How to Check Offers in Airtel? 

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Do you always think of checking balance and offers for your Airtel number? Now you can check all your Airtel services in a few simple steps. 

To get an answer as to how to check offers in Airtel, you just need to dial certain numbers. These are specific USSD numbers or codes which you can use on your smartphone and check special offer in airtel.

Dial these quick codes and access the service you wish to avail. Before knowing the offers, it is essential to find out how much account balance you have in your Airtel account. 

To know more details about how to check offers in Airtel, keep reading! Also, if you want Airtel Free Data offer for prepaid and postpaid Airtel numbers, you can click here to get more information. 

How to Check Best Offer in Airtel? 

You can check the special offer in airtel by dialling unique codes via SMS, or you can directly run the My Airtel app to check or activate any of the new offers or services of the app. 

You can check various other offers and services by using My Airtel App. There are a number of ways by which you can use the available offers of Airtel either through their online website or via the app. 

If you are a BSNL user, you can click here to check how to Check BSNL Balance, Validity, and more, from here. 

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How to Check your Airtel offers using My Airtel app? 

If you are unsure about how to check offer in airtel using the App, read the listed steps. 

  • Open My Airtel website or download the App. 

  • Register your number in the App. 

  • Click on the account which includes account balance, data balance, and other exclusive offers. 



Note: You can download My Airtel App from the respective app stores available on both Android and iOS. 

What are the Various Uses of USSD Codes for Airtel?

With the use of USSD codes, you can easily avail the services offered by Airtel at your fingertips. To know further about the offers by Airtel and where you can use them, read below. If you want to get an answer to check offers on your airtel number, then here are some of the easy ways. 

  • Airtel Mobile Number and Validity- USSD codes help you to check out your airtel number and the current airtel plan you are availing. If you are a prepaid Airtel user, you can simply dial the respective codes that are listed for your ease and check your balance validity.

  • Airtel Main Balance Check- You can also check your Airtel main balance in your account to be aware of how many calls and SMS you have consumed and are remaining in your plan. It becomes convenient as you can use your number for calling, etc. according to your plan availability.

  • Check Airtel Data Balance (4G/3G/2G)- You can check Airtel data balance for 2G, 3G, or 4G, whatever you are using in your Airtel number. You get updated how much internet data you can use further and how much you have consumed till the date.

  • Local, STD & Roaming Call Minutes- Check all your local, STD and roaming call minutes whenever you want by dialling the USSD codes to keep track of your available calling minutes. 

  • Airtel Special Data Packs with Validity- USSD codes help you to check your Airtel Special Data Packs and check the validity of every pack that gets activated in your Airtel number. 

  • Airtel Exclusive User Offers- Another use of USSD codes helps in checking the Airtel Exclusive Offers that Airtel is currently running under them.

  • Airtel Unlimited Plan Check- If you are an Airtel prepaid user, then you can activate the Airtel Unlimited Plan and check its validity, balance and data usage details by dialling some specific USSD codes. 

How to check special offers in Airtel using USSD codes

With the following USSD codes, you can check the best offers in airtel. You need to enter the exact code and dial using your Airtel mobile number to avail any of the listed offers. 

Airtel USSD Code Details 
Airtel USSD Codes

Airtel Balance and Validity Check Code


Airtel Offer Code


Airtel Number Check USSD Code


Airtel Balance Check Code


USSD Code Airtel Missed Call Alert


Airtel Talktime Loan USSD Code


Airtel Balance Check Number (Data/Internet)

Call on 52141

USSD Code Airtel Unlimited Packs


Airtel Self Care Menu Code


Airtel USSD Code GPRS Internet Settings

SMS “MO” To 54321

Airtel Hello Tune USSD Code


USSD Codes Airtel Roaming Packs


Airtel USSD Number Check Code


Airtel to Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code

*141# & Select Share Talktime Option

Airtel Validity Check Code


Airtel USSD Code for Talktime Loan Rs. 10


Airtel Internet Loan USSD Code (3G/4G)


Airtel Data Loan USSD Code (2G)


Airtel GPRS Internet Data Loan Code


Activate Airtel DND Service Number

SMS “START” to 1909

Airtel USSD Code for Flash Services


Airtel VAS Services Charged Details


Airtel Last Call Details Check Number


Airtel SMS Deduction Checking Code


Airtel Data Charged Details Check Code


Airtel USSD Codes for Recharge Details


Airtel Advance Talktime Loan Code


Airtel Unlimited Calling Pack Code


Airtel USSD Code For Rs.29 Data Pack


Airtel Airtel USSD Code – Cafe Pack – Rs.5


Airtel Plan Check 2G/3G/4G


Airtel USSD Code for Net Loan


Airtel Own Number Check Code


Unlimited Airtel Packs Check Code


Airtel Offers Code (Data Details 2G/3G/4G)


Airtel USSD Code for 3G Service


Airtel Balance Check Code


Airtel Balance Check Number (2G Data)

*121*51# 4

Airtel Check Balance Code (3G/4G)

