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Final list of 225 Winners who have completed the assigned task and are eligible for free gift will be announced on 6th October 2018.

Username Prize
raysinghrathore pepperfry goodies
shyamlalg Rs. 200 shopping voucher
rjain476 500 Bonus cash
nitinsaurav123 100 Paytm cash
Dprasad pepperfry goodies
shubham.hisar pepperfry goodies
noufalput 100 Paytm cash
savanrajput 500 Bonus cash
sodha.rajendra 500 Bonus cash
rvs 500 Bonus cash
vikramgoyal12 100 Paytm cash
vb.rahul FKM T Shirt
areborn555 500 Bonus cash
bunty5322 pepperfry goodies
harshnebhwani1 100 Paytm cash
uzzanne 100 Paytm cash
scorpion220896 Playing card deck
arunkumar2u FKM T Shirt
vermavivek915 100 Paytm cash
link2abhi1980 Playing card deck
subratiter 500 Bonus cash
varunchadha39 100 Paytm cash
ankurshv 500 Bonus cash
parthadas5797 100 Paytm cash
gyansagar 500 Bonus cash
abhyuday 500 Bonus cash
parakram.fl pepperfry goodies
abheesheksharma pepperfry goodies
manu.mop91 500 Bonus cash
Nishua Playing card deck
rahul1991 FKM T Shirt
ashishkr012345 Rs. 200 shopping voucher
fawazamu pepperfry goodies
raship Rs. 200 shopping voucher
chiragbafna26 pepperfry goodies
abhinavmehta 100 Paytm cash
devu758 100 Paytm cash
sagar9323 pepperfry goodies
Ravindra_rj Playing card deck
tinks44 Rs. 200 shopping voucher
azharkhan1 Playing card deck
sjagamohan1 500 Bonus cash
sujandas45 pepperfry goodies
chaitu35 FKM T Shirt
d2rockerss 500 Bonus cash
abdul01432 Playing card deck
abdul.shaik1217 pepperfry goodies
ankursaitanz FKM T Shirt
baptumaity pepperfry goodies
sid3223jain Playing card deck
siva rakesh Rs. 200 shopping voucher
tariqjmi 100 Paytm cash
abhi6597 100 Paytm cash
rohitauddy Rs. 200 shopping voucher
yogesh38 Playing card deck
barnaliauddy 500 Bonus cash
hemantkumar739 500 Bonus cash
adarshasati124 500 Bonus cash
Pardeep9563 pepperfry goodies
shwetul 100 Paytm cash
pranjalbhalani 500 Bonus cash
vamsi.kaza007 500 Bonus cash
liachellakutty 100 Paytm cash
reply2shilpa pepperfry goodies
piyushkabra1989 500 Bonus cash
parveen442003 500 Bonus cash
sachineagle 500 Bonus cash
atulgupta1301 500 Bonus cash
rahul9635 500 Bonus cash
gaurav6214 500 Bonus cash
tntjbabuloo 100 Paytm cash
arunpprasad1986 Playing card deck
chris.michael 500 Bonus cash
iamyourtoday 100 Paytm cash
nkparsana 100 Paytm cash
ravi.offers98 100 Paytm cash
shrajangupta Playing card deck
rlaxmi88 500 Bonus cash
tejas164 pepperfry goodies Playing card deck
anutandon2010 pepperfry goodies
ajaykumarwill pepperfry goodies
rohitshakti 500 Bonus cash
karthisrini 500 Bonus cash
khushbu1992 Playing card deck
harsh1230987 100 Paytm cash
vadsravi 100 Paytm cash
pkrahmathmpm 500 Bonus cash
purush 500 Bonus cash
hithmag 500 Bonus cash
malaybiswas11 500 Bonus cash
kannan1.raja pepperfry goodies
naimil 500 Bonus cash
pretika 500 Bonus cash
rupeshkdp 100 Paytm cash
sp28101998 100 Paytm cash
zeeshan1234802 Playing card deck
kapilgulati19 100 Paytm cash
virat757 Playing card deck
prishita 500 Bonus cash
vishalmittal 500 Bonus cash
hssingal 500 Bonus cash
shashankmehta11 pepperfry goodies
atul.angel123 Playing card deck
abhaya101 Playing card deck
ishaangadoo pepperfry goodies
hirdeshgupta29 500 Bonus cash
puneetkhurana28 FKM T Shirt
instadeep25 pepperfry goodies
taklu Playing card deck
vaishvishwas007 500 Bonus cash
eay8gb 500 Bonus cash
arnab077 500 Bonus cash
robinsingh362 Playing card deck
palsuman64 500 Bonus cash
Rameshrammi 500 Bonus cash
rastogi.akarsh Playing card deck
asif14k 100 Paytm cash
ashish05 Playing card deck
pherwani100 100 Paytm cash
anilgajera Playing card deck
vinitasinghai 100 Paytm cash
asubudhi8 pepperfry goodies
deepu1435 100 Paytm cash
dhanraj21 Playing card deck
know.sana777 500 Bonus cash
vps768 500 Bonus cash
rahulk23 500 Bonus cash
glb10e41 pepperfry goodies
singhbjn0 pepperfry goodies
rachit.rachu 500 Bonus cash
prince151504 500 Bonus cash
Rameshrammi 500 Bonus cash
trickman pepperfry goodies
uberridehike 500 Bonus cash
nitindhaania 500 Bonus cash
shreesaibaba 500 Bonus cash
debabratakar Playing card deck
nainaneon Playing card deck
nitin194 pepperfry goodies
betelnut1488 pepperfry goodies
daphyx3 500 Bonus cash
chakri 100 Paytm cash
navinshaw Playing card deck
gaurishah pepperfry goodies
harsh0891 500 Bonus cash
akash8871 500 Bonus cash
sure4an Playing card deck
cute.guy.skiny 500 Bonus cash
9962250343 500 Bonus cash
reflection009 100 Paytm cash
ivoryblush pepperfry goodies
hemraj23 100 Paytm cash
butmy18 Playing card deck
manoj904 500 Bonus cash
bhawana pepperfry goodies
sdhaaniaaa 500 Bonus cash
ankurchawla1988 pepperfry goodies
ayyappa765 Playing card deck
mishakansal pepperfry goodies
sjain1221 Playing card deck
rajasekaran1792 500 Bonus cash
whovijayrp 500 Bonus cash
debajitbarman48 100 Paytm cash
chiragaga201 pepperfry goodies
idass 100 Paytm cash
sarat4fb 100 Paytm cash
satyendra288 Playing card deck
meghansh2110 pepperfry goodies
sutharmanoj870 100 Paytm cash
godgrace 500 Bonus cash
sandeepskurup2 Playing card deck
Buta pepperfry goodies
shreyas_sharma 100 Paytm cash
arjunchannappa pepperfry goodies
subha95dtk pepperfry goodies
rajkumarram 500 Bonus cash
debu 100 Paytm cash
meena0000 100 Paytm cash
dipakmondalmail 500 Bonus cash
mominsaif311 500 Bonus cash
gurusoena 500 Bonus cash
sachindhaduk Playing card deck
yanaswastik 500 Bonus cash
amitsbr Playing card deck
adityasinghkv2 500 Bonus cash
nipun_sharma27 Playing card deck
rrpiyush2018 Playing card deck
Submsaini 100 Paytm cash
deepakshaw4 Playing card deck
vinu pepperfry goodies
yoakt2000 pepperfry goodies
parvesh77 500 Bonus cash
pattamohanarao 100 Paytm cash
pranshunegi 500 Bonus cash
poonam77 500 Bonus cash
sindhusharon 500 Bonus cash
abhay 500 Bonus cash
dev6.84 500 Bonus cash
raftaar7200 Playing card deck
nagin601 500 Bonus cash
Ganaraj pepperfry goodies
sunilmalik19810 500 Bonus cash
uic.15bca1027 100 Paytm cash
biratpanthi086 100 Paytm cash
ashishasawa1 Playing card deck
sndolasia pepperfry goodies
amitesh14 pepperfry goodies
amanaga 500 Bonus cash
mh16ay9132 500 Bonus cash
sayoni93 Playing card deck
vinitagehlot pepperfry goodies
rajanrana1989 500 Bonus cash
nileshparekh361 Playing card deck
umeshrbt92 100 Paytm cash
aanji119 500 Bonus cash
s1.srivastava Playing card deck
suraj.aroh 500 Bonus cash
manav1283 500 Bonus cash
raviskit 100 Paytm cash
silu.nayak01 100 Paytm cash
cloud9 100 Paytm cash
amolbangar05 500 Bonus cash
harshdiya33 500 Bonus cash
spsp 500 Bonus cash

