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Thinking about How To Pick The Right Beard For Your Face Shape ? Beard for Men is an essential feature as it represents your personality. Here are the best 25 beard styles for men with round faces. These styles are trendy and suitable for each taste. Choose the right Beard Style for You!

Keeping the beard well-groomed is a task which men love, with so many products in the market like Beardo beard grooming kit to Ustraa hair oils, men can always keep the beard looking amazing.

Do you have a round face? Unable to decide your preferred beard? Well, we have done the work for you. Go through the list of 25 latest beard styles for round faces for men. Always Know Your Style: Best Facial Hair for Round Faces

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Beard Styles for Round Faces - Find Your Beard Style 


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List of 25 Exemplary Beard Styles for Round Faces


Beard Style For Round Face

1 Full Beard For Round Face
2 Natural Beard With Buzz Cut 
3 Short Boxed Beard 
4 Ducktail Beard 
5 French Fork Beard
6 Classic Goatee
7 Van Dyke 
8 Anchor Goatee
9 Extended Goatee
10 Chin Strap Beard
11 Chin Strap Beard With Beardstache
12 Thick French-Cut 
13 5 O'Clock Shadow
14 Balbo
15 Musketeer
16 Garibaldi Beard
17 Klingon Beard
18 Hipster beard or the Bandholz Beard
19 Chin Strip Beard
20 Soul Patch
21 Mutton chop
22 Circle Beard
23 Verdi Beard
24 Horseshoe Moustache With Beard
25 Clean Shave

Review Of Best Beard Styles For Round Face Shape

Let's discuss The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape 


Also read,


1) Full Beard For Round Face

A full beard is one of the most famous round face beard styles. It can be recognized because of their thickness & fullness of hair volume. None of the facial hair is contoured, groomed or shaved off.


2) Natural Beard With Buzz Cut For Round Face

Buzzcut goes very well with a beard for men with round faces. You have to be brave enough to go bald. A natural beard is a great option that highlights your overall look. The beard should be evenly cut.


3) Short Boxed Beard For Round Face

Men with round faces can enormously benefit from this beard style in order to make their face look squarer and sharper. It is a beard style for men with short hair than a full beard except for no hair on cheeks. 


4) Ducktail Beard For Round Face

It is a style of beard in which facial hair is styled in such a way that it resembles a "duck's tail" at the chin. The upper part of the beard is left shorter as opposed to the hair on the chin area can be grown for as long as you want to. It gives a pointy and edgy look.


5) French Fork Beard For Round Face

French fork is an extension of ducktail beard. It is a very different beard style. It's characterized by hair extending in the chin area like a full-grown beard and then split down the beard into two segments.


6) Classic Goatee For Round Face

The classic goatee is an all-time classic beard style for round face. It is easy to groom & maintain, giving you a fantastic look. To rock this look, let your beard grow to your desired length and then shave off the upper lips & cheek hair.


7) Van Dyke Beard For Round Face

The Van Dyke beard is a beard style that gives the looks of a goatee disconnected from the moustache. The skin between your moustache & chin hair is smooth, which results in a clean, structured look.


8) Anchor Goatee For Round Face

The anchor goatee beard style has no sideburns and no cheek hair. It grows on your chin & under your lower lip, and the moustache is kept short and contained. It is an enlarged version of Van Dyke style with pointy hair ends. It is excellent for highlighting jawline.

9) Extended Goatee For Round Face

This style is popular among beard styles for round Indian faces. It has a simple patch of hair on the chin which extends to neck are and jaw line making it look chic, clean and cool.


10) Chin Strap Beard For Round Face

This beard style showcases hair following jawline to the sideburns. The lower lip, moustache and cheeks remain cleanly shaven. It is well suited for a round face as it gives a clean outline highlighting the jawline.


11) Chin Strap Beard With Beardstache For Round Face

A beard stache is when the moustache is more significant than the beard. The chin strap will structure and frame your face along with jawline, but the moustache will play the hero in the overall look.


