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Even in this day and age, some of the latest products from the best brands just don't find their way to the Indian market and when they do, almost never at the same time as everywhere else in the world. Your options are either prohibitively expensive or barely reliable or worse still, both. Your best bet to get your hands on that hot new launch is to request an acquaintance travelling abroad or living there not very different from a few decades back! The more expensive your picking, the more difficult it is to get your hands on it. Shopmonk, India's premium e-boutique, changes that. We use the best know-how in technology and sourcing to bring you these latest products from world-leading brands at great prices. Shopmonk makes international launch dates truly international. We believe the Indian consumer deserves better access to a global assortment of brands and are backed by Accel Partners, the VC firm behind some of the best e-commerce success stories in India, to help bring this ambitious vision to life.

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