Will You Join Amazon New Membership Plan!

We have got the information, that Amazon is taking a small survey to introduce new prime membership plan to its users. In this survey Amazon has given two options for the Membership plans which are more beneficial than the current prime membership plan. To know more about it, Read the given article

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If you are already a prime user, then you must know about all the benefits that Amazon is providing to its prime users. But What if I say that, you may get some more benefits from Amazon prime! 

Currently, Amazon is doing a survey to know about the preferences of the customers for the new prime membership plan.In this simple survey form, you have to fill the basic information about yourself and your preference from the different options given in that form.

So, while going through this survey I have realized that this new membership plan will be more beneficial for the customers. in this survey, there are two options available for Amazon Prime Membership.

1- One Year Amazon Prime Membership At Rs.499

For this one year of membership, you have to pay Rs.499 per year and with this, you can avail all the benefits of current prime membership for example free shipping etc. Currently, The Prime membership in Amazon Costs Rs.999 per year, which is costly for students but if this plan comes in execution, it will be under the budget of all the Amazon Customers.The Benefits Of the membership are written below.

1-With this offer in the survey, Amazon is providing No Interest EMI option, when you purchase your next Phone on Amazon.

2.The second offer is free and assured fast delivery, with no minimum purchase.

3- Under this option, you will also get the unlimited streaming of latest videos and TV Shows.

4- The last but not the least, you will get the exclusive deals on products of your favorite brands.

So, this is thone-year membership plan proposed by Amazon in the survey, but before you choose this yearly membership let me tell you something about the second long-term plan proposed by Amazon In this survey form.



2- Four Year Prime Membership Plan At Rs.1996

Another option that is given in the survey is a four-year plan under which you will get all the benefit of the yearly plan that is proposed in the survey but apart from that, you will also get a mobile of worth Rs.6000 if you pay for the 4-year membership programme in one go.The benefits are written below, which you will get under this long-term prime membership plan.

1- Free smartphone worth INR 6000, if you pay the 4-year membership fees at one time.

2-Free and assured fast delivery of products with no minimum purchase.

3-unlimited streaming of latest videos and TV shows on Amazon Prime.


From my point of view, if this four-year plan comes in execution, then it will be more beneficial for people who prefer online shopping from Amazon.It will not only attract other people towards online shopping but it will also provide a better shopping experience to its current users.

NOTE- We have got This Information from a survey. We do not have any official information right now. Click here To know more.