12) Thick French Beard For Round Face

A French Beard or french cut beard style for round face is one of the most liked beard styles for men. This style makes your face look long as well as making your chin look firm & stable. French cuts can be a patchy, square, circle.


13) 5 O'Clock Shadow Beard For Round Face

This beard style for men refers to the appearance of having slight beard growth in the chin, face & neck area later in the day after shaving in the morning. It gives a very light texture of the facial hair.


14) Balbo Beard For Round Face

It is a beard without sideburns & a trimmed, disconnected moustache. Little similar to a short boxed beard. The Balbo beard style is ideal for men with round faces.


15) Musketeer Beard For Round Face

It is a unique and different beard style for men. It requires to have a long moustache & a short beard giving a focal point to your face.


16) Garibaldi Beard For Round Face

This type of beard will suit anyone who is looking for a little unkempt look. It is a thick, complete and full beard with rounded bottom & an incorporated moustache. The beard in this should not be more than 20cm in length.


17) Klingon Beard For Round Face

The Klingon race from Star Trek made this beard style famous. The connecting hair from the beard to the moustache is left intact whereas the upper lip hair is shaved.


18) Hipster beard or the Bandholz Beard For Round Face

To achieve a Bandholz or hipster, you need only to let your beard grow freely. Most people also call it hipster beard. This beard style is thick, full, long & combined with a decent haircut.


19) Chin Strip Beard For Round Face

This is a subtle and easy look. It showcases a strip of hair running down from lower lip to chin. Making the strip the only focal point.


20)  Soul Patch Beard For Round Face

A soul patch is a single small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin. It gives a focal point to the face.


21) Mutton chop Beard For Round Face

Mutton chops style is among one of the best beards for round faces. They're known for its style where sideburns stretch down past the cheeks & blending into moustaches, leaving the chin clean shaved. 


22) Circle Beard For Round Face

It is a variety of goatee beard in which the moustache & chin hair is connected & wrapped around the mouth area. At the time they are referred to a geeky beard.


23) Verdi Beard For Round Face

The Verdi beard is a full beard which has been styled. It is short & rounded at the bottom, not longer than 10cm in length. This style features a distinct curl from the edges of the moustache.


24) Horseshoe Moustache With Beard For Round Face

A horseshoe moustache is a full-grown moustache in which extensions grow on the corners of the lips to down to the jawline of the sides of the mouth. This style resembles an upside-down "U".


25) Clean Shave For Round Face

The classic and clean look that never goes out of style. One of the choices for a round face.

Important Style Tips For Beard 

  • Keep It Trimmed: With a round face, one of your most important tasks is to try to slim down the face, which just isn’t possible with a big bushy beard. it’s important to keep it trimmed fairly short. 

  • Watch the Sideburns: Its important to keep the sideburns trimmed short if you grow a beard. With a mustache or a goatee, short sideburns make your face look narrower. You’ve got to keep them trimmed up.

  • Accentuate the Chin: The chin is your friend, when it comes to round face.  A well-trimmed beard draws people’s attention down to your chin and makes your face appear longer.

  • Keep it Healthy: It is essential you keep it properly moisturized & nourished regardless of your beard style.Keep your beard shining & looking at its best as well asget rid of  irritation or itching which can be a common occurrence with beards. Keep it healthy by applying quality beard oils or beard-balm once a day. 


Now that you've read about the most stylish beard for a round face, we hope you've found your suitable match. As we say, a beard is an accurate representation of who we are, you better rock that looks! These are The best beard and mustache styles for every guy's face shape

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What beard is best for a round face?

Best beard style for round face for men are 

Full Beard

Goatee with Buzz Cut

Boxed Cut

French Cut

2) Do beards make you look fatter?

It depends on choosing the right beard for your face shape. Each beard style suits a particular face shape.

3) Are beards out of style 2021?

Beards aren't entirely out of style and can never be. But with new and trendy beard styles, one can experiment with their looks.


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