*121*51# 4

Airtel Data Code – Check Best Internet Offers


Airtel My Own Number Check Code


START Airtel VAS Service (Airtel USSD Code)

SMS “START” to 121

Share Airtel Internet Data Balance


Airtel Mobile Internet Setting Code

SMS “MO” To 54321

Airtel Talktime Loan USSD Code

Call to 52141

Get Airtel USSD Code By SMS

Send SMS “Short Code” to 121

Airtel Internet Loan USSD Codes


Airtel Voice Packs USSD Codes


Airtel Offer Code USSD –  Data Pack


Airtel Offers Code – Voice Packs


Airtel Offer Code – SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code Rs9 Cafe Pack 1 Hr


Airtel USSD Code 50 L+N SMS USSD Code


Airtel USSD Code 10 L+N Minute USSD Code


Airtel USSD Code 50 Night Minute USSD Code


Airtel USSD Code Rs.7- 20MB USSD Code


Airtel USSD Code Roaming Packs


Airtel USSD Code 1000 L+N SMS @Rs88 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 700 L+N SMS @Rs62 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 450 L+N SMS @Rs42 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 340 L+N SMS @Rs34 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 100 Local SMS @Rs10 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 55 Local SMS @Rs5 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 140 Local SMS @Rs13 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 150 Local SMS @Rs15 SMS Pack


Airtel USSD Code 200 Local SMS @Rs26 SMS Pack


USSD Code for Local USSD Code Airtel Voice Packs


USSD Code Airtel STD Voice Packs


USSD Code Aitel Local+STD Voice Packs


USSD Code Aitel Roaming Packs


USSD Code Airtel ISD Packs


You can utilize the mentioned USSD codes for the listed important offers and daily validity balance for your Airtel mobile number. 

  • Recharge status- Check the recharge of your Airtel number simply by dialing *121*7#6 from your SIM.

  • Airtel validity- Dial *123# to check the Airtel validity on your number. 

  • My Airtel Offer- You can easily check available offers on your Airtel number by dialling *121#. 

  • Check the best offers from Airtel, by using the code *121*1#.

  • Check the Special 5 Offers on Airtel with *222# USSD code. 

  • Now check your Airtel Special Offers and Rewards on your smartphone by dialling *566#. 

  • Also, check the Airtel Best Internet data plans offer by using the code *121*11#. 

  • You can check your 2G or 3G data balance, by simply typing Data Use on an SMS and send it to 121. 

  • You can avail the Airtel Live Services by dialling *321#. 

  • To Check Last 5 Transactions and Value Added Services, you can dial the code *121*7#. 

  • If you want to start Hello Tunes, dial *678# and avail the service.

  • To get the Airtel Talk time Gift Service, you can dial *141# code. 

Airtel 2G Data Plan Code to check offers in Airtel

If you use the Airtel 2G data plan in your SIM, you can check the following offer details with their USSD codes. Make sure you dial the correct USSD code to check the respective offer. 

Airtel USSD Code Details 
Airtel USSD Codes

Rs7 Airtel 2G Data Pack Code

(20MB/1Days) *121*8#2

Rs9 Airtel 2G Data Plan Details

(50MB/1Days) *121*8#2

Rs10 Airtel 2G Data Pack Details

(40MB/1Days) *121*8#2

Rs18 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Code

(100MB/2Days) *121*8#2

Rs23 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details

(130MB/3Days) *121*8#2

Rs39 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details

(225MB/5Days) *121*8#2

Rs59 Airtel 2G Net Pack Check Number

(340MB/8Days) *121*8#2

Rs98 Airtel 2G Net Plan Details

(550MB/14Days) *121*8#2

Rs125 Airtel 2G Net Pack Details

(720MB/18Days) *121*8#2

Rs179 Airtel 2G Net Pack Check Code

(1GB/28Days) *121*8#2

Rs199 Airtel 2G Data Plan Details

(1.25GB/28Days) *121*8#2

Rs206 Airtel 2G Data Pack USSD Code

(1GB 2G + 1 GB Night(12-6AM) /28Days) *121*8#2

Rs254 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details

(2GB/28Days) *121*8#2

Rs297 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details

(3.25GB/28Days) *121*8#2

Airtel 75 MB Data Pack 3G/4G/30Days

For Activate *121*8#1

Airtel 3G/ 4G Data Plan Code to check offers on Airtel

If you want fast internet, you can go for  3G or 4G data plan, to check more offer details read the mentioned offers along with their USSD codes. 

