Birthday Songs with Name - Top Sites to Download Audio & Video Songs in Hindi & English

Birthdays are special, and it becomes more special when we receive personalized birthday songs. So, Do you wanna make someone feel more special then scroll down.

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Who doesn't like blessings and wishes on his/her special day, everyone loves that right? And it becomes more special if it is customised with your name or with special memories. Isn’t it?

My friends always try to make my birthday more special by making some efforts by ordering customised T-shirts, Greeting cards or a Beautiful Cake with my Name on It. But this year, they made me feel super special and surprised at the same time by using happy birthday wishes songs with a name.

Yes! At midnight they wished me with a personalised birthday song which had my name in it, this was the thing that made my day.

So from there, I got to know about this fantastic idea, I googled it and found that there are sites which create these personalised songs and you can download the Happy birthday songs with names for your loved ones and dedicate them and all of this for free.

Websites and Apps for Birthday songs with Name

There are sites specially designed to make your special day even more special. You have to insert the name of your friend to create a song for him/her and click on create/submit button, and that's it. Your song is ready with your friend’s name, download birthday songs with name in it and share the song with your friend and make him/her feel special.

This way not just for B'day but lots of other occasions like anniversary, valentines etc. you will get free birthday song download with the name. Isn’t it exciting?

They have already a vast database of various Christian, Hindu, and other regional name but if you are not able to find a song for your name then go ahead, and you can place an order. In this case, the song will not be available instantly, but you will get this within a time frame of 1-2 weeks.

Top websites to get Free Birthday Songs

1. - Best Collection of Free Songs with Name 

Out of hundreds of sites and app available on the internet, 1HappyBirthday is one of the top sites to get free birthday songs with name in mp3. Here you will get the birthday songs according to your choice. 

There are different categories available on this site you can choose what kind of wish you want to send to your friend on his/her birthday. All songs are downloaded in mp3 version and are of high quality. You can share it on social media or directly send the birthday song free downloaded with a name to your friend's email. 

There are also some videos available on this site which you can use to wish your friend. I don't like the video part as it is not at all personalised and doesn't look very professional.

  1. Visit the site and search the song you are looking for. 

  2.  Type the name of a person for whom you are looking a song, in case name, is not available in the list, send a request using the contact us form available on the site.

  3. Click on the name, once you do that you will get a submit button on your screen, click on it and wait for a few seconds.

  4. Your song is ready; the preview is ready instantly, you can listen to it first or download by clicking on the "Download Now" link. Not just this, you can also share this song on your social media pages instantly load the song.

1HappyBirthday Review - What I Like about it 

  1. Unlimited names  - This site is having a big database of over 50,000 songs to choose from. Just click on the name and your song is already there to download.

  2. Listen to the song - This is a nice feature where you can hear a full song before actually downloading. Click on the Preview button, and if you like the song then go ahead and download it for free.

  3. Direct mail - You can directly mail the link or the song to your friend to whom you want to wish.

  4. Request a name - Though it has unlimited names but still if you are not able to find the name that you are looking for then you can request that particular name for free. I am using this site for quite some time and luckily I never used this option as almost all songs are already available in the database

2. - No.1 Site to download Hindi Personalised Songs 

Next on our list of top sites is, Its name may not impress you, but the feature it offers makes it worthwhile. The Best thing about this site is that all songs here are free just like 1HappyBirthday and it allows you to customize the birthday e-card for your friend.

With their customizable options create and download happy birthday song mp3 with name and share to your loved ones.

To get an E-card, You have first to insert the photographs and select the frame according to your choice. Within minutes, you are ready to wish your friend Happy Birthday with a beautifully designed Greeting card and your Message embedded in it. A perfect gift to show some extra love to your friend 

Free Hindi Birthday Songs has a vast database of Hindi Songs, So if you are from India or Hindi is your mother tongue then I would personally recommend you to try this site and send your friends birthday songs with name in Hindi.

NOTE- This site has categories for Hindi and Christian names as well, which make it more systematic. You do not have to find the name from the mixed ocean of names, choose a category, and it will help you to select the title in a fast manner.

How to Create Free Birthday Song & E-greetings from 

STEP 1. Click here to visit the site and select the first letter of the name as shown in the screenshot above, firstly you have to select the letter and then you have to select the category of the name.

