What is FreeKaaMaal Reward Store?

FreeKaaMaal Reward Store is a place to earn awesome rewards for the points you have collected. Here, you can redeem you FKM points for various rewards like GVs, Recharges and much more. Have a look to know how you can earn reward points on

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Recharge & Earn Points

FreeKaaMaal Reward Store is a place where you can redeem your points that you earn.

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What are Reward Points ?

Reward points are digital points you can get while posting deals on FreeKaaMaal. These points will be considered equivalent to Rupees while requesting for a Reward. You can earn hundreds or thousands of reward points and can claim for a rewards like Gift Vouchers and recharges on behest of the same.

How can I earn Reward points?

Earning reward points is simple. All you have to do is to first register yourself with FreeKaaMaal. Once registered, you have to post a deal by clicking on "post a deal". Make a deal with a proper Title, image, link and description and post the thread. Congratulations, you have earned a point for yourself.

But it is not all, you can earn 20 points straight for a single deal posted by you, if the deal is to be good enough promoted on Home Page. You can earn as many points as you wish through this simple process.

How to convert Reward Points into Gifts?

Convert Reward Points
New Users/ User Redeeming Points for the 1st time need to have 300 Points, for their first gift.
Once Redeemed points for 1st gift, No boundation on redemption whether its 10 or 1000 points.

How to earn Points?


Reward Points Free

Get Registered on FreeKaaMaal.


Reward Points

When a Deal/Offer/Freebie gets promoted to the home page


Reward Points

Writing Review about Products/Website in our review Section


Reward Points

Posting a new(Unique Deals)

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