Airtel USSD Code Details 
Airtel USSD Codes

Rs11 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code

(45MB/1Days) *121*8#3

Rs17 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code

(65MB/1Days) *121*8#3

Rs24 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code

(100MB/2Days) *121*8#2

Rs27 3G/4G Airtel Data Pack USSD Code

(70MB/30Days) *121*8#3

Rs44 3G/4G Airtel Data Pack USSD Code

(110MB/28Days) *121*8#3

Rs49 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code

(200MB/5Days) *121*8#3

Rs67 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code

(270MB/7Days) *121*8#3

Rs99 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code

(400MB/11Days) *121*8#3

Rs101 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code

(1GB/2Days) *121*8#3

Rs149 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code

(600MB/16Days) *121*8#3

Rs198 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code

(800MB/21Days) *121*8#3

Rs259 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code

(1GB/28Days) *121*8#3

Rs359 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code

(2GB/28Days) *121*8#3

Rs459 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code

(3GB/28Days) *121*8#3

How to check full Talktime offer in airtel? 

You can check the full talktime offers in Airtel and avail the best suitable plan for yourself. 

  • You need to dial *141#; after which a menu appears. You can choose the appropriate loan talktime and recharge your Airtel mobile number. 

  • To check your last five prepaid recharges including the value-added services, you can dial *126*7# from your Airtel number. 

How to check offers in Airtel using Airtel customer care number?

It is the easiest way to check your offers in Airtel. You can dial the three-digit toll-free number and know all the offers and latest services by Airtel network. Airtel customer care number can help you with all your issues related to offers on Airtel and also about your plan validity details. 

1. Open the dialling tab on your mobile phone. 

2. Dial 121.

3. Listen to the IVR voice.

4. Press the button corresponding to the offer you want to avail. 

5. Also, you can talk to the customer care executive. 

If you are using a different SIM, it is evident that you would not remember all the numbers. If you are a new Airtel SIM user, the article will be beneficial for you to check your offers in Airtel.

Enjoy Additional offers With Airtel Thanks 

In addition to additional data and free minutes, you can also get a variety of other benefits on your Airtel number with Airtel Thanks program. The additional benefits provided the telecom operator vary from one plan to another. For Instance: You get Free Amazon Prime membership with the Rs. 349 recharge plan. Additional benefits include free hello tunes, wynk music, and Airtel Xstream premium among others. 

Airtel offers free Zee5 Premium subscription with the Rs. 289 prepaid plan. The plan comes with 1.5GB data per day for 28 days. Subscribers also get free hello tunes, Airtel Xstream premium, Zee5 Premium Subscription, and free online courses with Shaw Academy. 

Recently, Airtel introduced new data plan as with Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for 1 year, Airtel Rs. 402 plan provides 30GB data for 28 days. If you are looking to watch IPL then you can recharge with the Rs. 401 data plan of Airtel. 

Airtel has also introduced free data coupons for users. The free data coupons are available with select prepaid plans. In addition to the daily data limit, the select packs offer additional data to users. Airtel free data coupons are available with Rs. 298, Rs, 399, and Rs. 598. Users get 2GB data coupons with the Rs. 298 plan. While the Rs. 399 pack comes with 4GB data coupons. The Rs. 598 plan gives users 6GB data coupons. 

You must have got full information as to how to know offers in airtel. If you are a prepaid user, you would have got an answer to how to check offers in airtel for prepaid number.

If you want to read more about Airtel Prepaid Recharge Offer, click here and receive amazing offers on your prepaid recharge. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.How to check my offer in Airtel? 

A1. For Airtel main balance check dial *123#. If you want to check airtel, next balance then Dial *123*10#. You can dial *121# to get all the available offers. 

If you wish to take a loan of talk time or main balance, then dial *141#.

Q2. How can I check my Airtel plan validity?

A2. There are various ways other than USSD code to check your Airtel prepaid number balance and validity. Just dial the *123# | *121*2# USSD code to verify your airtel number balance. If you are an android user, you can download My Airtel App to track activated services. 

Q3. How do I check my Airtel plan?

A3. Dial *121*3*5# or Dial *121# then select 3 (manage my account) » choose 5 (my tariff plan) to check current call plan on Airtel.

Q4. How can I get free data on Airtel?

A4. You can get free 1GB 4G Data. Firstly, call on 52122 from your Airtel Sim. You will receive a confirmation message instantly or within 24 hours. 

After that, you can check your data balance by dialling *121*2#.

Q5. What is the best offer for Airtel?

A5. The best offer for Airtel is the top-up plan of Rs. 14.95, which has Talktime of Rs.14.95. You can get full Talktime under this offer. 

Q6. What is the cheapest plan in Airtel?

A6. The cheapest plan in Airtel is Rs. 49, which is valid for 28 days. You can get Combo Topup of Rs. 38.52 Talktime. 

Q7. What is 499 plan in Airtel?

A7. Airtel Infinity Plan of Rs. 499 is the best unlimited Postpaid plan for local and STD voice calling with 4G/3G internet data and including other benefits. You can get Local + STD Calls which are unlimited. Also, you get unlimited roaming outgoing calls and unlimited internet data of 75 GB. 

Q8. How can I get unlimited validity in Airtel?

A8. The company has announced new plans in the 'unlimited' category with 2 days, 28 days, 84 days and 365 days validity. If you can make unlimited calls, 100 SMS and will also get 150 MB data. The pack will be valid for 2 days. 


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