Airtel 4G SIM Activation For Existing, New, and MNP Users

Airtel 4G SIM activation can help you get started and enjoy the blazing fast data speeds.

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airtel sim activation

Are you Airtel Subscriber having a 4G ready smartphone but still not able to use 4G? Most likely the problem is with your SIM card. You are still using 2G/3G SIM.

You need to replace your old SIM and check the Airtel 4G SIM activation process. It is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

Check the process to enjoy all the benefits of a 4th generation mobile network. We have also provided the 4G SIM activation process for new and MNP users. You get HD quality voice calls along with faster call set up time by activating 4G.

However, you must have a 4G/LTE enabled mobile phone with an Airtel 4G SIM. Do you want to switch to Airtel? Then check out the amazing benefits provided by the telecom operator. For Airtel MNP Offers click here

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Airtel 4G SIM Activation

To start using Airtel 4G, you need to upgrade the existing 3G sim card with a new 4G SIM. The Sim card is free and comes with adapters that make it compatible with Micro and Mini SIM-based smartphones.

How to replace your old SIM card with a new 4G SIM is mentioned below in the post. If you already have a new SIM card and waiting for activation check the steps for Airtel 4G SIM activation.

Steps for Airtel 4G SIM Activation

  • SMS SIM <20 digit SIM number> from your existing airtel connection to 121

  • Reply with 1 to confirm your request

  • Wait for the phone to get disconnected from the network. Then change the SIM and switch it on to get connected again.

  • Your new 4G airtel SIM will be active within 5 minutes

  • No need to change your mobile number

  • You can also upgrade to an Airtel 4G SIM at the nearest Airtel store


Note: The 20 digit SIM number is available at the back of your new SIM card


Once you lose the signal on your old SIM, insert the New Airtel SIM. You need to dial a particular number to activate the connection. The number of Airtel SIM activation is 59059. The executive may ask details like address, DOB, etc.

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Airtel 4G SIM Activation Online

The telecom operator offers doorstep delivery of new 4G SIM for prepaid and postpaid customers. Both new and MNP users can apply for SIM delivery online to get doorstep delivery. 

After filling the required details, you can expect the SIM delivery in one day. The process will also help you in case of lost SIM. Once the SIM card is delivered the activation process is the same as given above.


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Airtel 3G to 4G SIM Activation

To get Airtel 4G, you need to replace your existing SIM card. You can upgrade from 3G to 4G  and avail SIM activation in simple steps. Make sure you have a 4G enabled smartphone. There are two ways to upgrade.

  • Request Airtel 4G SIM Online.

  • Visit Airtel Store to convert your SIM Card.

How to Upgrade Airtel 3G SIM into 4G at Airtel Store

  • Visit your nearest airtel store.

  • Carry your ID proof and Photo.

  • Ask for SIM Upgrade.

  • Complete paperwork to get your new 4G SIM with the same mobile number.

  • It will take 12-24 hour to start your new sim.

How to Request Airtel 4G SIM – Online

  • First of all visit Airtel Offical 4G upgrade page.

  • Enter your airtel mobile number to check compatibility.

  • Now Visit “Request another SIM” link and fill your Airtel 4G SIM Deliver detail.

  • After filling the all details hit on the Send me a 4G SIM.

Airtel 4G SIM Activation Time

For a new connection, the activation time is 1-2 hrs. However, if you are availing MNP service and switching from prepaid or postpaid to Airtel. In such a scenario, the activation time will be 7-8 days. While switching to Airtel, you will face 1-2 hr service disruption before your SIM is activated.

To take care of customer connectivity, telecom operators make the switch after midnight. in case of any delay, check MNP status by online and SMS. You can also contact customer care or visit the nearest store.

Airtel 2G to 4G SIM Activation

It doesn’t matter whether you want 2G to 4G SIM activation or 3G to 4G. In both cases, the activation process is exactly the same. Most people using 2G phones think that the process would be different.

But there is no difference at all because the normal SIM cards support both 2G and 3G networks. It is only in the case of 4G where you need different technology.

That is why there is a need to change your SIM Card. Also, you need a 4G compatible headset.

Airtel eSIM Activation 

The telecom operator also provides eSIM facility ot its subscribers. eSIM is a digital SIM Card. It is a form of programmable SIM directly embedded into the smartphone. The technology replaces the requirement of a physical SIM card.