STEP 2. A list of names will be displayed to you, kindly select the name of your choice as shown in the image below

STEP 3: On the next page, you will get an option to download the song, click on it, and you are ready to share it with the world. The site also gives you an option to share the song on Facebook or create a Photo E-card

Steps are almost Similar to video card option but for this, you have to pay some amount of money and share the pictures that you want to show in that video. It is a good option but sadly not for free. Price starts at Rs.85 for personalised videos.

Key Things that I like the most

  • E-CARD-  This site has an added feature of e-card , in which you can choose the frame of your choice and just have to upload the picture of your friend that you want to display on that ecard.

  • VIDEO-  This site gives you an option to create a personalised video with your photos and clips of your choice. It is similar to what you have seen on Facebook timeline. Even though this feature is exclusive but you have to pay close to Rs.75.

  • PARTY IDEAS- In the blog section of this site, you will also get some amazing party ideas that you can use to celebrate any occasion. I have gone through a few blogs and ideas are quite unique and amazing.

Best Apps to download happy birthday songs with name

1. Happy Birthday Song with Name

With this app, you can choose old birthday songs or the new exciting personalized birthday song with your name. This is a new and exciting way to celebrate a birthday. Do not sing those old Birthday wishes, Make a twist, play the new and fun birthday song. 

You will get a personalized Happy Birthday wish within a sec with the app.

Yes, An original free Birthday song combined with a Feliz Cumpleaños song personalized with your name. It is a Birthday song mp3. It's fun. It's one of a kind. It's wild. It's catchy. 

It's a simple app to personalized Birthday song just for your loved-one birthday. 

Steps to Download Mp3 Birthday Song with Birthday Song with Name

  • Click here to download Birthday Song with name App.

  • Once installed, open it and click on the start button.

  • Now type your name and click on create a song.

  • Your song will be created with the name given.

  • You can now download it too!

2. Birthday Song with Name

Birthday Song With Name app is one of the best excellent apps for making birthday songs of your dearest one using your voice.

Features of Birthday Song With Name App

  • Very easy to create a birthday song with the name.

  • Find your name birthday songs. 

  • Select best birthday song, play, select, edit and create birthday song with the name. 

  • Voice reorganization using your voice. 

  • The high-quality mp3 file generated. 

  • Easy to play songs so that you can create best birthday wishes. 

  • You can set as ringtone for creating songs.

  • Share this birthday song with your friends.

Steps to download mp3 birthday song with Birthday Song with name

  • Click here to download Birthday Song with name App.

  • Once installed, open it and click on the start button.

  • You will see four options there 

    • Create song

    • Birthday Song

    • My creation and 

    • App center

  • Click on the create song tab
  • Now, according to your choice select song.

  • In the next step record the name by pressing the button to record.

  • Name your file.

  • And yes your birthday song with name is ready to download in Hindi/ English Mp3.

  • Download and it and share!!

3. Birthday Song with Name, Photo on Birthday Cake

Birthday song with name is a 3 in 1 App. It is a step solution of all birthday related to activities and Happy Birthday Wishes app. It is an excellent collection of birthday songs with name, photo on birthday cake and age calculator. 

Features of Birthday Song With Name App

  • Just enter name & create your personalized birthday song with the name mp3. 

  •  Download happy birthday audio and share your wishes to your relatives and friends using happy birthday brother app and happy birthday sister app. 

  • Create a modern photo with sticker using happy birthday song with name and photo app.

Steps to download name mp3 birthday song with Birthday Song with name, photo on birthday cake

  • Click here to download Birthday Song with name, photo on birthday cake App.

  • Once installed, open it and click on the start button.

  • You will see six tabs there 

    • Name song

    • Cake on photo

    • Age Calculator 

    • My creation

    • Rate App

    • More App

  • Click on the name song tab
  • Now, type the first name in the textbox provided.

  • Then, click on create.

  • Your file will be downloaded automatically.

  • You can further see them in my creation tab.

  • That’s it !! Play or Share.

4.Sing Happy Birthday Songs

This is the best happy birthday songs app because with this app you can send the beautiful birthday song to your friends via call, text message, facebook and more. You can even add the name of the person in the song to wish him/her more realistically. 

This app also lets you set the time and reminders to send the greeting cards automatically and wishes to your loved ones. Isn’t this a great way to surprise your friends and family by sending them a Happy birthday song with their name that you can free download in mp3 English.

Features of Sing Happy Birthday Songs App

  • You can send an e-card with the personalized birthday song, on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Text

  • Schedule a wishes to call with the song

  • Remember your Facebook friends' birthdays

  • Make your phone sing the song automatically with a timer

  • Happy Birthday to you" sang by professional singers with his/her name!