  1. The ‘FreeKaaMaal Giveaway’ is open to any person who 'likes' free gifts , being a resident of India and over 13 years of age.
  2. You must be registered with FreekaaMaal (Incase if you are already registered Login with exsiting account)
  3. Select the gift by Spinning the Wheel & complete a small task, Once you have completed the given task, just drop us an email at with the screnshot
  4. Final list of 300 top winners who have completed the assigned task and are eligible for free gift will be announced on 6th October 2018
  5. Prizes worth Rs 1 Lakh to be won
  6. Prizes will be delivered to the Winners within 20-25 working days.
  7. One User is eligible to play this contest only once and No Fraudulent entries will be entertained
  8. In case of any dispute, Decision of FreeKaaMaal management will be final & agreed by all.
  9. The Company also reserves the right to amend the rules of the giveaway or extend the period or cancel or discontinue the Program or any part thereof without giving any reasons or prior notice. No correspondence shall be entertained with regard to the giveaway.
  10. For any queries,mail us at :
  • What is FreeKaaMaal Mega Giveaway ?

    Continuing our old tradition of giving free Gifts, this year as well, we are giving our user a little joy by just performing few steps to be eligible to win free gifts.

  • How can you win gifts on Mega Giveaway ?

    You have to SPIN THE WHEEL and perform all the tasks to be eligible to win exciting gifts.

  • What will you get as a Prize ?

    Participants has to complete the assign task and send us the screensot at by 4th october 2018, We will then select top 300 winners and final list will be announched on our website, social media pages on 6th october 2018.

  • How to Participate in Mega Giveaway ?

    1. You must be registered with FreekaaMaal (Incase if you are already registered Login with exsiting account)
    2. Spin the wheel to Select the gift & complete the tasks to be eligible to win the prizes.
    3. Prizes worth Rs 1 Lakh to be won
    4. Prizes will be delivered to the Winners within 20-25 working days.
  • What is the Start & End Date Of the Contest ?

    Contest will start on 29th Sept'18 & will End on 2nd Oct'18 at 23:59 IST.

  • When & where the winners will be declared?

    All the winners will be contacted through email by 6th October 2018 and list will be displayed on our Giveaway page and social media pages like instagram, facebook etc

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