The Stiff Collar Coupons & Offers is a new E-brand that sells premium menswear at affordable rates. There are several ways to save on shopping for menswear . You can grab Thestiffcollar offers. 


The existence of this brand is based on the inspiration of the English and their stiff-upper-lipped attitude. They came out with trending and stylish shirts and other menswear products. 


The main focus of this brand is for shirts to be of a certain calibre -   the collar because it is the collar of the shirt that defines the attitude of men, Whether it be a button-down collar or a mandarin collar.   


They decided to go further and refine what makes the man perfect. That is the reason they named their brand 'The Stiff Collar'.


The stiff collar is a company that ensures a 'quality final product'. They work to create an experience for every customer. With the Thestiffcollar Coupon codes, customers can save extra money.


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TheStiffCollar Confident Cotton White Shirt @ Rs. 399

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New user Coupon

Extra Rs. 100 off

Half Sleeve Shirts

Rs. 499 Onwards

Cotton Shirts

Up to 50% OFF


Up to 60% OFF

Casual Shirts

Under Rs. 999

About Thestiffcollar

Four friends pondered over sartorial matters over a cup of tea in 2012. They discussed a general sense of desperation and woe related to menswear. One of them asked the other “why is it too difficult to find a shirt that fits properly”.  Then they went on discussing it more and more.

After a long discussion, they reached the question “Why is it so hard to find a shirt with character, something a little more 'out of the box”. Getting such menswear can be real. 

They had witnessed the British wearing impeccably made shirts. But when they came back to the country, they could not get anything comparable. Then they decide to create the combination of precision and sleekness of classic English tailoring adding the touch of flair and flavour of Indian culture.

Why The Stiff Collar?

The Stiff Collar offers top-quality menswear. The prime purpose of this store is to maintain high-quality products even though they become a bit costlier. 

But they are very clear about their promise to provide top-quality products to their customers. In the market,  there are many other shirt brands out there with lower prices, but they are at the cost of their quality. T

The Stiff Collar promises to deliver value for money. Here you can get menswear at affordable and fair prices.

They relate the quality of the products  with the ‘feel’ of the person wearing it. That is the reason they focus on using 100% pure cotton. Because it is good for improved breathability.

TheStiffcollar’s Menswear Trends 2022

There is an exclusive range of latest and trendy menswears available in the store of Thestiffcollar. You can check out Thestiffcollar discount offers and enjoy saving extra money. Scroll down to know about Thestiffcollar’s Menswear Trends 2022.

1. Oversized Cardigans - Men can wear over a tee or a shirt for a retro revival look. 

2. Sleeveless Everything - Get a range of trendy sleeveless trendy clothes Whether it's a t-shirt, a sweater, a blazer, or a coat,etc.

3. Easy to wear Suits - lightweight cotton or linen suits are available. It's now all about the three-button, casual suit and the classic, starched three-piece is a thing of the past.

4. Bermuda Shorts - Get a whole array of Knee-length, or just above the knee, in multiple colours and materials - from leather to twill.

5. Head to toe Tailored Black Garments -  Are you someone who likes comfortable leisure clothing? So, get ready to try refreshing the re-emergence of classical tailoring.

6. Superlight shirts. Breezy, airy, floaty -  You can avail yourself of a range of more breathable, oversized, softest, fine cotton and shades of white and blue shirts.

7. Sliders, sandals, slippers - Bright colours, textures and personalisation add interest while choosing your favourite Sliders, sandals, slippers.

8. Varsity fashion - Here is a varsity jacket, polo shirts, sweatshirts at affordable rates.

The Stiff Collar Deals: To Avail The Best Offers

There are several deals and offers available in Thestiffcollar. Under the latest offer, you can save Rs 100 on placing your first order. 

Every man is different from others and so is their choice. But it hardly matters what their professional and personal choices are, there is one thing that remains common is the desire to look good. They often think about wearing the latest and trendy menswear that makes them feel comfortable and stylish. 

Thestiffcollar offers the latest and trending menswear at an affordable price. Moreover, there are discount coupons and offers to help the customer to save an extra amount while purchasing products.

Thestiffcollar Discounts 2022

There are many ways to save money apart from getting direct discounts on the products. You can save through coupons, cashback, and Thestiffcollar discount code. 

Using Thestiffcollar discount coupons, you can save up to 30% on your shopping for the latest and trendy menswear. If you want to try something that is fashionable and trendy then shopping from Thestiffcollar is the best option for you. 

Thestiffcollar SHIRTS

Thestiffcollar offers different styles of shirts including Button Down, regular, half sleeves, Nehru collar, Casual wear.

How To Place an Order at Thestiffcollar?

It is easy to access and navigate the website of Thestiffcollar. It also has an app to download from the app store. It offers a range of premium quality menswear with the best discounts and deals. You need to visit the website and follow the simple steps given below to shop from Thestiffcollar.

New User Offer at Thestiffcollar

Thestiffcollar has exclusive deals and discounts for new users. It has Thestiffcollar offers to help in saving of menswear purchases. Using these offers and discounts, you can avail of heavy discounts on making purchases of your favourite menswear. 

Other than this, there are cashbacks, coupons, and promo codes that can help you save a lot more money. These offers can be redeemed while purchasing from this popular men’s brand - Thestiffcollar.

you need to check out the ongoing offers to avail the best discounts. Follow the steps mentioned below to avail of the maximum discounts. For the best deal, you can use Thestiffcollar promo codes.

To know the latest promo codes and offers, you can check out the website. Here you will know about all the deals and offers with great detail. Just follow the steps mentioned below and avail the offers.

Payment Modes 

You can make payments either online or offline. To make a payment you can use credit & debit cards and also pay through Cash on Delivery. 

It is easy and simple to make a payment. All you have to do is visit the website or open the app to place an order. 

There are several bank and wallet offers that can help you save lots of money while enjoying wearing comfortable and stylish clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What are the best Thestiffcollar offers?

Ans: Thestiffcollar offers Thestiffcollar discount coupons using which you can save extra money. Check out the latest offers and discounts available in the website or app of Thestiffcollar.

Q 2. Where can I buy menswear from Thestiffcollar?

Ans: Thestiffcollar is the one-stop solution to buy menswear. Get the latest and trendy menswear at discounted rates.

Q 3. How can I avail of the Thestiffcollar discount?

Ans: To avail of the best deal, you can visit where you will know about all the latest deals and offers, discounts, coupon codes, and more.