Top Categories for which B'Day songs are available

  • Song database is divided not just based on occasions but also on the type of Birthday songs you are looking for. Some People love singing traditional songs whereas some like Movies songs, so you can filter the result based on your choice. Find below the type of songs you can download instantly.

  • Traditional birthday lyrics

  • Funny birthday lyrics

  • Late birthday wishes

  • Now let's go more in-depth and explain each of these categories to you so that you can properly use these features:-

  • TRADITIONAL BIRTHDAY LYRICS:  In this category, you will get regular birthday songs that people usually sing on any birthday, but it will include your friend's name. Example of one song is :

  • Happy Birthday to You

  • Happy Birthday to You

  • Happy Birthday Dear (name)

  • Happy Birthday to You.

  • FUNNY BIRTHDAY LYRICS: Do you want to wish your friend in a way that he/she starts laughing after listening to your wish? Then these types of songs are the perfect fit for you. In this category, you will get Amazing funny songs, sung in tune of the happy birthday song. Here is one such example:-

  • LATE BIRTHDAY WISH: Did you forget to wish your special friend on his/her birthday, and now you want to wish but don’t have an idea that how to show your love to him/her? No worry, these sites have a solution for you as well, you will find videos and lots of Birthday messages for the same, and you can use them to fill up your penalty.

  • POP ROCK BIRTHDAY SONGS-  Is your friend crazy about pop music, then there are some videos of pop and rock music available on the site, you have to share or download the video and instantly share with your friend.

7 Popular Birthday Songs that people love to hear

1. Baar Baar din ye aaye- This popular birthday song is from the movie farz, sung by famous bollywood Singer Mohd. Rafi.

2. Chhote tera birthday aaya - This one is again a favorite birthday song for all bollywood music lover. This song is from the movie Krantiveer.

3. Aww Tera Happy Bday- This one is a full fun song to play on your buddy or cousins bday. This song is from bollywood movie ABCD2 starer Varun Dhawan and Shradha Kapoor.

4. Happy Birthday Party Version- This is a cool and popular song for birthdays only. People love this party version more often.

5. Happy Birthday Song for School- This one is an original birthday tune for primary school students.

6. Tum Jio hazaro Saal- Tum Jio hazaroo saal is a very beautiful, and hit birthday song from the 1959 movie Sujata starring Sunil Dutta and Sujata.

7. Happy Budday- This one is a party birthday song from the movie Kill Dill. Featuring actor Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar and actress Parineeti Chopra.

Beautiful lines and Poems to say on Birthdays

Wishes for Another Year

I'm wishing you another year 

Of laughter, joy and fun,

 Surprises, love and happiness, 

And when your birthday's done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,

As your birthdays come and go, 

How very much you mean to me, 

More than you can know.

Birthday Blessings

Instead of counting candles,

 Or tallying the years,

 Contemplate your blessings now,

 As your birthday nears.

 Consider special people 

Who love you, and who care,

 And others who've enriched your life 

Just by being there. 

Think about the memories

 Passing years can never mar,

 Experiences great and small 

That have made you who you are.

 Another year is a happy gift, 

So cut your cake, and say, 

"Instead of counting birthdays,

 I count blessings every day!"

Birthday Best Wishes

Every year that comes and goes 

Brings its flowers and its snows;

 With each birthday, every year,

 I celebrate you, for it's so clear 

You're really special; you're the peak,

 One of a kind, you are unique. 

Happy Birthday; may your day

 Be blessed, like you, in every way.

Who records these Songs? 

You must be wondering who is recording all these songs, 1HappyBirthday has a dedicated team of singers who record all these songs personally. There are a couple of sites which use some voice software, but that lacks the human touch, and I would recommend you to avoid such software. Check out this small video of the recording. I am sure you will love it

Do I have to pay anything to get free birthday songs? 

Admittedly, there are some websites which charge a bit for each song, but sites like 1HappyBirthday are free.

They don't have any paid option but if you like their services, donate some money, and it will surely help them to add more songs.

So, if you want a customized song to wish a friend on his/her birthday, you have plenty of options. Out of which and are the top options to go for personalised birthday songs with the name. 

If you want to wish your friends with a personalized song as well as a customized e-card, you have website, Sing happy birthday songs app and many more. There is a feature of e-card which you can customize as per your liking. There is also a video option available with the website and app.

So, get ready to plan a special gift for your loved one. Visit any of these websites or apps to get a customized birthday song for your friend. It is simple & it is free.


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