Amazon Music Launched In India-Listen to Free Music With Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime music is available in India. If you are a prime member then you can enjoy your favorite music on Prime Music app and on website. Yo do not have to pay any extra fees to avail this feature from Amazon prime, Amazon Music came in bundled with Amazon Prime Membership.

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If you’re an Amazon Prime user or willing to get a subscription then this might be the time. Amazon Prime membership came with services like Amazon Prime video, Amazon Prime Music and 2 days free shipping.

If you are already a Prime member on Amazon, then you can avail all these facilities just by visiting the official website of and if you are not a prime member and searching for the better option of online shopping, then you should take the Amazon Prime membership Now.

Recently Amazon shook hands with IPRS(Indian Performing right society) to give its Prime customers base exclusive access to all the Indian musical content. Now with watching latest movies, TV series and Amazon exclusives on Prime Video, you can listen to all your favorite latest Indian music for free.

What Is Amazon Prime Music

It is a cloud-based online music service providing free music streaming to its Prime members. It launched its beta version on September 25, 2007. It has collaborations with major music labels like EMI, Universal, Sony BMG etc.

It gives you a customized music experience as per your likeness. You can select the language of music you want to listen to after your first login which will help the application to give you a complete experience.

Amazon Prime Music comes bundled with Amazon Prime membership.



How to Get Amazon Prime Music Membership

  • Visit

  • Click On "Log in To Join Prime"

  • Fill the form to get the Amazon Prime membership

  • Select the payment option and complete the payment.

  • That is it! Now you are eligible to enjoy Amazon Prime music for free.

Note- If you are already a prime user, then you do not have to pay any extra money to avail amazon Prime Music, You can enjoy your favorite music directly by visiting Or for the better experience, you can download amazon prime Music application on your phone.




How to listen to Free Amazon Prime Music 

  • Visit Amazon Prime Music/Download Amazon Prime Music App.
  • Log in with your Username of prime membership.
  • Now select the category of songs that you want to play.
  • (You can do it with its latest feature Alexa).
  • Select the song.
  • Now, enjoy your favorite music/song on Amazon Prime.



Amazon Prime vs Top 5 Indian music streaming services

While all the other streaming services have different monthly plans Amazon Prime comes with a single yearly plan. All these are streaming services and some provide music videos too but Prime comes with a dedicated video library and free 2-day shipping service. Amazon Prime Music is an add-on to the whole deal without any change in prices.Also, some of these services have limited international content while you get access to international music in case of Amazon Prime Music. Also, the Amazon Prime Music experience is completely ad-free.




Amazon Prime Music






1 Month






Rs.29/-(Airtel users)

Rs.99/-(N0n Airtel Users)


3 Month







6 Month







12 Month








  • The prices shown in Saavn are for Android users.
  • Some of the prices have been modified from rupees to dollars for better comparison.



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Benefits of Using Amazon Prime Music

  • Access to almost 2 million tracks.

  • Ad-free access.

  • You can a bunch of languages for your music.

  • You get access to free live radio stations in different languages.

  • Not only you can stream but download your favorite music for offline use.

  • Enjoy music at 256 Kbps.

  • It is compatible with Alexa.

  • With Amazon Prime Music Unlimited you get a much larger library.

Amazon Prime Music is available for ios as well as Android. It can also be used with Amazon Fire TV and Echo devices.



Benefits Of Collaboration Of IPRS And Amazon Prime

The Collaboration of Amazon Prime Music and IPRS took place which is a really good news for all the Indian Prime Users. IPRS controls all the rights to Indian music. This gives free access to prime users with almost all the Indian musical content. Also, it will be a huge blow to piracy and the artist will be getting the royalties which were earlier stolen because of piracy. Now Amazon is in hands with big Indian musical labels like Tips, Saregama, Aditya, Times Music etc.

Other Benefits Of Amazon Prime Membership

  • You can avail free home delivery facility if you have Amazon Prime Membership.
  • Get access to all trending movies and videos from prime membership.
  • Data Consumption is comparatively lower than the other music applications.
  • Amazon Prime members will get extra discount and better offers from No-Prime Members.
  • Amazon prime has a dedicated section for kid's entertainment, that means you do not have to look for other options to keep your child busy


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