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Are you wondering about what are the Best Business Magazines In India? Enlisted here are the Top 15 Business Magazine in India 2023 for those aspiring entrepreneurs and business people looking for the best tips, advice, and tactics on business, stock, and tycoons. 

Business magazines are divided into finance, sales and marketing, stock exchange, administration, future enterprises, investment advice, information on financing new companies, and so much more in this sector. 

These Indian business magazines list provides you with the latest updates, current news, and about giants in the business world. We have done the work for you by shortlisting the best business magazines in India.

So, suppose you are brand-new to the magazine world, looking to switch from your smartphones to magazines or an enthusiastic reader of magazines looking to shift to a new premium magazine.

In that case, it might take a lot of time to analyze and pick the most suitable one. 

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List of 15 Best Leading Business Magazines In India [ 2023] 

Let's go through the TOP 15 MOST READ BUSINESS MAGAZINES IN INDIA with a price list.

Top Business Magazines In India 2023

Price per copy

Insights success

Rs. 200

Business Today

Rs 100

Business India

Rs 100

Forbes India

Rs. 250

Outlook Business

Rs. 50

Fortune India

Rs. 250

Entrepreneur India

Rs 150

Bloomberg Business Work

Rs 200


Rs 190

Inc. India

Rs. 224

India Business Journal

Rs. 50


Rs. 100

Banking Frontiers

Rs. 50

Capital Market Magazine

Rs. 100

The Franchising World

Rs. 130

Review Of The Top Business Magazines In India 

Here are all the deep details of the top business magazines in India, with what readers are looking for and their yearly subscription prices.

1. Insights Success

Insights Success

Insights Success strives to provide the best platform for prominent enterprises, assisting in ceaseless progress, all the while providing readers with the latest know-how of any and all industries, and also delivering on the promise of brand recognition.

The magazine aspires to be a comprehensive resource for all types of business challenges. it is one of the best platforms as it delivers quality and updated content on everything business. 

Insights Success aims to create a commonplace for top executives and leaders to talk about and share their experiences, perspectives, and success mantras so that the next generation of young and dynamic professionals can learn and deliver business needs.

Suitable for leaders looking for:

  • information on the latest industry trends
  • motivational stories of entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • stories and articles on leadership 

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,800

2. Business Today

Business Today is one of India's top business magazines followed and read by business giants and aspiring entrepreneurs and business people in India. It is published by Living Media India Ltd. Business Today ensures to give all the important news and updates to its readers to be well-informed about the present and the future. This magazine is an online business magazine as well. 

Its credible, authentic & unbiased opinions and reviews regarding service & products in the market are known. It is a must-have for customers who want to be updated on the products in the market. Business Today magazine subscription gives comprehensive global coverage of the business, economy, and society, encouraging readers to upgrade themselves for unexpected challenges. Today, Business Today India Magazine sets the most potent circulation and readership among India's business magazines.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Unbiased reviews of products launched in the past and present.

  • Detailed and Well-informed reports on the Indian economy & business strategies

Price: Rs 100 per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200

3. Business India

Business India is the best Indian business magazine. It is India’s very first business magazine. The Business India Publication ltd publishes it. Business India is well known for its credible and detailed analysis of the business economy. 

You can read about industry updates, all government policies & how it affects the business. The first issue was published in February 1978. Parthasarathi Swami is the current Managing Editor of Business India. Viewing for a business magazine originated in India? Here it is- Business India Magazine India’s first and leading fortnightly best business magazines in India. The magazine is deemed a pioneer of Indian business magazines. The magazine pages cover markets, business, news, industry, technology, finance, wealth, politics, and more. Business India Magazine is also possible in other Indian languages.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Information on business leaders

  • Information regarding policymakers

  • Industry updates & government policies

Price: Rs 100 per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200

4. Forbes India

Forbes India is a top business magazine which is an Indian edition of Forbes managed by Network 18. It is India’s one of the best business magazines, but It gives the latest business & financial news and analysis. 

Forbes India covers the stock market, personal finance, lifestyle, and technology. R.Jagannathan is the present Editor-in-Chief. Forbes India Magazine is the most comprehensive business magazine that encourages the essential business leads to Forbes. This magazine also gives penetrations and knowledge that guarantee the benefit of the world’s most influential. Forbes India Magazine covers personal finance, lifestyle, technology, business, and the stock market.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Information on personal finances

  • Lifestyle and stock market

  • Articles on business & entrepreneurship

Price: Rs. 250 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 3,000

5. Outlook Business

Outlook Business is among the best business magazines in India. This finance magazine advises its readers on different aspects of investing, borrowing & spending. It offers a detailed and well-documented analysis of stock price, market trends as well as sales strategies.

 Apart from that, it covers leading business people and organizations' stories. Outlook Business is well known for its strong reports on the current issues in the market industry. It is also an online business magazine.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Different market trends

  • Stock prices

  • Marketing and Sales strategies

  • A thoroughly detailed business strategies

  • Stories of leading business tycoons and companies

Price: Rs. 50 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 600

6. Fortune India

Fortune is one of the most respected and top business magazines. It is a reliable and well-trusted business magazine globally. This magazine has featured notable business giants, industrialists & emerging businessmen from around the globe. 

