affordable prices as compared to others.

  • BSNL connections are very diverse, and you can get a number of different packs.

  • Each plan is suited for different needs and requirements which you can check yourself.

  • BSNL Prepaid Data Card, Dongle & Wifi Hotspot Plans are easy to access.

  • There are several different portals through where you can recharge and select the plans and packs you need. 

So this was all about the BSNL unlimited data card plans, their features, prices, offers, and other details. If you are looking for more such articles, news, and updates, then keep following our website for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any ways to get BSNL data card for free?

A. Yes, you can purchase a BSNL Data card of 3.6 Mbps for free, if you also activate an annual recharge plan along with it. You can check the article above for more. 

Q. How to get a BSNL internet data card?

A. You can purchase the BSNL Data Card online or from any official outlet nearest to you. 

Q. Is BSNL better than other Internet service providers?

A. There are many benefits of BSNL over other internet service providers. You can check these out in the specific section of the article above.

Q. Does BSNL offer free internet?

A. There are many plans and offers that BSNL provides for existing users and customers, which allow them to enjoy free internet service for a specified period.

Q. Are there any BSNL 3G Data Plans?

A. Yes, there are a number of BSNL 3G Data Plans, that you can easily avail of online and offline. Check the article above for more details. 

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