Apple introduced eSIM in its latest range of smartphones such as iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max. Google has also expanded eSIM to Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a XL. The eSIM technology first came into the Indian market with the Apple watch. 

Easy steps to Activate Airtel eSIM

  • Send an SMS to 121

  • Type eSIM for converting your SIM to eSIM

  • Reply with 1 to confirm your request

  • Shortly you will receive an email with a QR code on your registered email ID

  • Scan the QR code from the cellular settings

  • The eSIM will be activated within a few hours

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Order New Airtel SIM with Instant Activation

Airtel has introduced doorstep delivery of SIM cards. The telecom operator is providing doorstep KYC with same-day delivery and quick SIM activation. However, the service is currently available in select cities only. 

To schedule doorstep delivery on your Airtel SIM you need to fill an online form. The form includes basic details such as name, mobile number, location, and house/flat number. The procedure is same for new sim activation and MNP customers.

Also, the customer has to select a plan of choice. There are two choices available at Rs. 297 & Rs. 497. The Rs. 297 plan comes with 1.5GB data per day and unlimited calling for 28 days. While the Rs. 497 plan, offers the same benefits for 56 days. Click on the submit button to complete the process. The Rs. 100 delivery fee will be applicable. 

  • Visit the SIM Order from here

  • Fill the form

  • Select a plan of your choice

  • Click on the submit button

  • You have successfully scheduled doorstep KYC

  • Get Same day SIM delivery with instant activation

Easy Steps For Airtel SIM Activation

  • SMS the 20 digit SIM Number to 121

  • Reply with 1 to confirm your request

  • Wait for some time to the SIM to get disconnected

  • Remove the old SIM and insert the new Airtel SIM

  • Switch on the phone

  • Wait for signal

  • Your Airtel 4G SIM is activated

How to Check Compatibility for Airtel 4G SIM

To use 4G services, you need a compatible headset. Check the compatibility by calling the toll free number 51111 or on My Airtel App. The 4G networks are not supported by mobile phones that support only 2G & 3G connectivity.

While most recent headsets come with support for 4G, it is better to double-check that the mobile phone comes with support for LTE.

Reasons for Upgrading to 4G

  • It is the new standard in telecom.

  • New and cutting edge smartphones use this technology.

  • Blazing fast internet in your pocket.

  • High-resolution mobile tv, IP telephony, gaming services, video conferencing etc.

Launch Of Airtel 4G Services

Airtel is the second-largest operator to offer 4G VoLTE services after Reliance Jio. Airtel launched India's first 4G network in Kolkata on April 2012. Since then the telecom operator has accelerated rapidly for the deployment of VoLTE to cover all key geographies.

The company has to offer a range of 4G prepaid and postpaid plans bundled with heaps of digital content. The customers can avail benefits of the services on a range of smart devices including 4G smartphones and dongles.

Airtel 4G Hotspot SIM Activation

If you don’t want to upgrade your mobile phone, you can still use Airtel 4G via hotspot. With Airtel 4G Hotspot, you get 4G speeds even on non-4G devices. The device can be used to connect up to 10 devices.

The monthly rental plans start at Rs. 399 Onwards. The process for Airtel 4G Hotspot activation is similar. Follow the same procedure and after activation, start using the SIM on your hotspot.

Airtel 4G SIM Not Activated

If you got a new SIM and still facing the Airtel 4G SIM not activated issue. You should recheck whether you have followed all the steps of SIM activation process correctly.

In case you have followed all the steps, it is time to restart your phone. Or you can try reinserting the SIM card. If the solution doesn’t work then contact the customer support team.

Airtel 4G Customer Care Support

  • For Queries and Requests: Dial 121

  • For Complaints: Dial 198

  • Email at:

  •  9933012345 for Postpaid

  • 9810198101 for Prepaid


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get doorstep delivery of SIM?

You can order Airtel SIM online. Fill a simple form with basic details to get doorstep delivery of your new Airtel SIM.

Can I get online KYC of Airtel SIM?

Online KYC is not available, but you can schedule doorstep KYC. It is available for new and MNP users. You need to fill the online form to request doorstep KYC of your SIM.

Is Instant Activation available for Airtel SIM?

The telecom operator is offering same day delivery of new SIM with instant activation. It is easy to order and activate your Airtel New SIM with doorstep KYC.