Fortune is regarded as an ultimate benchmark for corporate and business success. The magazine is very well known for its  “Fortune 500” list that globally lists the top 500 companies. Fortune India Magazine brings updates on all the business and corporate news. It is the world’s one of the common read and appreciated business magazines. The magazine annually publishes ranked lists, including the Fortune 500, a ranking of corporations by income.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • The top 500 companies in India

  • Articles on business tycoons globally

  • Emerging market leaders and businessmen

Price: Rs. 250 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 3,000

7. Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur India is a business magazine that has focused on supporting and helping small-scale business entrepreneurs by providing smart and productive advice & tips. 

It highlights the pain-point for small businesses as well as start-ups. As of now, this business magazine has helped numerous entrepreneurs & start-ups to succeed, grow & prosper.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Article and updates on business information

  • The main key and pain point for startups and aspiring businessmen

  • How to grow, succeed & conquer everyday challenges

Price: Rs 150 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,800

8. Bloomberg Business Work

Bloomberg is one of the best business magazines and the most read magazine in the world. The magazine is best suited for entrepreneurs starting businesses as it gives information about the most successful startups in the world. 

It gives a background to the thinking and the process of these famous businesses. Bloomberg LP in New York owns this magazine, but it is available in India as well. 

Suitable for readers looking for:

  • Information about the global economy.

  • Award-winning businesses

  • Entrepreneurs who want to change the business world with their startups

  • Information about financial news and market data

Price: Rs. 200 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,400

9. Economist 

An economist is one of the many Indian business magazines which talk about the economy. The magazine has all information and data relating to economics. It is a very famous magazine which is read all over. 

It is best known for covering all businesses, entrepreneurs, and every little detail about startups worldwide. The economist is a newspaper printed in a magazine format and has all information about various topics about the economy.

More than just a news magazine, the Economist Magazine Print offers main issues from the week's business and entrepreneurs. Are you looking for popular events, finance, commerce, business, social, and politics along with opinion columns, special reports, political cartoons, reader letters, cover stories, art critique, book reviews, and technology features? Then, The Economist Magazine is the one.

Suitable for readers looking for: 

  • Information about economies of countries and regions

  • Information on finances 

  • To know about the business world.

  • Information about science and technology 

Price: Rs.190 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,280

10. Inc. India

Inc. India comes in the list of top 15 business magazines as it covers various topics about the business world. It gives complete knowledge about development and business. Inc. India also has articles for self-growth relating to public speaking, boosting confidence, etc.

It helps in growing entrepreneurs and giving them all the knowledge and information about the latest business trends. It gives solutions to the normal problems that entrepreneurs and businessmen might face. 

Suitable for readers looking for-

  • Information about successful businesses

  • Self-growth and confidence-boosting

  • Tips on making a business successful 

Price: Rs. 224 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,688

11. India Business Journal

India Business Journal is one of India's best business magazines, which gives information about local and international businesses. 

It has a variety of articles covering policy creations, entrepreneurship, and business trends. It gives information about various sectors like economy and industry. It published its first copy in 2005.

Suitable for readers looking for-

  • Business reports for countries.
  • An analysis of the industries
  • Business Events

Price: Rs. 50

Yearly subscription: Rs. 600

12. ISBInsight

ISBInsight publishes interviews with thought leaders & decision-makers from different organizations, industries, academia and presents research from marketing, accounting, IT, economics & industries.

Prominent personalities to be featured on ISBInsight are Raghuram Rajan, Narayana Murthy, to Kiran Bedi.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • interviews with thought leaders & decision-makers from different organizations, industry, academia

Price: Rs 100 per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200

13. Banking Frontiers

Banking Frontiers is a monthly magazine launched in 2002 by Glocal Infomart Pvt Ltd. The magazine publishes banking news that circulates 5000+ copies in India, South East Asia, Middle East & SAARC countries. 

The magazine’s main focus is corporate banking, fraud prevention, risk management, technology, third-party sales & more. 

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Summary of banking news

Price: Rs 50 per copy.

24 issues (2 years) INR 1200 /-

36 issues (3 years) INR 1600 /-

14. Capital Market Magazine

Capital Market Magazine is India’s oldest scientific investment magazine since 1985. Today. This business magazine has now developed into a full-fledged financial magazine that covers issues on stock markets. 

It publishes topical issues, SEBI regulations, policy decisions by the government, or market developments with in-depth analysis. Capital Market Magazine is India's oldest scientific investment magazine in broadcasting since 1985. Today, Capital Market has grown into a full financial magazine covering matters concerning the stock markets. The cover story has Topical issues, policy decisions by the government, regulations by SEBI, or market developments analyzed in-depth.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Financial News

Price: Rs 100 per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 2,600

15. The Franchising World

The Franchising World, published by Franchise India, analyses, gathers & showcases different franchising opportunities available worldwide. 

It includes insights from leaders and professionals on tips and tricks for a successful business. The first issue of this business magazine came out in 1999.

Suitable for readers looking for :

  • Franchising opportunities available around the world

Price: Rs 130 per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 900


You can never be behind the important business updates, and that too from the best in the business world. This India business magazine list is well-reviewed and read by business tycoons and giants. Get informed, and all the best for your business venture! I hope this article helped you to find all the details about the Best Business Magazines In India. Read and share this article with your friends and family if they are also interested in read business articles. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which is the No one magazine in India?

Ans. The most respected business magazines in India are:

  •     Business Today

  •     Business India

  •     Forbes India

Q. What magazine should I read for business?

Ans. There are many leading magazines for business. Forbes, Business Today, and Times are the leading ones.

Q. Which is the highest selling magazine in India?

Ans. Vogue, Forbes, and Femina are some of the highest selling magazine in India.

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